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Adam and Jennifer Happy Customers

Adam and Jennifer Happy Customers

Mariluz & Sofia were great to work with. They did an initial deep cleaning for us and will do regular (bi-weekly) cleanings going forward. Very professional and excellent quality. Our apartment in midtown looks great!  We are very picky and we trust them to clean our house every two weeks.

– Adam & Jennifer from NYC, NY


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My apartment looks outstanding, very very detailed from top to bottom. I’m very pleased and satisfied with the cleaning and the love your cleaning team. They were very professional. Thank you thank you thank you so much, I can’t believe it’s the same place. I’m very pleased. I am looking forward to seeing my cleaning team again. Thank You.

– Tiffany from Brooklyn, NY

Tiffany - Loved her apartment cleaning

Tiffany – Loved her apartment cleaning

By far the best cleaning I have ever had. They truly understood what customers are looking for! I would highly recommend these cleaners, you simply just won't find any better team!

Michael Smith

I've had Cleaning Exec clean my studio 3 times and each time the apartment is sparkling and spotless. I've been consistently impressed. They go above and beyond every time.

Chris Adams

Booking the cleaners was easy, price is very reasonable, the cleaners arrived on time, cleaned well. I would recommend this company. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Mark Levin

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New York City Guide – The City Of Opportunity

New York City often known as New York or the City of New York to differentiate it from the State of New York of which it is a part – is the most populous cities in America. This city employs a noteworthy impact on technology, entertainment, education, research, fashion, art, media, finance, and commerce. Being the home of the United Nations headquarters and an important center for International Diplomacy; New York has been described as the financial and cultural capital of the world.

It is impossible to visit every inch of New York In one Visit; rather hit the must see locations, to experience the life of New York City, such as The Central Park, The Statue Of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and not forgetting the Empire State Building. Then explore off the beaten path with visits to the Cloisters or one of the city’s vast libraries. Not forgetting to treat yourself to the fine dining of the upper West Side or at the Bohemian Shops of the West Village. The active marketplace inside of the Grand Central Station will give you a literal taste of the best the City Of New York has to offer.

When the sun sinks over the horizon beyond the Hudson; the glowing skyscrapers light up the night. Right there and then, New York transforms into one grand stage; where well-known actors take to the legendary theaters of Broadway as world-class musicians, dancers and soloists perform at venues both large and small across town. The city accommodates different cultures, from rock shows, lavish opera productions to Williamsburg drives at the Lincoln Center and everything in between.

It is a city of jazz, world music, poetry reading, ballet, indie cinema, improv comedy and much more. Everything imaginable is probably happening in New York.

The New York City History

According to written documentation by Washington Irving, it shows that the History City of New York began with the first European Visitors Giovanni da Verrazzano back in 1524. The European settlement began with the Dutch in 1609. A center of revolutionary activity, when the Sons of Liberty harassed the British authority in the city; the Stamp Act Congress of representatives from throughout the Thirteen Colonies met in the city in 1765 to plan and organize British policies resistance.

Because of its status and location, it makes New York the prime target for British seizure in 1776 due to its major seaport. During this time, General George Washington lost several battles from which one of the narrowly escaped with his life. The British army controlled New York City, but George Washington’s first victory of the war at the Battle of Harlem increased, they were able to take back the city and made it their base on the continent not until late 1783. This attracted loyalist refugees to the city and for a short time, it served as the nation’s capital city in from 1789 to 1790 under the United States Constitution.

Under the new government, the city hosted its first presidential inauguration of George Washington as the first president of the new United States of America; drafting the United States Bill Of Rights And forming the first Supreme Court of the United States. This lead to what New York is today.

Iconic Dishes Of New York City

Visiting the Iconic City of New York and Taking in everything it has to offer creates an exciting experience. Along with all the sights and landmarks the city has to offer, food is also a quintessential component of New York City. The city holds its status as a cultural melting pot; this means that you can eat anything found around the world within one city taking in rather some iconic dishes along the way.

The Culinary

The city has become a hotbed of seasonal and locally sourced cuisine, with restaurants growing vegetables on the roof garden or their upstate farms, sourcing seafood and meats from the sustainable outfit nearby. Bars have not also been left behind; they have taken creativity to new heights whereby they are not only offering New York made drinks, but also great cocktails, which are served alongside delectable small plates of creatively placed meals these days. There are thousands of restaurants offering different delicacies and meals to enjoy.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are in plenty as the yellow colored taxis. Traditionally made from beef, pork or at times both; these frankfurter style sausages are flavored with nutmeg, mustard and garlic they are cooked, smoked or cured. Hot dogs are a favorite to many. You should not leave New York City without trying them.

Chicken And Waffles

Fried chicken served with breakfast waffles is a combination that amazes many who visit New York. However, not until you take a bite, to experience the salivating experience of eating fried chicken and waffle. Even though this delicacy is not originally from New York, it came on the scene back in the mid-1990s and immediately made a splash.


With a thin crust topped with sweet marinara sauce flecked with heaps of oregano and mozzarella, New York pizza has earned its name as one of the best pizzas in the world. Neapolitan immigrates landing in NY late in 1800 are credited for this amazing creating of mouth-watering delicacy that is quite popular in New York.

The Cheesecake

The New York cheesecake is known for its simplicity. Sugar, eggs, cream, and cream cheese is all that is needed to make this local batch. There is no way you can leave New York Without taking a mouth full of this delicious cake.

Black And White Cookies

These half white and half black iced cookies are more of a sponge rather than a biscuit. Having being adopted from upstate, early in the 20th century; the biscuits were the result of leftover cake butter, mixed with a touch of extra flour to hold their shape. Skip the shrink-wrapped plastic options and going for the freshly made locally, with a fudge icing and vanilla base.

New York Employment Opportunities

According to research by the labor offices of New York City; found that there has been an increase in employment in the private sector by 2.3% (3,744,700 people), with 84,500 new registered businesses for the 12 months before the end of December 2015. The research broke the information into detail, mentioning;

• A job increase in the educational and health services, with over 25,300 new employees

• A job increase in the professional and business services, with other 15,000 new employees

• A job increase in the leisure and hospitality service, with over 13,200 new employees

• A job increase in the financial activity service, with over 12,600 new employees

• A job increase in the construction industry, with over 5,700 new employees

• A job increase in the information industry, with over 2,900 new employees

• A job increase in the trade, transportation, and utility industries, with over 1,900 new employees

• Other services showed an increase of over 8,900 new employees

• The government employment rose by 2,600 new employees

The manufacturing industry was the only industry that showed job loss of more than 1,000 people. According to these findings, the city overall employment performance is positive, with every sector apart from the manufacturing sector reported an increase in jobs last year. The city’s over-the-year private sector growth rate is +2.3%, which was above the comparable rate in the state which was +2.1% and the nation report was +2.2%.

A 5% unemployment rate was seasonally adjusted came December 2015. This percentage was 0.2% up from October and 1.5% down compared to last year’s reading. New York State’s rate was 4.8% in November 2015. The share of the city’s working-age population (16+) who were employed was 58.1% in December 2015. The number of New York City residents with jobs surpassed the 4 million mark for the first time.

By looking at these statistics and report, it is very clear that things are looking great on the employment side of it. Regarding the unemployment rate, things are also looking better compared to earlier years where the unemployment rate was very high.

The City Of New York Housing Statistics – Is It A Problem Or A sign Of Growth?

Current statistics of New York housing are tough to find. This is because agencies do not publish many of them. At the same time, publication distribution is very limited if they get to publish them. Therefore, to get the best source of official NYC statistical print publication is the City Hall Library, 31 Chamber Street. However, previous research showed the following:

• The vacancy rate in NYC was 3.2%. If a vacancy rate of 5% is to be experienced, it will be considered as a housing emergency.

• Back in 1990 to 2000, the official population of NYC grew by 686,000, but only 81,000 new homes were constructed.

• The rate of severe crowding in NYC is more than six times the national average.

• Back in 1999, a report showed that more than 25,000 families lived doubled up, this is a sign these families were on a verge of becoming homeless

• Around 150,000 unregulated and illegal housing units were constructed in the city from 1990 to 2000.

• The rate of homeownership in NYC is 32% less than half the national average

• It was reported that more than 38,000 people were homeless, and they spend their nights in homeless shelters. This number included 8,200 families with almost 17,000 children.

• It was reported that one in every four NYC renters pays more than 50% of household income for rent and utilities.

• Among those who pay more than half their income for rent and utility, research has showed that 90% of them are low-income earners and the others fall below the poverty level.

• 41% of all residential buildings in NYC are more than 70 years old, and two of every three building are more than 50 years old.

• The number of units with severe physical problems are more than three times the national average

With this information, it is very clear that population is a big deal in New York. The housing stage in the City of New York is about to escalate. These are the general ideas without current statistics and collected information to back this information of course.

Crime Rate In New York City

Violent crimes in New York City have been dropping since the mid-1990s. According to police reports, it shows that as of 2015, violent crimes are lower than the national average. Back in 2014, it was reported that there were 328 homicides, which was the lowest number since 1663. However, crime increased in the 1980s as the drug epidemic came into the scene. According to the 2015 ranking, New York City was ranked the 10th overall safest city with an Overall of 50 Cities and the 28th most guarded in personal safety.

During the 1990s, the New York City Police Department adopted broken windows policing, CampStat and other techniques to reduce crime. The tactics worked very well, and the dramatic drop in crime has been attributed by the criminologists of policing tactics. Moreover, they are working hard to reduce illegal drugs distribution and consumption.

Now the police are working to reduce motor vehicle theft because this is now the leading crime in New York City. According to police reports, car theft rate was 98.8 back in 2014, but the car theft has reduced according to the report.

Well, it is quite clear that crime rate in New York is decreasing, which is a good sign for this city of a thousand opportunity.

Well, the truth of the matter is that New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is a city full of opportunity to everyone with great tourist attractions and full of history. The City of New York is full of stories, and everything around has its story. Starting with buildings; a majority of them are at least 50 years. The delicacies in New York are unique by themselves. Visiting New York is like visiting the whole world because when it comes to food, you will get every food eaten by men there.

Great Advice When Needing Quality NYC Apartment Cleaning Services

In New York City, you can find just about any service close by no matter what you need. The great thing about living in New York is that since there is a lot of competition in business you can expect the very best. To succeed in New York, you always have to provide the best service, or else there are hundreds of other places to go for similar services. This is especially true when it comes to NYC apartment cleaning.

Since there are so many different types of apartments in NYC and with people having lots of unique cleaning needs, the real thing is that you can find just about any cleaning service to help you get your place as clean as can be. The trick is finding the right company or individual who is trustworthy, honest and reliable. But for the most part, you will get the very best out of these cleaning services because they know the competition is high.

Many people who live in NYC rely on referrals to find a real NYC apartment cleaning service. They trust their friends and relatives to recommend someone good because that is how you usually can find a good cleaner. Since that cleaner relies on referrals, they don’t want to let anyone down with sub par service. Otherwise, they can lose their entire business in one day!

It is also critical for the cleaning crew to do a good job because of social media today. We all know how New Yorkers love their chat about everything, and they are certainly not shy about telling people online at the review websites about the job their cleaning person did. Of course, New Yorkers are always brutally honest and will give it to your straight. So surely it is incumbent on the NYC apartment cleaning service to provide the best experience. Otherwise, they can expect a lot of negative reviews. This can sink your business fast, so always work your hardest!

It can be tough to impress people who live in NYC since they pay a lot for their apartments they expect top quality cleaning services. If you are going to charge high prices for your cleaning services you better produce the same high-quality results. It is also crucial that everything is coordinated beforehand as to what type of cleaning is included in the price.

When negotiating the cleaning deal previously make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Some apartment cleaners might try to cheat you by not doing any dusting, or cleaning windows. The apartment cleaners are the ones who take pride in their work and will not leave until your place is spotless. But be careful because usually the first time they come to the service is the best, but after awhile it tends to get a little lax. That’s okay, just remind them that they need to be better at cleaning certain things.

Most apartment cleaners won’t do laundry or clean the refrigerator or cabinets unless you specifically ask. This goes for Windows too, so be specific if you need something cleaned such as the oven. But all of this can be negotiated and if it happens to cost extra, then pay it for this one time and explain that you had no idea they would charge extra for these services.

Put the cleaning company on a trial basis, see how they perform and if it is up to your high standards then hire them on a regular basis. Usually, cleaning companies are more willing to give discounts if you hire them say once a week or every other week. Since NYC apartments can get quite dusty, you may want to have them come at least twice a month.

Without busy schedules today it can be tough keeping up a clean household, even something that is considered a small NYC apartment. But the real thing is NYC has no shortage of professional apartment cleaning companies who understand how to do a great job getting your place as clean as it can be.

When you first hire the NYC apartment cleaning company ask about the products they use since you may have special counter tops of appliances that require certain products. It is crucial they know this otherwise they could ruin your pricey stuff. Also, many NYC apartments in beautiful neighborhoods have expensive wood floors that need to be properly cleaned a certain way. Your apartment cleaner must know ahead of time how to clean these floors, as well as the countertops, cabinets, and appliances.

When you come home from a long day of work, it is nice to experience a clean apartment. Living in NYC can get to you after awhile because everything is cramped, loud and noisy, but coming up to your place is the best experience when everything is nice clean and fresh. If you enjoy the service that the cleaning company provided, be sure to recommend them to your family and friends. They will be very appreciative of these referrals and will most likely always do an excellent job on your place.

Go online to read reviews of all the different apartment cleaning companies to see which ones have great service in your area. You would be surprised to find out how many people complain about their cleaning companies, so be careful and wise to which reviewers just like to complain about little things, or whether they are legitimate. Many times people like to complain if they find just one speck of dust, and, of course, it just not possible to always be perfect. So when reading reviews look at the history of the reviewer to determine if they are legitimate or not.

Now that you have received good tips and advice on how to find real NYC apartment cleaners you can get down to business hiring one. Remember you don’t have to stick with them if they do a terrible job, since you already know that the people in NYC demand nothing but the best!

Different Types Of Apartment Cleanings in NYC

Apartment cleaning NYC is something that a lot of people need to have done, but living in the city that never sleeps it is hard for people to justify doing the work on their own. This is when people should know about the different types of apartment cleaning that is commonly completed by the cleaning companies. By knowing about this, it is rather easy for people to see that hiring a service is not only a great idea, but something that people from all over the city have done for years to ensure their apartments are cleaned up properly and on a regular basis.

Regular Cleaning

The regular cleaning service is something that people will really enjoy as this is going to be the service that will take and clean the apartment on a regular basis, but it is also going to make sure the apartment gets cleaned up properly. Here are some of the items that most of the apartment cleaning NYC companies will include the regular cleaning. Each of these is going to help people have a better life, but also enjoy their apartment even more.

– In the bathroom, people will often find the cleaning company is going to do several different things. These things will vary somewhat depending on what people have available, but it generally will include a washing of the toilet, sink, and tub. Dusting of all the different counters that are exposed to the surface is something else and for the floors they will get mopped as well.

– Kitchens are another area that people tend to overlook when they are working in their home. However, these are the most important areas to clean up. This often means people need to look at the sinks, which are cleaned on a regular basis, the microwave is cleaned up, and so is the rest of the appliances that are in the kitchen. So people need to realize this is going to be something that people need to look at. As a positive this is going to also lead to the garbage that is in the kitchen being taken out as well.

– Bedrooms and the common areas are going to be another room that is going to get cleaned up on a regular basis. When people are using the cleaning services they will generally change the linens on the bed to something that is clean and ready to be used, but also get the bed made and have all of the surfaces dusted and vacuumed. The trash is also going to be taken out and the dusting will be completed as well to make it easier for people to get the work done on a regular basis.

So people can see the regular cleaning is going to be something that people are going to like to see. This is also the cleaning that people would be doing on their own. However, with the time crunch, people need to know about the regular cleaning that is offered.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is something that people often do not have done on a consistent enough basis to their apartment. However, this is one of the most important aspects that people need to have completed at the home to ensure that it is going to be livable. A common issue that people have is they are not even aware what the deep cleaning is or why they need to have it completed. Here is some basic information about what this is, why people need to have it done, and even the results they can expect to see.

– The first question to answer is what the deep cleaning is and that is going to be a good starting point for people to consider. What this actually is, is commonly seen as a more in depth cleaning that is going to allow people to enjoy their apartment more and get to know that it is cleaned up completely. Without this, people are going to have the apartment cleaned, but they may not have all of the super dirty areas picked up and cleaned.

– A main reason that people get this done is the services will do quite a bit more in the way of cleaning. The deep cleaning often includes some extras that are usually not done. These can include everything from interior wall cleaning, but cleaning the inside of the refrigerator out. This is all something that people tend to not even think about, but it is something that is going to help remove even more of the allergens from the home and make sure they can breath a little bit easier than what people normally can do.

– A great reason for people to get this type of cleaning done is it will make it easier for people to get the home cleaned up and ready for them to stay in for a longer period of time. While most people think the home is perfect for them, they need to realize it may not be the case over time. In fact some of the dust and bacteria can easily settle on the walls. This is especially true in a refrigerator which is already cool and can easily lead to more bacteria growth than what people imagined possible.

Move In/Out Cleaning

With most of the apartments that people live in, they will only be in them for a short period about some of the other things in life. Since this is the case, people need to know more about the move in and move out cleaning. This cleaning will have some basic services available, but also have some extra services that are available for an additional cost depending on what people want to pay for the cleaning to get completed.

– Cabinets are one of those items that rarely gets cleaned, but it is an item that needs to be cleaned. When people are moving in or out of their apartment, they need to make sure they are getting these cleaned out. This will remove any of the bug issues that may have been in the apartment or even more important any of the food waste that can attract pests that people never thought about having in their apartment because they just moved to the location.

– Some of the apartments that people are moving into will have an oven and refrigerator inside of them. When they have these, the company that is renting out the apartment may not take the time to clean them and the former tenant may not do this job either. With the move in and out cleaning they have a tendency to completely clean the inside and outside of these appliances that are required to have a great place to live. So people need to make sure they know about the cleaning that is done here.

– Depending on where people are moving to, they may want to get the closets cleaned out and even the baseboards cleaned before they completely move in. With a cleaning that is classified as a move in and out cleaning this service is generally going to be able to handle the cleaning of these areas. Now with some of the services this is going to be included in the base price of the move in and out cleaning, but for some of the other services this is going to be added on for an additional fee.

Organizational Cleaning

With some of the apartment cleaning NYC, it is going to involve something as simple as getting all the rooms and other aspects of the apartment organized. This is going to be quite a bit more of a challenge than what people think, but it is important if people want to maximize the cleaning in the apartment and keep space from being useful.

– Organization of the rooms and cleaning is one type of organizational cleaning. When people are getting this done it will generally be completed with the items that are in the apartment already and be used more for the people who have lived in an apartment and find that it is starting to get cluttered and nearly impossible to move in.

– Moving organization is something else that the cleaning companies tends to offer. With this type of service people will generally get the help they need to move the items around in their home, but also get them unpacked properly and in a timely manner to ensure they are not going to have the proper organization when they need to find something in their apartment.

When people are looking at keeping their apartment cleaned up, and they live in the city that never sleeps, the cleaning tends to get overlooked. Since this is the case, people may want to know about some of the different types of apartment cleaning NYC to ensure they are selecting the right cleaning for their apartment.

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Hiring The Best Maid Service NYC Has To Offer

New York City is very large and filled with many types of services professionals. This is why it is so difficult to select the best of the bunch when you are in need of help. If you are seeking the best maid service NYC has available, you should pay close attention to the information offered here.

DO make sure that any service you consider has insurance. There are many mishaps that can occur when you have people working in your home. For example, a maid may slip and fall while trying to clean your walk-in shower. Verifying their insurance coverage ensures that you will not be held responsible for damages in the event that something like this occurs.

DON’T forget to ask for references. When you are seeking the best maid service NYC has around, it is important for you to ask for references and check them out. There is no sense in requesting this information if you are not going to verify. Talking to current and former clients about the work that was done by the maid will give you a good idea of what you can expect.

DO ask the person in charge if they hire subcontractors. One thing that many people do not realize is the fact that maid services often hire out the work you request from them. This will put you in a terrible predicament in the event that these people are not insured, licensed or bonded. You want to try your best to hire a company that performs all the work on their own.

DON’T assume that cleaning supplies will be included. One mistake that people make is believing that the maid service will supply all of their cleaning supplies. While some of them do, it is far more common for the client to handle providing them. You should ask this question right away, so there is no confusion later on.

DO ask if there is a guarantee included in the event that you are not happy with the work that is done. Unfortunately, there are occasions when people are hired to do a job, and they are not very good at it. In these cases, it would be nice if you could receive a discount or refund as a courtesy. Ask about this when you are trying to determine whether you have found the best maid service NYC has available.

DON’T hire a maid service just because they have the cheapest prices around. In many cases, low prices reflect the type of service you can expect to receive. While there is nothing wrong with taking the price into account, this should not be the primary reason that any particular service is selected.

DO a background check if you are hiring an independent contractor. While many of the larger maid services will take care of this for you, hiring someone who is independent means that you will handle this on your own. Minimally, you should do local and federal background checks, but it is a good idea to be more thorough. Drug screenings and sex offender registry checks should be done as well.

DON’T hire anyone who is in the country illegally. While this is a common way for people to get service without paying a great deal of money, it can land you in hot water. If anyone discovers that you are employing illegal immigrants to clean your home, there is a chance that you will be penalized. This can include hefty fines and jail time.

DO get quotes from a few people to make sure that you are getting the best deal. While you want to stay away from those that are far too inexpensive, you should keep in mind that the best maid service NYC has to offer is not necessarily the most expensive. You should ignore any quotes that are far too low or high and select a candidate from the ones that are left on your list.

DON’T assume that every maid service offers the same level of cleaning. For example, there are some services that will not clean windows or do dishes. You should clarify what you are looking for when calling to make sure that they can accommodate you. Keep in mind that the more services a company offers, the higher your quote is likely to be.

DO ask for a free consultation. It is difficult for any service to guess what your needs are over the phone and provide you with a quote. Any company who attempts to do this should be crossed off of your list. Legitimate business owners know that offering a consultation so they can assess the situation is standard practice.

DON’T try to leave pets or children under the care of the maid. Television leads people to believe that this is all combined when hiring a maid. This is not the reality, and assuming it is can be insulting. A maid is there to clean and nothing more. You will have to hire someone else to take care of your other needs.

DO look for companies that have flat fees. If you hire a maid that charges by the hour, there is a chance that they may work very slow to collect more money from you. There is no guarantee of that happening, but it is something to consider. Hiring someone who charges one flat rate means that you will get the job was done in a decent amount of time, and you will not have to worry about paying any more than you expected.

If you are in New York City and you are looking for a maid, you should keep all of this in mind during the process. Following this advice will ensure that you can find someone who is qualified to clean your home. The last thing you need is to waste money on a contractor that is not worth it.

Why A House Cleaning Service is A Good Idea

Even if you don’t work or if you do work, a house cleaning service is a good idea. Over time, people living in a house kick enough dust and allergens around to choke a horse. And all the while it is all being brought in from the outside, it cannot get out, so it just settles and grows.

Add to the mix a good mix of children, pets, and relatives visiting several times per year, and you have a mess in a very short time. Out heating and air conditioning systems are very good conductors of dust and mold, so that adds to the problem.

If you are a working family and there is no time to spend really cleaning and tending to all this mess, you might as well not even try, because all you do is just move it all around, instead of getting rid of it. It it any wonder that most of us suffer from allergies, colds and the flu. It is not always the germs, its the dust, pet dander and mold that gets us.

If you just hired a professional house cleaning service to come into your home just a couple of times per week, you could alleviate a good portion of your problems and you would have a clean, nicer smelling house to go along with the bargain.

Some people think that it would be OK to hire cousin Martha to come in once in a while and sweep up a bit, but the only problem is that your cousin isn’t really much better at really cleaning than you are. What we are talking about here is really, deep cleaning that professionals are trained to do.

There are plenty of professional companies in business who take their profession very seriously, and will attack your house like a Hessian in heat. They are trained to utilize the very latest in cleaning techniques with the most modern equipment available.

A couple of these highly trained individuals can do more in a day than most of us can accomplish in a week and they will be utilizing the most outstanding means to get your home clean.

Professional cleaning companies today, many which operate on a nationwide basis, take care of all the details for you. The individuals that come to your home will be licensed, bonded and insured, just in case something happens to any of your belongings, you will have your things protected from damage.

You can really determine how much and what needs to be done from week to week for the cleaning needs in your home. Most companies will emphasize the training and the know how that goes into the training of a cleaning technician. You should ask what the training consisted of, and you may be surprised at the depth and dedication that is put into the effort from that standpoint.

For example, one company has a 22 step healthy, deep cleaning approach. They have a cleaning team of 4 cleaning people, their products are environmentally friendly, the offer a patented cleaning process that doesn’t allow the germs, molds, and grime a second chance.

Usually the first job that is tackled in the typical home is the most intensive because with that first visit, just the most basic of dirt, grime, and allergens are attacked.

A typical training program for the employees of home cleaning services is impressive, to say the least. It is far more time spent in training and gaining knowledge than the average home owner ever learns about cleaning.

Items that are covered in depth include:

  • Safety, a thorough treatment of slip and fall prevention
  • Good basic cleaning principles and maintenance
  • Maintenance of floors, including hardwood, vinyl, and stone
  • How to clean ceramic tiles
  • Care and cleaning of carpeting
  • The use of equipment such as scrubbing and buffer machines, vacuum cleaners, big and small
  • The use of chemicals, how they can be safe if utilized properly
  • Patient disinfection of rooms
  • Dealing with OSHA situations such as blood borne pathogens, and OSHA Hazard Dealings
  • Basic cleaning techniques to the job is very thoroughly done
  • Disinfection for sports facilities and educational facilities
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitation
  • How to effectively wash windows

These are just some of the areas covered by many of the commercial cleaning companies that can come into your home and clean on a regular basis.

If you and your spouse both work, or if you are single and need to hold down a job, it can get difficult to set aside enough time to thorough clean your residence to any extent. A thorough cleaning means that the job gets beyond just the surface dirt and gets down to where the bad stuff lives.

Carpets are among the worst offenders, as they harbor dust mites, dirt, sand, bacteria. mold, and other pathogens that cause allergies, disease and discomfort. It is amazing how much better the entire family feels once a thorough housecleaning is accomplished.

Once people understand that having your house cleaned in a professional manner on a regular basis means so much more than just having it look good. The health factor is even more important that having a good-looking house.

Top Neighborhoods in New York for Apartment Cleanings

Locations in New York City

Other areas of cleaning such as carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, and the deep cleaning of your couch and overstuffed chairs will also make a huge difference in how you breathe and how the future course of your health will go.

Whether you live in an apartment or in a mansion, having a professional cleaning company stop by on a regular basis relieves you of having to stop everything you are doing. Now you will be able to continue on with your life without having to have everything come to a sudden stop because you have to clean.

The most obnoxious elements in our homes that cause diseases are mold, dust, air quality, pet dander, dust mites and latent chemicals. Having your house cleaned on a regular basis will largely eliminate all of these problems.

Dust mites live wherever humans do, as they live off of the dead flakes of our skin, pet dander, and hair. They like to live in our carpets, on overstuffed chairs and in our beds. They themselves are not really harmful, but their feces are one of the main causes of allergies in the home. They cause allergenic reactions such as wheezing, coughing and sneezing. The reproduce very easily, and in a typical carpet alone, millions of the little critters live and thrive. A periodic cleaning with a carpet vacuum helps to keep their population down.

E Coli is a disease caused by handling or coming into contact with feces. That is why if you have pets in the house, and they don’t always make it outside to do their duty, there is a risk of e Coli and other diseases. A regular housecleaning by professionals can help a great deal in warding off diseases like e Coli.

Mold is a very serious problem if it get into a home, and especially if it gets into the ventilation system of a home. Mold gives off spores that float through the air, and they can be spread by the home’s heating and air conditioning system blower. A cleaning service can discover mold and will know who to contact to get rid of it, because it is a serious condition and only technicians with special skills and protective clothing should deal with it.

Pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters and mice can carry bacteria that can cause serious illnesses in humans, especially if the house is not cleaned on a regular basis.

The bottom line on whether or not you should use a professional cleaning service can be based on the fact that most of us do not really have the time to perform a deep and thorough house cleaning. We may even know how,(few do) but the biggest detriment is time.

We have jobs, other outside interests, friends and family who all take our time when we are not working, and that leaves the fact that a home cleaning service that is hired to come and clean your home on a regular basis will really free up your time to do other, more productive activities.

It is very difficult to work a 40 to 60 hour week, spend time with friends and family, and have any outside interests at all if you have to spend all of your time cleaning the house. It is much more time effective, and it will cost you less in the long run, to hire a good, professional cleaning service.

The cleaning service will come to your house on a regularly scheduled basis and leave you to your own devices, freeing up more time to do what you want. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your home is being taken care of professionally and now, you don’t have to be concerned about. You will have a home that will look stunningly clean, and it will be a much healthier place to live.

The Highest Level Of Cleaning Services

Covering Brooklyn, Queens, and NYC as well as the surrounding areas, our cleaning service’s simple pricing plan offers highly competitive rates. All materials and equipment are supplied by our professional cleaners. The fact that we keep our cleaning services local to the Brooklyn, Queens, and NYC area means that we are highly reliable and can keep our costs down.

Our Professional Cleaning Services Include:

Private apartments and houses, pubs and clubs, factories, children’s play groups, retail parks, bed and breakfast establishments, hotels, schools, nursing homes, holiday homes, caravan parks, and offices.

At Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services, we provide complete house cleaning services in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC and the surrounding areas from just $85. All of our prices are inclusive of all cleaning equipment and cleaning materials.

Whether you need an end of tenancy or pre-move clean, a spring-clean, a one off clean or regular cleaning, we provide high-quality service for cleaning and maintenance of apartments and houses.

When you hire us to take care of your cleaning for you, we will start by making a list of the cleaning duties that will meet your requirements. We also guarantee all of our cleaning work, so if you are not happy with the work your cleaner has done, they will return to the property and correct any issues.

Also to private premises, Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC also supplies cleaners for commercial properties. We are also able to provide cleaners at short notice for emergency cleans. Our professional and resourceful team are available for our clients 24/7.

We are very thorough in our vetting procedure when it comes to hiring cleaners. You will be provided with references from previous employers and assurance that the cleaner’s identity details and addresses have been checked.


Regular Domestic Cleaning

If you are looking for help around the house, you have come to the right place.

We provide a professional regular cleaning service that is extremely popular and allows our clients spare time while enjoying a freshly cleaned home. We can supply you with a regular cleaner who will give you a professional clean every week, so that you are free for work and family commitments, or simply to enjoy life more without the need to do household chores.

The full clean includes thorough cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, chairs, tables, cupboard fronts, mopping and scrubbing of floors, hoovering, sterilising surfaces, and a full tidy and clean of the entire house. We cover a 15 mile radius of Brooklyn, Queens and NYC.

Come home to a fresh, clean home and just relax.

Regular Apartment Cleaning

Do you need some help around the apartment?

Just as with our full house cleaning service, we provide a full apartment cleaning service that frees you up to enjoy your clean home. Whether you have children, a busy working life, or simply want some more enjoyment time without having to do housework, we can provide you with a regular professional cleaner who will clean your apartment every week.

From bathrooms and kitchens to furniture, to surfaces, hoovering and tidying, our cleaning is thorough.

One Off And Spring Cleans

If you are looking to freshen and blitz clean your home, you have come to the perfect place.

If you have guests coming to stay, or you are just looking for a periodic tidy and clean we can help you. We have completed many one off cleans in our years of experience in the business as an established Brooklyn, Queens and NYC cleaning company. We will leave your property spotless and report to, you when done. We are extremely flexible and it is very easy to arrange for a clean with us.

This clean includes a full sterilising service and a deep clean to the highest standard. Longer than the regular cleaning service, this will cover the entire house including inside cupboards, doors, skirting boards, and much more.

End Of Tenancy Cleans

If you are a tenant and you are looking for an exceptional end of tenancy clean to make sure you get your full deposit back, we are the company for you.

We will make sure that the property is left in perfect condition for the end of your tenancy. Over the many years we have been in business as a cleaning company covering the Brooklyn, Queens and NYC areas, we have completed many end of tenancy cleans for those who are leaving a rental property. We can also work for agents who find their properties have not been left to an acceptable standard. Call us to find out how easy it is to arrange a clean, and just how flexible we are. We will report to you directly after leaving your property ready for inspection.

This meticulous clean is designed particularly to the highest standards to pass the strict agency standards. It is a full sterilizing and deep clean service that covers every inch of the property.

Our hassle free service will help you to avoid additional charges from your agents.

Move Out and Move In Cleans

Are you moving home and looking for a high quality clean?

When you are leaving a premises it is essential to have the property in perfect condition. As an established cleaning company with years of experience in Brooklyn, Queens and NYC we have successfully completed many cleans for movers. Using our service is very easy and flexible, and we will leave your property spotless before reporting to you directly.

This meticulous clean will include every surface including inside cupboards and a full sterilizing service. Using our professional cleaning service will help you to tick off one more thing on your to-do list with peace of mind.

Regardless of who you are, if you need a thorough clean and you are based in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC or within a 15 mile radius of these locations, you can be certain that we will be able to guarantee the highest standard of cleaning available at the most reasonable prices.

Top Cleaning Services

After Builders Cleans

What state is your house in?

Getting you back to your former pristine condition is our specialty. We are aware that builders can do a splendid job but they cannot clean and keep your house tidy because that is not the core of their business. But when you hire cleaning service, we shall clean your house and leave it spotless and ready to use. Depending on the job to be performed we shall send more cleaners so that your work can be completed faster.

We carry out an in-depth cleaning aimed at removing all the dust, polish your new area and offer sterilizing services. We can clean all parts of your house including the cupboards, fridges, kitchen, doors and bathrooms. Our services are available to anyone residing within 15 miles radius within NYC, Brooklyn and Queens.

Let’s restore your house, and allow you to enjoy living in a clean house.

Commercial office cleaning

Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services offers a wide range of professional commercial cleaning services in Queens, NYC, and Brooklyn. We serve both small, medium size and large companies and deliver exceptionally high standards. Our price is competitive, and we charge as low as $85 inclusive of all the cleaning materials and equipment. This is what makes us the most competitive cleaning contractor trusted to maintain exceptionally high standards within this area.
We are reputed, trusted and responsible for offering commercial cleaning services to offices , retail , schools, children’s play group, builders , Holiday homes, Caravan parks, bed &breakfast , letting and estate agents.


If you have an office in Brookline, NYC and Queens, you can trust and rely on Cleaning Exec Cleaning services that offer quality cleaning services at the lowest price you can ever get in this area. Our services are customized so as to benefit a wide base of clientele. We utilize and make use of our highly trained staff that is flexible to offer excellent cleaning services . In fact our staff is key to the success of our company courtesy of quality office cleaning services they offer. They have mastered the science of cleaning offices and will provide you with a bespoke office cleaning service that suits your needs. Why waste time with other unreliable cleaners? Try us now.
If you are looking for a company the sterises the desks, carpets scrubbing, mopping wooden or laminate floors, clean down chairs, tidy desks, computer keyboards, and computer screens, you can entrust the job in our hands. Our team cleans other areas such as kitchens, staff facilities, toilets and waiting rooms. If you are located anywhere 15 miles away from NYC Brooklyn and Queens, give us a call and we shall avail the best cleaning services to you.
Note that a clean and tidy office will not just make you happy, but will keep your staff healthy and increase their productivity.

Nursing And Residential Homes

Are looking for the best cleaning services in NYC, Brooklyn, and Queens?

If yes, we are there to serve you. We offer residential & nursing homes services using our highly trained staff. Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services are reliable, polite, friendly people who understand the working and the requirements of a home. Because of this, they will provide you with a bespoke plan for cleaning your home without disrupting the residents. Our staff is CRB checked, and thus you need not worry about sickness and holiday cover. If your home is in Queens, NYC, Brooklyn or any of the surrounding areas, contact us and receive a free quotation.

Currently, we offer cleaning services to some of the largest Residential Society’s in the country. We also offer our services to privately owned homes, we clean and sterilize homes, surfaces, hoovering, cupboard fronts, chairs, linen, changing towels, tables, mopping floors and making beds. We supply all the cleaning materials, and professional cleaning services.
If your home is kept clean and fresh, it guarantees healthy family

Holiday Homes

Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services are the new Queens, Brooklyn and NYC that offer premier holiday home cleaning services.
We understand how Brooklyn, NYC, and Queens are popular holiday spots for those looking for a break and thus your property needs to be in a perfect condition for the guest regardless of how the previous occupier left it. At Cleaning Exec Cleaning Service, we have a reliable staff that will offer a professional cleaning service at a lower cost. We offer Holiday Home cleans and a host of other services making us a one stop shop for all your needs. Thus, if you own property in the NYC, Brooklyn and Queens area, and you are looking for a hassle free and reliable service, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

We offer cleaning services to holiday homes, and our services are already popular. We also offer a host of other services such as sterilizing the surface, hovering, cleaning cupboard fronts, mopping floors, chairs tables, cleaning kitchens and ovens. We also clean fridges, bathrooms, sterilization from the top to the bottom. We supply our cleaning materials and equipment and cover a radius of 15 miles from NYC, Brooklyn and NYC.
We are there to ensure that your guests have an excellent holiday by using a clean property.
Call us now or visit our office for more information.

Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services: The Cleaning Service Provider for You

If you are looking for an established, dependable and professional cleaning service that offers a variety of high quality cleaning services in a timely and professional manner then look no further; Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services is just right for you. Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services covers a fifteen mile radius around the areas New York City, Queens and Brooklyn and here is a rundown of some of the services we have to offer.

Caravan Parks

If you own a caravan or a caravan site then you are probably aware that New York City, Queens, and Brooklyn are popular destinations during the holidays and you may find yourself in need of dependable, flexible, high quality and timely cleaning services for your property.
When you have a steady flow of guests circulating you property it is essential to not only maintain perfectly clean and organized but also to keep the changeover time to a minimum and at Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services we do just that.

We offer our reliable services whenever you need them, if it is weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly we are willing to adjust to your personal needs and preferred schedules. There is no caravan or site we will not clean regardless of the condition you guests may have left it in we will clean it up and ensure it is left ready for your next guest ensuring they will have a relaxed, comfortable and delightful holiday stay.

At the moment we provide our quality services to some of the largest caravan parks in the area as well as park locations and privately owned caravans where we clean and organize the property and its immediate surroundings. We thoroughly sterilize surfaces, mop floors, wipe and even scrub where needed such as cupboard fronts, tables, chairs etc., we leave your kitchen spotless by cleaning ovens, fridges, microwaves etc. and the bathrooms of course receive sterilization from top to bottom.

At Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services, we provide all the cleaning materials as well as equipment that will be needed to get the job done and guarantee that your guests will begin their holiday on a clean and organized property.


Our staff of cleaning professionals is all CRB and will do their best to keep your school clean and neat. Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services provides in hour as well as out of hour cleaning services at a low cost and having a lot of experience providing cleaning services for schools we understand the importance of beginning the school day in a clean and organized atmosphere and we aim to do just that.

Our services are offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly depending on your personal needs and schedule. A bespoke program is created in accordance to all your requirements and depending on your specifically outlined needs we will cover all the rooms required from corridors, dining halls, classrooms, canteen and toilet facilities we clean, sterilize and organize in preparation for the coming school day.

A clean and organized school is important not only for the integrity of the school itself but also and more importantly the health and safety of your students and staff. You can rest assured your school will be germ free regardless of what time of year it is and you will not have to handle purchasing cleaning materials or renting equipment being that at Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services we provide all that.

Playgroups and Day Centers for Children

Our professional CRB checked staff will provide complete in and out of hour cleaning services in all areas of your Nursery or Playgroup. We are experienced in this area and realize how important it is to have your facility clean and tidy before the beginning of the next school day.

A bespoke program is created to comply with your personal needs and requirements and based on that our experienced staff will clean and organize all rooms in your facility. From play areas , corridors, dining halls, toilet facilities the whole works we will clean, sterilize and organize everything avoiding any unnecessary illness that could come from an unclean area.

If you need our services daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, regardless of the time of year Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services will be there with all the required cleaning materials and equipment to prepare your facility for the coming day and ensure a healthy and clean environment for your students and staff.

Salons and Retail

Our Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services staff is experienced in all retail stores, pubs, salons, and clubs and already have quite a few clients in these businesses. We offer flexible in and out of hour services all with a dependable, experienced staff and at a low price. We understand how important it is to begin the business day in a clean and organized work space and aim to help you do just that.

Your entire business property will be thoroughly cleaned and organized, we will sterilize and wipe down all surfaces including cupboard fronts, tables, chairs, desks. Counters, bays, etc.The bathrooms will be cleaned from top to bottom, the floors mopped, and all display cabinets will be properly polished.We will leave your business property clean, shiny and fresh ready for you to greet your customers.

We offer our services daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly all adaptable to your needs and requirements. Will bring our own cleaning materials and equipment making the job easier for you and regardless of the time of year we are available to provide all your business cleaning needs guaranteeing the comfort, health and safety of your staff and customers. Form one professional to another, we guarantee a job well done.

So if you are in the New York City, Queens or Brooklyn area and need of a reliable, experienced, professional and inexpensive cleaning crew, then Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services is just right for you. We offer a variety of cleaning services at a low price with dependable and experienced staff who are there to professionally handle all your cleaning needs.

Your Guide to Cleaning Services

Cleaning for Hotels

Are you looking for a professional and reliable cleaning service?

Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services is one of the longest-running cleaning companies serving the NYC area. We offer cleaning services for many hotels in Queens and Brooklyn – two of the most popular holiday destinations in the state. If you are a hotel owner and you need a flexible and reliable service that will help you to keep up with demand from your quests, then you should get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you meet the needs of your customers, and keep room turnover times to a minimum. We have been serving the NYC area for many years, and offer hotel owners the choice of daily turnover or visits just a few times per month – the choice is yours and we take our work seriously, so whatever your needs you can be confident that your customers will get the highest quality of service and enjoy staying in a hotel that is clean and tidy.

Choose from a complete clean of the entire property, including sterilizing surfaces, mopping floors, cleaning cupboards and doing complete bathroom cleans, or general room cleaning service. We supply all of the equipment and cleaning materials. Our service is available in the whole of NYC, Queens, and Brooklyn and ensures that your guests will get the best possible impression when they visit your property for the first time.

Bed & Breakfast Cleaning Services

Reliable, flexible and always professional

Bed and breakfast owners often struggle to keep up with the demand of stripping down and cleaning rooms between guests. We offer a professional, high quality and reliable cleaning service that includes everything you need to make sure that your room is in the as good condition as possible and that your guests get a great first impression. From cleaning linen to sanitizing the bathroom and wiping down carpets, scrubbing floors and cleaning the communal areas, we take care of everything for you.

We operate within the Queens, Brooklyn, and NYC areas and have worked with some of the biggest and most popular bed and breakfast facilities in those areas. We offer high-quality on-demand cleaning services and will come out to clean your property as often as you need it, whether that is several times per week or a few times per month. We understand that every bed and breakfast has different needs and we are eager to ensure that your needs are met and that your customers get the best possible experience from the moment they first arrive at your property until the moment that they check out. A Clean and tidy bed and breakfast is sure to make a good impression and let your guests start their holiday on a high note.

Cleaning for Letting Agents and Estate Agents

Reliable cleaning for your properties.

The cleanliness of a property is something that landlords should put a lot of emphasis on. It is important that your property is in good condition before you have someone over to view it. We are one of the most established cleaning companies in NYC, Queens, and Brooklyn, and we take pride in offering a thorough and comprehensive cleaning service for all landlords, as well as end of lease and change of tenancy cleaning to help people leave their properties in great condition when they move out. As a part of our service, we will take photo evidence of all cleaning work that we do and send a report when the work is done.

We operate in a 15 mile radius of NYC, Queens, and Brooklyn, and we offer a thorough and professional service that includes cleaning floors, bathrooms, cupboards, fridges, carpets, soft furnishings, fixtures, and fittings. We do everything we can to make sure that your future tenants are happy and eager to complete on the property.

We are a full-service cleaner, and we take on a range of jobs, including:

Apartments, caravan parks, bed and breakfasts, play groups, clubs, pubs, nursing homes, houses, hotes, retail parks and more.

At Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services, we are proud to offer complete house cleaning and other services, with prices starting at just $85 per visit. This includes all equipment and cleaning materials necessary for the job.

Our domestic cleaning staff are available for one-off cleans, regular cleaning sessions, deep end of the tenancy or pre-move cleans and spring cleaning visits.

Our cleaners have been professionally trained and are fully vetted and insured so that they can work within the Queens, Brooklyn, and NYC areas.

We do our best to ensure that once you have a cleaner that you are happy with you will have that same cleaner come back for future sessions until the end of your contract. We are always looking for new, more effective and more environmentally friendly cleaning products and ways to keep costs down for our customers.

We guarantee our cleaning work and if you are ever unhappy with the work that we have done we will be happy to have someone come back out to your property to complete the job to your satisfaction. We offer both domestic and commercial cleaning services and have cleaners available to come out at short notice to cover emergency jobs. We have a 24/7 service, and all of our cleaners are thoroughly vetted. References from previous customers are available upon request, and we can promise that the identity and address details of all of our cleaners have been thoroughly checked.

About Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services:

Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services

12 John Street, #11F

New York, NY 10039


Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services is your go-to home cleaning company for your apartment or house cleaning. We give you the best maid service and pricing. One bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartment cleanings available in New York. We clean studios, condos, townhomes, and homes in your favorite neighborhoods. You can get your whole apartment cleaned, and we are a pet-friendly New York City cleaning service. With more available maids than Craigslist, you’re sure to find a perfect home cleaner with Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services.

Well, aren’t you lucky? Welcome to the best apartment cleaning service in nyc: Our mission is to reinvent the home cleaning market on a foundation of trust and transparency. And we’re nailin’ it. By having the best maids from hundreds of sources across new york state from Manhattan to Brooklyn we’re giving you access to millions of apartments for rent. Our listing count has never been higher – in fact, Apartment List has more rental listings than Craigslist. Yet. Happy cleaning, dear friend!

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