6 Steps To Organizing Closet

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Closet Organization

Taming a closet brimming with mess can be a frightful thing. It’s mind-boggling, and we envision it being a deed of considerable extents, taking weeks if not decades.

Our psyches, on the other hand, are somehow overstating. Cleaning up a closet doesn’t need to be so scary or painful procedure.

Here’re the means by which to do it, just. It would be ideal if you note: we are not going to show you how to organize your closet. We’re going to show you to exhaust it of everything except the essentials. Perused more: moderation is the end of organizing. So you won’t get a rundown of extravagant closet organizers to purchase. We’re offering and giving here, not purchasing.

  1. Put aside some time, and get a few boxes. You may require a few hours. On the other hand, a couple, if your closet is immense. Put aside a night, if you have time in the nighttimes or a large portion of a weekend day. Get boxes prepared. You may require about six or all the more, contingent upon the amount of garbage you have.
  2. Take everything out, unfilled it into a heap. Every last bit of it. Then again, you could do this one area at once, which could be less overpowering — yet it’ll make a couple of additional strides as you’ll need to rehash these progressions for every segment. Whichever way works.
  3. Rapidly sort into 3 heaps. Don’t dawdle, or sit going back and forth. Here are the decisions: keep, hurl, or possibly. The perhaps is just if you ridiculously experience considerable difficulties — you’ll place these in a case and store them for 6 months, disposing of them after that time if you never required them. The keep heap is for stuff you truly cherish and use — if you haven’t used it for 6 months, place it in the hurl heap. Alright, 12 months for casual clothes, (for example, winter coats). If you experience difficulty disposing of things for wistful or other enthusiastic reasons, perceive how to relinquish belonging.
  4. Clean, then put the hold heap back, organized. Alright, everything sorted? Get out the closet pleasantly. Put the holding stock back in the closet (unless the stuff has a place somewhere else). Returned it flawlessly, organized. This doesn’t need to take long. Leave spaces between things if you can.
  5. Bargain promptly with alternate heaps. Take the possible load and place it into a case or two. Mark it possibly, with today’s date. Store it someplace outside of anyone’s ability to see, and don’t open it for 6 months. Hurl the stuff in 6 months. Take the throw heap, and place it into boxes — stuff you’ll give to philanthropy, stuff you’re going to provide for companions, possibly other stuff you’ll offer in a yard sales.
  6. Save Your Money! Fight the temptation to go shopping. As opposed to purchasing new clothes, take the cash you would typically spend on clothing in a month and put it aside.

A couple of more tips:

  • Keep the floors as clear as could be allowed. If you can keep them totally clear, far and away superior. It’s much less demanding to clean like this, and looks a great deal more uncluttered.
  • Name storage holders. Clear holders are best, however, names are great (simply tape w/marker is sufficient), so you can without much of a stretch find stuff.
  • Organize clothes by colors, if you’re butt-centric like me. It looks more organized.
  • If despite everything you have an excessive amount of stuff, alter some more. There’s constantly more stuff we can dispose of after the initial cleaning.

Is It Worth The Money To Hire A House Cleaner?

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You may find that you end up spending more than just a few hours each week tackling a lot of your household chores that have to be done. If you end up pressed for time, the chances are good that you will start to look for ways that you can safely ditch some of these chores so that you can catch up on your favorite activities, spend time with your family or just get a chance to relax. This is when hiring a house cleaner may be the absolute best way to get everything that you are looking for regarding both free time and a clean house. Of course, there are several things that you may want to take into consideration when you start the journey to find the right house cleaner for the job.

Having a cleaning service is certainly not right for everyone. However, if you begin to believe that daily or weekly chores will be more of a source for stress in your household, you just might see that a house cleaner is imperative. This could be a situation where spending the extra money on a weekly or monthly basis can be well worth the investment. Instead of hiring someone to take on all of the cleaning tasks, it may be a matter of formulating a balance between chores that you want to take on and those that you wish to have a cleaning company take care of.

Did you know that the average household in the United States will spend roughly 13 hours or more each week trying to tackle a variety of family chores? When you think about it, this is quite a big chunk of time that is taken away from other important things in your life. Instead of becoming a slave to these chores, you can enjoy more of your life when you have a house cleaner that you can trust.

Depending on the area that you live in and the condition of your household and clutter level, you could pay anywhere from $15 an hour to $50 an hour for quality cleaning services. A lot of the time, if you have pets, children, big messes and more, it could raise the price that you will end up paying to get the level of clean that you are looking for. Of course, these are always numbers that could be negotiated and it will depend on the house cleaner to come up with an estimate for services to be done and the time frame that you agree on.

How Do I Choose A House Cleaner?

When you stop to think about it, hiring someone to clean your house is quite similar to hiring someone to watch your children or a contractor work on your home. You need to have someone that you can trust at a great price that comes with plenty of qualifications and recommendations. Take the time to ask around and see if any of your friends and family members will have recommendations that they can give you on a house cleaner in your local area. If someone that you know can trust the person that cleans their house, the chances are magnificent that you can too.

You can also work to extend your search so that you can look online to see what the directories and websites have to say about house cleaners that are in and around your local area. There are a number of service based websites that will give you ratings, testimonials and all of the information that you could ever want to learn about any cleaning company or other services that you may be interested in hiring.

Try Local Over Large

Many people who are looking to hire a cleaning company will find that they can enjoy great savings when they go with an independent, local cleaner over a larger service company. In some instances, you will find these more major companies charging roughly 50% more than a smaller company. However, you could find that you will be covered in case there is something that ends up broken or becomes missing, so you need to weigh the price and the peace of mind that you will have overall.

When you are ready to hire a house cleaner, simply make a list of all of the chores that need to get done on a regular basis. You can then break it down by those that you can handle without stressing and what you would like to have taken care of for you. You can then get an estimate for services that will tell you what you are looking at regarding price. No matter what, you will find out in the end that it can be well worth the investment in a thorough and dependable house cleaner.

Microwave Cleaning

How To Clean A Microwave

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Cleaning the microwave probably is one of the least things you want to get done when doing kitchen housework because it gives you a hard time and smelly task of cleaning. However, cleaning the microwave wasn’t so hard when you already learn the easy, natural tricks in cleaning it. You will not only save time cleaning it but enjoy doing it as well!

Below are the following:


What you need:

Vinegar                                                      Water                                        Microwave-safe bowl                                          Sponge



  1. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with a mixture of half vinegar and half water.
  2. Place the bowl in the microwave and steam it for 5 minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes slowly and carefully remove the bowl inside the microwave. Use gloves to protect your hands from the heat.
  4. Let the microwave stay open for 2 minutes while cooling down the water-vinegar mixture aside.
  5. Dip the sponge into the mixture then wipe out the inside of the microwave. Dirt will easily fall off.



What you need:

Lemon                                       Water                                        Microwave-safe bowl                                          Sponge



  1. Place in the microwave-safe bowl 5-10 slices of lemon and 1 cup water.
  2. Then place the bowl in the microwave and steam it for 5 minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes slowly and carefully remove the bowl inside the microwave. Use gloves to protect your hands from the heat.
  4. Let the microwave stay open for a minute while cooling down the water-vinegar mixture aside.
  5. Wipe out the interior and exterior of the microwave using the sponge. Dirt will easily fall off.



What you need:

Baking Soda                          Water                                        Microwave-safe bowl                                          Sponge



  1. Place in the microwave-safe bowl 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 cup water.
  2. Put the bowl inside the microwave and boil it for 3 minutes.
  3. After 3 minutes slowly and carefully remove the bowl inside the microwave. Use gloves to protect your hands from the heat.
  4. Let the microwave stay open for a minute.
  5. Wipe out the interior and exterior of the microwave using the sponge. Dirt will easily fall off.



What you need:

Dishwashing liquid                            Warm water                         Microwave-safe bowl                        Sponge



  1. Add some dishwashing liquid in a microwave-safe bowl then fill it with hot water.
  2. Put the bowl in the microwave and boil it for 1 minute.
  3. After a minute, slowly and carefully remove the bowl inside the microwave. Use gloves to protect your hands from the heat.
  4. Let the microwave stay open for a minute.
  5. Wipe out the interior and exterior of the microwave using the sponge. Dirt will easily fall off.



What you need:

Window cleaner                                   Warm water                                           Fresh water         

Bowl                                                             Sponge                                                       Clean cloth



  1. Mix one part of window cleaner and one part warm water in a bowl.
  2. Dip the sponge in the mixture then use it to wipe the inside of the microwave.
  3. Wipe also the vents of the microwave to remove any grease that has collected there.
  4. After cleaning the microwave with the wet sponge, wipe it again using a clean cloth soaked to a fresh water to clean up the remaining residues left by the window cleaner. Be sure to clean it thoroughly to remove all the chemicals brought by the cleaner.
  5. Let the microwave dry.
  6. Clean the exterior of the microwave then wipes it thoroughly once you’ve removed the grime.


Now you have already learned all the comfortable and safe tricks in cleaning a microwave. All these 5 methods are already guaranteed and proven to be effective that’s why it will never give you a hard time anymore. Happy cleaning!

Fun Facts About New York You Should Know

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NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline

New York City ranks very high among most of the largest cities in the world. There is a lot of culture and history behind every corner, on every street and inside every building. Commonly referred to as the Big Apple, the city receives lots of tourists every year. Here are some interesting facts about the city that will fascinate you.

• Union Square Park, Bryant Park, Washington Square Park and Madison Square Park were previously cemeteries. The Washington Square Park hast at least 20,000 bodies buried there.

• Interested in trying out one of the famous hot dogs? Did you know that it costs almost $300,000 each year to get a permit for a hot-dog stand in the city?

• As long any homeless individual has a place to stay, the city is prepared to pay a one-way ticket for the person without any expenses falling to him/her.

• On 2012, November 28th, the city had the quietest time ever. Generally, not a day goes by without a crime such as stabbing, shooting or murder being reported. Well, nothing was said on this particular day that is the first time.

• Each square mile of the city has more than 25,000 residents. The population of the town is quite vast with homes being very expensive as well as business rentals. Currently, the city has a bigger population than 39 of all the states in the United States. On that note, 1 out of every 38 people in the United States stays in New York.

• Every 4.4 minutes, a new child is born in the city. Partly the reason the population of the city has soared to great heights. On the other hand, every 9.1 minutes, there is a death somewhere in the city.

• The Federal Reserve Bank located on Wall Street has numerous vaults located at least 80 feet underground. These vaults hold at least 25% of the world’s gold possession.

• On its own, Brooklyn would be number 4 on the largest cities in the United States if it wasn’t part of the city. The same applies to Queens.

• Besides Asia, the city has the largest Chinese population in the world. The same goes for the Puerto Rican community. Also, the Jewish community in NYC is enormous second to that found in Israel.

• Currently, more than 47% of all the residents above five years of age speak English as a second language.

• The famous Central Park is larger than Monaco.

• Women in the city are allowed to go topless as long as it’s not for business purposes.

• During day time, the population in Manhattan can grow up to 3.94 million. Commuters going in and out alone make up at least 1.34 million of the overall number.

• As many as the taxi cabs might be in the city; it costs about a million to get a medallion (a taxi driving license) in the city.

• The emergency department statistics reveal that the last hurricane to be experienced in the city was in 1821. The surge of the storm was too high leading to floods all over especially in Canal Street.

• Until 1957, the city used a pneumatic mail tube system. It connected 23 post offices across a distance of 27 miles. On one occasion, the system moved about 97,000 letters.

• Back in the 1920’s a hooked terrorist carriage drawn by horses and filled it with explosives.It was detonated on Wall Street resulting in the death of 30 people. This is one of the first acts of terrorism experienced by the city. The culprit responsible for the action was never caught.

• At least 60% of the cigarettes sold in the city have been smuggled out of other states in the United States.

• The Empire State Building, one of the tallest and most magnificent buildings in New York has its zip code.

• Penn Station, the original one, was named the most beautiful of all the train stations in the world. However, because it wasn’t used very frequently, it was torn down.

• The Times Square was coined from the New York Times. It was previously referred to as the Longacre Square up until 1904 when the media conglomerate relocated there.

• The city buries any unclaimed corpses on Hart Island. Since 1869, the island has recorded more than a million corpses buried. The Hart Island is closed off to the public.

The Best Attractions To Visit In New York City

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Visiting NYC

Visiting NYC

Where do you start in the City of Lights? New York City is known all over the world for its entertainment, it is shopping, and its attractions. Whether it is a national landmark famous for its giant gorilla or the location where many of our ancestors first stepped foot onto American soil, there is a multitude of things to do when visiting NYC. Many of these attractions are a vital part of our country’s history while others provide entertainment and education. No matter where you start, you are guaranteed to see new sites and enjoy new experiences while visiting the Big Apple.

New York City is home to many of the most famous landmarks and attractions in the world. Of these, some are more popular than others. When you visit NYC, you should choose the places you want to see and experience.

The Most Popular New York Attractions

  • The World Trade Center Site – visiting NYC will bring to the location of one of the worst tragedies the United States has ever experienced. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum are visited by millions every year and are a reminder of just how precious life can be.
  • The Empire State Building – once the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building is still pretty spectacular. A tribute to art deco architecture, this historic landmark welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every day. Going to the top of the building is not for the faint of heart, but is well worth the experience. Taking in the 80-mile view from the top can be a real breathtaking experience.
  • Rockefeller Center – one of the best times to visit Rockefeller Center is during the holidays. The lighting of the Christmas Tree that stands in the center is an NYC tradition. This annual lighting ceremony draws thousands every year and is top in television coverage. Additionally, ice skating at the Center is one of the most romantic things a couple can do. If you cannot plan a holiday visit to the City, do not despair, Rockefeller Center is a beautiful place to visit all year round.
  • The Statue of Liberty – newly opened after several years of renovations and updates, the Statue of Liberty is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in NYC. A gift from France to the United States, the Statue of Liberty has served as a beacon of welcome for more than a century. Every year, millions of visitors travel across the harbor to visit this lovely lady.
  • Ellis Island – Ellis Island is the place many of our ancestors first stepped foot into the United States. To truly understand the culture and history of our country, a visit to Ellis Island is imperative. Serving as the central point of immigration into America from 1892 through 1954, Ellis Island welcomed millions of newcomers into our country. Today, the location serves as a museum preserving this critical part of our rich and diverse history. More than three million people visit this site every year.

Tips For Visiting

  1. When you are visiting these sites and other attractions throughout the City, there are some important things to keep in mind.
  2. Always wear comfortable shoes. The best way to see the most of NYC is by walking or taking the subway and then walking. Once you get to the attraction, you will most likely walk some more, so comfortable shoes make for a much better day.
  3. If you do not like crowds, some of these attractions should be visited during the week and not during the summer or the holidays.
  4. Many of these attractions are also located close to Central Park, another major NYC landmark. Make the time to take a stroll through the park and perhaps visit the City Zoo. There are plenty of benches to stop and rest, and the lush lawns and gardens of Central Park are well worth the extra time.

Visiting NYC can be an exciting, thought-provoking, and even thrilling experience. There is something for everyone to enjoy and when planning your visit, consider which of these attractions you and your family will want to see. Plan to spend some time at each so you can be the most benefit and appreciate what the City has to offer.

New York – One Of The Best Cities In The World

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NYC Best City In The World

NYC Best City In The World

As one of the most wonderful and vibrant cities on the entire planet, New York certainly has a great deal to offer anyone. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most incredible and breathtaking attractions in this city, so if you’re planning to visit soon, you’ll certainly have a wide variety of activities to indulge in and sights to see.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the unusual experiences New York can offer you.

1 – Statue of Liberty

One of the things you can’t afford to miss is the Statue of Liberty. This incredible sculpture has been the pride of the city for well over a century, and it still proudly stands on Liberty Island as a symbol of hope and wonder for everyone to see.

While everyone has seen this beautiful statue in photography or on TV, it’s impossible to get a true sense of it’s incredible wonder until you’ve seen it in the flesh.

The opening hours to visit the statue are from 8.30am to 4.00pm, so it’s a great place to visit in the morning or afternoon of your New York trip. If you’re booking a simple three day trip to New York, then the Statue of Liberty is something that’ll usually be high on the ‘must-see’ list.

Ultimately, your first visit to the statue is something you’ll remember for a lifetime – and it’s a real highlight for anyone to see.

2 – Broadway

If you’re looking for some incredible entertainment, then look no further than Broadway. This fantastic place is the ideal spot to take in a few shows, and regardless of what you see, you’ll be blown away by the atmosphere.

A smart trick is to order your tickets online before you visit because this will allow you to avoid the long queues – and you’ll also secure yourself a cheaper price! Once you’ve visited Broadway, you’ll be itching to return year after year, and the experience is sure to be something that stays with you for a lifetime.

3 – The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

If you love great works of art (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll certainly want to visit this famous museum in New York. While there’s some incredible art in this venue, the admission price is surprisingly low – so it’s the perfect solution for a frugal day in the city, thanks to the admission price being guided by suggested donations rather than compulsory fees.

Some of the highlights include the 360-degree panoramic painting of the Versailles Palace gardens, and you’ll also be blown away by some of the classiest of touches – such as the pianist who happily plays classic music on the second-floor restaurant.

Of course, this museum is full of excellent and intriguing works of art – so you could easily spend an entire day here. If you’re fan of museums, then this one is easily one of the best in the world – so it’s something you’ll want to give high priority to on your itinerary!

4 – Central Park

For people who love to be in nature, you simply must visit Central Park. As one of the most famous landmarks in America, this park gives you a variety of activities to enjoy. Perhaps you’d like to rent a bicycle and take in the sights on two wheels, or even hire a horse and cart ride to travel around the park in style.

The peace and tranquility you’ll feel in the park are difficult to surpass, and it’s a beautiful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city for a few moments. There’s also a certain romance to this location, so it’s an excellent location for a romantic walk, hand in hand with your significant other.


To summarize, it’s safe to say that visiting New York is an incredible experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. As one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in the entire world, they’re hundreds of fantastic attractions and points of interest to visit – far more than we can list here! But regardless of the sights, you choose to take in, there’s nothing quite like the magic and wonder of New York to renew your zest for life.

Why New York City Is A Must Travel To Destination

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One place you must visit at some point in your life is New York City. With all of the bright lights, the mixture of cultures, extravagant nightlife, and landmarks that people recognize all over the world New York is one of the most entertaining and appealing places to travel. Far too many people do not realize how affordable and easy it is to move to a location such as New York. Learn about how you can move to this city at an affordable price and why you should book a trip as soon as possible.

Firstly, think about all the places you have been to in the United States. Are there anywhere public transportation is easy to access and maneuver as New York? Few cities have a transportation system such as New York where you can zoom around the city. What makes this city even better is that bars do not close until 4 in the morning. That allows people to have loads of fun throughout the entire night. With that being said, those who are night owls and not early risers are going to find the city to be a place of endless exploration.

For families, there are many things that they can do on a budget. Landmarks such as Central Park and the World Trade Center Memorial can be visited for free. Tourists can also visit the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty at affordable prices as well. You do not have to pay to tour the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building if you chose not to do so. You can still take pictures outside of the building or from a distance from the statue to remember all of the fun times you had viewing all of the landmarks.

Tickets to New York have become more affordable over the years. One way ticket deals are always available online so make sure you search for affordable options so that you do not have to worry about spending more than you can afford. What is great about New York is that many great hostels and hotels also offer discounted prices. Traveling to New York on a budget is worthwhile and feasible. Stop waiting for time to slip away and plan a trip to the big apple the next chance you get.

With all that you learned about traveling to New York and just how easy it is to visit the city on a budget, it is time to figure out when you would like to visit. The city is best to visit in the late spring or summer time if you would like to avoid all the snow. Make sure you plan out the trip properly and understand how the weather may treat you when you go out there. If possible try and plan the trip with other family members or close friends; trips are always fun when you build memories with your loved one.

Living in NYC for the first time (what to expect)

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If you are planning to live in New York without experience living there at all, well, it is an adventure then! It is your first time to set foot to NYC and live in it. However, before you get excited, you should first consider some experiences and information on how was it like to live in NYC for the very first time. Check it out!
New York life is challenging and scary at first. Some days will be tough, demanding very annoying and seem lost. Some days will also be fun and memorable. All emotions will be mixed. The amazement, discovery of new cool things, unending lights and entertainment, excellent and tasty food, wonderful night outs, tiring work, busy and crowded subways and streets, long sleepless nights and independent escapades, they will all happen to you. However, as you adjusted and came to love NYC of all its good and bad sides, you will forever enjoy and live with the place with a smile in the face.

moreover, since we want you to get ready and guide you for your first adventure and start of life here in New York, we assist you with these following tips that we’re sure will help you a lot.
1. First, throw away all your expectations that New York is very much similar like those of the movies like Sex and the City. It is not always about doing all you want, spend all you want, about hangouts and cool things like owning a glamorous apartment and a closet so full of expensive dresses and stuff. Instead, it will be more like the movie, Girls. There will days when you are so lonely, no one else to hang out with, feel inferior about other people who seem to have more decent living, who are enjoying and eating in fancy restaurants, feel terrified and questioning everything about choosing NYC to live in all by yourself. You should understand this at first and adjust. It all comes at the beginning.

2. Before you move out, research first about all the things you want to know about NYC. The advantages and disadvantages of living there, the stats and population, the rules and laws, the famous buildings, restaurants and beautiful spots, how much does an apartment costs, what jobs can you apply in the future, the means of transportation and how they works, the safety and kind of people living in it and many more.

3. Only bring and carry few things with you when you move into NYC. Keep and left all the other memorable things at home and don’t sell everything you have. Everything will be replaced in no time. Just bring your luggage and plane ticket. DONE.

4. When looking for an apartment, look for a cheap one and be patient. Cheap and safe ones are hard to find and expect that you have many competitors of renting the place. Trust everything and all will be fine. Don’t forget to consider the safety of the neighborhood, it is very important.

5. When looking for a job, do not grab a shitty job just because you need a job. NO. Trust yourself and all will fall into the right place. If you find a job, and it is not enough for your expenses, look for an additional job that you can do for part-time. This way you’ll meet all your needs. You know what you are worth is so choose a decent and good employer. You’ll find one for sure.
6. NYC is expensive so be sure to budget all your money and expenses every time. Do not get tempted in fancy restaurants, bars, exclusive events and cool stuff daily. Occasionally, you can try them too but not daily. Be flexible.

7. In NYC, walking is very much appreciated, and it is better than spending money for cabs and taxis. You can always get to the place you want to go to just by walking. Saves you money and gives you the chance to appreciate and discover NYC better.

8. Don’t be afraid and intimidated with all the people around you especially the rude and rich ones. There are a lot of them in NYC so always get your temper down and take care of yourself. Show them you are brave and mature. You know, you can always live your life without being a bitch and hypocrite. Be patient in everything that will happen to you. Focus on your goals and make it happen together with NYC.

9. Although you moved out, be sure to keep in touch with your family, relatives, and friends. Living in New York is sometimes lonely, and you always need someone listen to your stories and make you feel better when you feel the pressure and difficulty of living in NYC.

10. Do not get swallowed by the life in NYC. You should sometimes visit and take a vacation from your hometown. That way, you’ll balance your perspective in life and found freshness in other places.

Living Cheap In NYC

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Living Cheap In NYC

Living in New York is not that simple as you see in movies. It’s not always about luxuries, social circles, and love relationships. Most of the time it’s all about living in a place that costs everything you have, and sometimes all you wanted is to survive from the enormous costs. However, don’t stress yourself about living with expensive stuff and apartments because there are always ways to live cheap. Check this out and learn!


Taking all expenses into account, the cost of life in New York City is at least 68.8% higher than the national average. 

Housing and Renting Costs:

Housing in NYC

NYC has a crazy housing market. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Metro area is $1,638. And the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $3,895. So it’s that expensive. More so if you plan to buy a house, the average home price in the metro area is $455,500. Forget about buying. 

Transportation Costs:

Transportation in NYC


Well after housing, another vast expense you can do is transportation. If you want to own a car, it will cost you a lot of buying, maintaining, insuring, fueling and parking your vehicle, and if unlucky, costs you a parking ticket. If you want to commute, it will only cost you a transit pass and maybe a good pair of shoes.

The average parking rate in downtown Manhattan is $533 per month (more than twice the rate in other expensive cities like Los Angeles and Honolulu). Moreover, the price of gas in New York is 5-10% higher than the national average plus the insurance is also expensive. The average insurance rate for drivers in Manhattan tops $4,000 per year. 

Food Costs:

NYC Cheap Food

What about food? Well, it is also expensive in NYC. Groceries in New York cost between 28% and 39% more than the national average, depending on where you live. So, if you spend $200 per month on groceries living somewhere else in the country, you’ll spend something more like $260 when you move to New York. 

Clothing Costs:

Clothing in NYC

You need to know that the clothing costs in NYC are far from the national average cost. For example, for a blue jeans, it may cost $41 nationally but in NYC it costs $59. A men’s leather shoes costs $85 nationally but in NYC, it costs $143. See the difference? It’s crazy.

Entertainment Costs:


The average price of admission to a movie in New York is $14.00, which is more than the national average ticket price of $10.00. Very pricey.



  1. Look for a cheap apartment on NYC affordable neighborhood. If possible, join an existing household with roommates to save money. Here is the top lists of affordable community you can take: Sunnyside, Prospect Heights, Inwood, Bay Ridge, Long Island City, St. George, Riverdale, Jackson Heights, Greenpoint and Murray Hill.


  1. Work a full-time job, one part-time job, has a freelance business, and several standing gigs that you pick up when rent’s due. Work a combined total of 80+ hours a week.


  1. Take advantage of free activities and stuff.


  1. Buy your groceries carefully. Make a budget for everything especially for your food, transportation, morning coffee, toiletries, and shampoo.


  1. Learn how to make a bag of chips last for all recommended serving sizes. Also do this on cookies, cereals, jars of almond butter, salsa, etc.
  2. Bring lunch and snacks to your work to save time and money eating in expensive restaurants.


  1. Cook dinner at home.


  1. Drink plenty of water before you go out.


  1. Walk as much as possible. Forget that cabs exist so you won’t be tempted. Besides walking is an excellent exercise.


  1. Justify any and all significant purchases by quality and usefulness. Is there an extended warranty available or any good and cheap deals? Buy it.


Hope this will help you survive the life in NYC. We know you can. It’s not that hard as long as you make it happen. Good luck!