Cleaning is such a hard task and it’s only a favorite task for only a few homeowners, yet we all love a clean house.  In as much as cleaning is tiresome, living in clean house calls for dedication and determination. When cleaning, you might forget to clean some parts of your house. At the back of your mind, you are certain that your house is absolutely clean. However, you will be surprised to see how dirty some parts of your house are. These neglected cleaning spots host a variety of germs and bacteria that really jeopardize your health and that of your family. Dust and dirt accumulate in places that are hard to notice. Here are several places that you are most likely to forget when cleaning your house.

1. The Curtains

Window treatments especially curtains really add some glamour to any room of your house. If you use curtains or blinds, you should know that they host dirt that gets blown by the wind through the windows. You may just assume your curtains or blinds are clean but that’s not the case. You can always vacuum to get rid of the dirt that has collected on your curtains or simply remove them for a laundry washing and have fresh ones in their place.

2. Under the Refrigerator

There is a lot of dirt and dust lingering either behind or under the refrigerator. During cleaning, you may be tempted to forget to clean underneath the fridge and assume there’s no dirt. The coils of the fridge also host some bacteria. It’s advisable to clean the coils and also clean the fridge and areas surrounding it regularly.

3. The Trash Can

Some people may argue that the trash can needs not to be clean since it’s used to hold trash. Well, that argument couldn’t be more wrong. Food leftovers in the trash may rot and leave an undesired odor which will create a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive. After emptying the trash can, remember to clean it with water and detergent.

4. The Frames of the Door

Dust and dirt can collect just about anywhere in your house that’s why thorough cleaning of your house is really prudent. A lot of people forget to clean parts that are too high to reach such as the door frames or even the ceiling. Dust accumulating in these areas will host dangerous bacteria that are harmful to your health. Using a feather duster will definitely help you get rid of the dust on the door frame, but for a cleaner look, use a damp cloth over the frames of the door.

5. The Door Handles

Just imagine the amount of dirt and bacteria hovering around the doorknobs of your bathroom door and all the doors in your home. These knobs are touched by different people thus passing germs from one person to another. Children love playing around with doorknobs thus they are being exposed to dirt and germs. Ensure you frequently clean the doorknobs using a clean and slightly dumb cloth and don’t forget the light switches which also pass germs.

6. Inside of the Kitchen Cabinets

You may never get to know how dirty the inside of these cabinets are until you open them to get something. You may find dust or even crumbs of food laying around. These cabinets are used to store food thus they should be kept clean at all times. As you clean the cabinets don’t forget to clean the cabinet door handles as well so as to reduce the risk of spreading germs to other places.

7. Your Dishwasher

The cleanliness of a dishwasher is normally overlooked. During dish cleaning, it collects a lot of dirt and if this dirt is not removed, the efficiency of this appliance is largely undermined. Also, the food particles inside the dishwasher may start to rot thus you end up with bacteria and mold thriving inside your dishwasher. Remember that these home appliances will serve you efficiently when you give them top-notch maintenance.

8. Shower Curtain and Rails

Unfortunately, most people overlook their shower curtain and the rails. Shower curtains collect soap scums and mildew with time. This collection of dirt can cause stain of the curtain and bad odor as well. This may ruin your curtain forcing you to get another one. To avoid stains, clean your curtain with detergents and water or you may clean it using a washing machine.

9. Your Walls

The only walls many homeowners clean are the bathroom walls because they are tiled and easy to clean.  But the walls in the rest of the home are usually overlooked. This could cause dirt and cobwebs to accumulate. Besides when you clean your walls and see a great difference, then you will finally realize just how dirty they have been.

10. Inside The Drains

Many homeowners overlook the cleaning of drains.  Not cleaning the drains might cause frequent cloggings or the caking of dirt, grease, and food causing the pipes to eventually leak. You can clean your drains especially the one at the sink in your kitchen by pouring hot water inside to rid them of the accumulated grease.

The Bottom Line

It’s so easy to overlook several parts of your house and assume that they are actually clean but in reality, that’s not the case. Cleaning should be comprehensive and no stone should be left unturned. If you overlook one part of your house you will be surprised by how dirty your house is when you thought it’s actually clean. It’s not necessarily a must that you clean some parts of your house on a daily basis. Dishwasher or even washing machine may not need to be cleaned daily, but regularly. You can never say your house is too clean since bacteria multiply with every minute. However, if you thoroughly clean your house, you can keep your house neat and clean.

Cleaning equipment such as brushes has to be kept clean at all times as well. Cleaning your cleaning tools will increase their efficiency when it comes to cleaning your house. Dirty brushes and brooms create a good environment for bacteria to thrive in. After using them, clean these tools properly. The above tips will greatly help you not to overlook any part of your house as you go on with your cleaning process.