At times we go through our whole house, spring cleaning, decluttering, vacuuming everywhere and at the end of it, we tend to think that we have done all that needs to be done. Correction, there is more to it than just cleaning. Even the clean freaks tend to miss one more thing that makes the whole house fresh from any kind of contamination and harm as others may put it. This is the most important of all. Replacing stuff around the house. Without a doubt, you will find two or more things that you never thought of replacing in your home.

1. Toilet Brush

Most of us just assume that a toilet brush is meant to clean the toilet and it’s gross. Well, yes it is but the situation worsens when you overstay with one brush almost forever. Some of our toilet brushes are even older than our kids. You just don’t seem to think about replacing it. Toilet hygiene is very important around the house. By not replacing the toilet brush over a few months or even years, you will be returning the same germs over and over again since the bristles will be too soft to scrub out germs no matter what toilet cleaners you use.

2. Pillowcase

It is important that we change our pillows at least once or twice a year. Some of us sleep with our heads uncovered and therefore transferring the dust that the hair has accumulated to the pillowcase.  Whether we use the pillowcase or not, the dirt will always be seen on the pillow after some time.  Always be sure to be keen on the kid’s pillows as well and you could even mark the date you bought them just as a guideline for when to replace them.

3. Tooth Brush

Honestly, this is even advertised on T.V that toothbrushes should be replaced after every three months. Sometimes you may ignore but it is essential as it helps to keep your teeth healthy and minimizes trips to the dentist every now and then. As simple as it is, it is a very important part of our day to day life so every time you go brush your teeth, be sure to remember when to replace it as well.

4. Mattress Cover

Every night you spend hours and hours on your bed, you drool and sweat as you sleep on it, therefore it is very important that you should think of replacing it once in a while. If ignored, it might attract all kinds of pests including bed bugs and mites.

5. Makeup Brush

Our makeup sets are the next sensitive things since we use them on our faces. Overuse of these brushes may cause it to turn its color or the bristles on the brush might fray. You may notice that a certain product is being harsh on your face after prolonged use. The problem most likely lies in the brush and not the product. Simply wash the brush or if already frayed, toss it and get another one. More problems may occur, such as minor acne or rashes.

6. Gas Burners

Ever wondered where the soot comes from as you are preparing your meal? Dirty gas burners. It all starts from there. Dirt accumulates in the pores of the burner thereby clogging them. This is when you start seeing the soot on your pots. Regular cleaning will prevent this from happening. Not all of us love that job as you may be afraid of worsening the situation. It is therefore advised that you should replace the burners immediately you start noticing soot.

7. Shaving Razors

Do not wait to get razor burns for you to realize that it is time for you to replace your shaving razor. The best shaving outcome will be noticed after you have started replacing your shaving razor every three, four, or even five shaves. This will even reduce that itchy feeling you get after shaving no matter how much aftershave you apply on your skin. This also applies to women as well and it is very hygienic.

8. Face Towels

No matter how much you clean your face towel after a bath, it needs to be replaced as well. Some of us find ourselves with a nearly ragged face towel due to continued usage over the years, yes, years. Replacing it has never crossed our minds. We assume that since its doing the work and nothing alarming has ever happened then there’s no reason for getting rid of it. Unknowingly, it might also be the contributing factor of our skin texture and appearance so keep track of how long you have been using the face towel and get another one.

9. Lotions and Oils

Be sure to check the expiry date of the products that you use around the house and for yourself. You may want to get bulk quantities of your products but are you keen on their dates as most of them only tend to last a year or two whereas you may find yourself having used the same bottle of lotion for a longer period than indicated on it. Some of them don’t even last a year like mascara, eyeshadow or lip liner so be sure to check their shelf life before getting them.

10. Kitchen Sponge

Try and replace your kitchen sponge every month as it can harbor very many diseases in the form of germs. The kitchen sponge mostly stays dump making it very prone to infestation by germs. After cleaning your utensils, it is advisable that you clean the sponge and rinse thoroughly then air it out in the sun if the season allows. Alternatively, you could place it in a microwave for an effective way of getting rid of germs. It might be the cause of some of the illnesses especially in children below five years as they play around and come across it.

The Bottom Line

Those are the most common things that most homeowners don’t replace. It might be time to take stock of the items in your home and if an item that is often replaced has been in your house for more than two years, then it is proper that you give it the boot and buy a new version of it.