Green Cleaning
Green cleaning your home is the best way to ensure the protection of your own health, your family’s and the making of the planet a better place. Everyday home tasks such as running the dishwasher, doing laundry and cleaning the floors of your home all have an impact on the environment. Home cleaning products such as window sprays, bathroom cleaners, and air fresheners can be toxic to us, pets and the ecosystem.

Most green cleaning involves the use of cleaning products that are safe for everyone in your household including pets. The hazardous chemicals in non-green cleaning products are usually neurotoxins, teratogens, carcinogens, mutagens and many others that could cause allergic symptoms such as coughing, skin rashes, sneezing, and headaches. Non-green cleaning products are no doubt worth doing away with in favor of natural green cleaning products.

Fun and Easy Cleaning

Natural green cleaning products make cleaning a lot easier, fun and transform your home into this clean and safe place that it should always be. Some green cleaning tips that you can use for your home to keep it squeaky clean are as follows:-

  1. Get Only Natural Cleaning Products

When you buy your home cleaning products, check the ingredients and ensure that they are all safe. Then keep them safely away from kids and pets even if they are less toxic. You could buy the following natural cleaning items:-

  • Borax:- It disinfects and loosens the dirt.
  • Lemon juice– It disinfects and easily gets rid of grease.
  • White Vinegar:- It loosens dirt and disinfects.
  • Castile Soap- An all-purpose cleaner that foams
  • Olive Oil:– Great for polishing wood and ridding the surface of the dirt.
  • Baking Soda:– An effective scrubber that reacts with vinegar and lemon.
  • Washing Soda:– An effective stain remover and the perfect laundry supplement.

Once you have stocked your home with the above natural cleaning products you are good to go when to comes to making your home squeaky clean from top to bottom.

  1. Clean Your Drains The Natural Way

Clogged drains can be a nightmare in your home. Imagine dirty backwater flowing all over your rooms. Prevent this clogging in the first place by putting strainers to keep food and other particles from building up in your drain. Sometimes the drains clog anyway especially if you cook with oils. The best thing to do in this case in order to keep your drains fat-free and unclogged is pouring a pot of hot boiling water down the drain once a week to flash the caked fat away.

However, sometimes that doesn’t work when fat and a lot of dirt has accumulated. In that case, take half a cup of baking soda and another half a cup of vinegar and pour them down the drain then plug it. The forming pressure will eventually unclog the drain and the water will run through freely as it should.

  1. Green Clean Your Kitchen

This is where you prepare your food and it should, therefore, be spotlessly clean and bacteria free. As much as germs can easily accumulate in the kitchen because of food, you don’t need to be paranoid and disinfect around-the-clock.

You can practice reasonable cleaning daily by using the basic natural cleaning ingredients to make your kitchen spic and span. Since you are using all natural kitchen cleaning products such as vinegar and lemon to clean your countertops and other areas and not those harsh chemicals, your food will be safe too and the earth will thank you too.

  1. Green Your Laundry

Use a chemical free detergent that is specially made for use with cold water, to do your laundry and dry them on a clothesline outside in the sun. This will save you a lot of energy. You could also wait until the hamper is full instead of doing partial loads and also consider putting your gently worn fabrics on the quick cycle which uses less power and water.

In case you don’t have the time to hang your laundry out to dry or even don’t have a clothesline, just clean your dryer’s lint filter before every laundry load to prevent your dryer from having to work harder and consume more energy when drying your fabrics. By doing so, you will also reduce the risk of a dryer fire happening.

Remember, when you wash your clothes in cold water, you will not only save energy but the cold water will help preserve their bright color too. You can also do more research on other ways to green your laundry.

  1. Green Cleaning Your Home Air

Every homeowner loves a lovely smelling house, but you don’t need to suffer allergies because of this by using toxic air fresheners. Most air fresheners are harmful because they contain this hormone-disrupting ingredient known as phthalates. You can avoid such fresheners by keeping your home generally clean; a clean house will have no odors.

Consider using natural odor- eaters such as baking soda and vinegar, but if you want to keep your rooms well aerated, simply open your windows and let the sunshine stream in. Sunshine and fresh air are usually the most eco-friendly air cleaners. The breeze from the windows will help rid your home of air pollutants from gas stoves, harsh cleaners and any others.

If you really want a distinct lovely smell in your home, consider boiling cinnamon, cloves, and great smelling spices to produce that natural homely smell instead of spritzing aerosol air fresheners and other toxic artificial fragrances.

Cleaning is the one core that you have to do if you own a house. When you bring guests over and they love the clean homely environment, you will no doubt swell with pride when they compliment you on your clean living conditions. If you are dating, the man or the woman will no doubt look at you in a positive light; your clean personal living space will no doubt reflect your sense of responsibility. If you have children and pets, they will be in a safe and clean home.

Isn’t it great when you achieve such a clean home at zero environmental cost? The above green cleaning tips for the home should steer you in the right direction.