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Window Technologies That Will Help You Save On Energy Costs

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In the recent years, the energy cost in almost every part of the globe has been in a constant rise. It is becoming a headache to maintain the electrical devices in a home. That is why there are calls for going green everywhere you go. Well, one of the things to consider in your home in this course is the type of windows you have installed, their efficiency and ability to save energy. Today’s window technology enables us to do just that. Here are some of the window technologies that are cost-effective energy wise.

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Glazing, referring to the glass that goes inside your window. The most commonly known types of glazing that increase energy efficiency in a window are double and triple glazing. How one spaces and seals the window panes creates an insulated window unit that is advantageous in reducing the U-factor that is the windows ability to insulate and the solar heat gain coefficient which is the ability to control the solar heat. This decreases your heat and air conditioning costs. Initially, the switching cost from a single pane to double or triple pane window is quite expensive, but at the end all that will be recovered as you start spending less and less on your home energy bills.

Apply the electrochromic smart glass. Electrochromic technology in our case will allow the glass to change color when there is an application of an electric current. In case there is a lot of light in the room because of direct sun rays, the glass will become dark preventing more light from passing through and if the room gets darker the window will become clear allowing light from outside to illuminate the room. The best feature of an electrochromic glass is that you can operate it manually with a smartphone application or through your personal computer or you can just set it to be automatic. There are claims that the efficiency of this type of technology amounting to 23% savings on lighting, heating, electricity, ventilation and air conditioning. The electrochromic smart glass is very expensive to install well over a dozen times more expensive than the price of normal glass. This should not discourage you because in the near future the cost will reduce substantially according to View, the company behind this technology.

New highly insulated windows.  These windows use sensors and microprocessors to adjust their tinting on the basis of the weather outside. These factors include the availability of light from the sun and the time of the day. They are automatically adjusted to maintain constant lighting and comfort in the house. They are also designed to fit the consumers need and preference of mind. These type of windows are making entry to the market hence they are not readily available for now. They are also very expensive but there are promises to lower the cost once they establish in the market.

Use of gas fills. The gases that are mostly used in this technology are mostly krypton and argon. These gases are used together with the double or triple glazing technique. Since these are inert gases, they are used in between the panes so as to increase the resistance of the heat flowing through them. By doing so, they maintain the temperature in the room making it easier to save on the usage of air conditioners and heaters. These gases have an added advantage. They sieve through the sun rays and block the radioactive gamma rays from entering the house. So if you go for these gases you end up having a double advantage for your money and stay healthy.

Application of low e-coatings. These lo e- coatings are very tiny in most cases microscopic metallic coatings that are applied to both the interior and the exterior surfaces of the glass panes. When this is done, there is the maintenance of the air you have in the house whether warm or cool preventing heat loss to the outside and cold air getting in. from those who have had an experience in this, there are claims that the effectiveness of the coatings is over 50%compared to tinting and covering of the panes.

Insulating from every window. If the above should prove to be too expensive for you can just insulate all your windows. Your windows especially old ones as you have probably noted allow air to escape through them be it cold or warm. The single paned models also do not retain heat all coolness either. This may be due to them cracking. This method of insulating the windows is cheaper but you can decide to go with covering the windows too. Covering windows on hot days, you keep your room warm and do not necessarily need to use an air conditioner. On cold days, do not cover the windows to allow natural sunlight which can help warm the room.

In this era, technological advances in the field of construction is a norm. Every now and then engineers come up with amazing designs that should be fitted with advanced windows to go with. With these new technology windows, there are three major factors they are supposed to uphold:

  1. VLT- Visible light Transmittance. This is the amount of visible light that passes through the glazing.
  2. SHGC- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This is the ability to control solar heat gain passing through the glazing. The higher the SHGC the higher heat gain will be and vice versa.
  • U-Factor- this is the ability to insulate and is measured at the rate at which heat is transferred.

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Finding a window that is efficient with all these factors is very expensive. But after you have spent on the purchase and installation, the impact will be felt as time goes by as your electricity bills will lower significantly especially in areas where people depend on air conditioners and heaters. You will also be going green enjoying natural light and saving energy for those who need it more.







Ways To Make Cheap Furniture Look Expensive

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Having a cheap future doesn’t always mean they should look like it’s cheap. If you are bored with them hand them down to me even if you have had them for several years. You don’t have to throw them away. There is always a way of making them look even more stylish and look new again. You can change them without spending more money and look more expensive. You do not need to have a lot of money so that you can have an elegant and also expensive looking home. If you need to learn more about how you can make your furniture look expensive, keep on reading below.

Bloggers secret weapon

If you have a cheap coffee table that needs a sophisticated touch, it can be covered using a marble contact paper, that has adhesive and vinyl coating that is easier to clean and bring a realistic look that will bring out that expensive look. When you use this paper it will make your home look very stylish like before. To those who have used marble contact paper to jazz up their furniture’s, they say to have spent very little money on this high-quality paper that brings out the closest look.

Add sleek pattern

If you add colors, patterns can bring a very big effect by making something that you bought with a few dollars look like you spent a million dollar on it. But don’t just use any pattern, look for sleek, geometric patterns if possible. When the straight lines are done well it will add crispness to a piece, sometimes the organic curving lines can come off this is too cutesy. when the partners are done well are the colors matches perfectly this will really make your home look unique and take the sense of elegant making it look more expensive than before.

Change function entirely

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When you change each and everything that was originally created before, you will have the chance to disguising it’s more humble origins like before. You just have to play your cards well and right. The new function that you will choose for it, will make look very fancy and seems to look like you spend so much money on but you didn’t spend that much. You have to design it in a way using the best piece that will fit in well and tranform it into a lovely piece of furniture.

Expensive upholstery materials

There is nothing that revitalizes an old chair than new upholstery, and since you didn’t spend a lot of money on the frame, you can splurge a bit on the material! It doesn’t matter if it’s a pricey pattern you have adored or even the thick texture that it feels very pricey when you touch it. Changing the upholstery is the best and the fastest way that you can use to furniture piece you really want and love. Don’t overlook for more complicated ways to upholster a piece that you want too. There are this patterns that lined up to a great contrast welting or button tufting makes a piece feel more pricey.

Add white or black

By adding colors to a piece of furniture by painting or any other medium it is a very fun way to update it. But you have to stick to the basic colors of the white color or the black color. Make sure you give the best dose of sophistication. The two colors will highlight the good quality piece and line, so you don’t have to paint the entire piece because the black and white color will bring out the best in it. This will make your house look very different like before and even brighter.

Lighten the visual load

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The bulky visual look makes the piece look less pricey and also look very outdated. You can do some trimming of the unnecessary element in the house which will make your piece look and feel lighter and sleeker, this brings it to the present day. When the piece is lightened it changes and look more stylish that makes it look expensive in a way that you can’t even changes and makes everything look brighter than before.

Replace hardware

You can search all the seriously rad hardware like those with no handles and also remove less impressive ones that come with the furniture piece. With this small change that you will make it will bring out a huge impact look on the piece and also will create space for the new ones, .you can remove all this unwanted hardware and put them in a store so that they can be used in other ways. This idea of removing the unwanted hardware’s will change the entire piece into a fabulous finish and make it look more impressive.

Prop sofa and throw pillows

When you don’t want to go through the process of adding legs on your sofa you can use bed risers. These can easily be made and it very compatible too, the legs cannot break easily but will make your sofa bring out a bit of sophistication by just adding legs. Trendy throw pillows easily upgrade the look of your room and bring everything together. If you have not chosen the color scheme you want to go with using the right throw pillows will help you to decide .also you can make some pretty fabric of your own or even buy the unique one.

Spray faded cushions

If you have furniture that is faded due to the sun you can paint it with a new color. You have to use a spray paint that is only meant for fabric. Sometimes you can prefer to add some few coats on the piece but believe me, this is very cheap than buying anew patio furniture and also very easy to apply. You don’t need to use a lot of money to make it look more elegant just go for the spray this is more preferred and it will make it look even expensive.




Ways That You Are Unknowingly Wasting Water At Home

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Have you ever thought for a moment if you can survive in a world without water? How long will it take you before you die?

Well, according to the United Nations Water Agency it would take only nine years for 2/3 of the world population to be living in water stress condition. We need to save water for our future generations and also our planet.

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What does water stress condition mean? It means that there will not be enough water for industrial, agriculture and domestic use. Is there any way we can reduce this?

At home, we use water in almost everything that we do. For example, how many times do you flush the toilet in a day as an individual? This is only by one person you can imagine in a household of ten people, what a waste! This is equivalent to the number of times we wash our hands after visiting the toilet.As much as it’s the most sanitary thing to do, I suggest you flash when it is necessary.

Shower Water running

When you hit the shower whatever time of the day, so many people would go to get the towel or soap and just leave the water running.This also happens when you brush your teeth.Almost everyone is guilty of this practice. Hot water tends to take more pressure compared to cold water.So any minute after the fifth minute in the bathroom is a waste of this natural resource.

Laundry Washing

It’s that time of the week or month that you decide to do the laundry. This is done differently. Some people prefer using their hands to wash while others prefer the washing machine. Either way of this methods wastewater. You find some clothes need more attention than the others because of the materials used of the color of the cloth. Light colored clothes would use many rinses compared to the dark ones.

Home Car Washing

When you are too lazy to go to the carwash and feel like giving your car some “tender loving care”. This is a routine for any city dweller who owns an automobile. Trying to save one thing and waste the other. Money and you get into your comfortable pair of shorts. Get some soap and sponge, ready to give your car a cleanup. How much water goes to a waste just by leaving the horse pipe on the ground or putting the pipe into a pail that keeps falling off? And you keep taking breaks to try and “save” the water with no success. The water can be saved by parking the car on the grass thus the water from the washing will nourish the grass.


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Dinner is served. Who will do the dishes? Anyone who did not participate in the food preparation, any volunteer or the help. The dishes are put in the sink and they get washed one after the other. In between washing the utensils a lot of water is wasted. We don’t realize that. A dishwasher saves water compared to hand wash. Alternatively while scrubbing and washing you can turn off the tap to save water.

Plant Irrigation

In order for plants to grow well, they need water. The whole process of supplying the plants with water is called irrigation. This is mainly done by farmers in places where there is water shortage or no water at all. Agriculture takes most of the water percentage in the world. The fountains and sprinklers also fall under this. Well kept lawns are pretty to look at but we need to save water. Make sure the water doesn’t go on the pavement while at it. The sprinklers should also be put on when needed and not every day.

Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pools are nice on a sunny day. It’s good to cool off and relax after a long week’s work.A pool normally takes a lot of water and this would be even more when the weather is too hot because the water gets to evaporate in the air. Water is wasted when it is splashed out. More water is wasted when the pool is flashed out monthly.

Leaking Places

Leaking taps and faucets equally contribute to water wastage. Do not ignore this small messes they come a long way. Get a plumber as soon as you notice these leakages in your household.

Children’s Fun

Kiddies fun also wastes water. Once a child gets on the horse they think that it is their toy. To prevent this you can let them play in the lawn as you water the lawn or have them play when washing the car. Plus it’s not that safe to let the kids play alone with water.It can be dangerous because they can slide and hurt themselves.

Horse Pipe On Driveways

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Brooms sweep the best on driveways or walkways. Do not use a hosepipe to do this unless you have loosened the dust and when necessary. Saving water can be easy and effortless if we practice taking care of it. If we take care of the above-mentioned point every home user will be able to save water. Frequently check if water is being wasted in your homestead and try to rectify. People believe that there we cannot run out water and it as pointless to take care of it. Saving water at home does not require any outlay.

Planting trees in the yard would reduce water usage because the trees will provide shade to the grass to lessen the need to water. Trees help to conserve water. Putting a layer of mulch around the trees and plants. The mulch helps you slow down the evaporation.Rain water can be harvested and used to water the plants or do any other work around the household. This will save you a lot of money.  The best time to water the plants is in the morning or late evening. At this times there is no wind that will blow the sprinklers out of proportion

Does this make any sense? It will when you get that water bill that will be triple the amount you pay! Let’s not water take for granted.



Tips That Make Cooking Cleanup Easier And Faster.

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Getting take-outs just to avoid cooking and cleaning the mess afterward seems like a legit reason but imagine how fast you can cook with little mess. This sounds like wishful thinking but indeed, it can change our perception of how we view cooking. Preparing a meal is not everyone’s favorite thing but you can make it faster and less tiring. The few tips will come in handy and within no time, you will start enjoying homemade food, which is a lot healthier and more beneficial to your body.

  1. Get a recipe book.

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If you do not have any idea on what to cook or where to start, simply buy a recipe book and go through it. This will help you come up with a shopping list of whatever it is that you want to prepare. You can also shop for other ingredients for another day’s meal. It is important that you shop for everything to save you from having to go back to the store in the middle of cooking. Coming up with a menu is a good idea to help you plan for what to cook next.

  1. Cook as you clean.

You do not have to pile every utensil in the sink after using it. As the food is being baked or simmering in the cooker, you can be clearing the kitchen table as you wash the bowls and knives used while you were preparing the food. This will give you less workload after eating.

  1. Prepare a week’s meal.

Having to cook every day after work can be a bit tedious especially if you live alone. Here’s an idea. You could prepare four different types of meals on a Saturday and store them in food containers in the fridge. Prepare something like a cake and some ice cream and alternate those as well to act as the desert. This really cuts down the number of times you will have to cook in a week as well as having to clean a tone of utensils afterward.

  1. Prepare all the ingredients first.

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For ease of work, get all the cooking ingredients that you need and prepare them. This means from chopping to grinding to the grating. The only work you will be left with is tossing each ingredient in the pot and clearing up any mess caused. If you have a family, you could assign your older kids to prepare the salads and the younger ones can be putting garbage in the trashcan.

  1. Cook one-pot meal.

Having to prepare just one pot of meal is a very good idea especially if you don’t have much time to cook. Food like vegetable rice is very convenient compared to spaghetti and meatballs, which you have to prepare the source as well. There is a variety of one-pot meals in our recipe books that you can try out.


  1. Prepare meat stuff for later use.

Sunny weekends are perfect for a barbeque or roasted meat. However, you don’t have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to make a marinade for afternoon grilling. The best way is to make the marinade two days before. In this scenario, do not put too much spice on the marinade because it will stay for a longer period before being used thereby having the ingredients soaked in the meat perfectly. The marinade can also be made at the beginning of the week for a Wednesday meal.

  1. Chop a big chunk of ingredients for later.

Things like onions and coriander are mostly used in preparing almost every meal. As you chop up the ingredients for one meal, make it a habit to chop more and put them airtight in containers to be stored in the fridge for later use. This will mean less hustle and mess while prepping a meal for another day.

  1. Clean up your mess soon as you spot it.

As you are frying, some grease may spill on the wall. Once you notice this, clean it up immediately you are done frying to prevent a greasy pile up on the tiles. Some stains can be hard to get rid of if they stay for too long. Such are like beetroot and mango juice. These can permanently stain your tablecloth if not attended to immediately. If you spot one of these juice stains, soak your cloth in warm water and soap then scrub it gently after cooking.

  1. Economize your utensils.

You don’t have to use a dozen knives for one cooking. Rinse off the one knife you have used and re-use it again. This also applies to the chopping board which you can scrub gently and use it to chop other foodstuffs. It is advisable that you start chopping dry vegetables first then finish up with the meat.

  1. Start and end with a clean kitchen.

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There’s nothing as accomplishing as finding your kitchen spotless before cooking. Your work is simply getting in there, doing your business with a lot of ease, as everything is clean, and where it’s supposed to be. A dirty messy one will keep you wondering whether it’s really necessary to cook. This might also result in having gnats, flies and even rodents around. Always clean your kitchen after cooking and take out the trash as well to maintain hygiene. This includes the fridge as you don’t have to wait until the weekend to have it cleaned.

Make sure you have some fun while cooking. Have some music, or whistle to feel that soothing effect when cooking. Get some help if you can and lastly be sure to try out more recipes for your taste buds. The kitchen is a heavenly place for you, your family and friends to enjoy your meal together. If at all you have more time on your hands, feel free to go out of your way and try out one of those three-course meals for your family. Remember, a clean kitchen equals a healthy family.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Water Storage Tank in Your Home

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In recent years, weather patterns have become very difficult to predict. We used to have define seasons where one could easily tell that in a certain month we are going to receive rains enough to last us to the next rainy season. This is not the case at all nowadays. We experience prolonged droughts followed by extremely heavy rain that have more ills than benefits. Over the years water especially fresh water has become a scarce commodity. Keeping this in mind it is advisable to try and have your own water source for domestic uses. This can be achieved by installing a water tank in your home.  Here are a few reasons why your best bet is having your own water storage tank.

Rainwater is free.

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Harvesting of rainwater is the best way to save on your water bills. All you need is the roof of your house which should be calibrated to the standard surface area and a few connection pipes to your tank. Then your worry of water being disconnected because of late bills is over. With the right number of tanks, you can become self-sufficient and allocate your water bills to other areas. Comparing this with relying on municipal water for a lifetime, one sees the essence of meeting the cost of the system preferring it to paying water bills every month.

Rainwater is safe for usage.

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Unlike the piped water from the local supplier which is unknown to you where it has passed, what drugs have been used in its treatment and how long it has stayed stagnant in the reservoir, your tanks water is familiar to you. In most cases, you may not need to use drugs on it as you know it is clean. You can also use it in your garden as the water is safe, unlike piped water which will make crops wither because of high concentrations of the chemicals they use. All one needs is to keep their roofing clean and clean their tank from time to time and one is sure of clean water even without going through the hustle of boiling.

There are no restrictions on usage.

Since the water is yours you cannot be subject to government rationings like the municipal piped water. During times when water levels at the reservoirs are low, the government imposes a rationing program that sees water supply becoming inconsistent. They may decide to give you water twice a week or thrice depending on the severance of the situation. Having your own water supply spares you from this headache and you can enjoy undisrupted water supply in your home.

Saves time and energy.

In most areas especially those far from urban centers piped water is not available. In such cases, family members have to walk for long distances just to acquire the precious commodity. This may take time and deplete the members of the family energy and time that could have better been used elsewhere. It will also promote harmony among members of the family as the act of fetching water is very tiring and not many are willing to do it in the family. This may create quarrels leading to disharmony.

It helps to conserve the environment.

When a lot of households have installed water harvesting tanks, it reduces rainwater runoffs that contribute to soil erosion in the area. It also saves the streams in the area by preventing them from overrunning and causing damages. Having a rainwater harvesting system is a sign of going green also.

It is readily available in case of an emergency situation.

Accidents may happen. In this case, we will consider in case of a fire. The water in the tank is available to counter such occurrences instead of hoping that there will be water in the taps only to find none at such times. Tank water proves to be a security at these times of need.

Cost effective.

Installing a tank can prove to be very simple and cheap. This is because all you need is a tank that fits within your budget. The availability of different sizes enables even the low-income homeowners to be able to put up a rainwater harvesting system. Their availability is also another factor as they are available in almost every part you go.

It adds value to your property.

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A rainwater harvesting system will increase the value of your property once installed. People looking to purchase a property will want a source of water in the property they see and most go for an alternative to that of the municipal provisions. So if you install a tank your property will sell better and faster than the one which does not have a system.

It is easy to relocate.

The good thing about a tank is that once you decide to relocate to another place, you can just carry it with you. Less can be said about the piped water system from the municipal. You just have to relocate to a place within the jurisdiction of the municipal to get piped water. Another advantage with a tank is that you can be able to measure your usage in times when there are no rains. You are able to measure the amount that is left and limit yourself to using less each day. This is impossible with the piped water as it comes and goes with no warning and if you do not have a storage you will remain with no water until the next time the municipal decides to release it.

As we have seen and proven, a water tank is essential to a household. It should be viewed as a basic item to have in each household. With the global warming nightmare upon us, it is a high time every one of us seeks to obtain a self-sufficient water supply. Doing so will not only save us money but will also double in saving our environment and go green at the same time.



Water Saving Home Devices That You Can Install Yourself

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In recent times, research has shown that water consumption in households has really sky-rocketed. The impact of this is something to think about and get worried about as well. The amount of water that goes into waste commands a great ratio. Nevertheless, the more water consumed the higher the water bill. Water saving is such a necessity that can’t be forgone at all, but there must be measures to ensure that the  water is consumed without waste.

Climate changes have become inevitable recently and with droughts looming for long periods, water conservation has to be embraced. Well, water conservation has to start at your home. There are various devices that you can install in your home to aid you to save a tremendous amount of water. You don’t really require to call in a plumber to help you install these devices. Have a look at some of these devices.

Adopt dual flash converters.

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A lot of water is consumed in the toilet, accounting for almost 30 percent of the water consumed in most houses. The amount of water used to flash your toilet needs to be regulated if you intend to cut down on your monthly water bill. The best way to achieve this is to acquire a dual flash converter. This device is very significant. Its significance comes the fact that it releases a different amount of water depending on whether one has gone for a short call or long call. Normal toilet flash releases the same amount of water thus a lot of water will go to waste when one has simply gone for a short call. To install this device, you will need to replace the old mechanism which includes the actuator and the flush lever. But first remember to turn off the water supply and ensure the water tank is empty.


Tanks to store rain.

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During the rainy season, you can actually harvest a lot of water that you can use to cut down your water bill expenses by a great margin. All you need is gutters and a tank or barrel that can hold a great amount of water. Connect the gutters to the roof. Place the tank in a suitable place where water from the gutter can easily drain into the tank. You can use this water to water your flowers or even clean your compound. If you have a farm, this technique will undoubtedly come in handy.

 Efficient showerheads.

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Well, you will be surprised by how much water you use annually to shower. This is one of the major reason you get surprised when you receive your monthly water bill. A lot of water is wasted in the showers daily mainly because of the showerheads installed. If you have less efficient showerheads you can be sure that your water bill will always be expensive. To save yourself some extra coins and gallons of water, you will need to purchase a low water showerhead. To install the new showerhead, simply remove the old by unscrewing it and it will be all system go. If there is any debris in the water pipe, remove them before installing the new showerhead.

Faucet Aerators.

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These devices can easily be purchased from your local store and you will be marveled at the great difference they make. The standard faucet has a big share in the water that is wasted daily in a house. Having an aerator in your faucet turns around this fact making you save a great deal of water. Replace the standard faucet with an aerator that has low flow but it’s very efficient. An aerator is also used to increase the water pressure as it comes out of the tap.  If you have children who like to unnecessarily use a lot of water as they wash their hands, you really need to install this device in your taps.

Shower timers.

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It is already established that a lot of water is used in the shower by on a daily basis. Some people tend to take too long in the shower and the impact of this is that a lot of water goes to waste. It could be hard to determine how long one should take in the shower but due to extravagant bills, you will need to be mindful of the time you take in the shower. The best thing you need to do is to acquire a shower timer and install it in your shower pipe. This is an advanced technology that estimates the amount of water any individual should use when taking a shower. If you happen to take too long in the shower, this device will sound you a warning. If you are disciplined you will save a lot of water in your house.


Greywater diverters.

Water recycling is a technique that should be embraced by all households and hotels as well. A lot of water used in households can be treated and reused to serve another purpose. To achieve this, you will need to get a greywater diverter. This device is used to recycle water that is used to do laundry, showering or even dishwashing. This water is then stored in a vessel where it can be used for various purposes such as watering the flowers, your lawn. If you intend to recycle water, be sure not to use soap or cleaning products that have very harmful chemicals. Such chemicals pose a great danger to your flowers should you water them with that recycled water.



These devices have the intent of saving you some extra coin and saving the environment as well. However, in all honesty, these devices will be a futile effort if you yourself don’t embrace the culture of water conservation. These devices are meant to regulate how much water is used but it’s up to you to ensure that minimum water gets wasted. Insist to your kids the importance of water conservation. Natural resources such as water are getting scarcer annually and it’s about time people learned how to use water sparingly.



Unique Ways To Decorate Your Kids Room With Washi Tape.

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Washi tape is a durable tape used for decoration and crafting purposes. It originated from Japan and has gained popularity around the world. The tape has the advantage of a diversity of styles, making the creative options for your kid’s room. Some of the washi styles available include thick, thin, semi-transparent, patterns galore and pastels. Additionally, it easily peels off easily when stuck to walls. Therefore, you do not have to ruin the walls in your kid’s room. Considering the variety of styles available, there are various interesting and fun ways to decorate your kid’s room.

  1. Make the door amazing to look at.

Transforming the door can give your kid’s room an aesthetic appeal for passersby. Considering kids usually keep their rooms out of bounds for people, transforming the door using washi can give incentive to the kid to be open to visitors. Some of the transformations include creating designs resembling a portal, especially if the kid is into fantasy art. The theme for the door should be similar to the kid’s interests. This will make the room special to the kid since it will carry his or her personality. It can be a bonding experience for the kid if he or she is also involved in the decorating process.

  1. Make picture frames for pictures.

Many people have pictures on the walls of their kids’ rooms for decoration. These could be greatly improved using washi tape. A wall of the picture can receive improvements and create more focus with embellishment using washi tape. The tape can draw attention to the picture. Some of the options for picture frames include buying cheap picture frames and using washi to decorate them and making them look more appealing. It is cheap and easy to make. It does not cost too much to improve your kid’s room if you use washi as decoration.

  1. Use washi as decorations.

The easiest and interesting way to use washi tape is to use it as wall decorations. This gives a variety of creative options. The wall designs could range from geometric shapes to shapes of animals and other the child learns in class. The shapes could also resemble the shapes of the kid’s favorite animals such as lions and giraffes. The biggest advantage is that it relieves someone from the commitment associated with wallpaper, which can be hard to remove when pasted on the walls. In addition, you can change the washi designs to the theme best suited to the child’s age.

  1. Washi Tape as filling for wall art.

Some wall art can have blank areas that do not have content, thereby making the art bland. Adding washi designs can make a regular wall art look remarkable. It can be a good way to change cheap works of art to very appealing art for your kid’s room. In addition, someone can use the kid’s work of art created at school or at home as the art to decorate using washi. Making the decorative process a bonding experience between you and your child can be an enriching and bonding experience.

  1. Washi tape as a photo display sticker.

Families usually have many photos in their albums that are not displayed anywhere. Washi is a useful material to use for displaying memorable photos on walls. The photo display on the wall can make memories more visible to people who come to the room and the kid, thereby helping the kid remember memorable events.

  1. Projecting and creating wall art using washi tape.

Another option of wall designs is using washi tape to create imprints of favorite pictures and silhouettes on the wall. This involves using a projector and pictures, especially silhouettes of figures such as animals, people, and other objects. Project the photo onto a wall. Then, cover the picture or silhouette with washi tape. Finally, following the outline of the projection on the wall, cut out the excess washi tape to reveal the photo or silhouette’s outline. Within a few minutes, you will have beautiful wall art that looks professional. It could be an interesting exercise in art and craft that is rewarding.

  1. Making hand and other prints using washi tape.

Image result for tips for making prints with washi tapes

Making prints is an easy but interesting process. For example, you could create hand and footprints for sticking on walls. Trace the hand or leg of both you and your kid on a piece of paper. Use washi tape to cover the hand and leg prints, remembering to cover past the outlines. Then, use a sharp knife or scalpel to remove the excess washi tape to remain with the outline. To make the outlines visible, use the cardstock material as the print. After removing the excess washi tape, you will have adorable prints of both your hand and/or leg prints. You can hang this side by side on the wall.

  1. Create space for hanging documents and other things for your kid.

Children usually have small drawings or other scribbles that they make during playtime. You could use washi tape to hang these on the wall. This can act as your kids’ workspace. In addition to being a fun activity, it could also help your child learn how to be better organized in future. It is a learning and fun activity that could prove useful later. It can also reduce clutter and help preserve the things that the kid creates. It is a memorabilia of sorts. Also, this is useful for adult workspaces. Rather than using holes drilled on the wall or other destructive wall hangings, adults could use washi tape to hang notes and memos at the office or at home.

  1. Using semi-transparent washi tape on light fixtures.

Interior lighting can have only one bland and uninteresting color when bought at the store. Using semi-transparent washi tape, someone can decorate a light to make the light more interesting. When a room has multiple light fixtures, washi tape can be used on one light fixture as a decoration while the other light fixtures provide the needed lighting.

A little touch in your kid’s room is all they need to feel as part of the rest of the house. You can have your designer if you are not good at DIY, to come in and do the work when they are away. This is a good idea especially when you want it to be a surprise to them.



Unexpected Ways That You are Harming the Environment At Home

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People think that they know so many ways to reduce carbon footprint, like walking instead of driving, turning off the lights, and also using the reusable bags that are found at the grocery store. Instead, there are so many daily basic ways that you use not knowing that you are hurting the environment, this seems to be small, but they can damage the environment in a big way. You may not know how to limit everything or even try to focus on some of the small changes that can bring big impact.Below are some of the unexpected ways that are harming the environment at home.

Antibacterial Soap

Image result for antibacterial soap images

We are always advised that we should stop using the antibacterial soaps; they are known to be the significant factor in spreading antibiotic-resistant or the superbugs, and this is very bad for the environment too. In most antibacterial soap there is this active ingredient called the chemical triclosan, which is used to create dioxin when exposed to sunlight and also chloroform, which it continues to build up the environment. This was detected after the sewage plants were treated, these services discovered in the streams and other sources of water bodies by the United States geological service. When once it is in the environment it can cause algae’s ability to perform photosynthesis.

Using Chemical Filled Product

When using the chemical household product they also harm the environment in so many different ways, whether you are using them in the air by spraying or poured into the drain, seeping them into the water system. This action affects both the indoor and outdoor air, leading to air and water pollution, it also has a toxic and reproductive effect on the species which leads to affecting the water that we drink, damaging the precious ecosystem and the climate change too.

Feminine Hygiene Product

This causes multiple hygiene danger to your health and the environment too. According to the research, each sanitary pad contains to about four plastic bags. This has revealed that this plastic bag contains chemicals which include substance like BPA which is known to disrupt the embryonic development and also increases the risk of several types of cancer. Not only the dangers in our bodies but also to the environment as well. Women have been using sanitary care product for such a long time over a thousand of years. This plastic waste like the sanitary pad and the pesticides have leached into the environment



Image result for laundry images

The laundry detergent that is being used annually contained a lot of chemicals that we come contact with. This chemical not only do they damage our health, but also they harm the environment and contaminating the water source. Science has discovered that the laundry detergent concentration of only 2o% can cause fish to absorb the total amount of chemical that they would ordinarily absorb. This chemical accumulation of our compounds, waterways and the groundwater which has created a negative effect on our wildlife and enviroment.


Cleaning up dog poop

It is not hygienic to leave your dog’s poop lying around, but instead, you should pick it up using a plastic bag,  which is very good and many pet owner does it. It was reported that in 2012, 78million dogs in us were creating 10million ton of feces each and Avery year. If everyone would use a plastic bag to pick it all up, Well, there would be a lot of plastic bags lying in the landfill. 4% of plastic bags of poops were found in San Francisco’s as much as that in the city’s disposable diapers. It is recommended that you should use the biodegradable dog waste bags for a healthy environment.

Using Bleached Coffee Filters

People think that by using coffee filters and later thrown them straight into the compost bin, they can’t cause harm, but only if you use the bleached type. This can cause significant damage. Most coffee is bleached using chlorine, and also they contain dioxins, which in other term are called toxin. They are also made using the un-recycled paper which is easy to fix. However. You can choose to use brown filter paper that is recyclable or even reusable stainless steel. This will keep the environment clean

Getting The Latest New Tech Gadget

A lot of people are used to have latest new tech gadget. It doesn’t matter if you change the last version in a minute; they do line up to buy the latest and greatest. But it is a huge problem when it comes to the environment. The only thing that happens to this old gadget is that they are thrown away. It was discovered that in 2012 the group of organization reported that 48million tons were found thrown away in every single year. Even if you recycle the entire gadget, still they cause harm to the environment.

Eating Farmed Fish

Farmed fish are dangerous to eat for your body and also the environment. The food that these fish are feed on contains antibiotic and so many other drugs. Meaning that foods that are not eaten by the fish they always drop into the bottom of the water and later on dissolves. Fish also have algae that develop to red tide, and this causes harm to other species

Flushing Habits

Flushing Is one of the easiest ways that harm the environment every time. Sometimes people can flush things like tampons, applicators and different types of wipes, not knowing that they don’t dissolve like the toilet papers, but instead, they settle there. This creates a lot of damaging in the environment because they cause blockages that lead to destroying the sewer leaks, even if you flash twice or less than that.

It can take a month to form a habit, and many of us use that habit to destroy the environment slowly.  People do not trash the environment willing, but you find that almost every one of us carelessly litters cabbages now and then. Leaving lights and appliances on unnecessarily or even fail to insulate a home which leads to pollution of the enviroment.


Things In Your Home That Could Be Making You Sick

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When you think about things that could make you sick, the first that come to mind are probably packed airplanes, escalator railings, grocery cart handles, door knobs and the like. While those things can be full of germs and disease, there could be threats we don’t even think about that are even worse, and, right in your own home.

From microscopic bacteria to hidden mold, dust mites and all sorts of toxins, it’s important to be aware how your home may be putting you and your family’s health at risk so that you can do something about it.

  1. Hidden Mold

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Mold is very common in homes and can grow anywhere indoors where there is moisture. It tends to build up quickly on drywall, wallpaper, and wood, as newer homes are sealed for energy efficiency and serves to lock in moisture which exacerbates its growth. According to the Centers For Disease Control, scientific research has linked indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheezing in otherwise healthy individuals. Asthma symptoms may worsen in those who suffer from the condition, and mold has also been linked to allergic reactions in one in every three people, and respiratory illness in children who are otherwise healthy.

If you notice a faint musty smell, any indications of discoloration, peeling or water leaks, or, you or someone in your family is frequently fighting off symptoms like dry eyes, sneezing, coughing or rashes, it’s time to deal with the mold yourself or to call a professional into your home to check for mold.

2. Your Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products tend to be packed with chemicals, yet according to the EPA, just 7 percent of the top selling products for cleaning the home make that toxicity information available to the public. Ingredients in these common household items have been linked to asthma, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity, and even cancer. If you use them, the air in your home is likely to be more polluted than the air outdoors. While manufacturers argue that in small amounts, the toxic ingredients in their products aren’t likely to cause any health problems, but when we’re exposed to them on a regular basis, it adds the body’s “toxic burden.” That toxic burden refers to the number of chemicals stored in the body’s tissues at any given time, and can eventually cause enough harm that it triggers a disease to develop.

Instead of using these hazardous items, look for natural alternatives like vinegar combined with water in a spray bottle. Baking soda is abrasive, so it makes a great natural scrubbing ingredient as well.

  1. Can Opener

Image result for can opener images

Most people open up a can with their can opener and then just stick it right back in the drawer. Over and over again, sometimes for months or even years. But according to NSF International, a nonprofit public health group which analyzed 14 common kitchen items for the presence of four different types of microorganisms in a 2103 study, it could be a gathering spot for salmonella and E. coli. Mold and yeast were also found on some can openers, which are known to cause problems in those with allergies. Before you put that can opener back in the draw, hand washes it in hot, soapy water, making sure all food residue is removed, or, run it through the dishwasher.

4.Kitchen Blender

Image result for kitchen blender images

If you don’t clean out your blender after every use, you could be inviting all sorts of microorganisms into your body, including E. coli and salmonella. NSF International advises taking it apart after every use and thoroughly cleaning it before putting it away. That means disassembling the entire jar base and putting in the dishwasher or washing everything in hot, soapy water. The blender’s gasket, which is a rubber seal at the base of most blenders, was found to be the third most germ-infested item in the home in its 2013 study.

5. Refrigerator Compartments

Image result for refrigerator compartments

It makes sense that the refrigerator can harbor all sorts of germs, with decaying, moldy foods often kept inside. While you probably scrub it out occasionally, many miss the bins meant to hold meat and produce, which are the worst areas of all. They’ve been found to contain yeast, mold, listeria, E. coli, and salmonella. Regularly remove them and wash them out with hot, soapy water. If your sink isn’t large enough, use the bathtub or a hose outside during the warmer months of the year.

6. Your Central Heating and/or Cooling System Vents

There are a few potential health hazards that come with central heating and cooling systems. According to the EPA, while a little bit of dust in the pipes is normal and typically harmless, sometimes mold and other potentially hazardous debris can build up, causing some serious health issues. If you become ill or are suffering from allergies suddenly for no apparent reason, this could be the problem. Experts say that if your pipes become contaminated, it’s important to remove the offending debris as soon as possible. The EPA advises that anyone with mold covering more than 10-square-foot area contact a mold removal specialist.

Another issue related to central heating systems is that it can cause problems with the natural oil gland in your eyes, drying them out, which can result in eye infections or frequent coughing at night. Installing a humidifier can help.

7. Vacuum Cleaners

Does your vacuum have a HEPA filter? If not, it could be putting you at risk for a host of nasty bacteria and microbes that can sneak into your system, triggering allergies and negatively impacting your breathing. The dust from the vacuum also contains antibiotic-resistant genes that may result in lung damage over time. A HEPA-like filter doesn’t do the trick, according to Jeff May, author of ‘My House Is Killing Me!’ as when you vacuum, the cleaner sucks in air and then filters the dust and expels the air, but if the filter isn’t really collecting the dust, that means you’re simply releasing particles into the air.

8. Plumbing Leaks

If you don’t see any damage or sign of any other issues, you may think a little leak isn’t a big deal, but it’s not something you should ignore. Even if you don’t see it, water damage, bacterial and mold growth can start to develop within just 48 hours from the time the leak begins. Moisture in the home has been associated with all sorts of health issues, and a damp house has been proven time and again to cause respiratory illnesses and many other concerns. The director of the Clean Air Program at Oklahoma’s University of Tulsa, Dr. Richard Shaugnessy, has noted: “Moisture in homes has been identified again and again to be associated with respiratory problems and other detrimental health to people within homes. There’s mold, there are bacteria, and the dampness is more conducive to having more pests in the home.”

9. Carpets

Of course, there are times when our carpets are obviously dirty, it can happen so easily, but what about when that pricey, luxurious carpet looks spotless? If it’s brand new, it’s a major source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may include highly toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, a well-known human carcinogen. It’s been definitively linked to both throat and nose cancer and is known to cause chronic irritation of airways and the throat that can potentially lead to a dangerous infection, asthma, frequent nosebleeds and other respiratory problems, according to the U.S. government National Toxicology Program. Those risks are even higher in infants, the elderly and those who have a compromised immune system.

A carpet that’s been in the home for any amount of time, even if it does appear flawless, is harboring dirt, dander, bacteria, and other irritants. When those irritants get into the air you breathe, they eventually enter your lungs and cause problems.  Once a carpet has accumulated irritants, it can lead to skin conditions, respiratory issues, and potential mold growth. Be sure to have it cleaned professionally on a regular basis, or consider removing it altogether.

There are more things that coould be making you sick in your own home but the above are just some of the most common ones.

Useful Tips For Photographing Your Home.

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Who wouldn’t want to see their homes showcased in those fancy home magazines or have everyone on your social media platforms pleased to like and share your home? Well, it doesn’t mean that you live a little less good than the ones whose homes keep looking spectacular for home magazines. It just means that you might not have the skills of a good photographer. In as much as your selfies look great, your home is different and needs attention to detail. The below tips will help you achieve what you always imagine of your home.  They will make home photographing not such a mystery any more.

  1. Invest in good camera.

Image result for great camera images

No matter how good your house may appear, it needs a little boost from a good camera. You do not have to break your bank just for a day or two of taking photos. You could have the alternative of borrowing from a friend or hiring one which will be a lot cheaper than purchasing one. Your smartphone could be taking clear photos yes, but a good camera will go a long way.

  1. Concentrate on lighting.
  2. Image result for beautiful lighting fixtures for the home

The best lighting your home could have is the natural light. Focus on the area of your house where there is natural lighting like next to a window or directly opposite to the window. If the lighting in your home isn’t that good, invest in sheers as they are very good at reflecting light.

  1. Clean your house first.

A photo is the exact replica of the image it displays. You cannot take a photo of a dirty place and expect a photo of a clean house. Clean and clear any mess first before taking a photo. Make sure your home is clutter free. If you are looking to rent out your home as an inn, or put out your place in an ad, then it is better to have a clean photo that will depict a relaxing environment.

  1. Have a center of focus.

It is not necessary for you to have a photo of your entire house. Select a corner in one of your rooms specifically the sitting room or bedroom depending on the purpose of the photo. A good idea is to get a professional to stage that area for you so that it can appear eye-catching. Let your photo be the one to tell the story about your home. You could use artificial lighting for a perfect place that has no natural lighting.

  1. Get rid of the background distractions.

Not every piece of art, furniture or hanging should be included in the photo. In fact, the photo should only have whatever you are trying to showcase with just one more piece. In short, your photo shouldn’t be too busy as it might have some element of distraction to the viewer’s eyes. Look for things like too many books on the study table, utensils from the dinner table or too much wall paintings. Your tables and shelves should be clear of anything that is not meant to stick around during the  home photography session.


  1. Find your point of interest.

There are that one or two things that are the reason for your photography. Be keen on it and try and enhance its beauty. If you want a photo of your face, for instance, you have to add a little touch of makeup just to enhance your appearance. The same case applies to home photography. If you are focusing on the dining area, add something like a single flower vase on top of the table of course with a table runner beneath it to make it look welcoming. You could add a few throw pillows on your couch if it’s the center of focus for you.

  1. Seek advice from a professional.

Image result for professional photographer images


Professionals know how to do things better as it is in their line of work. Seek advice from a professional so as to know how you will prioritize your angles. Not all angles are to be included in the photo no matter how pleasing they are. Prioritizing your photos and arranging them in that manner will create an understanding of the viewer.

  1. Do a little décor.

You can choose to have some little bit of time to do some slight décor before the photography. This includes changing the color of your curtains, putting up a wallpaper, substituting your lights with brighter ones or even some few fixtures here and there. All this is for the benefit of achieving good results.

  1. Take sample photos.

You would not know how your home may look like on a photo and you might probably concentrate on one area leaving out a better one. The best way to avoid this kind of scenario is to take photos of every corner of your room and lay them down to access the best place of photography. This will also save you the time of having to stage each area just for a shoot that will not be used.

  1. Have some fun.

It is a professional photo, no dispute in that but also have some fun while doing it. It is a good experience to have time ‘bonding’ with your home as well. This might even give you some decorating ideas which will bring a whole new and improved look. Don’t be so uptight and be willing to learn and get a few tips from your designer as well.

Wouldn’t you have that satisfaction of achievement when you see your home online and clients buzzing over it just to have a taste of the real-life experience in your home? These tips will really come in handy for you as you go about posting your home online for an advert. Do some research on the home magazines and get to see their photos just to have an idea of how to display your home as well. This should be a wonderful and learning experience for you as you go about marketing your home.