House Cleaning Can Be A Great Service To Get

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House cleaning is something everyone should do. There are a lot of things that can build up in a home and make it virtually unlivable. That’s why you should try getting a service to work with you, or why you should do it yourself.

Cleaning is something you have to do without thinking about it too much when you want to get it done fast. However, you have to think about doing a deep clean from time to time or else you won’t be able to get all of the allergens and other things like dust out of the environment you’re working in. There are a lot of things to look for when it comes to cleaning a home. Just be careful with this and you’re going to have a great looking house every day of the week.

If you have children, when they are old enough you can have them learn to clean your home without too much of an issue. You just have to let them know what to do, and then they can pretty much have it down easily without too much trouble. You can set up a system where they get rewarded with something each time they do the work right, and when they don’t, you can teach them what to do again. Keeping a home clean is a family effort, or else it will look terrible very fast for the most part.

It’s a good idea for you to hire a maid service of some kind if you have a lot of troubles keeping your home in good shape. Sometimes people are just too busy to keep their homes in good shape, so you have to have someone come out that is going to be able to help you with this. Don’t think it’s too expensive for most people, because you can get very cheap services that do a great job. It gets expensive for people that have a life-in maid or get the top of the line services done every other day.

Many homes need to be cleaned weekly or a little less, but if you can do your part to keep it pretty clean, you don’t need outside help more than just once a month or so. There are a lot of problems that may come up, and you may not be able to clean on a regular basis. Don’t let this get in your way, you need to be able to work on your home and be smart about it though you can always just get a maid to help if you feel like you don’t have time.

The worst thing to do is put off cleaning and say you’ll get back to it later. That’s because you can have people come out to help you right then and there, and if you don’t then you’ll have a lot of trash and things of that nature around your home that may make it hard to keep it as clean as you would like to have it. Take the needed time to clean up your home as often as possible, and if things start to get built up just get some help from family or cleaning services.

Don’t use too many chemicals if you have allergies. That’s because a lot of the time there are issues that can come from these cleaners since they are not meant for your skin to touch or for your lungs to breathe in. Begin looking at options like natural cleaning solutions and it should be something that you can enjoy using, and you don’t have to worry too much about any of this being a problem for you. All of the issues that come from working with a cleaning supply solution can be avoided if it doesn’t have a lot of hard chemicals in it.

Now that you’re more familiar with house cleaning and why it’s good, you can start doing it for yourself. There are a lot of people out there that can help you with it. Just be sure you can get what you need quickly or else you’re going to have a big mess on your hands.

10 Things You Can Do Every Day To Be More Organized At Home

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Most people are knowledgeable about what they should do and the tremendous need to be organized at home. Yet it is easier thought than done. Keeping clutter at bay is not easy, although achievable. Having your home organized boils down to your habits. It only takes being human for you to feel the need to have things in control, but it can easily get overwhelming.

To prevent frustration from the clutter at home, it is wise to develop good habits.  By cleaning and trashing out clutter, you only solve the problem temporarily. For you to achieve both your dream home and maintain your sanity, there’s need to develop positive solid daily routines. It is not as hard as it seems, here are ten things to do to be more organized at home:

  1. Make your bed

It might seem like a simple none essential thing to do because anyway, who is going to see it? It becomes the least of your worries considering the mountains you have to move daily. But that simple little task sets your mind on being organized unconsciously.

It starts and tones your day off right. Powerful words were never spoken before when Naval Admiral William, the commander of U.S. Special Operations said: “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.” No words have ever rung truer than these ones.




  1. Make A Checklist

Whichever name you give it; daily to-do list, task list, grocery list or even a notebook, is a must-have in your journey to being organized. It is so important yet millions of people don’t bother making them. A checklist helps to simplify your daily goal hence making them more attainable. The list also allows you to efficiently and quickly manage various tasks. It helps in reminding you to do the simplest task that would have otherwise been forgotten. Additionally, what can be more exciting than to going through the day crossing off tasks that you have already accomplished?

  1. Have a common place for items used regularly

For those who have been there, how worse can it get after you are late then both of your car and door keys get lost? That is the moment you start kicking yourself inwardly and hating to be you. Good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. The solution is simple, have a place where you keep or hang them. It only gets better because you don’t even have to buy anything fancy, you can re-purpose an ashtray or anything sensible that will hold your ‘small’ item. The aim is for the items to be easily accessible.

  1. Always arrange your throw pillows

Throw pillows can easily turn your home from looking amazing and colorful to giving it a catastrophic chaotic look. In choosing throw pillows, you might want to use a minimum number to avoid clutter. Throw pillows are also a great spot where your remote and phone can hide. Therefore to maintain your sanity, ensure they are arranged and you might have to do it more than once, depending on the activities going on in your living room.









  1. Have a meal plan

You may not have a home menu plan for a whole week but it is vital for every single day. Instead of waiting for that specific time to figure out what you’ll eat, you can plan for it in the morning or the previous night as you make your to-do list. Planning out early for your meal will enable you to getthings required for the recipe.

Additionally, menu planning will stop you from worrying about what you are going to eat for the rest of the day; it literally reduces stress. Besides, having a meal plan will help in making healthier choices.  This is because, if you come up with something to eat at the last minute, you will find yourself ordering food that adds up to your calories. In the long run, meal plans save your money and give you an opportunity to add variety to your diet.

  1. Plan for tomorrow

Laying things out beforehand gives you a feeling of being more orderly and efficient, and there is no time that is more critical than in the morning. It will also help you start your workday strong and on a positive note. A good way of planning for tomorrow is by getting your outfit out or your cleaning supplies the day before. It also gives you an opportunity to update your calendar on future events therefore; you will be able to adjust your schedule.

  1. Wash the dishes

It’s a good habit to ensure your sink is always clean and clear by adopting good dish-washing habits. Your kitchen surfaces should also be clear to reduce the cluttered look. It can be very chaotic to have dirty dishes lying around for days irrespective of your kitchen’s design. It’s always advisable to wash the dishes before you go to bed. It gives you a chance to calm down as you reflect on your day or listen to music.

  1. Make backups

Back up your stuff, this includes: your computer files and have duplicates made for your home and car keys. You can also scan your passports and bank details, then put it all in a secured folder on your computer. What’s more, keep the original and photocopies of your financial records, birth certificates and land title in one folder then put it in a safe place. Finally, remember where you have kept them in case you need to use them.


  1. Keeping the hotspots clean

Every home has a hotspot for clutter. Take notice of places such as the sink, nightstand, bedroom drawers, closet and dining table, tiding them up daily.

  1. Throw out or donate stuff before buying more

You will have a difficult time maintaining order at your place if you don’t control your possessions. It causes clutter when you buy more things yet you don’t take time to get rid of what you don’t use. Habitually check out for the expiry date on canned goods too. This will not only reduce clutter but also ensure good health.

Finally, don’t come down on yourself too hard. Becoming organized will take some time but you will eventually get there. Every accomplishment you achieve, celebrate it, however small!




What To Keep In Mind When Researching Maid Services

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Everyone dreams of being able to hire a maid to come in and clean their house for them. Why not, when most people find cleaning house to be incredibly annoying? However, for most of history, it has been too cost prohibitive to hire a maid cleaning service. These days it is a lot easier to afford a quality service to come either once a month or once a week.

But before you run out to hire the first affordable service you can find, there are some things that you should keep in mind to get the best service possible. Below we have outlined the top ideas you need to keep track of before you open your wallet – and your home – to strangers.

1. Compare Rates – And Read Fine Print

The first thing you’re going to be concerned about is the rate that every company charges. For most people, this will be the deciding factor in whether or not they hire a certain service.

While you certainly should look into this, don’t let the rates that are posted for you. There are a lot of fine prints that goes into this, and you must be aware of all of it to not receive any surprise charges.

First, figure out if a company charges a flat rate or wants you to pay by the hour and distance traveled. Just because the latter looks cheaper to begin with, you have to do a little math to see which one is cheaper for you. You may be surprised to discover that the flat rates are more affordable, especially if you live a long ways away.

2. Check Available Services

When we think of maid services, we think of someone who’s going to vacuum the floor, clean the bathroom, polish the wood, dust everything, the next act of dirty dishes, fold the bed covers, and maybe even do the laundry. While you will find that most cleaning services can do all this and more, you’ll be equally surprised to find out how many don’t.

So before you automatically assume that the person coming to your door is willing to go through your dirty laundry and clean all those moldy dishes, clarify first. This way you won’t get a nasty surprise when they leave at the end of the day, and you still have a new ecosystem in your kitchen.

3.Read Reviews And Get References

When you hire a cleaning service, you are essentially inviting strangers into your home. You need to make sure that the company you are hiring from this comprehensive background checks on all of their employees. It’s not enough to make sure that they are competent enough to clean your house promptly. You also must guarantee that they will be okay with your children, pets, and valuables.

One way to do this is to ask for any licensing and qualifications that they have received. After that, ask for reviews from other people you know who have used the same service, or go online to read reviews from real customers. In the latter case, watch out for any fake reviews that may have been hosted by the company or by a representative of the company. A good review is one that balances the pros and cons.

4. Make Sure Your Place Is Ready For Your Maid

Just because you are paying them money, doesn’t mean you can inflict a dangerous household on your maid. If you have a serious mold problem, for example, get it taken care of before going to the next step. Furthermore, once you have a maid assigned to you, ask if he or she has any allergies that you should be aware of. For example, they may be allergic to certain types of pets that you have, incense or perfume, or other things that you may not have thought of before.

Having the chance to hire a maid service to come into your home is something that we all dream about. If you have a chance, you should go for it. Just be sure to do all of your research first!

Ways To Make Your Floor Last Longer

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A floor is an important structure of a house that is grossly overlooked by most when it comes to maintenance. Considering it is the surface that takes the brunt of your daily activities, it is easily prone to tear and wear. Therefore, it is important to invest in good flooring and be able to maintain it. Your floor can have an impact on the general appearance of your home, make your floor last longer for a continued great look for your home. It is also critical to first choose the appropriate flooring from the vast available options. Consider the functionality of the room, for instance, it would be very hard to make a wooden bathroom floor last longer because it is not the right floor for a bathroom.

It is possible to make your floor last longer and in good condition. The following are the best ways to make your floor last longer:

  1. Clean your floor frequently

It might sound obvious, but the most effective and simplest way of maintaining your floor is by cleaning it. This is because floors are exposed to dust and dirt in the cause of our day to day activities. These particles, though small, will cause scratches when dragged along.

At first, the damage might be impeccable yet gradually, your floor will lose whatever sheen and luster it had. Regardless of the type of floor you have, it is vital for you to clean habitually. There are various ways you can clean your surface, for instance, you can vacuum, sweep or even mop. Your floor will not only last longer but also give a great first impression. Try it doing it daily and watch your floor maintain that new look for a long time.

  1. Get floor rugs and mat

Image result for floor rugs images

Rugs or carpets go a long way in preserving your floor. They trap dirt and dust that could otherwise have been on your floor. They also protect your floor from damage caused by stain and water. Even though these carpets are a great option, you might want to flaunt your surface. If so, just get throw rugs and place them in strategic places. For instance at the door, under the table or even under your pet’s water dish. Additionally, rugs will bring warmth and color to your home. They are beautiful home accessories and gives you a win-win situation!

  1. Train your pet

Image result for a cat scratching floor image

If you have a pet, however much you adore him, you know how hard it can get when it comes to caring for floors. Your adorable friends have claws that will scratch that wooden floor paneling. Cats especially are very destructive since they naturally sharpen their claws by scratching. This can be solved by trimming their nails regularly. They can also damage your floor by rolling over their food dish which causes stains and water spills. You can get an area rug to cater for that. It is also essential to clean and trim their fur, in order to reduce their deposit on your floor.

  1. Do The Repairs Immediately

Related image

Do not ignore a damaged spot on your floor because the rest of the floor is in good condition. It is wise and more economical to repair a spot immediately. These makes your floor last longer and look better. And don’t forget to match the new surface to the existing floor, though tricky, it is achievable. It will save you energy and time if you retain the remaining piece of the floor after installation is finished.

  1. Ensure That Your Floor Is Well Sealed And Properly Cleaned

While you might be trying to care for your floor, if the finishing is not done properly, it makes it very vulnerable. Leaving some openings makes your floor vulnerable to spills and foot traffic resulting to further damage.

Furthermore, your efforts of maintaining your floor might be in vain because, for instance, mopping will get your surface cleaned but accelerate damage to some types of floors. Therefore, ensure that your floor is cleaned in the right way and develop a habit of frequently sealing it whenever you notice any cracks or openings. This act, though subtle, is very effective.

  1. Rearrange your furniture frequently

Image result for furniture rearranging images

Most people are ignorant of the fact that furniture has plenty to do with the wear and tear on their floor. Heavy furniture will tend to leave dents on softwood floors or carpet padding over a period of time. They also dictate where people will walk, and therefore cause wear and traffic patterns on your floor. They also influence where direct sunlight interacts with the floor, and thus causes loss of sheen on a particular spot over a period of time. To encourage uniformity, rearrange your furniture once in a while. Besides, changing things up now and then is the easiest way of giving your home a new look without buying anything.

  1. Treat your floor

Frankly, this is not something you might what to do frequently because of the time and resources involved. You can typically care for your floor by just regularly mopping or vacuuming, yet, for better luster, there are products you can invest in. Treating is majorly important for hardwood floors. For example, varnish is the best seal for your floor since the floor is subject to a lot of traffic. Polyurethane is the commonly used after any refinishing project on wooden floors.

  1. Choose the right vacuum

Related image

Vacuums are more advantageous than brooms because of their greater suction and ability to clean and remove dirt immediately. However, there is a variety of them in the market and it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right vacuum. Essentially, look for a vacuum that has a good parquet head. They will enable you to effectively clean the softest floors without getting any scratches.

  1. Grout finishing

Related image

Grout is the substance instilled in order to allow easy expansion and contraction of the flooring elements due to temperature changes. Grout finishing in between your floor tiles is great, yet, they are porous due to their functionality. Therefore, they allow spills to pass through them which will gradually damage your floor. Thus, it is important to refinish or reinstall your gout after a while for the greater good of your floor.

With the above tips your floors should look spic, span and new for a long time. You will be the envy of all your friends when they come over.



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Most of the modern oven has a self-cleaning feature. However, it does harm than good sometimes. Because people often lose track of the manuals for their oven, I have provided this essential guide. Here are the tips on how can you use a self-cleaning oven correctly.


TIP 1: Know it all before you start.


Clean the areas. Do not move or bent the gasket. You may get poor cleaning, roasting, and baking. Remove the broiler pan and grid and any pots and pans being stored in the oven. Remove the oven racks into the oven if you want them to remain shiny. You can also clean the frame on a self-cleaning cycle but it will became harder to slide. Heat and odors are normal during the Self-Cleaning cycle. Keep the kitchen well ventilated by opening a window or by turning on a vent hood or other kitchen vent during the period.


TIP 2: Know your oven.

A decent cook knows his or her oven through both perusing the guidelines that accompany the oven and experience through use. In spite of the fact that formulas may show certain temperatures, your own insight into how your oven functions is basic and it is at last up to this learning combined with your cooking background that will help to focus the most proper temperature and cooking length times. Each time that you need to get used to another oven, dependably start with your fundamental, genuine stand-by formulas and modify as required before spreading out into more muddled formulas. Always consult your manual when using or troubleshooting your self-cleaning oven.

TIP 3: Know it’s different cooking impact.  

 It is useful to learn this to get its best result. Before turning on the oven, place oven rack where you need them. And put aluminum foil for spilling and dripping protection. Be sure the rack is level. If the oven is hot, use a pot holder to move a frame. If you are baking or roasting with one rack like frozen pies, large roasts and food cakes, place the food in the middle center of the oven. With two racks like Bundt cakes, quick and yeast bread, casseroles and meats, position rack in oven to allow proper circulation of air all around the food. For cookies, biscuits, muffins, or non-frozen pies, you can use third layer rack, or if none, minimize the heat.

TIP 4: Make a general oven temperature conversions.

It is useful to have a tricky conversion of oven From Celsius to Fahrenheit’s. We’ll often come across a recipe that we would love to make, but find the oven temperature listed in the recipe is not what we are used to.

Description American Standard   Metric 
very cool  225 F  110 C
lukewarm cool  250 F  130 C
cool 275 F  140 C
cool moderate  300 F 150 C
very moderate  325 F 170 C
moderate  350 F  180 C
moderately hot 375 F 190 C
moderately hot  400 F 200 C
hot  425 F 220 C
really hot  450 F  230 C
very hot  475 F  240 C


TIP 5: Adjusting the oven temperature control.

Although your new oven is properly adjusted to provide accurate temperatures, it may cook faster or slower than your old oven. If you are not satisfied with the baking/roasting results, you can change the offset temperature by following the steps:

  1. Press and hold the bake pad for 5 seconds, the display will show the current offset temperature, for example, “0,” if you have not already adjusted the temperature. Set the new offset temperature.
  2. Press ↑ to raise the temperature or ↓ to lower the temperature in 10°F amounts. You can set the temperature change to as low as -30°F or as high as +30°F. A minus (-) sign will appear before the number when decreasing the temperature setting. The minus sign shows the oven will be cooler by the displayed amount. There is no sign in front of the number when increasing the temperature setting.
  3. Enter the adjustment.

 TIP 6: Maintain the cleanliness of your self-clean oven.

Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and the range I cool.

  1. Turn the control knobs off and pull them away from the control panel. Wash it with a sponge and soapy water. Do not soak it. Do not use steel wool. Rinse with water and let it dry.
  2. Wash the control panel with a sponge and soapy water. Do not use steel wool. Wipe it clean water and dry well.
  3. Wash the exterior surfaces with a sponge and soapy water. A paper towel and a spray glass cleaner will do. Do not use steel wool. If you use soap or detergent solutions, wipe and rinse thoroughly to prevent filmy residue.
  4. You don’t have to clean open coil elements because splatters or spills will burn off. Do not immerse the coil element in water.
  5. Wash the pan and grid with a steel-wool pad and warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry well.
  6. Wash the oven racks with a steel-wool pad and warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry well or leave it on the stove while doing the Self-cleaning cycle.
  7. Wash the oven door glass with a paper towel and spray glass cleaner or a nonabrasive plastic scrubbing pad and warm, soapy water. Wipe with clean water and dry well.
  8. Wipe up food spills or oven cavity containing sugar as soon as possible after the oven cools down.


TIP 7: Using a ‘self-cleaning cycle’ feature of your oven.

A self-cleaning oven is an oven that uses high temperature approximately 500 degrees Celsius (900 degrees Fahrenheit) to burn off leftovers from baking, without the utilization of any chemical agents. Do not remove the racks to remove its grease while having the ‘self-cleaning cycle’ mode. Do it for about 4 to 6 hours. Turn off the oven and open the door. Make sure to cool the oven before you wipe the light gray ashes of burnt leftovers. Use the standard cleaning solutions: baking soda and solvent. Mix the baking soda to the water to enough amount until it became the paste. Apply it to the surface using a brush. Let it sit in 15 to 20 minutes and rinse well with water using a damp sponge. Always wash the sponge so that the water running is clear.

As you can see, learning how to use a self-cleaning oven takes a lot of time. From memorizing the tips on how to clean it, the temperature control, making your own version of oven temperature, and reading the rules and guidelines. All of these steps can really help you on taking care of your oven.

Common stubborn Stains at home and How to Remove Them

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Stains can be very frustrating and depressing. Regardless of where they are, either on the floor or on the couch or even on a blouse, they can really be stubborn and annoying. The process of getting rid of these stains is never an easy one and it calls for dedication. Some stains actually need to be attended to immediately they happen lest you will have a very hard time dealing with them. As stated, the process of stain removal can be frustrating and some people just opt to get rid of a certain piece of cloth even before trying to remove the stain. It’s advisable to use a detergent that will not destroy your fabric. Here are some common and stubborn stains at home and some easy stain removal solutions.

The Grass Is Tough.

Related image

As children play, it’s almost given they will have grass on their clothes. Removing grass stains proves tough sometimes. First, use detergent to thoroughly rub the patch with the grass stains. Ammonia is recommended when the stain persists even after vigorously rubbing with detergent.

Grease And/Or Oil.


Image result for grease  stained clothingimages

Grease on the clothes or on a kitchen utensil is another stubborn stain. using an absorbent powder such as baking soda, apply it on the grease stain and let it stay there for a minute or two. While at it, don’t forget to use paper towels or white cloth which is placed just beneath the stain.

Removing Red Wine.

Image result for red wine stain image

Red wine can be enjoyable until it spills on the carpet or it finds itself in your white blouse or shirt. Dealing with a red wine spill can be devastating sometimes. To remove a red wine stain, cover the stain with salt. Deep the garment into cold water and let it soak overnight. You can then wash it clean in the morning and the stain will easily come off.

Tomato-Based Products.

Image result for tomato-based products images

Ketchup and other tomato-based products happen to be one of the stubborn stains found at home. To deal with a ketchup spill, soak the clothing in warm water for a few minutes then rub the stained patch using a sponge. You can opt to use methylated spirit if the stain proves to be more stubborn. If it’s possible, it’s recommended to rinse the stained spot with running cold water once the spill has occurred.

Fruity Fruit Juice.

Related image

Fruit juices are normally sweet and pleasurable. But it’s never pleasurable dealing with stains caused by fruit juices. Soak the garment in cold water for approximately half an hour. Use warm water and about two drops of a detergent to soak the clothing even further. Afterwards, use cool water to rinse the garment. Apply a solution of vinegar and water and leave it there for probably nine minutes before washing the clothing in detergent mixed with water.


Image result for mud stains on the floor images

Playful children do know how to get their clothes dirty, you can’t blame them though. Before dealing with the mud, let it dry off firstly. Deep the garment in water mixed with a washing detergent. Using a brush with gentle bristles, brush the mud off. If it is the floors of your home that have been muddied, a good cleaning with detergent  and lots of water will do. This is an effective stain removal tactic for mud.

Crayons aren’t beautiful on the wall.

Image result for crayons on the walls images

Kids do love to play around with crayons and they will make drawings on just anywhere. They aren’t intellectually mature enough to know that’s it’s wrong to have writings on the wall. There are products designed to deal with sticky substances, such products include mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise on the crayon markings and leave it there for five minutes. Using a damp piece of cloth slowly wipe it away.

What about that ink spill?

Image result for ink spill images

In all honesty, ink spill can easily ruin a good-looking carpet or even a shirt. Removing ink stain has proven to be very hard thus causing tremendous damage. To deal with ink spill, apply lubricant spray on the spot and leave it for probably five minutes. Dip a sponge into the warm and soapy water and gently rub the stained area and then rinse it with clean water.

Spills from nail polish.

Image result for nail polish spill images

Just as you are doing your nails, mistakably some nail polish might find itself onto the floor. Worst still, kids might use the nail polish brush and make drawings on the floor and floor. To remove this kind of stain, you need to use hairspray and spray on the stain together with rubbing alcohol. Pour a bit of cold water on the floor and then scrub the stain off.

Stains from olive oil.

Image result for olive oil stains images

Quite on recipes prepared in the kitchen call for use of olive oil, hence you aren’t spared from olive oil stains. While cooking your meal, olive oil stains easily splash out of the pan onto the counter or on other utensils or even on the floor. Put a layer of baking soda on the stain and leave it for half an hour. The baking soda absorbs the olive oil stain. Use a brush to remove any dried olive oil that might be left behind. Then wash away the baking soda using warm water and vinegar.

Are markings from permanent marker pens permanent?

Image result for marker pen stained walls images

Permanent marker pens are used for several purposes and if not carefully handled they can be very destructive. If accidentally dropped on the floor or on a cloth, they leave a marking but does that mean that that marking can’t be dealt with? Using white vinegar and washing liquid you will be able to get rid of the stain. Mix water with portions of vinegar and washing liquid and pour the mixture on the stain. After half an hour bolt the stained patch with a cloth then flush with water. You may have to do this procedure severally to completely get rid of the mark.

Homes are prone to dirt and spills. This is not inevitable and that’s why you should be prepared to deal for stain removal as soon as they happen. These tips discussed will give you a deserving boost in your quest of removing stubborn stains in your home. A remedy to stains translates to you having a peaceful time.




10 Home Organization Tips For 2015

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Our latest infographic show you of the 10 newest organization tips for 2015!


10 Home Organization Tips For 2015

10 Home Organization Tips For 2015


1. Start one room at a time. Choose one room to complete first. Take five minutes to decide what your goals are for the room — what tasks do you want completed in it? Use these goals as a guide for what stays and what gos in the room.

Bring four baskets and a trash bag in with you. Use one basket for items that need to be taken to another room, one basket for things that belong in kids’ rooms, one basket for items to be donated, one basket for items that need to be placed in storage, and a garbage bag for garbage (of course). Put things away in other rooms as you go, then do a final “put-away” when all rooms are completed.

2. Don’t be a stingy donator. Do you really need 4 ice cream scoops? Or two can openers? Do you ever actually use those hot rollers or that electric blanket? If it’s an item that you haven’t needed to replace or use in the past year, it’s probably time to donate.

Dry Storage Organization Ideas3. Store duplicates… in storage. Too many notebooks, spare toothbrushes, markers, and kleenex in a room can start to feel cluttered. Keep one or two of necessary items in the room in which they’re needed, then store duplicates in a storage room or closet in clear, labeled storage containers or on a shelf where you can see them.

Keep a list of the items you like to keep in stock and keep a stock of at least 2 month’s worth of supplies. Check those stocks once a month for items you need to replace (instead of trying to replace them as you go, which negates the purpose of storing them in the first place). Make a habit of checking your list of stored items when you’re writing your grocery list, so you don’t accidentally double up on something you already have.

4. Tackle the junk drawers first. And use drawer organizers. Make a goal to tidy these drawers once a month so they stay organized.

Organized junk drawer with drawer organizers

5. Designate all-of-a-kind drawers. Corral frequently used items of the same type (like batteries or candles and matches) into a single drawer. This way you can always find them when you need them. It also means you won’t overstock or understock since you can see at a glance what you already have.


6. Use only one type of hangers in each closet. This makes things look and feel more organized Don’t mix plastics with wood and wire. Though you can make an exception for those wooden slack hangers.

An organized closet is a happy closet

7. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, donate it. Keep your current size of pants in your drawers, as well as 2 pairs one size smaller, and 2 pairs one size bigger. But don’t keep an entire wardrobe for every weight you’ve ever been. Get rid of ill-fitting, ragged, or out-dated clothing (donate if possible, or sell if you’re up for a yard sale), and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to pick out an outfit in the morning.

8. If your shoes don’t fit in a single row, get a shoe rack. If your shoes take up more than one row in your closet, get a shoe rack to display the shoes on different levels so you can see them all at once. It will also consolidate the space needed for your collection.

9. Pile of winter accessories Rethink your winter clothes storage. You only need one or two hats, scarves, and pairs of gloves per person in your household. And only one pair of snowpants and boots each. Store these in an easily accessible, well-labeled seasonal supplies box. Donate the rest (or if you have growing kids, put them in well-labeled containers and store them).

10. Organize sheet sets. Donate or throw away incomplete sets of sheets (including extra pillow cases, lone flat sheets, or sheets that don’t fit any beds that you currently have in the house). While you’re at it throw away pillows that haven’t been used in over a year. Most households only need 1 or 2 extra pillows for the occasional guest.

How to Get rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell in Your House

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It could be you love smoking cigarettes while seated at your favorite couch as you watch your favorite show, or maybe it could be you just moved into a new house and the previous owner was a heavy smoker, either way, the smell of cigarette in a house is something to reckon with. Cigarette smoke is something that you can’t get rid off that easily.

Unless all your guests are smokers, it can feel quite embarrassing having guests coming over when smoke smell thoroughly engulfs your home. There is an endless array of solutions of solving this kind of a menace. These solutions range from avoiding smoking inside your house to smoking near a window. Still, the smoke smell can persist. Here are some great methods to completely get rid of that annoying smoke smell.


Start with the fabric.

Image result for curtains and carpet images

As cigarette smoke rises up it diffuses with air and finds its way to any fabric in your house. It settles on curtains and even on your clothes and books. Even when you are not smoking, you can be sure that your house will have that nauseating cigarette smoke smell. It gets worse when you open your window and the wind blows your curtains. The smoke smell then becomes increasingly notable. The best way to deal with this is by washing your curtains and clothes with detergents. Hand wash or machine wash, either can do the trick just perfectly. But just to be sure, check on the fabric for the washing guidelines given.

Mirrors and glasses do attract smoke.

Image result for smoke on glasses and mirrors at home images

Virtually everything in your house attracts smoke and that’s why your house will ooze smell of smoke every time. A thin residue of smoke is left behind on the glasses and mirrors. The residue is too thin to be seen. On a typical sunny day, the thin film of residues gets heated up making your room smell smoke. If you often smoke while your windows are closed then you can be sure your glasses have attracted a lot of smoke residue. To rectify this, spray the glasses and mirrors with white vinegar. Using a paper towel, gently wipe the glasses and mirrors.


Work on your carpet too.

Getting rid of smoke smell in a house isn’t a one process kind of thing. It takes several processes and activities to make your house have an inviting fragrance. Carpets do absorb smoke smell as well and if you have a carpet then you should clean it regularly. If by mistake cigarette ash falls on the carpet, it will absorb the odor thus changing the smell in your house. You need to have your carpet cleaned and you can opt to have it taken to professional carpet cleaners or clean it yourself. During carpet cleaning, remember to use the right detergents.

Don’t forget the walls and ceilings.

Smoke is not visible but it will find its way and settle on just anything. It settles as a thin residue film and this film is actually responsible for the smoke smell in your house. Deal with smoke residue that has settled on walls and ceilings using paint. If you are willing to spend a few cash here and there, you may consider the option of repainting the walls and ceilings. A new paint mixed with sealing primer will cover the old paint thus keeping the smoke smell covered. Alternatively, you can use cleaning detergents that contain ammonia. However, it’s advisable to try these cleaning products on small areas to test the impact they will have on your wall.


Time to install an air purifier.

Image result for air purifier images

Air purifiers work exceedingly wonderful when it comes to getting rid of the smoke smell or even dust smell in your house. These devices get rid of any contaminant that may be lingering in the air. When you install such a device in your house you can rest assured that even after a smoking session in your house, you won’t have to feel bothered by the smoke smell. This technique when integrated with the other methods discussed herein will work exemplary very good. With this device, you can very happily kiss constant smoke smell goodbye. However, remember to check the manual guidelines when you purchase this device.


Empty the ashtray immediately after smoking.

Related image

Ashtrays and cigarette leftover pieces should never be left to stay in the house for lengthy periods. Ashtrays and cigarette pieces are heavy contributors as to why your house maybe smelling cigarette smoke. It is very advisable to empty and clean your ashtray immediately after a smoking session. It’s also recommended to wash clean the ashtray after emptying its content. This is because the smoke smell will still remain in the ashtray hence your house will still have that smoke smell.


White vinegar.

White vinegar produces excellent results when you want to eliminate bad odor in your house. White vinegar doesn’t really have a great scent but it eliminates the bad odor that lingers in your house.  Put white vinegar in a bowl and leave it in the room for a few hours. You will be able to notice a great deal of difference afterward. One advantage of using white vinegar is that its scent doesn’t linger behind even after taking the bowl out.


Wipe all surfaces.

Image result for clean home surfaces images

Smoke residues will settle even on hard surfaces such as the floor or even on the tables. Surfaces of table end up smelling cigarette even when there is no cigarette or ashtray on the table surface. Use ammonia or white vinegar to thoroughly clean surfaces of tables or even drawers.

These tips work great when they are integrated together. Prevention will always be better than cure, smoking outside will save you some troubles; however, everyone has their preferences. Nevertheless, always ensure your house is properly ventilated. This will not only get rid of smoke smell in your house but also eliminate other bad odors that may fill your room. These tips are easy to implement and if you put dedication and determination you can be sure that you will reap very good results.

How To Hand Wash Clothes Without A Washer Or Dryer

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Modern technology is the mother of a lot of marvels today such as the machine washer and dry-cleaning machines. These have been used for more than a century now and are basic parts of our lives – helping to wash our laundry, keeping us clean and tidy.

But what if our machines just disappeared? It is imperative to know how to hand wash clothes since you might need the skills when you are in an area with no power or machines. Jungles, forests, camping grounds are just some examples of places you might need hand washing skills.

  1. First Fundamentals

Image result for soated dirty laundry images

Before you embark on hand washing, you will need to gather all your dirty clothes for cleaning. Then you will have to inspect the cloth tags on the back of the neck (for upper body clothing) or the small of the back (for abdominal clothing). These tags will have information on whether it is okay to hand wash the specific cloth or not.

After you have affirmed that the clothes are hand washable, you will have to separate the white clothes from the dull colored ones. This is because some dull colored clothes bleed dyes which can permanently stain your white clothes. You can still whiten your white fabrics but that is a topic for another day.

  1. Gather your Tools of Trade

Image result for large laundry tub with clothes images

To hand wash effectively, you will have to find a large spacious tub, preferably plastic ware to soak and wash in. Also, you will need a bar of soap and a powder or liquid detergent to help soften the dirt. You will then need water. Water from natural sources is too full of minerals, it will be hard water which is really hard to lather, and may stain clothes with the scum formed.

You can boil such water to reduce the mineral content in the water or use tap water which is already treated. You will even need more plastic tubs to rinse your clothes in. Also make sure you have a ready hanging line in place, for your clothes to dry on.

  1. 3. Soaking

Image result for soaked clothes in a tub images

Soaking helps dissolve fats, greases, and dirt from the fabric. It also softens clothes so that washing will be much easier and you will not have to use too much force such that you damage the fabric. Remember to straighten the clothes to allow water to permeate the fabric and soften out dirt.
Also during soaking, separate heavy and light clothes.

Do not keep your laundry soaked for too long in soapy water since this might damage your fabrics.

  1. Cleaning

For the lightest clothes, handkerchiefs, and wiping clothes; they can be disinfected by boiling them. For other clothes, use detergent to clean them. Smother them with soap then hold a random part of the cloth with both of your hands. Move your hands in opposite directions to each other as if to tear them but with much lesser force. Do so quickly.

The dirt will come off and the brightness of the fabric will increase as the fabric gets cleaner. If the soaked garments start producing bad odors, you can use vinegar to purge the smells. For the heavy garments, place them on a surface and scrub the dirt off with a brush.

Otherwise, you can use a toilet plunger to agitate the heavy clothes and make the water remove the dirt. The plunger works like an agitator in a washing machine making your work easier.
Avoid washing silk garments that are brightly colored or patterned since they may bleed off dyes permanently marking other clothes. Rinse the washed clothes then repeat again for maximum effect. As a bonus, you could reuse the water to wash the second batch of clothes, with no additional detergents.

  1. 5. Drying

Related image

After washing your clothes, you will need them dried. You can dry them without using a drier. For a quick drying method, use a thick fluffy towel. Place your damp cloth on the towel then wrap your towel all over it. Then wring the towel with the cloth in it. The water will be held by the towel and the cloth will have lost most of its water. For tough clothes, you can just force squeeze them until most of the water is gone.

You could also let the clothes air-dry out in the sun, hanging on a drying line. The sun is even better as the light rays from the sun will kill any bacteria left in the fabrics. It also restores fabric strength when the clothes are exposed to sunlight for a considerable amount of time. However, when left out for too long in the hot sun, fabrics will degrade, so beware.

  1. Tips

Don’t leave colored clothes out for long, they will fade very quickly. Also, using soft water, such as drinking water might save you time when hand washing clothes than using hard water (water from natural sources). Soft water lathers too easily making it the best for washing.

Use mild detergents when hand washing, since stronger detergents will damage your hands. Lingerie, handkerchiefs and light clothes should be washed first as they require least effort. Heavy fabrics such as denim can damage hands when washing. If they are too dirty, then using a plunger to agitate them is the best way to wash them.

Vinegar can be added to aid in cleaning clothes.

Using pegs will help keep clothes anchored on the drying line and prevent hostile winds from carrying them away. For maximum sunlight effect, you can place your wet clothes on a clean surface outdoors and they will dry twice as faster than on a drying line.Clothes that have been dried using the towel wringing method will require ironing since they most likely have a lot of creases on them.

Dispose your used washing water away from healthy plants as this water might poison them. For shoes, hang them upside down to dry quickly. Also, make sure all clothes are in their inside-out format while hanging them. This is because some of them might fall later while picking and it is better to get the inside surface dirty than the outer one.
If properly done, hand washing is more of a thrill than work. Have fun.