Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Use Today

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Carpet Cleaning Tips in NYC

Carpet Cleaning Tips in NYC

Have you recently looked at your carpet and realized that it’s looking pretty bad. You have probably moved something that has been sitting on the carpet, perhaps a hutch that was moved as you were rearranging your living room and saw the dramatic difference. Carpet can take quite a beating, especially if you have a large family, requiring regular cleanings by either yourself or professionals. The more that you clean your carpet, the longer it will last because of the particulate matter that is removed on a regular basis, preserving the life of the fibers of the carpet itself. In order to make sure that your carpet is always at its best, here are five carpet cleaning tips that you can use starting today.

1. Regular Vacuuming

The first tip to keeping your carpet clean, and also extending its life, is to make sure that you are vacuuming on a regular basis. If you are in a household where people are not coming in and out very much, you likely do not have very severe traffic areas. However, if you have small kids that are always running in and out of the house, tracking in dirt, mud, and all sorts of other particulate matter on the bottom of their shoes. You are going to need to clean on a regular basis so as to remove the particles that can get deep into the carpet fibers that can affect how long they will last.

2. Regular Shampooing

Regular shampooing is something that should be done at least every couple months in order to clean the carpet itself deep. The more that you clean, the less likely it is that particulate matter deep in the carpet will remain, helping it to look better and last longer. You need to be careful, however, when using certain types of detergent, and cleaning with a carpet cleaner too often. You can damage the carpet by exposing it to the chemicals that are in the cleansers. Something that can affect the color of the carpet, and also how firm the carpet is, causing it to deteriorate much more quickly.

3. Professional Cleanings

The type of machines that are available for shampooing your carpet, those that cost a few hundred dollars that you can buy online, or at your local store, are likely going to not be as effective as professional devices that businesses in the area own and use. The amount of time that it will take to do this on your own can be saved like calling a professional you can compare the different prices that they charge, and also whether they use a regular shampooer with water and detergent or if they are going to do a chemical cleaning, when making your final choice. Most people that regularly clean will often use chemically based carpet cleaning solutions because they are not as rough on the carpet fibers themselves. Additionally, you will only have to wait an hour for the entire carpet to be dry as they do not use water very much at all during the cleaning process.

4. Spot Cleaning Right Away

The fourth thing that you should do is always clean spills up as quickly as possible. This is also true for when people track mud in that gets deep into the fibers of the carpet. The faster that you are able to clean this up, the less likely that the carpet will stain, allowing you to preserve the appearance of your carpet by taking this initiative. If it is something like urine, you are going to want to use a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar. By pouring this on to the stain right away, and blotting it up with paper towels, you can eliminate the odor, and also remove most of the year and which can be removed entirely by using either your home carpet shampooer or by calling a professional to finish the job. The faster that you act, the less likely it is that stains and smells will remain, a beneficial tip that everyone should use.

5. Schedule Regular Cleanings

Although it has been mentioned that regular cleanings are necessary, the best way to preserve your carpet is to make sure that these cleanings are on a regular basis. Making sure that you are using the most efficient chemicals that will not harm your carpet, or by just contacting a professional in the area that can take care of the carpet cleaning for you, you will make sure that your carpet is as clean as possible and also any particulate matter that could be causing airborne problems such as spores from mold, allergens from trees and grass, as well as viruses and bacteria that can live in your carpet will all be removed by having regular cleanings throughout the year.

Now that you know the five tips for cleaning your carpet that can help preserve the life of the carpet, and also improve the health of your family inside, you should make a point to implement the strategies regularly so that you can take advantage of how they can keep your carpet clean. By vacuuming on a regular basis, especially if you have a high amount of traffic in and out of your home, you can prevent particulate matter from getting into the carpet fibers and staying. Regular shampooing either by yourself, or a professional in the area, will get all of the particulate matter out, including toxins like mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens, all of which can cause health problems for your family. Finally, make a point to get all of the spots up as quickly as possible, especially if you have pets and they have had an accident on your carpet. The faster that you get the vinegar and water mix onto the spot, and soak up the urine, the longer that your carpet will continue to smell and look its best. Just be sure to schedule regular cleanings, even if you have not had major accidents, or if you have a high amount of traffic going in and out of your home. This is simply common sense when it comes to taking care of your carpet, tips that you will want to utilize to extend its life indefinitely.

Reasons To Start Green Cleaning Today

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Reasons To Start Green Cleaning Today

A clean and safe home is every homeowner’s target every day when they dedicate themselves to doing the cleaning. Coming home to a comfortable and fresh smelling home is very encouraging and the homeowner doesn’t feel uneasy even when they come with unexpected company. For many homeowners, however, achieving such cleanliness comes from using harsh cleaning chemicals. There is this widespread notion that harsh and toxic chemicals clean best and will make your home sparkle.

Some of them might clean well but most of them don’t really do a great job. Even for the ones that clean well, the price to pay when using them is too great that it would be better if the homeowner considered other alternatives that don’t require a lot of risks.

Green cleaning has proved to be a better alternative when it comes to cleaning the home. Despite its obvious benefits, some homeowners are still reluctant to embrace it because they are set in their ways. Outlined below are reasons to start green cleaning today.

A Safer Home

You definitely don’t want to use products with labels like “Warning! Flammable! Toxic! And so on. What if there is a sudden fire, or your pet, kid, yourself or any other member of the household is accidentally exposed to these dangerous cleaning agents? Just having such cleaning agents in your home makes your home unsafe for kids, pets, and even yourself. However, with green cleaning products, you have no such worries. The risk of harm coming to your loved ones is low because the green products are far from being toxic.

Protection For Your Health

When cleaning with green products, your health is never in jeopardy, something that is so unlike the other conventional cleaning products. As you clean with the harsh chemicals, you expose yourself to the toxins and might experience, coughing, skin rashes, sneezing and even headaches. Some might be too toxic and produce fumes that when inhaled could cause lung problems. Why should you incur extra medical expenses on treating the allergic symptoms after cleaning when you could clean without any problems using green products? All the more reason to ditch toxic cleaning agents for natural green cleaning ones.

Better Quality Indoor Air

Using conventional cleaning products with harsh chemicals always contribute to higher air pollution indoors. Most of the toxic cleaning agents will emit Volatile Organic Compounds that have been known to cause health problems such as liver damage, kidney damage and damage to the central nervous system. Most of these conventional cleaning agents’ fumes still linger in the air long after use and continuous inhalation lead to the health problems stated above.

Using green cleaning products never pollutes the air; in fact, it improves the quality of indoor air. When you open the windows instead of spraying air fresheners, you make your rooms to be well aerated with the natural air which when combined with the spic and span result from cleaning with green cleaning products, your home becomes the safest place for kids, pets, guests and anyone to live in.

Conserves The Environment

By choosing green cleaning methods to clean both your indoors and outdoors, you are choosing to protect the environment. With most green cleaning products made through good manufacturing practices, most of the ingredients used are naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable. With such ingredients, the environment will never be negatively impacted even when the contents happen to find their way into the earth’s eco-system.

Saves Good Money

It is possible to make your own green cleaning products or simply save money by buying the lower costing eco-friendly and all-purpose cleaners. You don’t have to spend money on buying detergents for cleaning the floors and others for washing utensils. This one all-purpose cleaning product which would also be favorably priced compared to its conventional counterpart will serve your home better. You will save a lot of money that you would have to spend on buying various conventional cleaning products for different purposes. Not to mention that you will not need to buy medication to quell any allergic symptoms.

Easier Cleaning

The fact that you won’t have to switch products when cleaning different areas of your home makes cleaning easier. Another fact is that you won’t experience discomfort from inhaling toxins when cleaning with green cleaning products. As you remove the mold and mildew with vinegar and use the all-purpose green cleaner to clean your floors and bathroom, you will hardly experience shortness of breath, coughing, headaches or sneezing while at it. That will allow you to do cleaning thoroughly and easily because not only are the green cleaning products effective, you are also in great health.

Giving Back To The Community

Most green cleaning products manufacturers often put social responsibility at the forefront. They actually give a portion of their profits to organizations that fuel social, environment and educational progress in the communities. Often times when you buy their products, you are also making it happen for your community whether local or even global.

You Know What Is In Your Products

Most conventional green cleaning manufacturers often don’t divulge their list of ingredients because they aren’t required by the government. However, for the green cleaning manufacturers, transparency is their policy and this is why they will list their ingredients to let their customers know that they are using a safe product.

You Will Be The Green Role Model

When you begin using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for your home, high chances are that people close to you will emulate you because they see the impressive results. You will also be setting a great example for your children who will no doubt follow suit from then on and even when they are adults and are able to set another great example for their own kids. As a green role model, you will be contributing to raising a generation of other green role models.

You Can Create Your Own Products

There is nothing satisfying such as creating your own green cleaning product which cleans your house and gives it this amazing sparkle. You will save money that you would have spent buying cleaning products. Besides, you will be cleaning with a product that you absolutely trust to work with because you made it.


Green cleaning is the best way to go as a homeowner. The benefits are a lot and there isn’t actually a drawback when it comes to practicing green cleaning. The above reasons should be enough to get you to ditch that arsenal of toxic conventional cleaners for green cleaning products.


Top Boring House Chores in Your Home

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House chores help us to stay on top of clutter and as a result, have an organized home. But if the thought of cleaning doesn’t thrill you, don’t worry, you are neither weird nor alone. Not many people look forward to doing house chores. Although having so many other things we rather do, we can’t live in filth. Even though everyone wants a sparkling home, getting there can be quite a chore by itself. Therefore, what a better way to get back at these responsibilities than shaming the ultimately boring ones? While you might totally not be a fun, surely, there are some chores that are quite exciting and others are just playing at a whole new level. No matter how much you try loving them, it just doesn’t get there. And we are going to shame them for making us miserable. I know you are loving me right now, I’m loving me too. I’ve waited too long for this. Let’s get right into it!


Image result for vacuuming images

I know I shouldn’t be complaining about vacuuming in the first place. People back then had to get on their hands and knees to clean the floor, but I don’t find the process exciting. Especially moving things around. It even gets worse if you have kids because they just come with clutter as a bonus. It is not fun trying to shift stuff so that you may clean underneath. Plus I have to do it daily because of my kids’ welfare and I must retrieve a toy or two daily beneath the furniture.

Cleaning the windows

Image result for window cleaning images

Cleaning windows can be one of those dreary thankless chores. I know we have all been there once. Where you spend an impressive two hours cleaning your windows, only to get back in the house and all you see is the streak. Ugh! The level of disappointment that comes with the sight just makes cleaning windows so boring. First experiences are very key to establishing the feeling you develop towards a task. When I first cleaned my windows, I kept on repeating but all I got is streak after streak (probably because I was doing the same thing expecting different results. Someone once called that insanity). All I needed was that first experience and I couldn’t look forward to washing them again. Gradually, I realized there’s something I was definitely doing wrong. Therefore I found ways to do it better. But as much as they get clean nowadays, they don’t make it to my list of fun chores. Just a tip, it will hugely help to choose a dry, cloudy day to clean your windows than when it’s blazing hot.


Image result for ironing images

This gets personal. I don’t know what it is about ironing, but I find it so boring. Yet I cannot for the life of me bring myself to wear anything wrinkled. How about that for irony? Doing laundry is not such a big deal for me but ironing does me in every time. In fact, I can’t recall how many times I have talked myself into wearing jeans just because I didn’t need to iron them. Whenever I’m ironing, I start thinking about the meaning of life and how irrelevant ironing should be. It just does things to me and I find great satisfaction when the chore is done. The brilliant I looked for ways to make it easier and since I’m feeling generous, ill share a tip. The best way to avoid spending hours ironing is to do it immediately after drying. Also, don’t let it over dry. Moreover, investing in a good iron reduces your workload by half.

Cleaning out the fridge

Image result for cleaning the fridge images

Some people can’t wait to clean their fridge but I dread the process. Seriously, I just didn’t see why someone would clean their fridge on a weekly basis. But I got my answer when a foul smell wafted from my fridge the other day. You are free to judge. Well, it might sound like a no-brainer but I’m quite poor at remembering when and what remained. Therefore, I just had to go throw all the packages and see where the smell was coming from. That gave me an opportunity to clean my fridge and it left me feeling great. Though don’t get things twisted, I still dread doing it. Now I’ve written a reminder and placed it in the fridge to clean it out again next month.


Image result for decluttering images

It is this task that makes grown men weep, not that it is hard but the uncertainty in it is overwhelming. Have you ever been in a position where you seriously know you need to cut on some of your possessions but don’t know where to begin? It is depressing. Personally, I can designate a day just to declutter, only by the end of the task I realize there’s no significant change I have made. I don’t consider wastage of my time fun. Regardless, I start on  smart ways of decluttering and it is totally working. I made a decision one week ago, to give or throw away one thing every day. I like where I’m headed. I’ve also realized decluttering isn’t always about throwing stuff away, sometimes it just means to sort through things that you actually want to keep. That, for me, makes decluttering much easier.

Cleaning the toilet

Image result for cleaning the toilet images

With kids in the house, needless to say, the toilet is sometimes gross. I never thought I’d grow up, get married then start spending my time calling my kids to confirm whose poo is in the bowl. And kids are sometimes little devils, they will all come, make a face and answer,’ seriously mom, that’s not mine.’ Sometimes I could just return them wherever they came from. Unlike laundry, I usually wash my toilets every day because they are very germy and heaven knows I can’t handle them if they get any grosser.

Just for feeling generous, we also had: pairing socks, cleaning the oven, emptying the bin and most importantly, being an adult. Boring chores  should be done all the same because if neglected your home will be anything but clean and livable.




Important Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Following the important instructions for carpet cleaning tips, is a good way of increasing lifespan of a carpet. Many things that are regularly used in homes requires a regular maintaining so as to look at their best. Same applies to the carpet. Cleaning regularly is crucial to make them look their best. The following tips are basic ones that are relevant to anybody who has carpet and does regular cleaning.

Vacuum often

To protect the carpet, the entrance areas and not to forget high traffic areas needs like twice a week and the whole of the carpet as well to be frequently vacuumed. This helps in reducing the soil build up.
Start with a clean filter or a bag.
A dirty bag, filter or a dirty cup can cut the suction power of the vacuum cleaner by a half. The reason behind the non-functional bagless vacuum cleaner is that the filter aren’t not regularly changed. The best thing to do here is to wash or even replace the filter on the bagless vacuum once in every three months. The vacuum bags should be replaced when they are three quarters full.

Vacuum at high speeds
It is a good idea to start vacuum slowly to remove the dirt as much as possible. The next thing is to make another quicker pass over the areas which has low traffic and slow passes over the high traffic areas. Having two slow passes helps in removing the ground in the dirt faster than many fast passes.

Make use of walk off mats
It is good to use walk-off mats inside and the outside to prevent dirt from the carpet. Mats which are coarse textured outside the doors removes soil particles. Mats which are water absorbent helps in preventing wet shoes on the carpeting.
For synthetic carpets, most manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as a primary method of the carpet cleaning. It can be referred to as steam cleaning but there is no steam involved in the first place. The carpet is first pretreated with a detergent solution which is followed by hot rinse solution. From there, high pressure is forced into the carpet and it is then vacuumed out. When this process is done carefully, it cleans deep and it does not leave behind soap residues. A rented or purchased carpet washing machine removes the surface dirt. Deep cleaning removes all the allergens and dust. Greasy residues requires a specialized equipment with a thorough training of a pro. The best thing is hiring a professional every twelve to eighteen months

Don’t take bids over the phone

The quality pro provides a reference, an inspection and moreover a written estimate which is based on the square footage, condition and type of carpeting rather than the number of rooms which is cleaned and written guarantee of their work done
In the event of carpet cleaning, beware of discount carpet cleaners
The discount pro carpet cleaners depends mostly on making volume of sales rather than establishing a strong ongoing client relationship. They may spray soap on your carpet, suck the water up and they disappear in 30 minutes. These bad service leaves behind soap residues which will attract dirt to the carpet. They can get into one’s house and have the motive of selling a high priced add-ons like for deodorizers and spot removals.

Clean the carpet before it becomes dirty

The frequency of carpet cleaning depends mostly on the kind of traffic which is there. These includes kids and pets.
Carpet should be cleaned once the fibers start to look dull. Waiting until the carpet becomes really dirty, filthy or so dusty, the process of cleaning will be so difficult, takes long time and even the cost of cleaning will be high.

Vacuum well before and after the cleaning

Vacuuming beforehand helps in removing the large particles of soil. Vacuuming there after the carpet dries up completely helps in picking up soil remains and helps wicks to the surface, during the drying process.

Pretreat the stains and the areas of high traffic

Remove or elevate the furniture

In case the furniture is too heavy to move, the best thing to do is to put aluminum foils or wood blocks or even plastic film beneath the legs of all the furniture to protect the carpet from rusting. This is in cases where there is metal legs of the furniture.

Avoid over wetting the carpet

Machines like DIY put a lot of moisture in the carpet, and most of them don’t have a strong suction to extract it thoroughly. The best thing to do here is to have one pass with soap and water solution. Make just one pass with a neutralizing solution. From there, make just one or three drying passes with the water off.

Let it dry completely

Wet carpet is a good environment to breed mold and mildew. After the carpet cleaning exercise, windows should be open, fans used and a dehumidifier. The AC should also be powered on and a moderately set of about 72 to 78 degrees to remove excess moisture from the air. The walks of furniture on the carpet should not be replaced until the carpet is completely dry. This process can take up to around twelve hours. These process, however, takes up to eight hours typically.

Act quickly

For example you get the stain immediately, there is a chance of about 97 percent you can remove it easily. The longer the time a stain reacts chemically with the carpeting, the harder the process of removal it is.
On tough spots, try vinegar or even a club soda
In case water alone does not remove the tough stains, the white vinegar should be tried in equal amount of water.

Machines like DIY put a lot of moisture in the carpet, and most of them don’t have a strong suction to extract it thoroughly. The best thing to do here is to have one pass with soap and water solution. Make just one pass with a neutralizing solution. From there, make just one or three drying passes with the water off.

Home cleaning gadgets that you must have

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The days when women were required to stay at home and clean are long gone. Women are now in the corporate world doing amazing things like “taking over the world”. It becomes very challenging for the modern working woman to maintain a clean house and raise a family without compromising their productivity at work.

You might also be a full-time mom, which is amazing but that doesn’t make cleaning your hobby. Most people find cleaning tiresome and would appreciate owning cleaning gadgets that make their work easier. Cleaning tools that will minimize the effort and maximize the results are what every homeowner is looking for. If you are either of them, then you are in luck. Here is a list of must-have cleaning gadgets that will give you ample time while cleaning:

A Steam Mop

A steam mop is the ultimate floor cleaning and sanitation gadget. It releases a steam that is designed to clean in depth. It will not only leave your surface spotless but also kill germs and bacteria. Depending on the brand you have bought, they come with an extra feature known as an odor disc that is used to rid your surface of any odors. It only gets better; you can also use the mop to clean any type of material because it comes with a microfiber cloth.

Dry And Wet Mop

Mops are essential in having a clean floor. Most organized homes have at least two types of mops: the dry and the wet mops. The former is used to collect dry dust and pet hair, and the latter is used to clean hard surface floors. When choosing a mop for wet cleaning, it should not only dissolve dirt but also remove it. On account of this, avoid string mops. They are hard to lift and rinse. Rather, look for large-headed wet mops with a swivel base. They make quick work of spilled liquids. When buying a dry mob, check out the handle and hinge assembly because mopping stresses on the two areas.

Magic Erasers

These little babies do magic! They erase almost every stain. They should be very high on your must-have cleaning tools. They are exactly what you need because they can clean scum stains from your sink, stains on glass or sticky burn stains from your stove top. They can also remove all marks as their name suggests. Magic Erasers are also relatively cheap and readily available in many stores.

Multifunctional Squeegee

A squeegee is basically used to clean your bathroom and keep it mold free. After using the bathroom, it is wise to spray it then wipe off the excess water using the squeegee to prevent accumulation of scum. The squeegee can also be used to clean your windows and prevent smudges. With a squeegee all the water will be gone leaving the surface clean and scum-free.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The hustle of having to clean out the litter box everyday can be daunting. If you have to do it you will find yourself doing it with a little heavy heart. If this is the case then the self-cleaning litter box should be your answer. As its name suggests this gadget self cleans and even if you are gone from home for two days, there will be no litter odor welcoming you when you get back.

A Power Scrubber

Think of the electric toothbrush but a bigger version that cleans stubborn kitchen and bathroom stains that might be in awkward places. It is a very powerful gadget that scrubs at a very fast speed. It totally saves your time and energy and comes with various brushes to clean different areas. This makes it convenient for cleaning those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

A Good Vacuum Cleaner

They are not the cheapest cleaning gadgets around but most of them will give you the value for your money. This gadget effectively cleans pet fur and any other fibers. It can be used on laminate floors, tiles, carpet, and hardwood. There are various companies who have built vacuum cleaners with various bells and whistles that you will find impressive. When buying a vacuum cleaner, look for the one with useful features.

A Sanitizing Wand

This gadget is magic. It sanitizes up to 99.9% of germs and odor-causing bacteria in your home or anywhere you want to take it with you. This is possible because the gadget makes use of the advanced UV-C light technology. You can effortlessly carry it around with you and clean any surface. It seems like a cleaning gadget you really need to have at home especially with kids and pets around. Bacterial infections will reduce in your home with such a gadget around.

Smart dishwasher

You might not have a passion for cleaning the dishes and there is nothing wrong with that because you are in luck. Invest in a smart dishwasher then you will get why technology makes work easier. The dishwasher ensures your dishes come out very clean while maintaining the lowest sound levels. There are various smart dishwashers out there with amazing features. Some come with a real steam generator to ensure a high cleaning performance without having to pre-wash the dishes.

Gutter cleaner

People who enjoy doing garden work dread cleaning the gutters, especially in the fall when trees lose their leaves. There are efficient gutter cleaning devices that can do the work for you. Such a device can cover 30 feet of gutter in at least six minutes. All you’ll have to do is collect the debris it discards on the ground while it cleans.

Dust Cleaning Ball of Fur

This is one gadget that you will need especially if you live in regions where the winds blow a lot and dust often finds its way into your home. This ball of fur will roll on your floors collecting all dirt particles and fur on its path. It then automatically changes directions after hitting something that lies on its path. You can machine wash it and the best thing about it is that if you have a pet; it will also double up as a pet toy.

Housework doesn’t have to be so dreadful anymore. The gadgets mentioned above will ensure that your house is home-magazine clean whilst saving a lot of time. If you have a busy personal or professional life, just invest in these gadgets and watch as you save both time and energy.

Smart Ways To Use Bleach At Home

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Bleach is a great product for maintaining a healthy and clean home. It’s mostly used during laundry but you’ll be surprised at how much more it can do. It is one of those products you either love or hate. Some people are reluctant in maximizing its use due to lack of knowledge on how to use the stuff. Nevertheless, bleach can come in very handy in solving major common problems experienced in our homes. However, we can’t ignore the fact that some people have concerns about how safe it is to use bleach around children and pets. It is definitely safe but the best way to solve problems with bleach is by not making certain mistakes, otherwise, you can be assured of good harmless results.

For instance, you should never directly pour undiluted bleach on a stain or using a bleach gel pen which lets you target its bleaching power directly to the stain. Another mistake is not checking the care label for a white triangle which means its bleach safe. Regardless of your cloth being white, there are fabrics like leather or wool that don’t mix well with bleach. One other common mistake made is by not measuring bleach when using it. And, of course, it is no brainer to keep all chemical out of reach of children. Otherwise, when you use bleach well, it can do so much more than whiten your clothes. Here are smart ways you can use the product.


Image result for bleach surface sanitizer images

Bleach is composed of a sodium hypochlorite solution, which provides a cheap and easy way to sanitize surfaces in your home. Additionally, it can deodorize at the same time. Although for you to use it safely, it must be diluted correctly. It should strong enough to sanitize and weak enough not to be too harsh. Sensitive places in your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom will really do with a cleaner that can double as a sanitizer and deodorant. Simply mix 1 gallon of warm water with a ¾ cup of chlorine and apply on the surface you want it cleaned. An addition of a detergent can be made but it’s not necessary. For a small mixture, such as to put in a spray bottle, probably to clean your toilet, simply add one and a half tablespoons of bleach to 2 cups of water. While cleaning, note that sanitizing with bleach is not instantaneous, but instead it needs time to set. Therefore, you can just sprite your toilet every night before you sleep and clean it in the morning. It will easily be clean without much effort from you.

In Washing Cutlery

Image result for washing cutlery images

By adding a little bleach in a basin full of water, you can easily clean your cutlery. If you have a favorite cup like me, you know how sad it can be to see it stained with coffee. Coffee and tea stains seem and are stubborn for just dish soap. therefore soak them in the water with bleach for a few minutes. Then wash as usual and rinse thoroughly. While due to its perfect results it may seem to have been manufactured only to take care of such stains, but it’s also good with your glassware. After cleaning them, soak the glasses in a light bleach solution. Rinse well and you will have sparkling glasses. This can also come through when washing windows. Simply add a little in the final water and watch the glass shine.


Removing Mold

Image result for Mold removal images

Mildew and mold are not only disgusting to look at but also pose harm to your health. Therefore, there’s the great need to remove it as soon as you sport it. Bleach will immensely help in killing the fungus. Frankly, both bleach and ammonia are perfect for the job but you should never use both at the same time. After you have wet the affected area, cleaned it with detergent and a disposable towel or wipe, you can then spray the bleach. Let it sit for 15 minutes then scrub with a stiff brush and rinse off. Ensure you thoroughly dry the place, especially if it is your window panes.

For Swimming Pool And Cut Flowers

Image result for pouring bleach in the swimming pool

Chlorine bleach has a beautiful way of keeping the pool water clear as long as possible, mostly during winter when it’s rarely in use. Simply add a 5-liter bottle of bleach to your swimming pool water once a month and keep your water crystal clear through winter. Then you can revert the water when summer or spring is around the corner. Using the same knowledge, a bit of bleach can be used to cut flowers. It helps in keeping the water clean longer.

In laundry

Image result for pouring bleach in laundry images

Bleach is commonly known for its effectiveness when using it for laundry. If you have a stain on a white cloth, simply soak overnight or for some few minutes then launder as usual. You will have a whiter spotless cloth.


Before you start disinfecting garden tools and other stuff, you should start by cleaning them if they have a lot of dirt or organic materials. Failure to do so, the bleach will not sanitize properly. This is because it is deactivated by large amounts of dirt. You can use bleach to disinfect your garden tools at most once a year to reduce the risk of spreading plant diseases. When you want to reuse a flower pot, you can soak it in bleach to kill existing germs. Additionally, you can disinfect anything plastic that you have bought as second-hand.

Sterilize drinking water

For developing countries, with families that neither have the privilege of fresh water nor the resources to boil it, chlorine is a cheap and good way of sterilizing water. A half teaspoon of bleach to four gallons of water will be safe enough to drink.

Cleaning chopping boards

Bleach does a good job of cleaning wooden chopping boards. Butchers can really benefit when using bleach on their chopping board. All you do is pour the bleach and watch the stains disappear effortlessly. Although you should wash it again with a detergent and rinse it thoroughly before use.


The above are the smart ways you can use bleach in your home. After serving its purpose always keep it under lock and key.

10 Sneaker Cleaning Tips

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Keeping your sneakers clean and odor-free all the time will not only make your day confident but extraordinary as well!

Check out the tips below on how to properly maintain and clean you sneakers easy and hassle-free!

TIP 1: Remove the laces, insoles, and inserts.

Cleaning Sneakers Laces

Before you start cleaning your sneakers, remove the laces, insoles and inserts first. Be sure to separate them in the cleaning of your shoes. Wash the laces with soap or load them together with the laundry. You can either buy new ones if you like. As for the insoles and inserts, remove them also then air them. If they are smelly and nasty, sprinkle them with baking soda or disinfectant to freshen it up.

TIP 2: Rinse the shoes with cool water to remove any loose dirt or soil.

Water Cleaning Sneakers

When you’re done with the laces and insoles, start cleaning the sneakers by rinsing them with cold water to clean off any excess mud or dirt. You can also use a brush to take them off easily.

TIP 3: Use a soft brush and solution of mild liquid detergent and water to scrub the inside and outside of your sneakers.

Cleaning With A Toothbrush

In a bowl, mix water and mild liquid detergent (the amount depends on how dirty your shoes are). Dip the soft brush into the solution then gently start scrubbing the inside and outside of your shoes.
TIP 4: Do NOT use dishwashing detergents, bleach, solvents, harsh chemicals or abrasives for it can ruin the leather and cause fading in some synthetics.

Cleaning With Tide
When washing your sneakers, be sure not to use strong abrasives and harsh chemicals like bleach and dishwashing detergents. This might ruin the linings and synthetic materials of your shoes. It can also damage the color of your shoes especially when it is bright and colorful.

TIP 5: Remove the scuff marks and other stains using magic erasers and toothpaste.

Magic Eraser

Since scrubbing and brushing do not give you the guarantee of totally removing the dirt, grime and mud in the inner parts of your shoes. You can use either a toothpaste or a magic eraser to eliminate fully any scuff marks and excess dirt by just brushing and wiping it. It will work instantly. You’ll wonder how.

TIP 6: Rinse your sneakers entirely with cold water to wash away the dirt.

Cold Water
After scrubbing all the stains and dirt, rinse your shoes with cold water to fully clean it up. If you prefer warm water, it is effective too.

TIP 7: Disinfect your sneakers with Pine oil disinfectant to remove bacteria and smelly odor.

One thing you need to consider when cleaning your shoes is its nasty smelly odor. You can use Pine oil disinfectant to sanitize them. This will help not only in making your shoes fresh and fragrant but also bacteria and fungus free.

TIP 8: Dry your sneakers in a well-ventilated space. Do NOT put your sneakers in the dryer or directly in the sun for it might lose the shape and support of the shoes.

Drying Shoes
After washing your shoes, dry them in a well-ventilated space. Never put them in the dryer for this could cause damage to the rubber soles and linings. Also, Never dry them under direct sunlight for this could cause shrinkage and deformation on the shape and support of the shoes.
TIP 9: Stuff the sneakers loosely with white cotton towels or paper towels to help them retain their shape. Do NOT use newspaper because it might put ink on your socks the next day.

Paper Towels
When you dry your sneakers, never forget to stuff them with a paper towel or white cotton towels to prevent them from losing their shape and support. This stuff will help your shoes stay in their good form even after washing and cleaning them up multiple times.

TIP 10: Once everything is dry, put back the shoelaces and inserts.

Cleaning Shoes Finished
When your sneakers are already dry and clean, put the laces, insoles and inserts back to their place, and they’re good to go!

Additional Reminders:
• If the shoes are pricey and new, hand washing is a bit more gentle. Or if you prefer, send it to a professional cleaner for better results.
• If possible, refrain from cleaning your sneakers using machine wash unless it is stated in its manufacturing information that is can be washable. This might ruin your shoes from extreme heat and moisture, so it’s better if you first check the shoe tags for special washing instructions.
• If a pine oil disinfectant is not available to remove the nasty odor of the shoe, you can use baking soda as an alternative. When they are already dry, sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda into each shoe and leave overnight.
• When you’re done with the sneakers, carefully wash socks and gym bags too. This will prevent the spread of any bacteria and fungus that can cause problems to happen again.
• If you can afford to buy commercial products and want to clean your sneakers professionally, you can also use them in cleaning your sneakers together with some products that specifically formulated to clean suede.These products are also useful.
• If you are an athlete or a frequent runner, it is better if you use two shoes for you to alternate them in use. This way, you will not easily worn out your shoes.
• If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash your sneakers anymore, you can also use wet wipes as an alternative to quickly clean your sneakers on the go!
• Don’t put liners back in or wear your shoes until they are completely dry.

Hopefully, all the tips mentioned above will help you properly in cleaning your beloved sneakers anytime and anywhere!
Also, always keep in mind that a clean and odor-free shoe will always boost an individual’s confidence and cool. Not only that, a good clean shoe will also take its beholder to great places without worrying if they stink around many types of people.

Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Sparkly Clean

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The kitchen is an essential part of any home apart from the bedroom. Any kitchen speaks volume about the organization and cleanliness of any house.  This is where all the food is prepared and it has to be clean in order to avoid any health issues. The task of cleaning a kitchen and maintaining the cleanliness is never an easy job. Many homeowners find it to be a tiring task and this is why you will find many kitchens looking dirty and some have gone to the extent of becoming health hazards to the people living in the home.

If you desire a clean kitchen you have to tirelessly work for it and give your all. Cleaning a kitchen involves a lot of detailed processes which ensure that all the appliances and utensils in your kitchen stay spotlessly clean. Here are some tips that will transform your kitchen into a part of your home that you are proud of.


Have a clean fridge.

The refrigerator is a very crucial kitchen appliance which commands a great deal of cleanliness at all times.  There are many benefits of a clean fridge. You store leftover food and beverages in your fridge so it should be clean round the clock and safe for storing food. The food containers that go into your fridge should always be clean at all times. Before that bottle of beer or soda goes into the fridge ensure it is wiped off to remove any dust.

Regularly clean all the compartments of your fridge. You may do this by using warm water and some cleaning detergents. Don’t allow leftover food to stay in the fridge for such a long time. Always dispose of food that has overstayed in the fridge to create more space and avoid an occurrence of bad odour. A clean refrigerator will definitely add glitter to your kitchen always.




Keep Your Stove Clean

It’s an obvious fact that cleaning the grates of the stove is not the best job when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. Removing the grease from the grates proves to be tedious especially if you don’t have the right equipment such as a power scrubber. Sometimes you even feel like sparing yourself the hustle of cleaning and purchasing new grates for your stoves, but then you can’t purchase new ones every day, at some point, you will have to dedicate yourself and give them a good cleaning.  While that process is frustrating, using ammonia has proven to be the best solution in removing grease from the grates. Applying ammonia will definitely save you some good scrubbing time.


Pay attention to the microwave.

Many homeowners overlook the importance of cleaning their microwaves. Maybe it’s because the dirt inside the microwave is never seen by anyone until you want to heat some food. Dirt inside the microwave can become a host to several bacteria which will eventually ruin the food that you want to heat. It’s advisable to use lemon and some water to clean the microwave. Place lemon in a cup of water and put the cup in the microwave, then heat. The steam produced will clean the microwave and kill any bacteria present. The microwave too needs a touch of sparkling.







Clean The Dishes Immediately After Use

Dirty utensils are the number one reason a kitchen will look dirty. ensure that you clean the dishes every time you use them and never encourage a pileup.  Make sure you arrange them in their rightful place as soon as you are done washing them.  This will definitely give off that semblance of great order in the kitchen.


Keep The Countertops Spotless

Countertops are the most seen parts of the kitchen and if they are spotlessly clean then the kitchen will look clean. Ensure that you wipe and polish the countertops for that clean and sanitized look for your kitchen. Consider using  green cleaning products while at it and some kitchen items like vinegar, lemon and salt can be effective cleaning agents.




Let the pots shine.

If you are not using stainless pots, then you are often a victim of having stained pots after using them to cook some meals. Scrubbing the pots using steel wool is never a wonderful activity and it may leave your fingers aching so much. The cure to stained grease on the pots is using vinegar combined with salt. Rest assured that this combination can really work magic and leave all your pots sparkling. Avoid bruising your fingers while scrubbing pots using steel wool, instead use salt and vinegar and witness how shiny your pots will always beShiny pots too give off that look of cleanliness.


A Touch of cleanliness at The Sink

A kitchen can never be said to be clean if the sink alone is not clean. The sink is almost the heart of the kitchen, and of course, it depicts how clean your kitchen can be. At times you will end up having a clogged kitchen pipe or maybe a greased sink. It’s advisable to use cleaning products to always clean your sink. Nevertheless, always remember to rinse the kitchen every time you are done with using the sink. Remember that your sink is such a crucial part of your kitchen and that you shouldn’t underestimate keeping your sink clean at all times. This is where you wash all the dishes and the food holders and if it isn’t clean, then you risk a bacterial infection.


Try the lemon and vinegar combination today.

This combination is known for its endless string of uses particularly when it comes to cleaning at home. You can rely on this trick and solve a number of kitchen problems.  Cleaning with vinegar and lemon makes it easy to remove the stains that are normally in your kitchen sink. To add on that, this combination can also be used to remove bad smell that often is found in the fridge. This is such a great hack to deal with the foul smell that can be caused by food that has been in the fridge for such a lengthy time. Try this great tip and witness the freshness that will ooze from your kitchen.


As mentioned above, the kitchen is where meals for your family are prepared and thus it really deserves top-notch care and cleanliness. With these great, tips you can really bring some great aspect of sanitation in your kitchen. Remember that your kitchen deserves to be the cleanest room in your house where anyone who enters will feel absolutely refreshed.  The above great tips should help you transform your kitchen into this clean and sparkly section of your home.

Things In Your Home That Could Be Making You Sick

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When you think about things that could make you sick, the first that come to mind are probably packed airplanes, escalator railings, grocery cart handles, door knobs and the like. While those things can be full of germs and disease, there could be threats we don’t even think about that are even worse, and, right in your own home.

From microscopic bacteria to hidden mold, dust mites and all sorts of toxins, it’s important to be aware how your home may be putting you and your family’s health at risk so that you can do something about it.

  1. Hidden Mold

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Mold is very common in homes and can grow anywhere indoors where there is moisture. It tends to build up quickly on drywall, wallpaper, and wood, as newer homes are sealed for energy efficiency and serves to lock in moisture which exacerbates its growth. According to the Centers For Disease Control, scientific research has linked indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheezing in otherwise healthy individuals. Asthma symptoms may worsen in those who suffer from the condition, and mold has also been linked to allergic reactions in one in every three people, and respiratory illness in children who are otherwise healthy.

If you notice a faint musty smell, any indications of discoloration, peeling or water leaks, or, you or someone in your family is frequently fighting off symptoms like dry eyes, sneezing, coughing or rashes, it’s time to deal with the mold yourself or to call a professional into your home to check for mold.

2. Your Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products tend to be packed with chemicals, yet according to the EPA, just 7 percent of the top selling products for cleaning the home make that toxicity information available to the public. Ingredients in these common household items have been linked to asthma, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity, and even cancer. If you use them, the air in your home is likely to be more polluted than the air outdoors. While manufacturers argue that in small amounts, the toxic ingredients in their products aren’t likely to cause any health problems, but when we’re exposed to them on a regular basis, it adds the body’s “toxic burden.” That toxic burden refers to the number of chemicals stored in the body’s tissues at any given time, and can eventually cause enough harm that it triggers a disease to develop.

Instead of using these hazardous items, look for natural alternatives like vinegar combined with water in a spray bottle. Baking soda is abrasive, so it makes a great natural scrubbing ingredient as well.

  1. Can Opener

Image result for can opener images

Most people open up a can with their can opener and then just stick it right back in the drawer. Over and over again, sometimes for months or even years. But according to NSF International, a nonprofit public health group which analyzed 14 common kitchen items for the presence of four different types of microorganisms in a 2103 study, it could be a gathering spot for salmonella and E. coli. Mold and yeast were also found on some can openers, which are known to cause problems in those with allergies. Before you put that can opener back in the draw, hand washes it in hot, soapy water, making sure all food residue is removed, or, run it through the dishwasher.

4.Kitchen Blender

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If you don’t clean out your blender after every use, you could be inviting all sorts of microorganisms into your body, including E. coli and salmonella. NSF International advises taking it apart after every use and thoroughly cleaning it before putting it away. That means disassembling the entire jar base and putting in the dishwasher or washing everything in hot, soapy water. The blender’s gasket, which is a rubber seal at the base of most blenders, was found to be the third most germ-infested item in the home in its 2013 study.

5. Refrigerator Compartments

Image result for refrigerator compartments

It makes sense that the refrigerator can harbor all sorts of germs, with decaying, moldy foods often kept inside. While you probably scrub it out occasionally, many miss the bins meant to hold meat and produce, which are the worst areas of all. They’ve been found to contain yeast, mold, listeria, E. coli, and salmonella. Regularly remove them and wash them out with hot, soapy water. If your sink isn’t large enough, use the bathtub or a hose outside during the warmer months of the year.

6. Your Central Heating and/or Cooling System Vents

There are a few potential health hazards that come with central heating and cooling systems. According to the EPA, while a little bit of dust in the pipes is normal and typically harmless, sometimes mold and other potentially hazardous debris can build up, causing some serious health issues. If you become ill or are suffering from allergies suddenly for no apparent reason, this could be the problem. Experts say that if your pipes become contaminated, it’s important to remove the offending debris as soon as possible. The EPA advises that anyone with mold covering more than 10-square-foot area contact a mold removal specialist.

Another issue related to central heating systems is that it can cause problems with the natural oil gland in your eyes, drying them out, which can result in eye infections or frequent coughing at night. Installing a humidifier can help.

7. Vacuum Cleaners

Does your vacuum have a HEPA filter? If not, it could be putting you at risk for a host of nasty bacteria and microbes that can sneak into your system, triggering allergies and negatively impacting your breathing. The dust from the vacuum also contains antibiotic-resistant genes that may result in lung damage over time. A HEPA-like filter doesn’t do the trick, according to Jeff May, author of ‘My House Is Killing Me!’ as when you vacuum, the cleaner sucks in air and then filters the dust and expels the air, but if the filter isn’t really collecting the dust, that means you’re simply releasing particles into the air.

8. Plumbing Leaks

If you don’t see any damage or sign of any other issues, you may think a little leak isn’t a big deal, but it’s not something you should ignore. Even if you don’t see it, water damage, bacterial and mold growth can start to develop within just 48 hours from the time the leak begins. Moisture in the home has been associated with all sorts of health issues, and a damp house has been proven time and again to cause respiratory illnesses and many other concerns. The director of the Clean Air Program at Oklahoma’s University of Tulsa, Dr. Richard Shaugnessy, has noted: “Moisture in homes has been identified again and again to be associated with respiratory problems and other detrimental health to people within homes. There’s mold, there are bacteria, and the dampness is more conducive to having more pests in the home.”

9. Carpets

Of course, there are times when our carpets are obviously dirty, it can happen so easily, but what about when that pricey, luxurious carpet looks spotless? If it’s brand new, it’s a major source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may include highly toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, a well-known human carcinogen. It’s been definitively linked to both throat and nose cancer and is known to cause chronic irritation of airways and the throat that can potentially lead to a dangerous infection, asthma, frequent nosebleeds and other respiratory problems, according to the U.S. government National Toxicology Program. Those risks are even higher in infants, the elderly and those who have a compromised immune system.

A carpet that’s been in the home for any amount of time, even if it does appear flawless, is harboring dirt, dander, bacteria, and other irritants. When those irritants get into the air you breathe, they eventually enter your lungs and cause problems.  Once a carpet has accumulated irritants, it can lead to skin conditions, respiratory issues, and potential mold growth. Be sure to have it cleaned professionally on a regular basis, or consider removing it altogether.

There are more things that coould be making you sick in your own home but the above are just some of the most common ones.

Best Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen

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Looking for a solution on how to clean the kitchen the easy way? Check these excellent kitchen cleaning tips that will cast your worries away!

TIP 1: Prepare and gather your cleaning tools.

Before you start anything else in your kitchen, gather all your cleaning tools first. Use the sponge or a damp cloth, dry cloth, mopping tool, broom, brush, dish soap, lemon, ice cubes, vinegar, salt, and baking soda. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner for easy cleaning results.
TIP 2: Clean your stove.
In cleaning the stove, start by wiping all the burners and stove surfaces using a damp soapy cloth. Or if you prefer, scrub them using a brush in the sink with water and soap. After doing this, remove the control knobs and wash them. Dry them out using a dry cloth.

TIP 3: Clean your oven.
Next to clean is your oven. Start up by cleaning the grates. Scrub and wipe them using a brush and a soapy sponge. Afterwards, make an oven cleaning mixture (salt, baking soda and water) then spread it inside the oven using a brush. Leave it overnight.

TIP 4: Clean out your microwave, blender, coffeemaker, coffee grinder, casseroles and cast iron pans.

Also, keep in mind to clean all other appliances and kitchen tools you use often. Keep them together so that you’ll not forget them.
In cleaning the microwave, make a vinegar-water solution in a microwave-safe bowl then steam it for 5 minutes. Put it out after steaming then start wiping away all the grime and crumbs inside your microwave using the sponge. They will come off easily. Dry and wipe them again with a clean, dry cloth.
In cleaning your blender, take the pitcher straight to the sink then put in a little water and a drop of dish soap. Put it back in the blender, and turn it on for 20 seconds. Rinse it out and you’re done.
In cleaning your coffee maker and coffee grinder, fill the empty jug a quarter full of ice then squeeze lemon and put salt. Swirl it for 2 minutes then rinse.
In cleaning your casseroles and cast iron pan, use salt or a mild dishwashing soap. Rinse with water and soft dishcloth or paper towel. Do not scrub and never use abrasive cleaners for it might remove the non-stick surface of the pan.

TIP 5: Clean your refrigerator and freezer.
To clean your refrigerator and freezer, start up by unplugging it. Remove all the contents. Throw and dispose of already expired products and rotten fruits and vegetables. Make a mixture of water and baking soda then dip sponge into it. Scrub the drawers and shelves of the fridge. Afterwards, wipe the solution away with damp cloth then a dry cloth. Put back all the needed items again in the fridge.

TIP 6: Clean your counters and kitchen cabinets.
Clear and remove all items in the counters and inside your kitchen cabinets. Throw away expired items and rotten products. Wipe the interior and exterior of the cabinet with a damp soapy cloth to remove crumbs and dirt. Wipe down counters with a sponge or a damp soapy cloth. Dry it by wiping a dry cloth/rag.

TIP 7: Clean your dirty dishes and sink.
Once you’re done with the counters and cabinets, proceed to the sink. Wash all the dishes and place them inside the drawer. After doing this, clean and wipe the sink and faucet with sponge and dish soap. Also, scrub away mineral deposits using water-vinegar solution then rinse with water. Dry everything with using a dry cloth.

TIP 8: Clean and make sure your garbage disposal is working properly.
Check the draining system if it is clogged or not. If it there’s some clogging, run on your garbage waste disposal to remove the things that were lurking away.
TIP 9: Clean your kitchen walls from splatters and stains.
Next to do is to clean your kitchen walls. Wipe them with sponge and dish soap. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner or a baking soda-water solution to remove splatters and stains.
TIP 10: Sweep and mop the floor to remove all the excess dirt, crumbs, dust and garbage.
Sweep and mop the floor to finish cleaning up. This will help you to dispose of and remove excess dirt, stains, spills, dust and crumbs being wiped away during the cleaning.
TIP 11: To finish up, put everything back to place and dispose of your trash out.
Once you’re done with everything else, finish up by returning all your cleaning materials back to their places. Afterwards, take the trash out for proper disposal and you’re done!

If you follow all these tips properly and according to the instruction, you’ll clean your kitchen without having a hard time! Hopefully, this will help you a lot.