Common stubborn Stains at home and How to Remove Them

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Stains can be very frustrating and depressing. Regardless of where they are, either on the floor or on the couch or even on a blouse, they can really be stubborn and annoying. The process of getting rid of these stains is never an easy one and it calls for dedication. Some stains actually need to be attended to immediately they happen lest you will have a very hard time dealing with them. As stated, the process of stain removal can be frustrating and some people just opt to get rid of a certain piece of cloth even before trying to remove the stain. It’s advisable to use a detergent that will not destroy your fabric. Here are some common and stubborn stains at home and some easy stain removal solutions.

The Grass Is Tough.

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As children play, it’s almost given they will have grass on their clothes. Removing grass stains proves tough sometimes. First, use detergent to thoroughly rub the patch with the grass stains. Ammonia is recommended when the stain persists even after vigorously rubbing with detergent.

Grease And/Or Oil.


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Grease on the clothes or on a kitchen utensil is another stubborn stain. using an absorbent powder such as baking soda, apply it on the grease stain and let it stay there for a minute or two. While at it, don’t forget to use paper towels or white cloth which is placed just beneath the stain.

Removing Red Wine.

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Red wine can be enjoyable until it spills on the carpet or it finds itself in your white blouse or shirt. Dealing with a red wine spill can be devastating sometimes. To remove a red wine stain, cover the stain with salt. Deep the garment into cold water and let it soak overnight. You can then wash it clean in the morning and the stain will easily come off.

Tomato-Based Products.

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Ketchup and other tomato-based products happen to be one of the stubborn stains found at home. To deal with a ketchup spill, soak the clothing in warm water for a few minutes then rub the stained patch using a sponge. You can opt to use methylated spirit if the stain proves to be more stubborn. If it’s possible, it’s recommended to rinse the stained spot with running cold water once the spill has occurred.

Fruity Fruit Juice.

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Fruit juices are normally sweet and pleasurable. But it’s never pleasurable dealing with stains caused by fruit juices. Soak the garment in cold water for approximately half an hour. Use warm water and about two drops of a detergent to soak the clothing even further. Afterwards, use cool water to rinse the garment. Apply a solution of vinegar and water and leave it there for probably nine minutes before washing the clothing in detergent mixed with water.


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Playful children do know how to get their clothes dirty, you can’t blame them though. Before dealing with the mud, let it dry off firstly. Deep the garment in water mixed with a washing detergent. Using a brush with gentle bristles, brush the mud off. If it is the floors of your home that have been muddied, a good cleaning with detergent  and lots of water will do. This is an effective stain removal tactic for mud.

Crayons aren’t beautiful on the wall.

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Kids do love to play around with crayons and they will make drawings on just anywhere. They aren’t intellectually mature enough to know that’s it’s wrong to have writings on the wall. There are products designed to deal with sticky substances, such products include mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise on the crayon markings and leave it there for five minutes. Using a damp piece of cloth slowly wipe it away.

What about that ink spill?

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In all honesty, ink spill can easily ruin a good-looking carpet or even a shirt. Removing ink stain has proven to be very hard thus causing tremendous damage. To deal with ink spill, apply lubricant spray on the spot and leave it for probably five minutes. Dip a sponge into the warm and soapy water and gently rub the stained area and then rinse it with clean water.

Spills from nail polish.

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Just as you are doing your nails, mistakably some nail polish might find itself onto the floor. Worst still, kids might use the nail polish brush and make drawings on the floor and floor. To remove this kind of stain, you need to use hairspray and spray on the stain together with rubbing alcohol. Pour a bit of cold water on the floor and then scrub the stain off.

Stains from olive oil.

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Quite on recipes prepared in the kitchen call for use of olive oil, hence you aren’t spared from olive oil stains. While cooking your meal, olive oil stains easily splash out of the pan onto the counter or on other utensils or even on the floor. Put a layer of baking soda on the stain and leave it for half an hour. The baking soda absorbs the olive oil stain. Use a brush to remove any dried olive oil that might be left behind. Then wash away the baking soda using warm water and vinegar.

Are markings from permanent marker pens permanent?

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Permanent marker pens are used for several purposes and if not carefully handled they can be very destructive. If accidentally dropped on the floor or on a cloth, they leave a marking but does that mean that that marking can’t be dealt with? Using white vinegar and washing liquid you will be able to get rid of the stain. Mix water with portions of vinegar and washing liquid and pour the mixture on the stain. After half an hour bolt the stained patch with a cloth then flush with water. You may have to do this procedure severally to completely get rid of the mark.

Homes are prone to dirt and spills. This is not inevitable and that’s why you should be prepared to deal for stain removal as soon as they happen. These tips discussed will give you a deserving boost in your quest of removing stubborn stains in your home. A remedy to stains translates to you having a peaceful time.




Common Dishwashing Mistakes That You Are Making.

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Dishwashers were invented to make our work easier and not going through all that hustle of having to clean everything within a limited time. However, there are very many mistakes that we do as we are using it which probably do not come with the manual. Most homeowners are very ignorant of dishwashing practices that most of the time they make cringe-worthy mistakes that end up causing long-term effects health wise, or on the dishwashing functionality.  Here are a few pointers on the mistakes that we probably do unknowingly.

  1. Everything In The Dishwasher

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Packing up everything in the dishwasher just to make use of every inch of space doesn’t work. Some of the dishes might not get cleaned as the dishwashing soap might not reach them. Put a reasonable number of dishes to ensure that all your utensils are perfectly cleaned. It is also not a good idea to put lesser items in a dishwasher as this may cause breakage when the dishes are moving around in there.

  1. Do not thoroughly clean your greasy dishes.

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Avoid cleaning the grease off from your bowls completely. This also includes scrubbing them. Leave some of the work for the dishwasher. After all, what is the dishwasher for? However, if you feel hand-washing them is better especially if they have stubborn grease stains, then by all means do it.

  1. Clean your dishwasher.

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Make sure you clean your dishwasher from time to time to avoid coating the dishwasher with dirt from your dishes. You wouldn’t expect a dirty dishwasher to clean your utensils. The best method of cleaning it is to use vinegar and baking soda. You can also go to the stores for advice on what else to use. This will also prevent bad odor in there.

  1. Keep iron pans away from the dishwasher.

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The best way to handle iron pans is by hand washing them. It is not a good idea to wash them in a dishwasher as this may shorten their lifespan by making them seem faded. This also applies to non-stick pans with carbon coating which can be easily scraped off after a while. Do not also use very harsh liquid soap when cleaning them. If they are too greasy, you can use lemon and a little bit of soap with warm water for better results.

  1. Pre-wash.

Make it a habit to pre-wash the plates or spoons that have that stubborn food stain before placing them in the dishwasher. This will ensure thorough cleaning is done in the dishwasher. As earlier stated, do not entirely clean your plates. Just pass them through water and a soft cloth.

  1. Avoid putting light plastics in the washer.

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Keep plastics away from the dishwasher especially the very light ones as the heat in the dryer might melt the plastic and damage your machine. Hand wash your plastics and dry them completely before storing them. If you could completely try and avoid them, it would be a very good idea health wise. Remember when plastic melts it lets off some toxins which might not be healthy for you especially if you are using the plastic for food.

  1. Sort out your dishes.

Just as you sort out your clothes before putting them in the dry cleaner, do the same for your dishes too. Putting in your dishes without any sort of order will only result to chaos cleaning which might not turn out clean dishes. Hand-wash the bigger dishes first. Place the smaller dishes at the center and the bigger dishes at the back to avoid blocking the smaller dishes from being reached. This way the cleaning process will go a lot smoother and your dishes will be effectively cleaned.


  1. Avoid putting wooden dishes.

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For your wooden utensils to have a longer life, it is better that you avoid having them in the dishwasher as the heat will cause them to have cracks. Wash these by hand and air dry them. It is important that they remain water-free and dry for them to last longer.

  1. Hand-wash your cutlery.

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Knives and forks may be the cause of damage to your sensitive plates. Keep them off of your dishwasher and have them cleaned manually. The dishwashing liquid can also make your steel items appear faded. Dry the cutlery well before storing it because you definitely don’t want a case of rusted knives and forks.

  1. Use a rinse agent.

It is highly recommended that you use a rinse agent together with dishwashing liquid soap just to ensure that you leave no soapy spots on the dishes afterward. Soapy spots are definitely not a food end result and your dishes will not really be clean.

  1. Check the water temperature.

Not only do you want your dishes clean but you want them sanitized. Ensure that you have the correct water temperature. Check the settings on the water heater. Do not put very high or low temperatures. Consider the utensils material, whether its ceramic, glass, plastics or melamine because each of them reacts differently to water of different temperatures.

With the above ideas, it may seem as if using the dishwasher is rocket science but on the contrary, it is the best way to clean your dishes as it saves water and a lot of time and energy. Get to know how it works before taking it home and have it checked once in a while to make sure it is still effective. If you do not have any idea on how to clean it, you could always go to the store and get some ideas on how to go about it.


Home Décor Trends That Are Now Outdated and what to replace them with.

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Everyone loves the idea of timeless space that never goes out of style. The changing of home decors can be challenging. You can wake up one day and decide you just want to see bold colors and the next thing you think about is how you will tone down decor by taking a  minimalistic approach. Don’t just get any trend out there, choose a home decor design that you love and enjoy creating. So, take that bold step and go ahead and change the outdated decors for the best ones. Keep reading below to find out what to replace with the outdated home decors.

Single Color Decor

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There is a way that you can establish a new design without sacrificing colors or any patterns that you like. The single color bare space design is too plain and uninteresting because there is something detached and lacking in personality about it. It might have rocked back in the past years but not in today’s modern home. You can replace that with modern glam. Adding colors and patterns to your home makes it look vibrant, warm and inviting.

 Dominant White Color Style

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White walls are really great but the strictly colorless palette could get boring. You don’t have to paint all your walls with white colors. Too much of white is not needed, adding textured layers is very important; it makes your home look lovely. You can have a mix of colors and style; creating this lovely homely look with a little bit of lighting, mirrors and some few key pieces of art will make your home look great. Also mixing metals, aged brass or patinated steel and some little bit of black and brown on the furniture makes it look more classic and modern.

Industrial kitchen

Having famous brands of appliances in your kitchen like the refrigerators, dishwasher, ovens, or gas cooker makes your kitchen look modern. However, there is something about the name of those brands standing out that makes your kitchen look outdated and anything but modern. You can conceal them as best as possible by adding decorations. It is possible to achieve that lovely home kitchen look compared to a store selling kitchen appliances look.

Accent walls

There is this trend of having single walls in a jazzy factor using wallpaper that seems really old-fashioned. This trend in your house sometimes gives the impression that the budget you planned for wasn’t enough.  You can best replace them with a fine texture wall, instead of using the loud colored wallpaper. Also, consider incorporating your walls with a polished plaster or even more subtle textured wallpaper like the silk or the grass cloth. This adds the interest and texture in a beautiful way.

Midcentury modern

A lot of people think that this trend is here to stay, but this trend is anything but modern.  You can change this trend and replace it with variety. A blend of contemporary, custom/bespoke and the vintage piece from various periods in order to create a unique look. Using a variety of vintage pieces makes your home look interesting and brings out this special elegance. You just have to choose decorative pieces that will be most effective in achieving the visual effect you want. 

Rose gold Decoration

This kind of metallic accent is everywhere, everyone uses it but in due time it will be up soon. The pink color in it makes it very difficult to coordinate with the rest colors of the room. Especially if your rooms are filled with bold colors. It is advisable to replace them with the metallic accent. Filling your room with metallic accent brings a contemporary and a glamorous feeling. You should go for the timeless materials like the gold and silver in your choice of decorative pieces, so as to achieve the exact look that you need.

Farmhouse Look

Image result for farmhouse home decor images

Farmhouse look trend is too common. It gained popularity for many years because, in the past years, it was really appropriate. However, having this trend in your home might not be appropriate during these modern times when practically most things have changed right from furniture to how houses are made. You can replace this look by bringing the outdoors in. Consider some beautiful houseplants, lovely wicker furniture and so on.

Traditional Common Look

The traditional look where there is simply a table and chairs to make the home interior complete is better left in the past. There is no creativity and nothing that makes the eye want to linger. The best thing to do if your home has this kind of look is simply shopping for modern furniture.  Look for the modern appliances, paint your walls an inviting color and accessorize with beautiful draperies and carpets. There is a lot that you can do to transform your common traditional look into that lovely and inviting modern home interior, that makes your guests want to stay longer.

 Repetitive design

It is very easy to design your home using the same colors and pattern throughout but in the real sense, this design is very tired. Creating a unique and personal is very nice and it is very important to have uniqueness in your choice of decoration. You can replace your past design using personalized accessories and artwork. Just go ahead and display your personal design with items like art, books, and sculpture to give your home a bit of personality.


You don’t have to be stuck in the past with your home interior. Move with the times unless you are transforming your home into a museum. Maybe it is time to let go of the 13-century furniture that your great-grandparents used and replace it with a more modern-looking one.  In case you design to go vintage, let the vintage decorative pieces accentuate the modern look. 

The above list just mentions a few of the home decor trends from the past, there are many more. You just have to look around your home and note anything that looks too ancient and isn’t adding elegance to your home interior, then look for a replacement or simply get rid of it.






How to Get rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell in Your House

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It could be you love smoking cigarettes while seated at your favorite couch as you watch your favorite show, or maybe it could be you just moved into a new house and the previous owner was a heavy smoker, either way, the smell of cigarette in a house is something to reckon with. Cigarette smoke is something that you can’t get rid off that easily.

Unless all your guests are smokers, it can feel quite embarrassing having guests coming over when smoke smell thoroughly engulfs your home. There is an endless array of solutions of solving this kind of a menace. These solutions range from avoiding smoking inside your house to smoking near a window. Still, the smoke smell can persist. Here are some great methods to completely get rid of that annoying smoke smell.


Start with the fabric.

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As cigarette smoke rises up it diffuses with air and finds its way to any fabric in your house. It settles on curtains and even on your clothes and books. Even when you are not smoking, you can be sure that your house will have that nauseating cigarette smoke smell. It gets worse when you open your window and the wind blows your curtains. The smoke smell then becomes increasingly notable. The best way to deal with this is by washing your curtains and clothes with detergents. Hand wash or machine wash, either can do the trick just perfectly. But just to be sure, check on the fabric for the washing guidelines given.

Mirrors and glasses do attract smoke.

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Virtually everything in your house attracts smoke and that’s why your house will ooze smell of smoke every time. A thin residue of smoke is left behind on the glasses and mirrors. The residue is too thin to be seen. On a typical sunny day, the thin film of residues gets heated up making your room smell smoke. If you often smoke while your windows are closed then you can be sure your glasses have attracted a lot of smoke residue. To rectify this, spray the glasses and mirrors with white vinegar. Using a paper towel, gently wipe the glasses and mirrors.


Work on your carpet too.

Getting rid of smoke smell in a house isn’t a one process kind of thing. It takes several processes and activities to make your house have an inviting fragrance. Carpets do absorb smoke smell as well and if you have a carpet then you should clean it regularly. If by mistake cigarette ash falls on the carpet, it will absorb the odor thus changing the smell in your house. You need to have your carpet cleaned and you can opt to have it taken to professional carpet cleaners or clean it yourself. During carpet cleaning, remember to use the right detergents.

Don’t forget the walls and ceilings.

Smoke is not visible but it will find its way and settle on just anything. It settles as a thin residue film and this film is actually responsible for the smoke smell in your house. Deal with smoke residue that has settled on walls and ceilings using paint. If you are willing to spend a few cash here and there, you may consider the option of repainting the walls and ceilings. A new paint mixed with sealing primer will cover the old paint thus keeping the smoke smell covered. Alternatively, you can use cleaning detergents that contain ammonia. However, it’s advisable to try these cleaning products on small areas to test the impact they will have on your wall.


Time to install an air purifier.

Image result for air purifier images

Air purifiers work exceedingly wonderful when it comes to getting rid of the smoke smell or even dust smell in your house. These devices get rid of any contaminant that may be lingering in the air. When you install such a device in your house you can rest assured that even after a smoking session in your house, you won’t have to feel bothered by the smoke smell. This technique when integrated with the other methods discussed herein will work exemplary very good. With this device, you can very happily kiss constant smoke smell goodbye. However, remember to check the manual guidelines when you purchase this device.


Empty the ashtray immediately after smoking.

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Ashtrays and cigarette leftover pieces should never be left to stay in the house for lengthy periods. Ashtrays and cigarette pieces are heavy contributors as to why your house maybe smelling cigarette smoke. It is very advisable to empty and clean your ashtray immediately after a smoking session. It’s also recommended to wash clean the ashtray after emptying its content. This is because the smoke smell will still remain in the ashtray hence your house will still have that smoke smell.


White vinegar.

White vinegar produces excellent results when you want to eliminate bad odor in your house. White vinegar doesn’t really have a great scent but it eliminates the bad odor that lingers in your house.  Put white vinegar in a bowl and leave it in the room for a few hours. You will be able to notice a great deal of difference afterward. One advantage of using white vinegar is that its scent doesn’t linger behind even after taking the bowl out.


Wipe all surfaces.

Image result for clean home surfaces images

Smoke residues will settle even on hard surfaces such as the floor or even on the tables. Surfaces of table end up smelling cigarette even when there is no cigarette or ashtray on the table surface. Use ammonia or white vinegar to thoroughly clean surfaces of tables or even drawers.

These tips work great when they are integrated together. Prevention will always be better than cure, smoking outside will save you some troubles; however, everyone has their preferences. Nevertheless, always ensure your house is properly ventilated. This will not only get rid of smoke smell in your house but also eliminate other bad odors that may fill your room. These tips are easy to implement and if you put dedication and determination you can be sure that you will reap very good results.

Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Flower Pots

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Have you ever walked into a room and had your breath taken away? It happens. Live houseplants and flowers in a beautiful pot are always good for your home and will achieve exactly that. They add color and give off a good homely, natural vibe. Moreover, the scent and fresh air come as a blessing to your family and guests. Often, when we talk about decorating our homes, we can easily think of everything else than plants. Yes, many have disregarded the transformation a simple home flower pot can do. Understandably though, it might be because of the effort required to care for the plant. Regardless, you wouldn’t want to miss on the magic a home flower pot can do. Health benefits of houseplants and flowers aside, they can seriously step up the overlook of your home.

By just adding a few details to your home flower pots, you will have a breathtaking space. I have noticed that people (I included at one point) have home flower pots but feel there is something missing like it’s just not good enough. You want something that matches your personality and should be good for the flower too. Well, I learned that you can easily deal with that. Faced with a sea of choices and limited funds, I was down to using what I already had. And my pots were great; just felt too plain. Therefore, I looked for ways to spruce them up and you’ll be amazed at what I came up with. With spring in the air, you don’t have to re-pot your plants. Here are some creative do-it-yourself ways you can bring life to them.


Image result for painted flower pots images

Let’s get practical, after a neighbor springs for a new exterior paint job, it doesn’t take long for you to see everyone else standing out in front of their house with paint brochures and color swatches. Why? The answer is quite simple. A good paintwork can transform the appearance of any item in question by beautifying, adding character and personality to it. In the same way, you can transform your ordinary flowerpots into works of art with just some masking tape and spray paint. Before painting them, consider if the color will coincide with your existing décor. You can then take your plain pot and give it a new coat of paint. As you are at it, ensure that the surface is dry and free from dirt. Then apply a uniform coat of paint and let it dry. The paint should last for several years but if you are adventurous and love the change from time to time; just repeat the process. But you might consider removing the existing one before a new paint job.

If you want to make your pots even more decorative, you can use painter’s tape to create a two-toned pattern. Start by covering the rim of the pot with the tape, and then apply the first coat of color. Once the paint is dry, cover that part with a newspaper and the tape leaving the rim exposed. Go ahead and paint the rim with a different shade or color. After it has dried, remove the masking, and there you have a beautiful 2-toned flower pot. There’s so much you can do with paint; be open-minded and go for what the heart wants. It is about making you happy anyway.

Use fabric

Image result for fabric tied flower pots

Using fabric is a great way of transforming your plain pots into a colorful statement piece for your home by adding character and texture to them. There are various ways you can play around with your fabrics and come up with something uniquely beautiful. My favorite is covering it with fabric strips of different attractive colors. But you can, of course, go as wide as your imagination and creativity take you, as long as it’s visually attractive though. Basically, you will have to use some adhesive to the area of the pot that you need to be covered and place the fabric on top. Before using the fabric, you can paint the pot for it to coincide with the fabric if need be.

Use a knitted cover

Related image

For more uniqueness, you can have a knitted cover for your flower pots. You can choose a cover of different or same color. Knitting limits your pot to have one texture, regardless; you can have the cover knitted in different patterns. The upsides of having knitted covers are that you can have as many as you want since they are affordable and can easily get cleaned when they get dirty. This makes you pot look good and new as long as the cover is in good condition. It is as easy as eating pie.

Use glitters

Image result for glitter decorated flower pots

You can decorate your flower pots with glitter just to make them stand out a bit. I’d suggest you start by painting them first for a better-polished look. Glue the pieces to the bottom part of the planter in random patterns. Use a painter’s tape to get a clean line at the bottom.

Wrap a rope

Related image


Wrapping a rope around your planter is an easy way of transforming it in a classic way. You can wrap the whole pot with a rope or some sort of twine; yet to add the texture you can include a wrapping paper. All you have to do is wrap the planter in the paper and trim the edges. Then using a glue gun, attach the rope around the top half of the planter.

Use burlap

Image result for flower pots wrapped in burlap images

I personally love using burlap because of its simplicity that makes a big impact. Wrapping your pot with burlap and adding some ribbon can make your flower pots look really cute and elegant. It is quite easy to do and there are so many ways to embellish them. Just keep it simple by twine or jute to tie up the burlap. You can also use a chevron burlap ribbon and make a big bow for your pot.

There are so many ways you can add color to your flower pots. Incorporate some of the ones listed and watch the overlook of your space transform.





How To Hand Wash Clothes Without A Washer Or Dryer

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Modern technology is the mother of a lot of marvels today such as the machine washer and dry-cleaning machines. These have been used for more than a century now and are basic parts of our lives – helping to wash our laundry, keeping us clean and tidy.

But what if our machines just disappeared? It is imperative to know how to hand wash clothes since you might need the skills when you are in an area with no power or machines. Jungles, forests, camping grounds are just some examples of places you might need hand washing skills.

  1. First Fundamentals

Image result for soated dirty laundry images

Before you embark on hand washing, you will need to gather all your dirty clothes for cleaning. Then you will have to inspect the cloth tags on the back of the neck (for upper body clothing) or the small of the back (for abdominal clothing). These tags will have information on whether it is okay to hand wash the specific cloth or not.

After you have affirmed that the clothes are hand washable, you will have to separate the white clothes from the dull colored ones. This is because some dull colored clothes bleed dyes which can permanently stain your white clothes. You can still whiten your white fabrics but that is a topic for another day.

  1. Gather your Tools of Trade

Image result for large laundry tub with clothes images

To hand wash effectively, you will have to find a large spacious tub, preferably plastic ware to soak and wash in. Also, you will need a bar of soap and a powder or liquid detergent to help soften the dirt. You will then need water. Water from natural sources is too full of minerals, it will be hard water which is really hard to lather, and may stain clothes with the scum formed.

You can boil such water to reduce the mineral content in the water or use tap water which is already treated. You will even need more plastic tubs to rinse your clothes in. Also make sure you have a ready hanging line in place, for your clothes to dry on.

  1. 3. Soaking

Image result for soaked clothes in a tub images

Soaking helps dissolve fats, greases, and dirt from the fabric. It also softens clothes so that washing will be much easier and you will not have to use too much force such that you damage the fabric. Remember to straighten the clothes to allow water to permeate the fabric and soften out dirt.
Also during soaking, separate heavy and light clothes.

Do not keep your laundry soaked for too long in soapy water since this might damage your fabrics.

  1. Cleaning

For the lightest clothes, handkerchiefs, and wiping clothes; they can be disinfected by boiling them. For other clothes, use detergent to clean them. Smother them with soap then hold a random part of the cloth with both of your hands. Move your hands in opposite directions to each other as if to tear them but with much lesser force. Do so quickly.

The dirt will come off and the brightness of the fabric will increase as the fabric gets cleaner. If the soaked garments start producing bad odors, you can use vinegar to purge the smells. For the heavy garments, place them on a surface and scrub the dirt off with a brush.

Otherwise, you can use a toilet plunger to agitate the heavy clothes and make the water remove the dirt. The plunger works like an agitator in a washing machine making your work easier.
Avoid washing silk garments that are brightly colored or patterned since they may bleed off dyes permanently marking other clothes. Rinse the washed clothes then repeat again for maximum effect. As a bonus, you could reuse the water to wash the second batch of clothes, with no additional detergents.

  1. 5. Drying

Related image

After washing your clothes, you will need them dried. You can dry them without using a drier. For a quick drying method, use a thick fluffy towel. Place your damp cloth on the towel then wrap your towel all over it. Then wring the towel with the cloth in it. The water will be held by the towel and the cloth will have lost most of its water. For tough clothes, you can just force squeeze them until most of the water is gone.

You could also let the clothes air-dry out in the sun, hanging on a drying line. The sun is even better as the light rays from the sun will kill any bacteria left in the fabrics. It also restores fabric strength when the clothes are exposed to sunlight for a considerable amount of time. However, when left out for too long in the hot sun, fabrics will degrade, so beware.

  1. Tips

Don’t leave colored clothes out for long, they will fade very quickly. Also, using soft water, such as drinking water might save you time when hand washing clothes than using hard water (water from natural sources). Soft water lathers too easily making it the best for washing.

Use mild detergents when hand washing, since stronger detergents will damage your hands. Lingerie, handkerchiefs and light clothes should be washed first as they require least effort. Heavy fabrics such as denim can damage hands when washing. If they are too dirty, then using a plunger to agitate them is the best way to wash them.

Vinegar can be added to aid in cleaning clothes.

Using pegs will help keep clothes anchored on the drying line and prevent hostile winds from carrying them away. For maximum sunlight effect, you can place your wet clothes on a clean surface outdoors and they will dry twice as faster than on a drying line.Clothes that have been dried using the towel wringing method will require ironing since they most likely have a lot of creases on them.

Dispose your used washing water away from healthy plants as this water might poison them. For shoes, hang them upside down to dry quickly. Also, make sure all clothes are in their inside-out format while hanging them. This is because some of them might fall later while picking and it is better to get the inside surface dirty than the outer one.
If properly done, hand washing is more of a thrill than work. Have fun.

Ways To Make Your Storage Cabinets More Space Efficient.

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You may look at your cabinets and see that they are full. But take a closer second look. The problem might be that you do not know how to maximize that space that you have or even make use of it. There are better ways of storing your stuff without having to re-build your cabinets. You do not necessarily have to have a whole room as a pantry. Some of the ideas below will have you surprised on how much space you have been wasting.

  1. Arrange according to size and shape.

Image result for different sized items on shelves

Have items that are of same size and shape in one level of the cabinets to make sure that they perfectly fit. Putting different shapes of jars in one level may end up consuming a lot of space as they will not perfectly interlock with each other.

  1. Prioritize your items.

To avoid re-arranging your cabinet every time you want to get something, ensure that you have the most used items on the lower part of your cabinet and in the front line. This will help in keeping your kitchen always looking organized.

  1. Get organizers.

Image result for moving stuff in boxes images

These are big boxes found at the store and can be used to store very many things that when kept out in the open on the cabinets will tend to make the place look clumsy and unkept. However, their efficiency, try and arrange the stuff in there as well so that one box can accommodate a reasonable number of items.

  1. Get rid of plastic bags when storing dry food.

Related image

Organizing foodstuff in plastic bags or even the grocery bags will look so untidy and is not even healthy for you. Try putting things like biscuits, beans, or dried peas in mason jars to make the place look attractive and well managed. The best kinds of jars are the clear ones so you can be able to see what you can add to your next grocery list.

This may sound weird but having some small lights either underneath each cabinet or wherever you want to place them will be a good idea. This will make the place look more spacious. It is also a good way of avoiding any bugs that like crawling in dark places causing damage like cockroaches. The lights do not have to be too bright. Just have medium light bulbs.

  1. Keep your shoe boxes.

Image result for shoes in shoe boxes images

For the shoe cabinets, it is better that you keep your shoe boxes because they come in handy especially for the shoes that you rarely wear. Place those on the topmost shelf. Ensure that you clean that place from time to time to avoid accumulated dust.

  1. Add hooks for convenience.

Image result for Hooks in the kitchen for storage images

For items like pans, cake spatulas, and grill forks, you can choose to add hooks and hang them there instead of having them lying flat on the cabinets. The hooks should be placed in very strategic and safe places out of reach of children as the heavy pans may drop on them while they are playing around.

  1. Seek for extra spaces.

Image result for behind the door storage images

You can have your DIY shelves in other places that do not make the place seem too overcrowded like at the corners of your kitchen, behind or over the doors. Put a rubber stopper on the door to prevent bagging the door to the shelf.

  1. Opt for hooks in the garage.

Image result for hooks in the garage for storage images

Tools in the garage should be stored with a lot of caution as some of them are sharp and heavy. The best way to store them is by hanging them on hooks according to their use, size and how frequently needed they are. This is will ensure enough space for your car and your children’s bikes without having to knock any protruding cabinets over.

  1. Have inbuilt cabinets in your kid’s bedroom.

Image result for inbuilt bedroom cabinets images

To avoid clustering of clothes in one tiny place. You could think of going for beds that have cabinets on or underneath them. Things like toys and inner garments can fit there perfectly. Avoid places where you have to place things out in the open if they are not being used just to make sure their room looks spacious and not clumsy.

  1. Get pull down or sliding racks for smaller books.

The study room or ‘library’ can look very messy especially for the bookworms. The best idea here is to arrange your books in order on the shelf. However, you may choose to have sliding racks underneath your desk to store those small books or those with lesser volume.

  1. Closet Rods.

Image result for closet rods images

Closet rods ensures that you have a lot of hanging space. You may choose to add one more rod that can carry a few shirts, trousers or dresses either beneath your original rod or underneath it if space allows. Let the added rod have the same inches as the initial rod just to have uniformity.

  1. Place the medicine cabinet in your room.

Image result for medicine cabinet in bedroom images

This is meant for both safety and convenience. It is commonly kept in the bathroom with a mirror on the front. You can have a fast aid kit box and make a pullout rack on the side of it between the box and the wall. Do not place it very low where your kids would easily reach. You could even opt for a lockable micro-fridge in your room for medicine that has to be stored in there.


You wouldn’t have an excuse for not having to use up your space well with all those tips. Try as much as possible to be creative. If you have any difficulties in making your own shelf, you could call a handyman for help. Ensure that your cabinets are tightly fit to prevent incidences where the cabinet will fall off with everything in it. Get to know how many items you want in a cabinet to help you choose the right material to use when installing one.

Uses Of Salt At Home That You Don’t Know

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We mostly know salt as an awesome and vital flavor enhancer and a preservative from the dark days till now. But do you know you can use salt in a myriad of ways to solve common cleaning issues at home? To date, no other seasoning has satisfactorily replaced salt. It is amazing how much wonder salt can do yet it is crazily affordable. Salt solves many common challenges at home and also proves to be economical and environment-friendly, compared to products manufactured to solve the same issues. In fact, by the time you finish reading this, just like me, it will be your favorite ingredient. Here are various ways you can use salt at home:

  1. Dental hygiene

Related image

Whether you have run out of toothpaste or just trying out on something new, the salt will work just fine. It is of course, not a replacement for toothpaste, but when used with or without it, solves major issues. A saltwater mouth rinse is a great option for anyone who has gum sores, sore throat or recently had dental procedures. What salt does, it temporarily increases the pH balance in your mouth, creating an environment where bacteria struggle to survive. If you are struggling with bad breath, gargling the salt rinse will help keep your mouth odor-free. It can also brighten up your teeth when you mix it with baking soda.

  1. Fruit prevention from browning

Image result for fresh apple sliced images

When apples are cut and left, they turn brown. This not only makes them look less appetizing but also their flavor and other attributes get altered. There are other methods too, like using lemon juice and honey for preserving them but using salt water is a better way. Only use half teaspoon of salt in one cup of cold water and let the fruit soak for 10 minutes. When you want to eat the apple, you can quickly rinse under cold water to remove traces of the salt on the surface.

  1. Cleaning the sink drains and kitchen

Salt can be used as a nontoxic, natural sink cleaner. You probably have manufactured supplies for your cleaning, but consider how eco-friendly salt is. The combination of salt and vinegar in boiled water will cut through tough clogs, especially through grease. Although the acidity of vinegar helps to eat through the clog, salt alone can be effective. Measure a half cup of salt, then pour it directly into the drainage. Slowly pour hot water down the drain. Since you are using salt alone, you may consider repeating the process severally.

  1. Stain removal

Image result for salt on stain images

In removing stains, you need all the help you can get. Salt is there to help. If you have a fresh grease stain, remove it by covering it with salt. Allow it to absorb the grease then brush it away. Repeat until the stain is gone. You can also remove fresh blood stain by covering it with salt, then blot with cold water. You can also remove wine stains by sprinkling stained area with enough salt to soak up liquid. Soak the fabric for about an hour then launder as usual. Additionally, in the process, it brightens the color of your faded cloth.

  1. Exfoliating the skin

Image result for salt on skin images

Salt is not only a skin exfoliator but also a natural detoxifier since the salt absorbs the toxins from the skin. To be specific, sea salt is best used. The important difference between sea salt and table salt is that sea salt has higher levels of naturally occurring minerals. Dead skin results in an old and tired looking skin. Exfoliating using salt is an excellent and skin-friendly way to shed the old skin. Make a paste of sea salt and water then apply it on your face. Leave for a minute before you get into the shower and massage the salt off gently as you bath. Amazingly also, sea salt’s high magnesium content makes it a powerful anti-aging weapon.

  1. Burn and itching remedy

Image result for salt on itchy skin remedy images

Although an itching skin is not a death sentence, it can be crazily irritating, depending on the severity. The causes can be allergies, insect bites, burns or a brush with poison ivy. There are definitely, a variety of products manufactured to treat the condition, but you might consider doing it naturally since you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. To relieve a bee sting, immediately wet the spot and cover with salt. In treating poison ivy, soak the exposed part in warm salty water to help hasten the end of the poison ivy irritation.

  1. Extinguishing grease fire

Image result for grease fire images

There are a number of ways to put out a grease fire, and using salt is one of them. Have you ever experienced a small grease fire, whereby, little oil spills on the skillet and the pan goes in flames? The most important thing to remember, when it occurs, don’t use water at any cost. Simply look for ways to cut away oxygen. Damp a lot of salt on it. Also never, ever use just any kind of pressurized fire extinguisher on grease fires because you might make it worse. Salt is very effective in this case.

  1. Keeping cheese fresh

Related image

I seriously doubt if anyone uses their whole block of feta cheese at once unless they have guests. You will need to store the piece that remains for future use. But this is what you should not do, wrapping it up and tossing it into the fridge. This is because when the cheese is exposed to air, it starts to dry out and the flavor becomes sharply soar. Instead, you should store it in a paste called brine. Which you can easily make at home. Simply mix two cups of water with two tablespoons of salt. Ensure the leftover is covered fully in the mixture. This not only preserves the cheese but also gives it the salty flavor punch.

  1. Hand deodorant

Related image

Salt can greatly act as a deodorant. Seriously, who would want to walk around with hands smelling of garlic or some other foul smell? You are right, no one. If you don’t have other products, you can simply take a salt and vinegar then rub the mixture in your hands to remove the odors.

  1. Preservation Of Food

Image result for meat preserved in salt images

You can use salt to preserve fish or meat if you don’t have a fridge or in case the power lines are down and your fridge will not work for you.  Salt keeps the bacteria that causes beef or fish to go bad from thriving.

The above are the uses of salt, consider using them in your own home and you will be grateful you read this article.





Living Room Centerpiece Ideas That You Should Try Out

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Just as the name suggests, the living room is a place where you spend your most time relaxing or watching a movie. It is also an area where your guests see first immediately they enter your home hence the living room should be a center of attraction to both you and the outsiders. Here are some creative ideas which you can try out for your living room to have a lively look.

  1. Get bright colored curtains.

Related image

First and foremost, you should have curtains that enhance the brightness of the room to compliment on both the natural light and the bulb lights. You may choose to have floral sheers without any heavy curtain or have a floral sheer and a plain bright colored heavy curtain which you can draw during the day.

One big portrait at the center of the wall in your living room is the best idea ever as it becomes the focal point of almost everything. Get an eye-catching portrait. If you do not have any idea of a portrait that would best suit your living room, you could get some advice from the store. Make sure one of your couch faces the portrait so that you could also enjoy the view as you are relaxing.

Have a sizeable sofa, one that is not too big or too small, depending with your room size.  You can have it leaning on a wall that faces your main wall or put it at the center of your living room. Get a colorful sofa but be sure that the color matches everything surrounding it. Do not have the same colors in your living room to avoid monotony. You can choose two or three colors that blend well together and play around with them to create a perfect balance.

  1. Table design.

Related image

Get a glass table and make sure it’s thick enough to hold one or two ceramic decorations on it. You could also put a single flower vase on top. However, if you have kids around, it is better that you get a wooden table instead just to avoid incidences like falling on the table as your kids are laying around. Place the table in front of your sofa but not too close.

  1. Go for T.V mounting.

Related image

For your living room not to seem so overcrowded, you could opt for a T.V mount instead. It should be mounted right in front of your couch where everyone can have a view of it. Do not have it too high or too low to avoid straining your neck. Get an expert to do that for you just to be sure that it is safely secured on the mounts.

If you are a fan of fireplaces and your living room does not have one, you can create one for yourself of course by the help of an interior designer. You could have it just slightly on one side of your room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at the center since you will have your television there. If you are not a T.V fun then the center of your house will be okay for you. Do not leave your fireplace bare. Decorate it with either photos of you and your family on top or some flower vase which would also look good.

  1. Create a formal sitting area.

Image result for formal sitting room area images

If your space allows, you could seclude an area like maybe just behind your couch and place single couches or seats and a small table at the center just for you and your friends to enjoy a good conversation. A vintage design of this would blend really well with your room. You could get a stand containing a few books to read or a bookshelf and make that place a meeting point for you and your book club members.

  1. Seclude a playing pen for your baby.

Image result for playing pen for images

Your baby or toddler shouldn’t have to stay locked up in her room while playing. You can have a small area in your living room and have baby friendly decorations, a rocking horse or whatever your kid loves just for her to feel like part of the family. Put up a few photos that she likes on the wall that her area faces. Secure that pace with a small picket fence just for it to look like her own territory since kids love being territorial.

On your centerpieces like the portraits and photos, get some small bulbs and place them beneath or above those items just for emphasis. The lights should be a bit brighter than your main light to create that theatre theme. Opt to go for different colors of lights but make sure they blend well to avoid color clashing. Do not however put so many of those lights around the house as you will be overdoing it. Just focus on the main attractions in that room.

Chandeliers are not only limited to dining areas or the kitchen or the wide hallway to your living room. Having a big and elaborate one at the center point of your living room’s ceiling will compliment every single piece in your room. If your ceiling is too high, get a low hanging chandelier to avoid one having to look up very high just to see it. Get one that is a bit higher if your ceiling is low to avoid knocking your head over it as you go around your house.

These are a few ideas to help you bring your living room to life. Make sure you use your space wisely. Do not overcrowd it or leave it so bare and plain. Balance everything up from color to the size of your furniture and lighting. Before beginning to decorate, go for more options so that you can comfortably settle on the most suitable one for you and your family.


Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bedbugs.

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Ever heard of ‘don’t let the bedbugs bite?’ well, sometimes they do and they can be very disastrous. Getting rid of them can also be very costly and at times little or no result can be seen. Here are a few suggestions that will help overcome that bedbug challenge.

  1. Pour hot water on your mattress.

Image result for pouring hot water on the mattress images

Mostly, bedbugs like to stay on the edges of the mattress where they cannot be easily seen. They pop out at night to feed then get back to their habitat. The best idea is to get the mattress out of the house and pour very hot water on the edges and anywhere else you might have spotted them.           Be sure to also pour hot water on the bed as well. After that is done, clean the entire house using a disinfectant.

  1. Air your bedding frequently.

Image result for airing  bedding images

A stuffy area is a good breeding ground for bedbugs. It is always important to air your beddings from time to time. Constant removal of beddings and exchanging them will disrupt any intention of breeding thereby making it unsuitable for the bugs to make that area a habitat. Your sleeping area should always be clean and free of any unnecessary stuff laying around.

  1. Get rid of your mattress.

In severe cases, you can opt to get rid of your  bed bug-ridden mattress and anything else that has been infested by the bedbugs. The best way to do this is to burn the items such as, mattress, pillows and any other kind of item that has the bugs. This is one of the best ways since you are sure that the bugs are gone for good.

  1. Vacuum clean.

Image result for vacuum cleaning images

After you have done all the washing, airing of beddings and hand-cleaning, you can vacuum clean as well just to make sure that you have rid all the bedbugs. Make sure to vacuum everywhere. Do not ignore any place in the house. Bedbugs can reach anywhere. The closet should be thoroughly cleaned since that is the major place where they can hide.

  1. Clean your car.

Image result for cleaning car interior images

Bedbugs are transferable through the clothes we wear. In addition to turning the entire house upside down when cleaning, do not forget to strip the car seats and go through them one by one as you pour the hot water on them. This will make sure you don’t get bugs back to the house from your car.

  1. DIY spray.

Image result for diy bug spray  images

You can make your own DIY bed-bug spray using baking soda. Make sure the baking soda is slightly more than the water you need for it to mix or rather you could mix vinegar and any kind of pepper and spray around the house targeting on the infested areas. Bedbugs cannot stand that smell. Be sure to frequently spray as a repeat process will be more effective.

  1. Get rid of unwanted stuff around the house.

Image result for unwanted stuff inthe home images

It’s a bit hard for us to let go of some things around the house even though we no longer need them. For the sake of a bug-free home, it’s advisable that you get rid of unnecessary stuff in the house. Be sure to dispose of them well. If possible, burn them all. This includes the piled up stuff in the garage.

  1. Observe hygiene.

All parasites love to live in a very dirty and clumsily kept place. Try and thoroughly clean your entire house as you vacuum it at least three times a week. Also, keep checking on the sides of the cushions and mattress for any sign of bed bugs. This will keep the bugs from habituating in your house. Hygiene is very important because even if all the other steps to getting rid of bedbugs work, you will need to be very clean both personally and around the house to prevent them from coming back. Do not forget to clean your pets as well.

  1. Use hot steam.

Image result for steam cleaning images

There are very many places that bedbugs like to hide and lay their eggs. One among most of them is inside cracks. That place might be very hard to reach even with a vacuum. You can use a steam cleaner if you have one or alternatively use the normal steam. Point the steam inside the crack for it to spread the heat on the bugs and their eggs. Do steam cleaning repeatedly over a couple of weeks just to make sure there is no sight of any bedbug.

  1. Put mattresses and throw pillows in their covers.

Image result for mattresses and throw pillow covers images

To avoid going through all that work of cleaning the mattress and all the seat pillows, get some of those mattress covers and pillow cases. That way, when you sight or sense any presence of bedbugs, you will only wash the covers. Make sure, however, to wash the covers regularly with hot water as this is another preventive measure on bedbugs.

Image result for bed bug sheet images

Get pyrethrum seeds and squeeze them using a garlic squeezer to get the oil from the seeds. Mix the oil with a little water and apply the mixture to the infested areas. Do this frequently for best results. The oil contains some kind of toxicity that gets into the nervous system of the bedbug thereby killing it. This is the best homemade insecticide as it is not harmful to your pets or children.


All the above steps are very helpful to get rid of those stubborn bugs that take forever to go away. Other tips mentioned there are also good for avoiding the bedbugs. If none of the above tips work for your situation, it is advisable that you get a professional to help you through the horrifying experience. Bedbugs are one of the most dangerous pests to have around the house so it’s better that if you spot some blood stains on your sheets or clothes, start off with some of these remedies to avoid the long-term effects.