Top Flooring Options For Your Home

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Flooring may not be a pain in the neck for the uncaring homeowners out there who are comfortable provided they have a roof over them. However, if you’re a family guy with a well-furnished home or you just love expressing your great interior tastes, then you might want to take down some notes on the matter of flooring and depending on your flooring budget you can choose the one that bests suits you.

Flooring has become a major part of interior décor and is just as important as choosing the right coat of paint for the walls or the right roofing but first, you might want to consider a few things like the costs, benefits and their pros and cons.  Some of the following flooring options that you should consider for your home are as follows.


Well, this is the most commonly used type of flooring you could find in any home. It’s firm fiber that adds that cosmetic look instantly transforms that hard cold cement floor into a warm and inviting living space. It is mostly preferred in rooms where there is minimal noise required since you will never hear the clickety-clack of shoes when walking on it.  A carpet is temporary and very easy to install. You can change your carpet whenever you feel like and it can be put over any type of flooring and achieve that attractive look.

  • Prices- With a carpet and price, you will simply get what you pay for because there are carpets for all budgets. There are those practical ones that will offer your home warmth and make it appear better.  However, if you really want a carpet that will have a great impact and give your room that beautiful look, consider
  • Best suited room- It works best in the bedroom and living room. The purpose of putting it in the first place is to bring that warm and comfy feeling in the home. The kitchen is definitely not suited considering the likely spills.
  • Considerations- If you own a pet or kids you will have to clean your carpet frequently because of the spills and soiling especially if your pet hasn’t been trained yet. You might also want to reconsider having a carpet if you are suffering from allergies. The carpet is known to trap dust and accelerate the allergic symptoms.




So if you are that person who likes to get down and clean off any stain you see, then this just might be it as it is easy to clean. The glazed ceramic tile knows how to take it all, it is not only durable but is also resistant to scratches. It is water resistant thus you can say goodbye to water spillage that gets absorbed. The tile comes in wide range of size and materials, from marble to porcelain to travertine, slate, granite and so on.

  • Prices- It has a wide range of prices from 1$ to 20$ per sq. foot, however, the installation part can be quite costly depending on the size of the area.
  • Best suited room- Its water resistant factor makes it best suited for damp places like kitchen and bathroom. The dining area cannot be ruled out easily as it may also have food spills that may stain the floor.
  • Considerations- At times often than most, tiles tend to crack and the grout from the crack accumulates all kinds of stain and hence will need to be cleaned frequently. Also walking on tiles can be cumbersome for the ears as they leave a lot of echo for the footsteps. They can also be very cold and might not be ideal during the cold winter months.


Another custom- acquired classic look for any vintage lover is the hardwood floor that will always look elegant with good maintenance. Its texture is best for any home and is very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Prices- They are not that costly as they may tend to look like but their cost may depend on the types of hardwood flooring that you prefer ranging from 3$ to 12$ per sq. foot; Engineering wood, however, would come at a lesser price. Just like the tile, the installation part will force you to dig deeper into your pockets and again it will depend on the size of the area.
  • Best suited room- Their great stylish look will work best in no other place than the living room where you like to relax and entertain your guests. If you want to show your tasteful home decor skills to your guests, then the hardwood is your friend.
  • Considerations- A stylish look can come at quite a great cost as they are a dime to purchase. Walking on them can be quite cumbersome due to the echoes they create and if not all, water could also ruin the hardwood. They might not be a great idea if you live in a flood-prone area.


This kind of flooring tends to mimic the carpet as they are easy to walk on with no irking noise and quite comfy. Their cost is with a smile of relief as they come at quite low prices compared to the rest.

  • Prices- As cheap as they may get ranging from 1$ to 5$ per sq. foot, the installation part will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Best suited room- The fact that it is soundproof, can come in handy especially in the laundry room as it will cushion a lot of sound from the laundry machines. The warmth it adds to a room could also work best for the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Considerations- Well nothing tears and dents as easily as vinyl and one might want to be careful with it. As much as it may look like that wood or tile floor you prefer, there is not much to be said about living up to the look of the original thing.


Laminate flooring really looks like wood or tile and at times it can prove a challenge to differentiate them. As much as you might want to avoid staining it, it’s actually easy to clean and does not easily get scratched.

  • Prices- Are quite cheap ranging from 0.50$ to 3$ per sq. foot. Installation cost will like the others depend on the area of the room.
  • Best suited room- due to its no-scratch factor, it can suit well in high traffic areas like the kid’s playroom but not for the bathroom or kitchen as it should not come in any contact with water.
  • Considerations- You might want to keep it off any water as it ruins it completely and make your room look ugly.


Conclusively, flooring goes a long way to redefine your home and having the right flooring taste for every room will surely render your home stylish and modern to your utmost delight.

Cool Ideas For Organizing Your Kid’s Room

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Keeping a kid’s room properly organized often seems like a daunting task. It takes time, hours maybe to organize a kid’s room but it only takes that kid a couple of minutes to mess up the room. Children are born naïve and innocent hence they don’t know how much tiresome it is to organize their rooms off and on, and you can’t blame them for this. However, there are various tips that can help you keep your child’s room properly organized. With proper techniques and the right approach, organizing a kid’s room can seem less tiring and time-consuming. Here are some great ideas on how to keep your child’s room properly organized.

Start with the toys.

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In all honesty, a kid’s room isn’t ideally complete if there are no toys for them to play with since toys are part of their lives. It’s easy for them to scatter toys just about anywhere, even under the bed. Kids can cause chaos while playing with toys. First, take an inventory, eliminate any broken or worn out toys. Thereafter, sort the remaining toys in terms of sizes. Toys such as building blocks can be stored in boxes and toys such as stuffed animals can be stored in bigger boxes. Place these boxes neatly on shelves. Regulate which toys the kid gets to play with at certain times so at avoid a scenario where all the toys are scattered everywhere. By keeping the toys organized, you kid will easily find a certain toy when they need it.

Involve the kid.

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Kids don’t know what it takes to organize a home and this is why mess and kids will often times be said in one breath.  However, children grasp things quickly and when they are shown how to organize their rooms within a few weeks they will be doing it themselves. When organizing their room, involve the kid and start by giving the kid simple tasks such as placing small toys in boxes. This is also a good time to bond with your kid and have some fun by arranging their rooms. They will also give you an opinion on how they want their room to look like. It’s said that, when you train a child on the way to go, he will never depart from it.

Get to the kid’s level.

Organizing a kid’s room, the same way you have organized your room is an effort that won’t bear fruitful results. Kids will do just anything to retrieve a coat or a book placed too high and this will only lead to more mess being created. Look at the room in a kid’s perception so as to best organize it. Invest in lower clothing rods and small-sized hangers. Also, place their books in shelves or drawers that they can easily access. If the system employed to organize a room fits the kid’s perception, be sure the kid will maintain the room as neat as possible.

Invest in multipurpose furniture.

Image result for multi purpose kid furniture images

A kid’s room isnt spacious so as a parent you don’t have the luxury of buying several kids furniture pieces to fill your kids’ room. It’s then paramount to buy furniture that will serve several purposes at the same time. There are beds that have drawers underneath them, these drawers can be used to store several things such as an extra pair of bedding, seasonal clothes, and other stuff. When buying a study table, consider a table with shelves that can be used to store books and even drawings. Even with the limited available space, you can maximize it and store several things, it’s just a matter of creativity.

Labeling items save the day.

Image result for labeled toy containers

If you want to save yourself a lot of hassles when it comes to organizing a kid’s room, then you should really employ the technique of labeling each item. Small boxes and baskets are items that are plenty in a kid’s room since they are used to store a variety of items. If there are various baskets each designated to store a distinct item, then make sure it’s properly labeled. This ensures the kid doesn’t invade all the baskets looking for just a certain pair of socks. While at it, always put emphasis on the significance of storing items in the appropriate baskets always. This helps the kid appreciate the importance of having things kept properly making work easier for you as a parent.

Create designated areas.

Organizing a kid’s room is a daunting task mainly because kids will scatter everything everywhere. Books will be thrown on the floor, piles of clothes all over the floor, bedding laying on the floor and what have you. Tracing each item and placing it in its rightful position becomes a nightmare for most parents. Having separate areas for different activities saves you a lot of trouble. One corner of the room can be distinctly designated for reading such that there are study tables and shelves for books. In such an instance, only school materials should be in that corner. You can also designate another corner for playing or even for laundry baskets. This form of organization will save you a lot of troubles.

Regular checks.

Having to organize an entire room daily is almost impossible. Rather, divide the work in terms of weeks. In a certain week, you can decide to thoroughly organize all the toys and school materials. Another week you can decide to tackle the closet and shelves. On a weekend, you can then clean up the whole kid’s room and remember to always involve the kid.


The secret behind a well-organized kid’s room is having properly defined storage units since kids are more likely to remember what they have seen. Even with such mechanisms, dealing with an untidy room is something so inevitable since kids love to play and that’s something that they can’t be denied. These tips help you reduce the amount of work you have to deal with, also these tips help you train your child the importance of organization. It’s dangerous and unhealthy for a kid to live in a room full of clutter, thus a well-organizedkid’s room guarantees your kid grows in a safe and healthy environment.

Unique Ways To Decorate Your Kids Room With Washi Tape.

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Washi tape is a durable tape used for decoration and crafting purposes. It originated from Japan and has gained popularity around the world. The tape has the advantage of a diversity of styles, making the creative options for your kid’s room. Some of the washi styles available include thick, thin, semi-transparent, patterns galore and pastels. Additionally, it easily peels off easily when stuck to walls. Therefore, you do not have to ruin the walls in your kid’s room. Considering the variety of styles available, there are various interesting and fun ways to decorate your kid’s room.

  1. Make the door amazing to look at.

Transforming the door can give your kid’s room an aesthetic appeal for passersby. Considering kids usually keep their rooms out of bounds for people, transforming the door using washi can give incentive to the kid to be open to visitors. Some of the transformations include creating designs resembling a portal, especially if the kid is into fantasy art. The theme for the door should be similar to the kid’s interests. This will make the room special to the kid since it will carry his or her personality. It can be a bonding experience for the kid if he or she is also involved in the decorating process.

  1. Make picture frames for pictures.

Many people have pictures on the walls of their kids’ rooms for decoration. These could be greatly improved using washi tape. A wall of the picture can receive improvements and create more focus with embellishment using washi tape. The tape can draw attention to the picture. Some of the options for picture frames include buying cheap picture frames and using washi to decorate them and making them look more appealing. It is cheap and easy to make. It does not cost too much to improve your kid’s room if you use washi as decoration.

  1. Use washi as decorations.

The easiest and interesting way to use washi tape is to use it as wall decorations. This gives a variety of creative options. The wall designs could range from geometric shapes to shapes of animals and other the child learns in class. The shapes could also resemble the shapes of the kid’s favorite animals such as lions and giraffes. The biggest advantage is that it relieves someone from the commitment associated with wallpaper, which can be hard to remove when pasted on the walls. In addition, you can change the washi designs to the theme best suited to the child’s age.

  1. Washi Tape as filling for wall art.

Some wall art can have blank areas that do not have content, thereby making the art bland. Adding washi designs can make a regular wall art look remarkable. It can be a good way to change cheap works of art to very appealing art for your kid’s room. In addition, someone can use the kid’s work of art created at school or at home as the art to decorate using washi. Making the decorative process a bonding experience between you and your child can be an enriching and bonding experience.

  1. Washi tape as a photo display sticker.

Families usually have many photos in their albums that are not displayed anywhere. Washi is a useful material to use for displaying memorable photos on walls. The photo display on the wall can make memories more visible to people who come to the room and the kid, thereby helping the kid remember memorable events.

  1. Projecting and creating wall art using washi tape.

Another option of wall designs is using washi tape to create imprints of favorite pictures and silhouettes on the wall. This involves using a projector and pictures, especially silhouettes of figures such as animals, people, and other objects. Project the photo onto a wall. Then, cover the picture or silhouette with washi tape. Finally, following the outline of the projection on the wall, cut out the excess washi tape to reveal the photo or silhouette’s outline. Within a few minutes, you will have beautiful wall art that looks professional. It could be an interesting exercise in art and craft that is rewarding.

  1. Making hand and other prints using washi tape.

Image result for tips for making prints with washi tapes

Making prints is an easy but interesting process. For example, you could create hand and footprints for sticking on walls. Trace the hand or leg of both you and your kid on a piece of paper. Use washi tape to cover the hand and leg prints, remembering to cover past the outlines. Then, use a sharp knife or scalpel to remove the excess washi tape to remain with the outline. To make the outlines visible, use the cardstock material as the print. After removing the excess washi tape, you will have adorable prints of both your hand and/or leg prints. You can hang this side by side on the wall.

  1. Create space for hanging documents and other things for your kid.

Children usually have small drawings or other scribbles that they make during playtime. You could use washi tape to hang these on the wall. This can act as your kids’ workspace. In addition to being a fun activity, it could also help your child learn how to be better organized in future. It is a learning and fun activity that could prove useful later. It can also reduce clutter and help preserve the things that the kid creates. It is a memorabilia of sorts. Also, this is useful for adult workspaces. Rather than using holes drilled on the wall or other destructive wall hangings, adults could use washi tape to hang notes and memos at the office or at home.

  1. Using semi-transparent washi tape on light fixtures.

Interior lighting can have only one bland and uninteresting color when bought at the store. Using semi-transparent washi tape, someone can decorate a light to make the light more interesting. When a room has multiple light fixtures, washi tape can be used on one light fixture as a decoration while the other light fixtures provide the needed lighting.

A little touch in your kid’s room is all they need to feel as part of the rest of the house. You can have your designer if you are not good at DIY, to come in and do the work when they are away. This is a good idea especially when you want it to be a surprise to them.



Helpful Tips For Growing Healthy Houseplants

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Many homeowners who decide to keep houseplants usually have high hopes. They imagine the young plant, finally grown and blossoming, giving the home a fresher look and feel. However, most homeowners do several things wrong and as much as their intentions are good, they end up killing the healthy houseplants.

It is important for homeowners to do some research and learn about the growing conditions of the plant and then work towards offering similar conditions in their home environment. It is normal for houseplants to lose a few leaves before adjusting to the artificial home climate. However, it gets worrying when the houseplant, loses all leaves then begins drooping, then wilting and finally dies.

You don’t have to wait for this to happen because there are a few practical tips to help you grow healthy and thriving houseplants.  Some of them are as follows:-

Look For A Spot In The Right Light 

Before you bring that houseplant home, look for the right spot. Take note that south-facing windows will get more light compared to north-facing ones. If your windows are located east or west, you will have to monitor the amount of morning and afternoon sun before you place your plants near them.  Also, remember that plants with brightly colored leaves will require more light than others.  You will need to do a half-turn of your pot every day or two in order to maintain an even growth because plants naturally bend towards the light. Since summer is the time when there is more sunlight, consider moving your plants indoors if they are sun-sensitive. The key here is understanding the kind of houseplant you have and you will control the amount of sunlight it gets.

Keep The Water In The Pots Longer

If you happen to have houseplants that dry out too quickly after you water them, consider keeping the soil moist for longer. You can do this by simply tucking a wet sponge into the pot before you put soil in during repotting. The sponge will be like a water reservoir and will help prevent a gusher in the event that you happen to overwater your plant.

Keep in mind that the pot should always stay moist and not wet. However, if your houseplant is a succulent or any other thick-leafed plant, then consider letting the soil dry out before your next watering. Just be careful that you don’t let the soil become too dry or too damp lest the plant begins to die or inadequate growth occurs.

You can determine when your plant needs watering if you see the potting soil is looking lighter in color or cracked.  After watering you can always stick your finger in the soil in order to tell how moist the soil is.

Use the right water

When it comes to watering, room temperature tap water is okay for most houseplants even if your city’s water comes with chlorine or fluoride. You can always use rainwater or melted snow but don’t if your region is known for acid rain. Don’t use softened water too much because it may contain sodium.

Fertilize Right

Every time you water a plant, the nutrients leach out of the soil and often times, the nutrients will just naturally deplete.  Since houseplants lack that regular natural source of plant nutrient replenishment unlike their outdoor counterparts, you will have to fertilize them regularly. If you have purchased a new plant, wait a few weeks before fertilizing it because it was no doubt heavily fertilized at the greenhouse where you bought it from.  From then on, you can fertilize once every month when they are flowering or growing, but during winter, when they are dormant and not growing a lot, you can hold your fertilizing and resume it after winter.

You will know a plant needs fertilizer if it’s dropping its lower leaves and showing weak growth or yellow-green leaves.  However, the plant might also need more light and less water which is why you should first take time and carefully study the conditions before fertilizing. Remember over-fertilizing can also harm the plant. If your plant is already wilted, water it properly first then add your fertilizer later after it has recovered.

Repot At The Right Time


Repotting houseplants should be done just before growth begins and that is spring for a majority of houseplants. When you see new leaves appearing slowly and looking very small compared to the older leaves, then it could be time. If you also notice the soil drying out very quickly or that the water is running down the inside of the pot without soaking in then this means the roots are too grown. If you also notice the roots appearing above the soil’s surface then it’s definitely time to repot.

Remember to choose a pot that is bigger than the current pot but it shouldn’t be too big. A pot that is too big can cause root rot and other problems because the soil will remain wet for many days or weeks before the plant uses it.

Take great care when handling the root system during repotting to avoid causing damage.  You could firm the soil around the root ball without pressing it too much. Ensure that you leave enough space at the top of your new container for water and then water the plant thoroughly.

The Right Temperature

Most houseplants will do well in temperatures between 65-75 degrees at daytime and 55-60 degrees at nighttime. However, temperature preferences may vary from plant to plant with the tropical plants preferring temperatures that are higher than 90 degrees while others preferring cooler temperatures. Again knowing the kind of plant you have will help you set the right temperature conditions for it to thrive.

Work On The Right Drainage

A great drainage system is important for achieving healthy houseplants. Begin your journey with great organic potting soil and not the regular soil. The organic potting soil has been expertly mixed specially for indoor gardening which is why it is ideal. Find a container with drainage holes for the ideal drainage. However, you can still put pebbles at the bottom of the container with no holes. The point here is not letting the plant retain the stand in water.  Always check that the drainage holes haven’t been clogged and always empty any standing water instead of running it back through the soil.

The Right Humidity

Most plants thrive in the high humidity of around 80%. However, most homes are a lot drier, especially during winter times.  This is when most homes heat up and this further drops the humidity.  You can use a humidifier to help retain the right humidity for your plant or consider other ways of boosting humidity such as daily misting of the plant’s leaves. For plants like gardenias or orchids, keep them in a bathroom or in the kitchen during winter because they are the areas in your home with a higher humidity compared to the rest of the house.

Growing healthy houseplants is possible if you are committed to providing your plant the required essentials for it to thrive. The above tips should steer you in the right direction.


Cleaning Games That Make Those Boring Chores Fun

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Cleanliness is the most important task to do in our lives. Imagine living in a messy environment with garbage all over the house, and toys almost everywhere you step. You can almost go nuts just at the thought of it let alone the sight. That’s why you have to do daily chores to keep the house tidy. Chores are not that exciting to do and as our kids grow, they develop a habit of not wanting to do any of that. Here are some few tips on how you can make it fun for your kids as they learn to clean after themselves.

  1. Make them look for clues as they clean.

Image result for kids cleaning at home images

Trying to get your kids up to go and clean something like the artic is next to impossible. Rather, you can try putting notes in form of clues as to what they might find when cleaning. Put some gifts like toys here and there and do not forget to also include snacks for them to have during their break time. They will always be looking forward to having another cleaning adventure.

  1. Compose a song.

Entertainment in form of music always gets you up on your feet to dance once you hear the beat. Why not make it fun for your kids when cleaning with some background music? You can even sing as you teach them how to clean. A good example of a song is, ‘follow the leader’. Go ahead of them and tell them to follow the leader in this case you. Tell them something like ‘take the mop, go two steps back and mop through’ then ask them to go lower under the couch in a rhythm form as they are getting the dirt out from underneath it. Make sure there’s a background music beat same to that of a gym. They will not only have fun while cleaning but they can burn calories too to keep fit.

  1. Have them clean in costumes.

Image result for kids in costumes cleaning images

Kids love playing pretend and they like costumes to go with the character they are pretending to be. Why not have them dress up in whatever they want for instance a Superman costume who comes to save the ‘city’ from the choking smell of garbage? They will always look forward to garbage day or even the little maid who goes to clean the dishes as the butler is clearing the table. It’s even hilarious as they are speaking with the ascents of the sophisticated butlers as we see in the movies.

  1. Let them have a competition.

You could involve them in a competition for who puts their toys in the right manner and position they should be in. It’s even more fun to set a timer for them to see the time they took to gather all their toys. The winner is the one who will have organized them in the correct way. This will give them that urge of always wanting to be the winner in the game of cleaning their stuff. However, congratulate both of them for a job well done.

  1. Get kid-friendly cleaning supplies.

Do not strain your kids with oversized cleaning tools as they will get tired faster and hate the chores even more. Try getting colorful stuff that will first attract them. Surprisingly, you will find them treating the supplies as toys. For instance, if you want your boys to clean the windows, you can get them a water gun to use as a spritz bottle. Let them clean in ‘action’ as they would probably term the activity. You can let the girls play house with the stuff as well and in the process, they will have cleaned the house.


  1. Let them arrange their wardrobe in style.

Image result for arranged kid wardrobe images

When you or your kids look for what to wear, the end result is a very messy looking room with clothes all over the place. One way of helping your kids get used to organizing their wardrobe is to take your phone and take pictures of your kids holding their outfits on their bodies then showcase the photos for them to see how it turned out. Let it be some sort of fashion show.

  1. Create a mini-quest for them.

Having to get rid of leaves that fall off the tree in your compound is a very monotonous and tiring task for everyone. When it’s time for them to clear off the piled leaves, you could place some small toys under one or two piles for them. Let them know that there is something hidden in the pile and for them to get it, they have to clear dirt. This really excites kids as they are looking forward to knowing what they will find.

  1. Make chore scratch cards.

Let their chores be a secret and have them select a scratch card to reveal what kind of chore they are to do. Kids love finding things out and the moment they are scratching to get their task, you will see them doing it with a lot of anticipation. Do not just put a chore in there without giving some kind of reward too. To them, it will seem like they have won something after a day of work.

  1. Involve yourself too.

Make chore time a bonding time as well. Our kids love attention and usually, toddlers love to tell us stories. If you have that kind of child that just love being around you as you do your cleaning, why not also involve yourself as he does his cleaning and let him ask questions as you try to help him out on what he can’t fully do. Always give positive compliments once he finishes the work. This will encourage your child to become open-minded and confident. Inlcude cleaning games to keep such a person motivated.

Those are just but a few of some ideas on how to make chores fun with cleaning games. Be cautious when giving chores. Avoid being bossy as this will make the kids rebellious. Don’t show favoritism on one child simply because the other one is slow or not perfect when it comes to household chores. The whole idea is to be very patient and encouraging to your kids as you show them how it’s done.

Water Saving Home Devices That You Can Install Yourself

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In recent times, research has shown that water consumption in households has really sky-rocketed. The impact of this is something to think about and get worried about as well. The amount of water that goes into waste commands a great ratio. Nevertheless, the more water consumed the higher the water bill. Water saving is such a necessity that can’t be forgone at all, but there must be measures to ensure that the  water is consumed without waste.

Climate changes have become inevitable recently and with droughts looming for long periods, water conservation has to be embraced. Well, water conservation has to start at your home. There are various devices that you can install in your home to aid you to save a tremendous amount of water. You don’t really require to call in a plumber to help you install these devices. Have a look at some of these devices.

Adopt dual flash converters.

Image result for dual flash converters images


A lot of water is consumed in the toilet, accounting for almost 30 percent of the water consumed in most houses. The amount of water used to flash your toilet needs to be regulated if you intend to cut down on your monthly water bill. The best way to achieve this is to acquire a dual flash converter. This device is very significant. Its significance comes the fact that it releases a different amount of water depending on whether one has gone for a short call or long call. Normal toilet flash releases the same amount of water thus a lot of water will go to waste when one has simply gone for a short call. To install this device, you will need to replace the old mechanism which includes the actuator and the flush lever. But first remember to turn off the water supply and ensure the water tank is empty.


Tanks to store rain.

Image result for home water storage tank images

During the rainy season, you can actually harvest a lot of water that you can use to cut down your water bill expenses by a great margin. All you need is gutters and a tank or barrel that can hold a great amount of water. Connect the gutters to the roof. Place the tank in a suitable place where water from the gutter can easily drain into the tank. You can use this water to water your flowers or even clean your compound. If you have a farm, this technique will undoubtedly come in handy.

 Efficient showerheads.

Image result for showerhead images

Well, you will be surprised by how much water you use annually to shower. This is one of the major reason you get surprised when you receive your monthly water bill. A lot of water is wasted in the showers daily mainly because of the showerheads installed. If you have less efficient showerheads you can be sure that your water bill will always be expensive. To save yourself some extra coins and gallons of water, you will need to purchase a low water showerhead. To install the new showerhead, simply remove the old by unscrewing it and it will be all system go. If there is any debris in the water pipe, remove them before installing the new showerhead.

Faucet Aerators.

Image result for faucet aerators images

These devices can easily be purchased from your local store and you will be marveled at the great difference they make. The standard faucet has a big share in the water that is wasted daily in a house. Having an aerator in your faucet turns around this fact making you save a great deal of water. Replace the standard faucet with an aerator that has low flow but it’s very efficient. An aerator is also used to increase the water pressure as it comes out of the tap.  If you have children who like to unnecessarily use a lot of water as they wash their hands, you really need to install this device in your taps.

Shower timers.

Image result for shower timers images

It is already established that a lot of water is used in the shower by on a daily basis. Some people tend to take too long in the shower and the impact of this is that a lot of water goes to waste. It could be hard to determine how long one should take in the shower but due to extravagant bills, you will need to be mindful of the time you take in the shower. The best thing you need to do is to acquire a shower timer and install it in your shower pipe. This is an advanced technology that estimates the amount of water any individual should use when taking a shower. If you happen to take too long in the shower, this device will sound you a warning. If you are disciplined you will save a lot of water in your house.


Greywater diverters.

Water recycling is a technique that should be embraced by all households and hotels as well. A lot of water used in households can be treated and reused to serve another purpose. To achieve this, you will need to get a greywater diverter. This device is used to recycle water that is used to do laundry, showering or even dishwashing. This water is then stored in a vessel where it can be used for various purposes such as watering the flowers, your lawn. If you intend to recycle water, be sure not to use soap or cleaning products that have very harmful chemicals. Such chemicals pose a great danger to your flowers should you water them with that recycled water.



These devices have the intent of saving you some extra coin and saving the environment as well. However, in all honesty, these devices will be a futile effort if you yourself don’t embrace the culture of water conservation. These devices are meant to regulate how much water is used but it’s up to you to ensure that minimum water gets wasted. Insist to your kids the importance of water conservation. Natural resources such as water are getting scarcer annually and it’s about time people learned how to use water sparingly.



Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Use Today

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Carpet Cleaning Tips in NYC

Carpet Cleaning Tips in NYC

Have you recently looked at your carpet and realized that it’s looking pretty bad. You have probably moved something that has been sitting on the carpet, perhaps a hutch that was moved as you were rearranging your living room and saw the dramatic difference. Carpet can take quite a beating, especially if you have a large family, requiring regular cleanings by either yourself or professionals. The more that you clean your carpet, the longer it will last because of the particulate matter that is removed on a regular basis, preserving the life of the fibers of the carpet itself. In order to make sure that your carpet is always at its best, here are five carpet cleaning tips that you can use starting today.

1. Regular Vacuuming

The first tip to keeping your carpet clean, and also extending its life, is to make sure that you are vacuuming on a regular basis. If you are in a household where people are not coming in and out very much, you likely do not have very severe traffic areas. However, if you have small kids that are always running in and out of the house, tracking in dirt, mud, and all sorts of other particulate matter on the bottom of their shoes. You are going to need to clean on a regular basis so as to remove the particles that can get deep into the carpet fibers that can affect how long they will last.

2. Regular Shampooing

Regular shampooing is something that should be done at least every couple months in order to clean the carpet itself deep. The more that you clean, the less likely it is that particulate matter deep in the carpet will remain, helping it to look better and last longer. You need to be careful, however, when using certain types of detergent, and cleaning with a carpet cleaner too often. You can damage the carpet by exposing it to the chemicals that are in the cleansers. Something that can affect the color of the carpet, and also how firm the carpet is, causing it to deteriorate much more quickly.

3. Professional Cleanings

The type of machines that are available for shampooing your carpet, those that cost a few hundred dollars that you can buy online, or at your local store, are likely going to not be as effective as professional devices that businesses in the area own and use. The amount of time that it will take to do this on your own can be saved like calling a professional you can compare the different prices that they charge, and also whether they use a regular shampooer with water and detergent or if they are going to do a chemical cleaning, when making your final choice. Most people that regularly clean will often use chemically based carpet cleaning solutions because they are not as rough on the carpet fibers themselves. Additionally, you will only have to wait an hour for the entire carpet to be dry as they do not use water very much at all during the cleaning process.

4. Spot Cleaning Right Away

The fourth thing that you should do is always clean spills up as quickly as possible. This is also true for when people track mud in that gets deep into the fibers of the carpet. The faster that you are able to clean this up, the less likely that the carpet will stain, allowing you to preserve the appearance of your carpet by taking this initiative. If it is something like urine, you are going to want to use a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar. By pouring this on to the stain right away, and blotting it up with paper towels, you can eliminate the odor, and also remove most of the year and which can be removed entirely by using either your home carpet shampooer or by calling a professional to finish the job. The faster that you act, the less likely it is that stains and smells will remain, a beneficial tip that everyone should use.

5. Schedule Regular Cleanings

Although it has been mentioned that regular cleanings are necessary, the best way to preserve your carpet is to make sure that these cleanings are on a regular basis. Making sure that you are using the most efficient chemicals that will not harm your carpet, or by just contacting a professional in the area that can take care of the carpet cleaning for you, you will make sure that your carpet is as clean as possible and also any particulate matter that could be causing airborne problems such as spores from mold, allergens from trees and grass, as well as viruses and bacteria that can live in your carpet will all be removed by having regular cleanings throughout the year.

Now that you know the five tips for cleaning your carpet that can help preserve the life of the carpet, and also improve the health of your family inside, you should make a point to implement the strategies regularly so that you can take advantage of how they can keep your carpet clean. By vacuuming on a regular basis, especially if you have a high amount of traffic in and out of your home, you can prevent particulate matter from getting into the carpet fibers and staying. Regular shampooing either by yourself, or a professional in the area, will get all of the particulate matter out, including toxins like mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens, all of which can cause health problems for your family. Finally, make a point to get all of the spots up as quickly as possible, especially if you have pets and they have had an accident on your carpet. The faster that you get the vinegar and water mix onto the spot, and soak up the urine, the longer that your carpet will continue to smell and look its best. Just be sure to schedule regular cleanings, even if you have not had major accidents, or if you have a high amount of traffic going in and out of your home. This is simply common sense when it comes to taking care of your carpet, tips that you will want to utilize to extend its life indefinitely.

Creative Ways To Hide Ugly in Your Home

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Keeping your home clean is one thing, making it attractive is another Your house might be clean but there might be some items within that aren’t doing much for the décor. These unattractive features often affect the overall look of your rooms. However, you don’t have to be resigned about them and let them kill your intended look of tastefulness in your home interior.  There are various ways that conceal these parts that are causing the unattractiveness in your home and they are as follows:-

  1. Your Pet’s Food In a Drawer Dish

Sometimes you will not feel like feeding your dog in the presence of your guests considering how messy dogs are. Also, you don’t want your dog’s food and water lying around and making your house look like a petting zoo. This is why you will hide your dog’s food and water in a special drawer where the dog can feed on and as soon as the first guest arrives you can shut the drawer and there will no sign of a dog bowl anywhere.

  1. Multifunctional Stairs Doubling As Drawers

You might have too many things like a lot of shoes or toys or even clothes that are causing clutter since all the closets are already full. There is another attractive option that will help reduce the clutter and this is installing multifunctional stairs that double up as drawers. Imagine a whole flight of stairs that are drawers? That is definitely lots of storage space which will help reduce the ugly clutter look of too many toys, shoes or clothes, sometimes even books, when all the bookshelves are full.

  1. A Beautiful Wall Hanging to Hide That Dent In The Wall

Your interior might be beautiful except for one dent in the wall which makes you flinch every time your eye wanders to it after experience all the smooth perfection of the rest of the wall.  You might not have money to do repairs now which is why there is a solution to solve the dent problem. Consider looking for a beautiful wall hanging to cover that dent or wall defect.  Make sure this wall hanging is beautiful and eye-catching and as long as it hangs there hiding the ugly dent, guests will never see it or know it exists.

  1. Ugly Chairs With New Upholstery

Your dining room or lounge chairs might be looking ugly with bad colors or patterns. Buying new ones isn’t convenient or you would have done that already. However, you don’t have to get stuck with ugly chairs, think about covering them with new upholstery with the colors and patterns that you favor.  They will look as good as new and in the end, make your heart glad every time you look at them or sit on them.

  1. Stylish Placemats Or A Beautiful Table Cloth To Hide A Scratched Table.

With kids or pets in the house, something like a scratched table is not unusual. Since you can’t keep repainting because it will get scratched again, you can consider hiding the scratches with stylish placemats or a beautiful tablecloth. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about a scratched table when you are having important guests over for dinner or lunch.  Make sure your stylish placemats are beautiful and complement the rest of the décor.

  1. Hide Bad Flooring With An Area Rug

A rug is known to instantly transform a room into this beautiful warm and inviting living space.  If your flooring is horrible, do not be worried because before you get money to install a better one, you can simply use an area rug to hide the bad flooring. Choose a large area rug that is beautiful with a color that will not look awkward. The rug should look like it belongs there and perfectly blend with the rest of the décor.

  1. Hide Ugly Garden Walls

The outdoors of your home too should look attractive.  The garden especially is a place to relax and be one with nature. Sometimes something as simple as a wall with an ugly paint coloring can put you off and prevent the magic of soaking in nature sights right in your garden from happening. In this case, you could hide the ugly wall by repainting with the color of your choice or have the climbing plants growing on the wall so it can be transformed into a beautiful wall of green.

  1. A trash Cabinet To Hide The Trash Can

There are kitchens with built-in trash drawers but if yours doesn’t have it and your trash can stands there in the kitchen obviously out of place within the kitchen décor, then you can hide it by simply building a trash cabinet. This trash cabinet which is a pullout cabinet can be located at the place of your choice within the kitchen. This trash cabinet will not help you keep trash odors at bay but it will definitely help you forget the trash in the kitchen for a few hours until the time when you want to put something inside.

  1. Electric Cords

Cords have been a nuisance for tasteful homeowners and ever since wall-mounted TVs and more technology gadgets came into the market, homeowners who hate seeing cords freaked out and wondered where to hide those hideous but necessary cords from the TVs, cable boxes, desktop computers, WiFi routers and others.  It is possible to conceal those cords especially the ones hanging from the wall using a shower rod and as for the others, you could simply conceal them by creating a pegboard. A Peg board will not only conceal the cord but make your room look complimentary.

10.  Hide The Charging devices

Imagine your clean space being messed up by several smart device chargers hanging from the wall and charging several mobile devices.  You might argue that you will always tuck them in a drawer after you finish using but if you live with others in your house who might not be as careful as you are, they might forget doing so and you might too, something that will result to an eyesore within your perfect interior. The best thing to do is create your own drawer charging station by drilling into a drawer. You will only need to open the drawer, plug in your device to charge and close it.

There are more things you can hide within your home in a creative manner that will further accentuate your interior décor. If you can’t live without that ugly object, you can always conceal or camouflage it creatively but you don’t have to resign yourself to staring at the eyesore within your home.

10 Things In Your Home That You Might Not Be Replacing Often Enough.

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At times we go through our whole house, spring cleaning, decluttering, vacuuming everywhere and at the end of it, we tend to think that we have done all that needs to be done. Correction, there is more to it than just cleaning. Even the clean freaks tend to miss one more thing that makes the whole house fresh from any kind of contamination and harm as others may put it. This is the most important of all. Replacing stuff around the house. Without a doubt, you will find two or more things that you never thought of replacing in your home.

  1. Toilet Brush.

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Most of us just assume that a toilet brush is meant to clean the toilet and it’s gross. Well, yes it is but the situation worsens when you overstay with one brush almost forever. Some of our toilet brushes are even older than our kids. You just don’t seem to think about replacing it. Toilet hygiene is very important around the house. By not replacing the toilet brush over a few months or even years, you will be returning the same germs over and over again since the bristles will be too soft to scrub out germs no matter what toilet cleaners you use.

It is important that we change our pillows at least once or twice a year. Some of us sleep with our heads uncovered and therefore transferring the dust that the hair has accumulated to the pillowcase.  Whether we use the pillow case or not, the dirt will always be seen on the pillow after some time.  Always be sure to be keen on the kid’s pillows as well and you could even mark the date you bought them just as a guideline for when to replace them.

  1. Tooth Brush.

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Honestly, this is even advertised on T.V that toothbrushes should be replaced after every three months. Sometimes you may ignore but it is essential as it helps to keep your teeth healthy and minimizes trips to the dentist every now and then. As simple as it is, it is a very important part of our day to day life so every time you go brush your teeth, be sure to remember when to replace it as well.

  1. Mattress cover.

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Every night you spend hours and hours on your bed, you drool and sweat as you sleep on it, therefore it is very important that you should think of replacing it once in a while. If ignored, it might attract all kinds of pests including bed bugs and mites.

  1. Makeup brush.

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Our makeup sets are the next sensitive things since we use them on our faces. Overuse of these brushes may cause it to turn its color or the bristles on the brush might fray. You may notice that a certain product is being harsh on your face after a prolonged use. The problem most likely lies in the brush and not the product. Simply wash the brush or if already frayed, toss it and get another one. More problems may occur, such as minor acne or rashes.


  1. Gas burners.

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Ever wondered where the soot comes from as you are preparing your meal? Dirty gas burners. It all starts from there. Dirt accumulates in the pores of the burner thereby clogging them. This is when you start seeing the soot on your pots. Regular cleaning will prevent this from happening. Not all of us love that job as you may be afraid of worsening the situation. It is therefore advised that you should replace the burners immediately you start noticing soot.

  1. Shaving razors.

Do not wait to get razor burns for you to realize that it is time for you to replace your shaving razor. The best shaving outcome will be noticed after you have started replacing your shaving razor every three, four, or even five shaves. This will even reduce that itchy feeling you get after shaving no matter how much aftershave you apply on your skin. This also applies to women as well and it is very hygienic.

  1. Face Towels.

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No matter how much you clean your face towel after a bath, it needs to be replaced as well. Some of us find ourselves with a nearly ragged face towel due to continued usage over the years, yes, years. Replacing it has never crossed our minds. We assume that since its doing the work and nothing alarming has ever happened then there’s no reason for getting rid of it. Unknowingly, it might also be the contributing factor of our skin texture and appearance so keep track of how long you have been using the face towel and get another one.

  1. Lotions and oils.

Be sure to check the expiry date of the products that you use around the house and for yourself. You may want to get bulk quantities of your products but are you keen on their dates as most of them only tend to last a year or two whereas you may find yourself having used the same bottle of lotion for a longer period than indicated on it. Some of them don’t even last a year like mascara, eyeshadow or lip liner so be sure to check their shelf life before getting them.

  1. Kitchen Sponge.

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Try and replace your kitchen sponge every month as it can harbor very many diseases in form of germs. The kitchen sponge mostly stays dump making it very prone to infestation by germs. After cleaning your utensils, it is advisable that you clean the sponge and rinse thoroughly then air it out in the sun if the season allows. Alternatively, you could place it in a microwave for an effective way of getting rid of germs. It might be the cause of some of the illnesses especially in children below five years as they play around and come across it.

Those are the most common things that most homeowners don’t replace. It might be time to take stock of the items in your home and if an item that is often replaced has been in your house for more than two years, then it is proper that you give it the boot and buy a new version of it.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Water Storage Tank in Your Home

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In recent years, weather patterns have become very difficult to predict. We used to have define seasons where one could easily tell that in a certain month we are going to receive rains enough to last us to the next rainy season. This is not the case at all nowadays. We experience prolonged droughts followed by extremely heavy rain that have more ills than benefits. Over the years water especially fresh water has become a scarce commodity. Keeping this in mind it is advisable to try and have your own water source for domestic uses. This can be achieved by installing a water tank in your home.  Here are a few reasons why your best bet is having your own water storage tank.

Rainwater is free.

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Harvesting of rainwater is the best way to save on your water bills. All you need is the roof of your house which should be calibrated to the standard surface area and a few connection pipes to your tank. Then your worry of water being disconnected because of late bills is over. With the right number of tanks, you can become self-sufficient and allocate your water bills to other areas. Comparing this with relying on municipal water for a lifetime, one sees the essence of meeting the cost of the system preferring it to paying water bills every month.

Rainwater is safe for usage.

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Unlike the piped water from the local supplier which is unknown to you where it has passed, what drugs have been used in its treatment and how long it has stayed stagnant in the reservoir, your tanks water is familiar to you. In most cases, you may not need to use drugs on it as you know it is clean. You can also use it in your garden as the water is safe, unlike piped water which will make crops wither because of high concentrations of the chemicals they use. All one needs is to keep their roofing clean and clean their tank from time to time and one is sure of clean water even without going through the hustle of boiling.

There are no restrictions on usage.

Since the water is yours you cannot be subject to government rationings like the municipal piped water. During times when water levels at the reservoirs are low, the government imposes a rationing program that sees water supply becoming inconsistent. They may decide to give you water twice a week or thrice depending on the severance of the situation. Having your own water supply spares you from this headache and you can enjoy undisrupted water supply in your home.

Saves time and energy.

In most areas especially those far from urban centers piped water is not available. In such cases, family members have to walk for long distances just to acquire the precious commodity. This may take time and deplete the members of the family energy and time that could have better been used elsewhere. It will also promote harmony among members of the family as the act of fetching water is very tiring and not many are willing to do it in the family. This may create quarrels leading to disharmony.

It helps to conserve the environment.

When a lot of households have installed water harvesting tanks, it reduces rainwater runoffs that contribute to soil erosion in the area. It also saves the streams in the area by preventing them from overrunning and causing damages. Having a rainwater harvesting system is a sign of going green also.

It is readily available in case of an emergency situation.

Accidents may happen. In this case, we will consider in case of a fire. The water in the tank is available to counter such occurrences instead of hoping that there will be water in the taps only to find none at such times. Tank water proves to be a security at these times of need.

Cost effective.

Installing a tank can prove to be very simple and cheap. This is because all you need is a tank that fits within your budget. The availability of different sizes enables even the low-income homeowners to be able to put up a rainwater harvesting system. Their availability is also another factor as they are available in almost every part you go.

It adds value to your property.

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A rainwater harvesting system will increase the value of your property once installed. People looking to purchase a property will want a source of water in the property they see and most go for an alternative to that of the municipal provisions. So if you install a tank your property will sell better and faster than the one which does not have a system.

It is easy to relocate.

The good thing about a tank is that once you decide to relocate to another place, you can just carry it with you. Less can be said about the piped water system from the municipal. You just have to relocate to a place within the jurisdiction of the municipal to get piped water. Another advantage with a tank is that you can be able to measure your usage in times when there are no rains. You are able to measure the amount that is left and limit yourself to using less each day. This is impossible with the piped water as it comes and goes with no warning and if you do not have a storage you will remain with no water until the next time the municipal decides to release it.

As we have seen and proven, a water tank is essential to a household. It should be viewed as a basic item to have in each household. With the global warming nightmare upon us, it is a high time every one of us seeks to obtain a self-sufficient water supply. Doing so will not only save us money but will also double in saving our environment and go green at the same time.