Cleanliness is the most important task to do in our lives. Imagine living in a messy environment with garbage all over the house, and toys almost everywhere you step. You can almost go nuts just at the thought of it let alone the sight. That’s why you have to do daily chores to keep the house tidy. Chores are not that exciting to do and as our kids grow, they develop a habit of not wanting to do any of that. Here are some few tips on how you can make it fun for your kids as they learn to clean after themselves.

1. Make Them Look For Clues as They Clean

Trying to get your kids up to go and clean something like the artic is next to impossible. Rather, you can try putting notes in form of clues as to what they might find when cleaning. Put some gifts like toys here and there and do not forget to also include snacks for them to have during their break time. They will always be looking forward to having another cleaning adventure.

2. Compose a Song

Entertainment in form of music always gets you up on your feet to dance once you hear the beat. Why not make it fun for your kids when cleaning with some background music? You can even sing as you teach them how to clean. A good example of a song is, ‘follow the leader’. Go ahead of them and tell them to follow the leader in this case you. Tell them something like ‘take the mop, go two steps back and mop through’ then ask them to go lower under the couch in a rhythm form as they are getting the dirt out from underneath it. Make sure there’s a background music beat same to that of a gym. They will not only have fun while cleaning but they can burn calories too to keep fit.

3. Have Them Clean in Costumes

Kids love playing pretend and they like costumes to go with the character they are pretending to be. Why not have them dress up in whatever they want for instance a Superman costume who comes to save the ‘city’ from the choking smell of garbage? They will always look forward to garbage day or even the little maid who goes to clean the dishes as the butler is clearing the table. It’s even hilarious as they are speaking with the ascents of the sophisticated butlers as we see in the movies.

4. Let Them Have a Competition

You could involve them in a competition for who puts their toys in the right manner and position they should be in. It’s even more fun to set a timer for them to see the time they took to gather all their toys. The winner is the one who will have organized them in the correct way. This will give them that urge of always wanting to be the winner in the game of cleaning their stuff. However, congratulate both of them for a job well done.

5. Get Kid-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Do not strain your kids with oversized cleaning tools as they will get tired faster and hate the chores even more. Try getting colorful stuff that will first attract them. Surprisingly, you will find them treating the supplies as toys. For instance, if you want your boys to clean the windows, you can get them a water gun to use as a spritz bottle. Let them clean in ‘action’ as they would probably term the activity. You can let the girls playhouse with the stuff as well and in the process, they will have cleaned the house.

6. Let Them Arrange Their Wardrobe in Style

When you or your kids look for what to wear, the end result is a very messy looking room with clothes all over the place. One way of helping your kids get used to organizing their wardrobe is to take your phone and take pictures of your kids holding their outfits on their bodies then showcase the photos for them to see how it turned out. Let it be some sort of fashion show.

7. Create a Mini-Quest For Them

Having to get rid of leaves that fall off the tree in your compound is a very monotonous and tiring task for everyone. When it’s time for them to clear off the piled leaves, you could place some small toys under one or two piles for them. Let them know that there is something hidden in the pile and for them to get it, they have to clear dirt. This really excites kids as they are looking forward to knowing what they will find.

8. Make Chore Scratch Cards

Let their chores be a secret and have them select a scratch card to reveal what kind of chore they are to do. Kids love finding things out and the moment they are scratching to get their task, you will see them doing it with a lot of anticipation. Do not just put a chore in there without giving some kind of reward too. To them, it will seem like they have won something after a day of work.

9. Involve Yourself Too

Make chore time a bonding time as well. Our kids love attention and usually, toddlers love to tell us stories. If you have that kind of child that just love being around you as you do your cleaning, why not also involve yourself as he does his cleaning and let him ask questions as you try to help him out on what he can’t fully do. Always give positive compliments once he finishes the work. This will encourage your child to become open-minded and confident. Include cleaning games to keep such a person motivated.

The Bottom Line

Those are just but a few of some ideas on how to make chores fun with cleaning games. Be cautious when giving chores. Avoid being bossy as this will make the kids rebellious. Don’t show favoritism on one child simply because the other one is slow or not perfect when it comes to household chores. The whole idea is to be very patient and encouraging to your kids as you show them how it’s done.