Keeping your home clean is one thing, making it attractive is another Your house might be clean but there might be some items within that aren’t doing much for the décor. These unattractive features often affect the overall look of your rooms. However, you don’t have to be resigned about them and let them kill your intended look of tastefulness in your home interior.  There are various ways that conceal these parts that are causing the unattractiveness in your home and they are as follows:

1. Your Pet’s Food In a Drawer Dish

Sometimes you will not feel like feeding your dog in the presence of your guests considering how messy dogs are. Also, you don’t want your dog’s food and water lying around and making your house look like a petting zoo. This is why you will hide your dog’s food and water in a special drawer where the dog can feed on and as soon as the first guest arrives you can shut the drawer and there will no sign of a dog bowl anywhere.

2. Multifunctional Stairs Doubling As Drawers

You might have too many things like a lot of shoes or toys or even clothes that are causing clutter since all the closets are already full. There is another attractive option that will help reduce the clutter and this is installing multifunctional stairs that double up as drawers. Imagine a whole flight of stairs that are drawers? That is definitely lots of storage space which will help reduce the ugly clutter look of too many toys, shoes or clothes, sometimes even books, when all the bookshelves are full.

3. A Beautiful Wall Hanging to Hide That Dent In The Wall

Your interior might be beautiful except for one dent in the wall which makes you flinch every time your eye wanders to it after experience all the smooth perfection of the rest of the wall.  You might not have money to do repairs now which is why there is a solution to solve the dent problem. Consider looking for a beautiful wall hanging to cover that dent or wall defect.  Make sure this wall hanging is beautiful and eye-catching and as long as it hangs there hiding the ugly dent, guests will never see it or know it exists.

4. Ugly Chairs With New Upholstery

Your dining room or lounge chairs might be looking ugly with bad colors or patterns. Buying new ones isn’t convenient or you would have done that already. However, you don’t have to get stuck with ugly chairs, think about covering them with new upholstery with the colors and patterns that you favor.  They will look as good as new and in the end, make your heart glad every time you look at them or sit on them.

5. Stylish Placemats Or A Beautiful Table Cloth To Hide A Scratched Table

With kids or pets in the house, something like a scratched table is not unusual. Since you can’t keep repainting because it will get scratched again, you can consider hiding the scratches with stylish placemats or a beautiful tablecloth. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about a scratched table when you are having important guests over for dinner or lunch.  Make sure your stylish placemats are beautiful and complement the rest of the décor.

6. Hide Bad Flooring With An Area Rug

A rug is known to instantly transform a room into this beautiful warm and inviting living space.  If your flooring is horrible, do not be worried because before you get money to install a better one, you can simply use an area rug to hide the bad flooring. Choose a large area rug that is beautiful with a color that will not look awkward. The rug should look like it belongs there and perfectly blend with the rest of the décor.

7. Hide Ugly Garden Walls

The outdoors of your home too should look attractive.  The garden especially is a place to relax and be one with nature. Sometimes something as simple as a wall with ugly paint coloring can put you off and prevent the magic of soaking in nature sights right in your garden from happening. In this case, you could hide the ugly wall by repainting with the color of your choice or have the climbing plants growing on the wall so it can be transformed into a beautiful wall of green.

8. A Trash Cabinet To Hide The Trash Can

There are kitchens with built-in trash drawers but if yours doesn’t have it and your trash can stands there in the kitchen obviously out of place within the kitchen décor, then you can hide it by simply building a trash cabinet. This trash cabinet which is a pullout cabinet can be located at the place of your choice within the kitchen. This trash cabinet will not help you keep trash odors at bay but it will definitely help you forget the trash in the kitchen for a few hours until the time when you want to put something inside.

9. Electric Cords

Cords have been a nuisance for tasteful homeowners and ever since wall-mounted TVs and more technology gadgets came into the market, homeowners who hate seeing cords freaked out and wondered where to hide those hideous but necessary cords from the TVs, cable boxes, desktop computers, WiFi routers and others.  It is possible to conceal those cords especially the ones hanging from the wall using a shower rod and as for the others, you could simply conceal them by creating a pegboard. A Pegboard will not only conceal the cord but make your room look complimentary.

10. Hide The Charging devices

Imagine your clean space being messed up by several smart device chargers hanging from the wall and charging several mobile devices.  You might argue that you will always tuck them in a drawer after you finish using but if you live with others in your house who might not be as careful as you are, they might forget doing so and you might too, something that will result to an eyesore within your perfect interior. The best thing to do is to create your own drawer charging station by drilling into a drawer. You will only need to open the drawer, plug in your device to charge and close it.

The Bottom Line

There are more things you can hide within your home in a creative manner that will further accentuate your interior décor. If you can’t live without that ugly object, you can always conceal or camouflage it creatively but you don’t have to resign yourself to staring at the eyesore within your home.