New York City, also known as Manhattan, ranks very high among most of the largest cities in the world. There is a lot of culture and history behind every corner, on every street and inside every building. Commonly referred to as the Big Apple, the city receives lots of tourists every year. Here are some interesting facts about the city that will fascinate you.

• Union Square Park, Bryant Park, Washington Square Park and Madison Square Park were previously cemeteries. The Washington Square Park hast at least 20,000 bodies buried there.

• Interested in trying out one of the famous hot dogs? Did you know that it costs almost $300,000 each year to get a permit for a hot-dog stand in the city?

• As long any homeless individual has a place to stay, the city is prepared to pay a one-way ticket for the person without any expenses falling to him/her.

• On 2012, November 28th, the city had the quietest time ever. Generally, not a day goes by without a crime such as stabbing, shooting or murder being reported. Well, nothing was said on this particular day that is the first time.

• Each square mile of the city has more than 25,000 residents. The population of the town is quite vast with homes being very expensive as well as business rentals. Currently, the city has a bigger population than 39 of all the states in the United States. On that note, 1 out of every 38 people in the United States stays in New York.

• Every 4.4 minutes, a new child is born in the city. Partly the reason the population of the city has soared to great heights. On the other hand, every 9.1 minutes, there is a death somewhere in the city.

• The Federal Reserve Bank located on Wall Street has numerous vaults located at least 80 feet underground. These vaults hold at least 25% of the world’s gold possession.

• On its own, Brooklyn would be number 4 on the largest cities in the United States if it wasn’t part of the city. The same applies to Queens.

• Besides Asia, the city has the largest Chinese population in the world. The same goes for the Puerto Rican community. Also, the Jewish community in NYC is enormous second to that found in Israel.

• Currently, more than 47% of all the residents above five years of age speak English as a second language.

• The famous Central Park is larger than Monaco.

• Women in the city are allowed to go topless as long as it’s not for business purposes.

• During day time, the population in Manhattan can grow up to 3.94 million. Commuters going in and out alone make up at least 1.34 million of the overall number.

• As many as the taxi cabs might be in the city; it costs about a million to get a medallion (a taxi driving license) in the city.

• The emergency department statistics reveal that the last hurricane to be experienced in the city was in 1821. The surge of the storm was too high leading to floods all over especially in Canal Street.

• Until 1957, the city used a pneumatic mail tube system. It connected 23 post offices across a distance of 27 miles. On one occasion, the system moved about 97,000 letters.

• Back in the 1920’s a hooked terrorist carriage drawn by horses and filled it with explosives.It was detonated on Wall Street resulting in the death of 30 people. This is one of the first acts of terrorism experienced by the city. The culprit responsible for the action was never caught.

• At least 60% of the cigarettes sold in the city have been smuggled out of other states in the United States.

• The Empire State Building, one of the tallest and most magnificent buildings in New York has its zip code.

• Penn Station, the original one, was named the most beautiful of all the train stations in the world. However, because it wasn’t used very frequently, it was torn down.

• The Times Square was coined from the New York Times. It was previously referred to as the Longacre Square up until 1904 when the media conglomerate relocated there.

• The city buries any unclaimed corpses on Hart Island. Since 1869, the island has recorded more than a million corpses buried. The Hart Island is closed off to the public.

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