The days when women were required to stay at home and clean are long gone. Women are now in the corporate world doing amazing things like “taking over the world”. It becomes very challenging for the modern working woman to maintain a clean house and raise a family without compromising their productivity at work.

You might also be a full-time mom, which is amazing but that doesn’t make cleaning your hobby. Most people find cleaning tiresome and would appreciate owning cleaning gadgets that make their work easier. Cleaning tools that will minimize the effort and maximize the results are what every homeowner is looking for. If you are either of them, then you are in luck. Here is a list of must-have home cleaning gadgets that will give you ample time while cleaning:

A Steam Mop

A steam mop is the ultimate floor cleaning and sanitation gadget. It releases a steam that is designed to clean in depth. It will not only leave your surface spotless but also kill germs and bacteria. Depending on the brand you have bought, they come with an extra feature known as an odor disc that is used to rid your surface of any odors. It only gets better; you can also use the mop to clean any type of material because it comes with a microfiber cloth.

Dry And Wet Mop

Mops are essential in having a clean floor. Most organized homes have at least two types of mops: the dry and the wet mops. The former is used to collect dry dust and pet hair, and the latter is used to clean hard surface floors. When choosing a mop for wet cleaning, it should not only dissolve dirt but also remove it. On account of this, avoid string mops. They are hard to lift and rinse. Rather, look for large-headed wet mops with a swivel base. They make quick work of spilled liquids. When buying a dry mob, check out the handle and hinge assembly because mopping stresses on the two areas.

Magic Erasers

These little babies do magic! They erase almost every stain. They should be very high on your must-have cleaning tools. They are exactly what you need because they can clean scum stains from your sink, stains on glass or sticky burn stains from your stovetop. They can also remove all marks as their name suggests. Magic Erasers are also relatively cheap and readily available in many stores.

Multifunctional Squeegee

A squeegee is basically used to clean your bathroom and keep it mold-free. After using the bathroom, it is wise to spray it then wipe off the excess water using the squeegee to prevent the accumulation of scum. The squeegee can also be used to clean your windows and prevent smudges. With a squeegee, all the water will be gone leaving the surface clean and scum-free.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The hustle of having to clean out the litter box everyday can be daunting. If you have to do it you will find yourself doing it with a little heavy heart. If this is the case then the self-cleaning litter box should be your answer. As its name suggests this gadget self cleans and even if you are gone from home for two days, there will be no litter odor welcoming you when you get back.

A Power Scrubber

Think of the electric toothbrush but a bigger version that cleans stubborn kitchen and bathroom stains that might be in awkward places. It is a very powerful gadget that scrubs at a very fast speed. It totally saves your time and energy and comes with various brushes to clean different areas. This makes it convenient for cleaning those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

A Good Vacuum Cleaner

They are not the cheapest cleaning gadgets around but most of them will give you the value for your money. This gadget effectively cleans pet fur and any other fibers. It can be used on laminate floors, tiles, carpet, and hardwood. There are various companies who have built vacuum cleaners with various bells and whistles that you will find impressive. When buying a vacuum cleaner, look for the one with useful features.

A Sanitizing Wand

This gadget is magic. It sanitizes up to 99.9% of germs and odor-causing bacteria in your home or anywhere you want to take it with you. This is possible because the gadget makes use of the advanced UV-C light technology. You can effortlessly carry it around with you and clean any surface. It seems like a cleaning gadget you really need to have at home especially with kids and pets around. Bacterial infections will reduce in your home with such a gadget around.

Smart Dishwasher

You might not have a passion for cleaning the dishes and there is nothing wrong with that because you are in luck. Invest in a smart dishwasher then you will get why technology makes work easier. The dishwasher ensures your dishes come out very clean while maintaining the lowest sound levels. There are various smart dishwashers out there with amazing features. Some come with a real steam generator to ensure a high cleaning performance without having to pre-wash the dishes.

Gutter Cleaner

People who enjoy doing garden work dread cleaning the gutters, especially in the fall when trees lose their leaves. There are efficient gutter cleaning devices that can do the work for you. Such a device can cover 30 feet of gutter in at least six minutes. All you’ll have to do is collect the debris it discards on the ground while it cleans.

Dust Cleaning Ball of Fur

This is one gadget that you will need especially if you live in regions where the winds blow a lot and dust often finds its way into your home. This ball of fur will roll on your floors collecting all dirt particles and fur on its path. It then automatically changes directions after hitting something that lies on its path. You can machine wash it and the best thing about it is that if you have a pet; it will also double up as a pet toy.

Housework doesn’t have to be so dreadful anymore. The gadgets mentioned above will ensure that your house is home-magazine clean whilst saving a lot of time. If you have a busy personal or professional life, just invest in these gadgets and watch as you save both time and energy.