Everyone loves the idea of timeless space that never goes out of style. The changing of home decors can be challenging. You can wake up one day and decide you just want to see bold colors and the next thing you think about is how you will tone down decor by taking a  minimalistic approach. Don’t just get any trend out there, choose a home decor design that you love and enjoy creating. So, take that bold step and go ahead and change the outdated decors for the best ones. Keep reading below to find out what to replace with the outdated home decors.

Single Color Decor

There is a way that you can establish a new design without sacrificing colors or any patterns that you like. The single color bare space design is too plain and uninteresting because there is something detached and lacking in personality about it. It might have rocked back in the past years but not in today’s modern home. You can replace that with modern glam. Adding colors and patterns to your home makes it look vibrant, warm and inviting.

Dominant White Color Style

White walls are really great but the strictly colorless palette could get boring. You don’t have to paint all your walls with white colors. Too much of white is not needed, adding textured layers is very important; it makes your home look lovely. You can have a mix of colors and style; creating this lovely homely look with a little bit of lighting, mirrors and some few key pieces of art will make your home look great. Also mixing metals, aged brass or patinated steel and some little bit of black and brown on the furniture makes it look more classic and modern.

Industrial Kitchen

Having famous brands of appliances in your kitchen like the refrigerators, dishwasher, ovens, or gas cooker makes your kitchen look modern. However, there is something about the name of those brands standing out that makes your kitchen look outdated and anything but modern. You can conceal them as best as possible by adding decorations. It is possible to achieve that lovely home kitchen look compared to a store selling kitchen appliances look.

Accent Walls

There is this trend of having single walls in a jazzy factor using wallpaper that seems really old-fashioned. This trend in your house sometimes gives the impression that the budget you planned for wasn’t enough.  You can best replace them with a fine texture wall, instead of using the loud colored wallpaper. Also, consider incorporating your walls with a polished plaster or even more subtle textured wallpaper like the silk or the grasscloth. This adds interest and texture in a beautiful way.

Midcentury Modern

A lot of people think that this trend is here to stay, but this trend is anything but modern.  You can change this trend and replace it with variety. A blend of contemporary, custom/bespoke and the vintage piece from various periods in order to create a unique look. Using a variety of vintage pieces makes your home look interesting and brings out this special elegance. You just have to choose decorative pieces that will be most effective in achieving the visual effect you want. 

Rose Gold Decoration

This kind of metallic accent is everywhere, everyone uses it but in due time it will be up soon. The pink color in it makes it very difficult to coordinate with the rest colors of the room. Especially if your rooms are filled with bold colors. It is advisable to replace them with the metallic accent. Filling your room with metallic accent brings a contemporary and a glamorous feeling. You should go for the timeless materials like the gold and silver in your choice of decorative pieces, so as to achieve the exact look that you need.

Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse look trend is too common. It gained popularity for many years because, in the past years, it was really appropriate. However, having this trend in your home might not be appropriate during these modern times when practically most things have changed right from furniture to how houses are made. You can replace this look by bringing the outdoors in. Consider some beautiful houseplants, lovely wicker furniture and so on.

Traditional Common Look

The traditional look where there is simply a table and chairs to make the home interior complete is better left in the past. There is no creativity and nothing that makes the eye want to linger. The best thing to do if your home has this kind of look is simply shopping for modern furniture.  Look for the modern appliances, paint your walls an inviting color and accessorize with beautiful draperies and carpets. There is a lot that you can do to transform your common traditional look into that lovely and inviting modern home interior, that makes your guests want to stay longer.

Repetitive design

It is very easy to design your home using the same colors and pattern throughout but in the real sense, this design is very tired. Creating a unique and personal is very nice and it is very important to have a uniqueness in your choice of decoration. You can replace your past design using personalized accessories and artwork. Just go ahead and display your personal design with items like art, books, and sculpture to give your home a bit of personality.

The Bottom Line 

You don’t have to be stuck in the past with your home interior. Move with the times unless you are transforming your home into a museum. Maybe it is time to let go of the 13-century furniture that your great-grandparents used and replace it with a more modern-looking one.  In case you design to go vintage, let the vintage decorative pieces accentuate the modern look. 

The above list just mentions a few of the home decor trends from the past, there are many more. You just have to look around your home and note anything that looks too ancient and isn’t adding elegance to your home interior, then look for a replacement or simply get rid of it.