If you are planning to live in New York without experience living there at all, well, it is an adventure then! It is your first time to set foot to NYC and live in it. However, before you get excited, you should first consider some experiences and information on how was it like to live in NYC for the very first time. Check it out!

New York life is challenging and scary at first. Some days will be tough, demanding very annoying and seem lost. Some days will also be fun and memorable. All emotions will be mixed. The amazement, discovery of new cool things, unending lights and entertainment, excellent and tasty food, wonderful night outs, tiring work, busy and crowded subways and streets, long sleepless nights and independent escapades, they will all happen to you. However, as you adjusted and came to love NYC of all its good and bad sides, you will forever enjoy and live with the place with a smile in the face.

Moreover, since we want you to get ready and guide you for your first adventure and start of life here in New York, we assist you with these following tips that we’re sure will help you a lot.

1. First, throw away all your expectations that New York is very much similar like those of the movies like Sex and the City. It is not always about doing all you want, spend all you want, about hangouts and cool things like owning a glamorous apartment and a closet so full of expensive dresses and stuff. Instead, it will be more like the movie, Girls. There will days when you are so lonely, no one else to hang out with, feel inferior about other people who seem to have more decent living, who are enjoying and eating in fancy restaurants, feel terrified and questioning everything about choosing NYC to live in all by yourself. You should understand this at first and adjust. It all comes at the beginning.

2. Before you move out, research first about all the things you want to know about NYC. The advantages and disadvantages of living there, the stats and population, the rules and laws, the famous buildings, restaurants and beautiful spots, how much does an apartment costs, what jobs can you apply in the future, the means of transportation and how they works, the safety and kind of people living in it and many more.

3. Only bring and carry few things with you when you move into NYC. Keep and left all the other memorable things at home and don’t sell everything you have. Everything will be replaced in no time. Just bring your luggage and plane ticket. DONE.

4. When looking for an apartment, look for a cheap one and be patient. Cheap and safe ones are hard to find and expect that you have many competitors of renting the place. Trust everything and all will be fine. Don’t forget to consider the safety of the neighborhood, it is very important.

5. When looking for a job, do not grab a shitty job just because you need a job. NO. Trust yourself and all will fall into the right place. If you find a job, and it is not enough for your expenses, look for an additional job that you can do for part-time. This way you’ll meet all your needs. You know what you are worth is so choose a decent and good employer. You’ll find one for sure.
6. NYC is expensive so be sure to budget all your money and expenses every time. Do not get tempted in fancy restaurants, bars, exclusive events and cool stuff daily. Occasionally, you can try them too but not daily. Be flexible.

7. In NYC, walking is very much appreciated, and it is better than spending money for cabs and taxis. You can always get to the place you want to go to just by walking. Saves you money and gives you the chance to appreciate and discover NYC better.

8. Don’t be afraid and intimidated with all the people around you especially the rude and rich ones. There are a lot of them in NYC so always get your temper down and take care of yourself. Show them you are brave and mature. You know, you can always live your life without being a bitch and hypocrite. Be patient in everything that will happen to you. Focus on your goals and make it happen together with NYC.

9. Although you moved out, be sure to keep in touch with your family, relatives, and friends. Living in New York is sometimes lonely, and you always need someone listen to your stories and make you feel better when you feel the pressure and difficulty of living in NYC.

10. Do not get swallowed by the life in NYC. You should sometimes visit and take a vacation from your hometown. That way, you’ll balance your perspective in life and found freshness in other places.