In any home you will ever be, nothing is as lovely as getting a new member added to the family. It could be a baby or an adorable new pet that immediately becomes an official member of the family.

Everyone these days wants to have a pet it may be a puppy, hamster, cat, bunny, duck or even a pig, it depends on what the homeowner wants.  Now just as a new baby comes along with the whole anxiety, the baby shower, baby stuff shopping galore, nursery remodeling and so on, that’s the same way that most homeowners will look forward to having a new pet. However, here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for the coming of your pet.

Designate A Spot For Storing Pet Supplies

The pet supplies range from the pet food to the beddings. You should be able to get adequate supplies for your new pet thanks to many pet stores that have come up these days. All those supplies will require somewhere where they can be stored for easy access because you are not going to store them along with your kitchen foodstuffs lest someone forgets and serves pet snacks with drinks.

Get Pet-friendly Furniture and Flooring

This is the time to think about your seats and floors. Do you have seats that can easily be scratched by claws or gnawed out? Is your carpet the one that can easily be chewed off? If that is so, it might be time for you to find pet-friendly furniture.  If you are bringing a puppy or a kitten, before you train him not to be destructive, they will initially wreak havoc in your home. Unless you are bringing an already trained pet, taking precautions about your furniture and carpets would be better because you cannot afford to let your pet have free reign of your house.

Install A Pet Door

With a pet in the house, you don’t want to keep opening the door for your dog or cat. This is why you will need to have a pet door installed. This will allow your pet to move from room to room or go outside without getting trapped anywhere. For areas that you don’t want your dog to go into, don’t install a pet door there.

Get A Few Pet Toys

It goes a long way to keep the pet happy and in a good mood all times. Your pet might get bored at times, especially at that time when everyone is so engrossed in their phone, chores or watching the TV.  Always buy safe toys for your pet because you definitely don’t want anything happening to this pet that you have gone through so much trouble for.

Do A Thorough Home Sweep-up

Take time and comb through your home. Single out the things that might cause harm to your pet.  Keep the shoes, laundry, kid toys where they are supposed to be and leave the hallway free for your pet to traipse effortlessly around. 

Barricade Pet Restricted Zones In Your Home

Areas that are harmful to your pet like the fireplace or the kitchen should be sealed off with a glass or a gate that you can open and close whenever you want to get through.

Also, not all members of your household will be animal lovers. You might get a guest or several of them who don’t like pets wandering in their rooms. In this case, you could go ahead and set up baby gates which should be tall enough to prevent your pet from going through.

Keep Electrical Wires and Fragile Objects  Out Of Reach

A naked or hanging electrical wire within reach of your pet is not advisable. Bundle up any hanging wires and put them in a safe place. The fragile objects like porcelain vases, glass picture frames and so on should be kept way out of reach.  Remember animals can get destructive and you don’t want your precious china, the flower vase you bought in Italy or that painting you paid a fortune for at an auction getting destroyed.

Prepare A Resting Spot For Your Pet

Designate an area where your pet will be resting. In short, this is your pet’s own personal space.  This is where you will place a soft blanket, a litter box and the food and water bowls.  Consider a place in your house where there isn’t a lot of traffic. Make sure it is a spot where you can watch him from most angles, whether you are in the kitchen or living room.

Avoid Too Many People In Your House For A While

Well since your pet just moved in, it would be advisable to avoid large crowds at home as it may stress it.  This is the time to cancel all parties and take them elsewhere. Give your pet time to adapt to new surroundings. You could invite one or two people and let it learn to socialize one step at a time, soon it will get a hang of it.

Plan A Daily Schedule For Your Pet

If you thought of buying a pet was just the real deal, well you’re wrong. The big task comes with how you will take care of it and this includes the time for training it, feeding it, grooming, outdoor walks and who will do it. Your family could take turns to help in doing this. If your pet is a dog then you could let your kids take it for walks in the evening and groom it on weekdays while you could do the same on weekends.

Prepare Your Kids

Before your pet comes, sit your kids down and explain to them that a pet will soon be coming and what is expected of them. This will enable them to cooperate with you in making the pet comfortably adapt to your home.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, all pets are adorable and bring joy to any home just like a newborn baby, likewise a good case scenario could be when  you have just delivered a baby and now you have to raise it; what could go wrong with raising a pet ,well a lot actually especially when you don’t put into consideration the tips illustrated above.