Reasons To Start Green Cleaning Today

A clean and safe home is every homeowner’s target every day when they dedicate themselves to doing the cleaning. Coming home to a comfortable and fresh smelling home is very encouraging and the homeowner doesn’t feel uneasy even when they come with unexpected company. For many homeowners, however, achieving such cleanliness comes from using harsh cleaning chemicals. There is this widespread notion that harsh and toxic chemicals clean best and will make your home sparkle.

Some of them might clean well but most of them don’t really do a great job. Even for the ones that clean well, the price to pay when using them is too great that it would be better if the homeowner considered other alternatives that don’t require a lot of risks.

Green cleaning has proved to be a better alternative when it comes to cleaning the home. Despite its obvious benefits, some homeowners are still reluctant to embrace it because they are set in their ways. Outlined below are reasons to start green cleaning today.

A Safer Home

You definitely don’t want to use products with labels like “Warning! Flammable! Toxic! And so on. What if there is a sudden fire, or your pet, kid, yourself or any other member of the household is accidentally exposed to these dangerous cleaning agents? Just having such cleaning agents in your home makes your home unsafe for kids, pets, and even yourself. However, with green cleaning products, you have no such worries. The risk of harm coming to your loved ones is low because the green products are far from being toxic.

Protection For Your Health

When cleaning with green products, your health is never in jeopardy, something that is so unlike the other conventional cleaning products. As you clean with the harsh chemicals, you expose yourself to the toxins and might experience, coughing, skin rashes, sneezing and even headaches. Some might be too toxic and produce fumes that when inhaled could cause lung problems. Why should you incur extra medical expenses on treating the allergic symptoms after cleaning when you could clean without any problems using green products? All the more reason to ditch toxic cleaning agents for natural green cleaning ones.

Better Quality Indoor Air

Using conventional cleaning products with harsh chemicals always contribute to higher air pollution indoors. Most of the toxic cleaning agents will emit Volatile Organic Compounds that have been known to cause health problems such as liver damage, kidney damage and damage to the central nervous system. Most of these conventional cleaning agents’ fumes still linger in the air long after use and continuous inhalation lead to the health problems stated above.

Using green cleaning products never pollutes the air; in fact, it improves the quality of indoor air. When you open the windows instead of spraying air fresheners, you make your rooms to be well aerated with the natural air which when combined with the spic and span result from cleaning with green cleaning products, your home becomes the safest place for kids, pets, guests and anyone to live in.

Conserves The Environment

By choosing green cleaning methods to clean both your indoors and outdoors, you are choosing to protect the environment. With most green cleaning products made through good manufacturing practices, most of the ingredients used are naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable. With such ingredients, the environment will never be negatively impacted even when the contents happen to find their way into the earth’s eco-system.

Saves Good Money

It is possible to make your own green cleaning products or simply save money by buying the lower costing eco-friendly and all-purpose cleaners. You don’t have to spend money on buying detergents for cleaning the floors and others for washing utensils. This one all-purpose cleaning product which would also be favorably priced compared to its conventional counterpart will serve your home better. You will save a lot of money that you would have to spend on buying various conventional cleaning products for different purposes. Not to mention that you will not need to buy medication to quell any allergic symptoms.

Easier Cleaning

The fact that you won’t have to switch products when cleaning different areas of your home makes cleaning easier. Another fact is that you won’t experience discomfort from inhaling toxins when cleaning with green cleaning products. As you remove the mold and mildew with vinegar and use the all-purpose green cleaner to clean your floors and bathroom, you will hardly experience shortness of breath, coughing, headaches or sneezing while at it. That will allow you to do cleaning thoroughly and easily because not only are the green cleaning products effective, you are also in great health.

Giving Back To The Community

Most green cleaning products manufacturers often put social responsibility at the forefront. They actually give a portion of their profits to organizations that fuel social, environment and educational progress in the communities. Often times when you buy their products, you are also making it happen for your community whether local or even global.

You Know What Is In Your Products

Most conventional green cleaning manufacturers often don’t divulge their list of ingredients because they aren’t required by the government. However, for the green cleaning manufacturers, transparency is their policy and this is why they will list their ingredients to let their customers know that they are using a safe product.

You Will Be The Green Role Model

When you begin using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for your home, high chances are that people close to you will emulate you because they see the impressive results. You will also be setting a great example for your children who will no doubt follow suit from then on and even when they are adults and are able to set another great example for their own kids. As a green role model, you will be contributing to raising a generation of other green role models.

You Can Create Your Own Products

There is nothing satisfying such as creating your own green cleaning product which cleans your house and gives it this amazing sparkle. You will save money that you would have spent buying cleaning products. Besides, you will be cleaning with a product that you absolutely trust to work with because you made it.


Green cleaning is the best way to go as a homeowner. The benefits are a lot and there isn’t actually a drawback when it comes to practicing green cleaning. The above reasons should be enough to get you to ditch that arsenal of toxic conventional cleaners for green cleaning products.