In recent years, weather patterns have become very difficult to predict. We used to have define seasons where one could easily tell that in a certain month we are going to receive rains enough to last us to the next rainy season. This is not the case at all nowadays. We experience prolonged droughts followed by extremely heavy rain that have more ills than benefits. Over the years water especially freshwater has become a scarce commodity. Keeping this in mind it is advisable to try and have your own water source for domestic uses. This can be achieved by installing a water tank in your home.  Here are a few reasons why your best bet is having your own water storage tank.

Rainwater is Free

Harvesting of rainwater is the best way to save on your water bills. All you need is the roof of your house which should be calibrated to the standard surface area and a few connection pipes to your tank. Then your worry of water being disconnected because of late bills is over. With the right number of tanks, you can become self-sufficient and allocate your water bills to other areas. Comparing this with relying on municipal water for a lifetime, one sees the essence of meeting the cost of the system preferring it to paying water bills every month.

Rainwater is Safe

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Unlike the piped water from the local supplier which is unknown to you where it has passed, what drugs have been used in its treatment and how long it has stayed stagnant in the reservoir, your tanks water is familiar to you. In most cases, you may not need to use drugs on it as you know it is clean. You can also use it in your garden as the water is safe, unlike piped water which will make crops wither because of high concentrations of the chemicals they use. All one needs is to keep their roofing clean and clean their tank from time to time and one is sure of clean water even without going through the hustle of boiling.

No Restrictions on Usage

Since the water is yours you cannot be subject to government rationings like the municipal piped water. During times when water levels at the reservoirs are low, the government imposes a rationing program that sees water supply becoming inconsistent. They may decide to give you water twice a week or thrice depending on the severance of the situation. Having your own water supply spares you from this headache and you can enjoy undisrupted water supply in your home.

Saves Time and Energy

In most areas especially those far from urban centers piped water is not available. In such cases, family members have to walk for long distances just to acquire a precious commodity. This may take time and deplete the members of the family energy and time that could have better been used elsewhere. It will also promote harmony among members of the family as the act of fetching water is very tiring and not many are willing to do it in the family. This may create quarrels leading to disharmony.

Conserve the Environment

When a lot of households have installed water harvesting tanks, it reduces rainwater runoffs that contribute to soil erosion in the area. It also saves the streams in the area by preventing them from overrunning and causing damages. Having a rainwater harvesting system is a sign of going green also.

Readily Available

Accidents may happen. In this case, we will consider in case of a fire. The water in the tank is available to counter such occurrences instead of hoping that there will be water in the taps only to find none at such times. Tank water proves to be security at these times of need.


Installing a tank can prove to be very simple and cheap. This is because all you need is a tank that fits within your budget. The availability of different sizes enables even low-income homeowners to be able to put up a rainwater harvesting system. Their availability is also another factor as they are available in almost every part you go.

Adds Value to Your Property

A rainwater harvesting system will increase the value of your home or office once installed. People looking to purchase a property will want a source of water in the property they see and most go for an alternative to that of the municipal provisions. So if you install a tank your property will sell better and faster than the one which does not have a system.

Easy to Relocate

The good thing about a tank is that once you decide to relocate to another place, you can just carry it with you. Less can be said about the piped water system from the municipal. You just have to relocate to a place within the jurisdiction of the municipal to get piped water. Another advantage with a tank is that you can be able to measure your usage in times when there are no rains. You are able to measure the amount that is left and limit yourself to using less each day. This is impossible with the piped water as it comes and goes with no warning and if you do not have storage you will remain with no water until the next time the municipal decides to release it.

As we have seen and proven, a water tank is essential to a household. It should be viewed as a basic item to have in each household. With the global warming nightmare upon us, it is a high time every one of us seeks to obtain a self-sufficient water supply. Doing so will not only save us money but will also double in saving our environment and go green at the same time.