Many of us will enter into a friend’s home and will feel that we have jumped into a new environment. The home looks so good and clean, it even smells better. When reality hits you about how your house looks like and you definitely notice the great difference even more. The difference is only the arrangement and decoration. So what causes one’s own arrangement to feel inferior down hearting oneself? Here are a few tips on why you may be doing it wrong compared to the friend above.

Color Clashing

This is the very common mistake made by many especially the men. Being a man you may have probably been accused a couple of times by a lady of being color blind. Clashing the color especially in the table room can make the even visitors feel uncomfortable when chatting. So find someone who will mix match the right colors for your home interior to create harmony.

Being a Copycat

When decorating your home be yourself and do it to your liking and preference. The problem with most people is trying to make their home look like their friends or their neighbors. They end up making a huge mess of their home. Try and find and experiment with your own style that you will be proud of and find out how easy it is for everything to fall into place with no struggle. It also will give you a sense of belonging and pride when you sit and have friends around.

Inadequate Space

The conception that having a lot of items defines your success is still a major barrier to décor cohesion at home. Having too many things makes it impossible to have a well-arranged and decorated home. You will find places with two or three sets of furniture in a single room making it too crowded and difficult to move around. Even if you try your best to decorate it, you will find that it is still not appealing to the eye. It is better to go for quality than quantity. You can decide to have a single set to each of high quality rather than many low-quality furniture pieces.


This is a problem for those who often like to take in new concepts. They tend to have many photographs with them and try to have their home to look exactly like the photo. In the end, it tends to become worse than their original decoration. Others even try to blend two or three concepts hoping to bring out the ultimate but it hardly works as those are ideas from different people.

Imbalance of Old and New

Some people may opt to go with a lot of old furniture and a few of the new ones or vice versa. Mixing furniture in such a way may create a confusing environment. It is preferred to go with a single way either use modern furniture or the old. If you mix by any chance make them appear in harmony.

Furniture Contrast

The contrast found in some houses among the furniture is another good example of why your décor may not be in cohesion. Having every piece of furniture made of wood apart from a single metallic chair creates an imbalance in the house. The metallic chair will seem out of place and many people will avoid it as one will feel uncomfortable and in most of the case will be the center of attention around the room.

Inadequate Lighting

Lighting in a home determines the mood of the atmosphere. Gloomy lighting may be viewed or associated with dull functions whereas bright lights can be associated with fun, enjoyable occasions. Make sure you light your house to the occasion. Let the lights in your house be a reflection of the occasion. The color of the light also plays a part in the cohesion of your décor. Choose the best color for you and make sure it gives just the right amount of light needed.

Inconsistent Design Style

Some people may think to have a different color or paint in different rooms of the home is a good thing. It may seem good but there is a feeling when you move from the living room to the bathroom then to the kitchen you are in a totally different world. The kitchen seems out of place as it does not match with the living room so does the bedroom and bathroom. It is advisable to try and come up with a major theme color to go all around the house. This also includes your flooring. It is advisable to have the same tile color across the house. You can still use different types of the floor like tiles and wood but make sure their color is in harmony.

Excess Hanging Art

People love to put up family portraits from antics they have acquired from trips and things that are just for fun like shells, animal horns among other things. They may be a positive addition to your décor yet still they can be disastrous. The antics are a symbol meant to signify something special but when they become too many they lose meaning and become like any other junk around the house. This is especially if you do not hang them in a specific place but you just put them up anywhere across the home. Try and have at least not more than five in a single room. You can hang your art the right way by choosing only a few relevant pieces.

The Bottom Line

We all desire our homes to have the perfect décor. When we take into consideration the aforementioned points we will have the home we all desire. Some of the points to consider are actually very simple to put into practice as they require no financial input. Let us try to produce that perfect outlook we all wish our homes look like rather than just admiring the magazine portfolio of the home decors we wish to have.