Rodents, the mention of the name rodents sends anyone panicking. Rodents are small animals that can really cause a lot of menace and destruction in your home. There’s nothing that can keep you awake at night like the sound of rodents playing in your ceiling. The small animals eat just about anything, from door frames to food leftovers to cable wires to the stuffing in your seats. There are several ways of getting rid of these small creatures but the most important thing to remember is that prevention is better than cure. You will end up investing a lot in buying mice traps which won’t achieve 100% success. The best remedy to this menace is rodent-proofing your house. Here are some great tips on how to rodent-proof your house.

Rats Love a Dirty Kitchen, Keep It Clean

How clean is your kitchen? Rodents really love to come out at night and feast on the crumbs of bread lying on the floor. They survive in a dirty environment and if your kitchen is really dirty then you can rest assured that you will have these creatures roaming about your kitchen. Ensure your kitchen and the rest of your house stays sparklingly clean all the times. Clean everywhere including under the stove. A clean environment will greatly starve the rodents forcing them to either flee away or face the possibility of dying of hunger.

Deal With The Garbage Outside

A clean house won’t just cut it already; your compound too should be clean as well. You should ensure that your garbage remains nicely collected in one place at all times. It’s advisable to keep your garbage in a container that is tightly closed to prevent rodents from accessing the garbage and causing immense havoc. Rodents love to live in piles of dirt and garbage, but if you keep your garbage properly in a tightly closed container, they will have nowhere to feed on hence they will be faced by threats of starvation.

Ensure Your Doors and Windows Are Tightly Closed

Rodents are relatively small animals and can force their entry into a house in a very small opening. It’s important that you ensure that all your windows and doors close properly leaving no space for any rat to enter. Rodent proofing your house is really an efficient way of keeping rats at bay from your house hence, all necessary steps should be taken without hesitation. In case you notice a small opening in your door or window have it repaired as soon as possible. Also, ensure that your rooftop has no openings that can be used as a point of entry by rodents.

Clear The Vegetation Around Your Compound

Rodents also love to live in vegetations, from which they try to gain access to your house. It’s of the essence that you ensure that the vegetation around your compound remains tended to. Keep the grass short and the bushes well-trimmed at all times.  Invest in some great landscaping services if you can’t take care of the vegetation. With nowhere to shelter, rodents won’t find it easy to survive in such an environment. In case there are branches of trees hanging above the roof, they should be cut. These branches can be used by rodents as a means of gaining access to your house. With both the inside and outside of your house looking clean and well-kept, you can rest assured that rodents won’t give you sleepless nights.

Avoid Leaving Food or Water on The Table

It’s very advisable that you clear any leftover water or food on the table in the living room or in the kitchen table where it can easily be accessed by rodents. It’s also advisable to avoid storing food on the floor, doing so will be making it easy for rodents to access the food.  When they come out of hiding they sniff around in search of food or water. This is why leaving uncovered food on the table will invite rodents in your home. If they are any leftovers, they should be kept in the refrigerator or in a place no rodent can access.

Ensure Your House Foundation Has no Gaps/Holes

Rodents don’t really require such huge holes as they can squeeze themselves in very small holes and find a way inside your house. It’s very prudent to inspect the foundation of your house and ensure that there are no gaping holes that can easily be used by rodents to gain access to your house at any time. If there are any holes you should cover them with wire mesh and sand.

Avoid Piles of Clothes and Dirt

As stated earlier on, rodents love such a dirty environment. You can be guaranteed that any place piled up with dirt or even old clothes or old newspapers is a prime spot for rodents to live in. Rodents don’t necessarily have to feed on food, they can gladly survive on eating these old newspapers and old clothes, thus it’s important to ensure that your house has no clutter that will invite rodents into your home.

Nevertheless, there’s always the option of seeking advance advice from pest control companies who will give you advice on how to perfectly rodent-proof your house. As a matter of fact, you can have them come and do some inspection in your house and advice you on the best measures to take to prevent rodent infestation in your house.

The Bottom Line

Always remember that, rodent largely survive in an environment with a constant supply of food and water, and that if these two are taken out of the picture, rodents won’t find it easy to survive in that place. They will be forced to migrate to another location. Don’t wait till you get infested by rodents in order to start desperately looking for ways to deal with the problem. Anticipate the infestation and start rodent-proofing your house in order to avoid the great havoc caused by these small animals.

Above all, always maintain a clean environment both inside and outside the house. Don’t compromise on cleanliness if you really want to avoid rodent infestation in your house. A rodent-free home will certainly give you happiness.