As a homeowner who is aware of the importance of good feng shui, you might want to decorate your home with Feng shui cures and create good energy. There are simple feng shui guidelines to help you in transforming your house into this awesome living space with good feng shui energy and they are as follows:-

Front Door Energy Flow

A home with good feng shui energy has to have a smooth, strong and clear energy flowing to its front door. On your front door, there shouldn’t be anything blocking the flow of energy to your front door.  If you have a tree, a recycling bin, old pots, shoes, a piece of furniture outside the front door, it is time to get them off and find another place to store them. Also, if your door is too old, it might be time to do some repairs or replace it altogether if you want good energy to be drawn into your home.

Use The Best Feng Shui Colors For Your Home

Starting at the front door, your door should have a powerful feng shui color to draw in the energy.  The walls of your home, your furniture colors, carpet, and all the other textiles and fabrics should have the right colors for that positive energy. Your kitchen and bedroom especially should have colors such as fresh white, vibrant red, soothing aqua blue and many more. Make sure your colors are happy, beautiful and vibrant for the best effect.

A Strong Feng Shui Trinity

The main energy centers in the home are the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The quality of feng shui energy will always depend on the strength of that energy in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Make sure those three areas of your home have the best feng shui foundation because they will greatly determine the energy quality of your home.

Open Spaces For Free Chi Flow

When you enter the home of a wealthy person, the first thing you will notice is an abundance of open space.  You will hardly see wealthy people’s home interiors with clutter all over and a lot of stuff, instead you will see plenty of space, breathing room and a lot of free flowing air.

Fresh, clear and free-flowing energy is what defines a good feng shui home. There shouldn’t be any stagnant, old or blocked energy anywhere in the house. With the air all around us in constant motion and changing you should never stop even after you have created a great feng shui foundation. You will need to continuously keep the energy around your home fresh and flowing by ensuring that no stuck areas are created in your home to hold energy in place or prevent fresh energy from coming in.

Work on decluttering, clear your closets, attic, basement, garage and never allow clutter to accumulate because it is the main reason for block energy.  A clean spacious home with a lot of light combined with meaningful energy manifested by your thoughtful décor items is a great haven for good feng shui energy.

Plenty of Light

Illuminated rooms in your home will have more energy and create balanced feng shui energy. A home that is too dark will have too much negative energy and this is why your windows need to have dressings that allow light in.  You can also use lamps and other lighting fixtures to add more light to areas of your home. Have lighting placements in areas of your home that need it. You can have floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights and ensure that your entrance is well lit.  You could put lights on either side of your entrance to ensure that more positive energy is drawn inside. Remember to replace any burned out or damaged lights within your home so as not to affect the flow of energy.

Plant Decoration

Adding nature to your home interior is a great way to add more quality to the feng shui energy in your home.  Consider adding some lush, verdant and happy plants in lovely looking pots as a great feng shui wealth magnet.

Presence of Water Flow

Fountains are a popular feng shui wealth cure and having one in your home will not only create that lovely look as a decorating piece, but it will also be a great feng shui energy magnet.  There are many fountains and they don’t have to be big. You can decide to have a bigger one outside your home or a medium-sized one within your home.

Keep Exploring

For you to achieve a good feng shui house, begin little by little and avoid getting carried away or feeling overwhelmed after reading all feng shui material out there. You could talk to friends of yours who have managed to create good feng shui in their homes and get some pointers on how they began.

But the most important thing is trusting your senses and go at your own pace without feeling pressured. Start by changing the small things in your home. Get rid of all things you don’t like and make sure you love everything you have in your home whether it is a practical piece of furniture or decoration to add glamour or elegance.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it is your house and even if you hire an interior designer who is an expert on feng shui home interiors, just make sure that you brainstorm with them in order to add personal touches to the decoration theme that you settle on. Feng shui designs are many and what your interior designer might love could be putting you off completely.

After understanding what good feng shui is, as a homeowner; work on making sure that there is a strong energy flow within your home.  Let good feng shui energy thrive in your home by simply having a few basic things right. Starting simple is the first step and the above pointers should get you started.