It is almost unfathomable to have a house without any glass surface and a mirror. They make your home look trendy in a sparkly and beautiful way. Glass furniture and mirrors are the oldest accessories in the book but can never lose their charm because they effortlessly have the power to transform your house into something heavenly. But this only happens if they are gleaming and well taken care of.

Glass and mirrors easily attract dirt, dust, and scratches. Well, that may not be the salient issue since almost every surface behaves similarly, cleaning it is the tricky part. Most people think they know how to clean these surfaces until they spend hours with spray bottles cleaning only to end up with lint and streaks. That by the way, catch the light perfectly which is unsightly and off-putting. You are in luck, for it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. There are ways that will ensure you get the surface that gleams as good as new. Here is how:

Check for Stains

Just like in laundry, you will get better results if you deal with existing stains before you generally clean the glass or mirror. From top to bottom, scan for stains as you clean them out. The best way to do it is by using rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad then rubbing them off. Running alcohol works like charm on any stain on your surface, from coffee to salad stains. And try working fast to avoid more staining when the rubbing alcohol dries. If there is a waxy stain on the glass, simply mix two cups of water, a half cup of dish soap and a quarter cup of vinegar. Moreover, if you have a cloudy surface -especially on glass- use half a cup of rubbing alcohol, a quarter teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and two tablespoons of ammonia. Apart from stains, consider wiping the dust off to prevent moving it around the window as you clean.

Clean in a Zigzag Manner

Starting from top to bottom from the corner of your choice, work in a zigzag style. People refer to it in different names, but the bottom line for using this pattern is to ensure that no part of the surface is left unattended to. As you spray your mirror or glass furniture, if you are using soap, minimize on the suds. Going excess on the cleaner will not only give you a hard time cleaning it away but also leave streaky residue on the surface. This is not the only pattern you can use, you can also decide to go circular then horizontal and vertical. Though of all, the zigzag pattern has better accuracy.

Use Vinegar

White or distilled vinegar is one of the staple cleaning products in your home that can work wonders on your glass and mirrors as well as it does in your salad. Vinegar has the benefit of being our natural which goes a long way in preventing streak while cleaning. When you mix it up with other solutions such as water and dishwashing soap, it makes a magical solution. If you have run out of your normal glass cleaner or just want to confirm if the word is true, you will soon be among those who testify of the wonders the concoction does. You can also add rubbing alcohol to the mixture do help in drying and luster after cleaning. A tip: If your windows are extra dirty, directly spray with white vinegar and let it sit for a while.

Get A Microfiber Cloth

Using paper towels is the most common and accepted way to get the job done, but considering the number of paper towels you are going to roll out, there must be an alternative. Yes, there’s another way and that is using a microfiber cloth. It is the easiest and cheapest effective way to clean your glass and mirrors. Considering they are reusable for a long time. When you go back to the past when there wasn’t any chemical cleaning glass, microfiber cloths came in handy. All they did wash damp the cloth and get a streak and lint-free shine on any mirror or glass. You might as well pick it up. It makes cleaning your surface so simple. The fascinating aspect of the cloths is their ability to remove and hold dirt. As you are at it, avoid too much force or abrasive things that may scratch the surface. Additionally, tiny scratches on your glass can be polished by using little white toothpaste.

Clean Edges With A Cotton Swabs

Most people leave out or don’t concentrate much on the edges. It might be probably because it’s pretty hard to get the dirt from the corner, or simply because who will notice it anyway? For whatever reason, there’s a simple way you can get the job done: by using cotton swabs or even a smooth toothbrush. It helps clean quickly and with less effort on your part.

Buff the Surface

Like some unwritten rule, no matter how thorough you were, there’ll be a streak or two. That is what buffing your surface takes care off. A microfiber cloth can do it, as well as a newspaper. Ensure they are dry and just buff over the glass. When cleaning, try to work fast in order to prevent too many streaks. If possible, wipe as you dry the cleaner. It also advisable to dry the outside of the window in one direction and then inside in another. This makes it easier to find and rid the streak.

When using water for cleaning your glass furniture, ensure it is distilled. Otherwise, tap water has dissolved minerals that cause the undesirable streak. As you have already figured out, residue and streak can be frustrating, so you do everything to avoid such. Well, the sun may prematurely dry the surface cause the effect you don’t want. Therefore, if you can, try cleaning the glass and mirror surfaces in the morning or during cloudy days. To save you the trouble. A tip: to give your mirror a nice luster, wipe with rubbing alcohol after cleaning.