People think that they know so many ways to reduce carbon footprint, like walking instead of driving, turning off the lights, and also using the reusable bags that are found at the grocery store. Instead, there are so many daily basic ways that you use not knowing that you are hurting the environment, this seems to be small, but they can damage the environment in a big way. You may not know how to limit everything or even try to focus on some of the small changes that can bring big impact. Below are some of the unexpected ways that are harming the environment at home.

Antibacterial Soap

We are always advised that we should stop using the antibacterial soaps; they are known to be the significant factor in spreading antibiotic-resistant or the superbugs, and this is very bad for the environment too. In most antibacterial soap there is this active ingredient called the chemical triclosan, which is used to create dioxin when exposed to sunlight and also chloroform, which it continues to build up the environment. This was detected after the sewage plants were treated, these services discovered in the streams and other sources of water bodies by the United States geological service. When once it is in the environment it can cause algae’s ability to perform photosynthesis.

Using Chemical Filled Product

When using the chemical household product they also harm the environment in so many different ways, whether you are using them in the air by spraying or poured into the drain, seeping them into the water system. This action affects both the indoor and outdoor air, leading to air and water pollution, it also has a toxic and reproductive effect on the species which leads to affecting the water that we drink, damaging the precious ecosystem and the climate change too.

Feminine Hygiene Product

This causes multiple hygiene danger to your health and the environment too. According to the research, each sanitary pad contains about four plastic bags. This has revealed that this plastic bag contains chemicals which include substance like BPA which is known to disrupt the embryonic development and also increases the risk of several types of cancer. Not only the dangers in our bodies but also to the environment as well. Women have been using sanitary care product for such a long time over a thousand years. This plastic waste like the sanitary pad and the pesticides have leached into the environment


The laundry detergent that is being used annually contained a lot of chemicals that we come in contact with. This chemical not only do they damage our health, but also they harm the environment and contaminating the water source. Science has discovered that the laundry detergent concentration of only 2o% can cause fish to absorb the total amount of chemical that they would ordinarily absorb. This chemical accumulation of our compounds, waterways and the groundwater which has created a negative effect on our wildlife and environment.

Cleaning Up Dog Poop

It is not hygienic to leave your dog’s poop lying around, but instead, you should pick it up using a plastic bag, which is very good and many pet owner does it. It was reported that in 2012, 78million dogs in us were creating 10million ton of feces each and Avery year. If everyone would use a plastic bag to pick it all up, Well, there would be a lot of plastic bags lying in the landfill. 4% of plastic bags of poops were found in San Francisco’s as much as that in the city’s disposable diapers. It is recommended that you should use the biodegradable dog waste bags for a healthy environment.

Using Bleached Coffee Filters

People think that by using coffee filters and later thrown them straight into the compost bin, they can’t cause harm, but only if you use the bleached type. This can cause significant damage. Most coffee is bleached using chlorine, and also they contain dioxins, which in other term are called toxin. They are also made using the un-recycled paper which is easy to fix. However. You can choose to use brown filter paper that is recyclable or even reusable stainless steel. This will keep the environment clean

Getting The Latest New Tech Gadget

A lot of people are used to have the latest new tech gadget. It doesn’t matter if you change the last version in a minute; they do line up to buy the latest and greatest. But it is a huge problem when it comes to the environment. The only thing that happens to this old gadget is that they are thrown away. It was discovered that in 2012 the group of the organization reported that 48million tons were found thrown away in every single year. Even if you recycle the entire gadget, still they cause harm to the environment.

Eating Farmed Fish

Farmed fish are dangerous to eat for your body and also the environment. The food that these fish are feed on contains antibiotic and so many other drugs. Meaning that foods that are not eaten by the fish they always drop into the bottom of the water and later on dissolves. Fish also have algae that develop to red tide, and this causes harm to other species

Flushing Habits

Flushing is one of the easiest ways that harm the environment every time. Sometimes people can flush things like tampons, applicators and different types of wipes, not knowing that they don’t dissolve like the toilet papers, but instead, they settle there. This creates a lot of damaging in the environment because they cause blockages that lead to destroying the sewer leaks, even if you flash twice or less than that.

It can take a month to form a habit, and many of us use that habit to destroy the environment slowly.  People do not trash the environment willing, but you find that almost every one of us carelessly litters cabbages now and then. Leaving lights and appliances on unnecessarily or even fail to insulate a home which leads to pollution of the environment.