Washi tape is a durable tape used for decoration and crafting purposes. It originated from Japan and has gained popularity around the world. The tape has the advantage of a diversity of styles, making the creative options for your kid’s room. Some of the washi styles available include thick, thin, semi-transparent, patterns galore and pastels. Additionally, it easily peels off easily when stuck to walls. Therefore, you do not have to ruin the walls in your kid’s room. Considering the variety of styles available, there are various interesting and fun ways to decorate your kid’s room.

1. Decorate the Door

Transforming the door can give your kid’s room an aesthetic appeal for passersby. Considering kids usually keep their rooms out of bounds for people, transforming the door using washi can give incentive to the kid to be open to visitors. Some of the transformations include creating designs resembling a portal, especially if the kid is into fantasy art. The theme for the door should be similar to the kid’s interests. This will make the room special to the kid since it will carry his or her personality. It can be a bonding experience for the kid if he or she is also involved in the decorating process.

2. Make Picture Frames

Many people have pictures on the walls of their kids’ rooms for decoration. These could be greatly improved using washi tape. A wall of the picture can receive improvements and create more focus on embellishment using washi tape. The tape can draw attention to the picture. Some of the options for picture frames include buying cheap picture frames and using washi to decorate them and making them look more appealing. It is cheap and easy to make. It does not cost too much to improve your kid’s room if you use washi as decoration.

3. Use Washi as Decorations

The easiest and interesting way to use washi tape is to use it as wall decorations. This gives a variety of creative options. The wall designs could range from geometric shapes to shapes of animals and other the child learns in class. The shapes could also resemble the shapes of the kid’s favorite animals such as lions and giraffes. The biggest advantage is that it relieves someone from the commitment associated with wallpaper, which can be hard to remove when pasted on the walls. In addition, you can change the washi designs to the theme best suited to the child’s age.

4. Washi Tape Wall Art

Some wall art can have blank areas that do not have content, thereby making the art bland. Adding washi designs can make a regular wall art look remarkable. It can be a good way to change cheap works of art to very appealing art for your kid’s room. In addition, someone can use the kid’s work of art created at school or at home as the art to decorate using washi. Making the decorative process a bonding experience between you and your child can be an enriching and bonding experience.

5. Washi Tape as Stickers

Families usually have many photos in their albums that are not displayed anywhere. Washi is a useful material to use for displaying memorable photos on walls. The photo display on the wall can make memories more visible to people who come to the room and the kid, thereby helping the kid remember memorable events.

6. Projecting and Creating Wall Art

Another option of wall designs is using washi tape to create imprints of favorite pictures and silhouettes on the wall. This involves using a projector and pictures, especially silhouettes of figures such as animals, people, and other objects. Project the photo onto a wall. Then, cover the picture or silhouette with washi tape. Finally, following the outline of the projection on the wall, cut out the excess washi tape to reveal the photo or silhouette’s outline. Within a few minutes, you will have beautiful wall art that looks professional. It could be an interesting exercise in art and craft that is rewarding.

7. Making Prints

Making prints is an easy but interesting process. For example, you could create hand and footprints for sticking on the walls. Trace the hand or leg of both you and your kid on a piece of paper. Use washi tape to cover the hand and leg prints, remembering to cover past the outlines. Then, use a sharp knife or scalpel to remove the excess washi tape to remain with the outline. To make the outlines visible, use the cardstock material as the print. After removing the excess washi tape, you will have adorable prints of both your hand and/or leg prints. You can hang this side by side on the wall.

8. Create Space

Children usually have small drawings or other scribbles that they make during playtime. You could use washi tape to hang these on the wall. This can act like your kids’ workspace. In addition to being a fun activity, it could also help your child learn how to be better organized in the future. It is a learning and fun activity that could prove useful later. It can also reduce clutter and help preserve the things that the kid creates. It is memorabilia of sorts. Also, this is useful for adult workspaces. Rather than using holes drilled on the wall or other destructive wall hangings, adults could use washi tape to hang notes and memos at the office or at home.

9. Light Fixtures

Interior lighting can have only one bland and uninteresting color when bought at the store. Using semi-transparent washi tape, someone can decorate a light to make the light more interesting. When a room has multiple light fixtures, washi tape can be used on one light fixture as a decoration while the other light fixtures provide the needed lighting.

A little touch in your kid’s room is all they need to feel like part of the rest of the house. You can have your designer if you are not good at DIY, to come in and do the work when they are away. This is a good idea especially when you want it to be a surprise to them.