In recent times, research has shown that water consumption in households has really sky-rocketed. The impact of this is something to think about and get worried about as well. The amount of water that goes into waste commands a great ratio. Nevertheless, the more water consumed the higher the water bill. Water-saving is such a necessity that can’t be forgone at all, but there must be measures to ensure that the water is consumed without waste.

Climate changes have become inevitable recently and with droughts looming for long periods, water conservation has to be embraced. Well, water conservation has to start at your home. There are various devices that you can install in your home to aid you to save a tremendous amount of water. You don’t really require to call in a plumber to help you install these devices. Have a look at some of these devices.

Adopt Dual Flash Converters

A lot of water is consumed in the toilet, accounting for almost 30 percent of the water consumed in most houses. The amount of water used to flush your toilet needs to be regulated if you intend to cut down on your monthly water bill. The best way to achieve this is to acquire a dual flash converter. This device is very significant. Its significance comes to the fact that it releases a different amount of water depending on whether one has gone for a short call or long call. Normal toilet flash releases the same amount of water thus a lot of water will go to waste when one has simply gone for a short call. To install this device, you will need to replace the old mechanism which includes the actuator and the flush lever. But first remember to turn off the water supply and ensure the water tank is empty.

Get Tanks to Store Rain

During the rainy season, you can actually harvest a lot of water that you can use to cut down your water bill expenses by a great margin. All you need is gutters and a tank or barrel that can hold a great amount of water. Connect the gutters to the roof. Place the tank in a suitable place where water from the gutter can easily drain into the tank. You can use this water to water your flowers or even clean your compound. If you have a farm, this technique will undoubtedly come in handy.

Get Efficient Showerheads

Well, you will be surprised by how much water you use annually to shower. This is one of the major reason you get surprised when you receive your monthly water bill. A lot of water is wasted in the showers daily mainly because of the showerheads installed. If you have less efficient showerheads you can be sure that your water bill will always be expensive. To save yourself some extra coins and gallons of water, you will need to purchase a low water showerhead. To install the new showerhead, simply remove the old by unscrewing it and it will be all system go. If there is any debris in the water pipe, remove them before installing the new showerhead.

Get Faucet Aerators

These devices can easily be purchased from your local store and you will be marveled at the great difference they make. The standard faucet has a big share in the water that is wasted daily in a house. Having an aerator in your faucet turns around this fact making you save a great deal of water. Replace the standard faucet with an aerator that has low flow but it’s very efficient. An aerator is also used to increase the water pressure as it comes out of the tap.  If you have children who like to unnecessarily use a lot of water as they wash their hands, you really need to install this device in your taps.

Shower Timers

It is already established that a lot of water is used in the shower by on a daily basis. Some people tend to take too long in the shower and the impact of this is that a lot of water goes to waste. It could be hard to determine how long one should take in the shower but due to extravagant bills, you will need to be mindful of the time you take in the shower. The best thing you need to do is to acquire a shower timer and install it in your shower pipe. This is an advanced technology that estimates the amount of water any individual should use when taking a shower. If you happen to take too long in the shower, this device will sound you a warning. If you are disciplined you will save a lot of water in your house.

Greywater Diverters

Water recycling is a technique that should be embraced by all households and hotels as well. A lot of water used in households can be treated and reused to serve another purpose. To achieve this, you will need to get a greywater diverter. This device is used to recycle water that is used to do laundry, showering or even dishwashing. This water is then stored in a vessel where it can be used for various purposes such as watering the flowers, your lawn. If you intend to recycle water, be sure not to use soap or cleaning products that have very harmful chemicals. Such chemicals pose a great danger to your flowers should you water them with that recycled water.

The Bottom Line

These devices have the intent of saving you some extra coin and saving the environment as well. However, in all honesty, these devices will be a futile effort if you yourself don’t embrace the culture of water conservation. These devices are meant to regulate how much water is used but it’s up to you to ensure that minimum water gets wasted. Insist to your kids the importance of water conservation. Natural resources such as water are getting scarcer annually and it’s about time people learned how to use water sparingly.