Just like colors, flowers have such a perfect way of adding glamour and beauty to any home. You can choose to have flowers outside or inside your house, either way, you can rest assured the appearance of your house won’t be the same. Either natural or artificial flower will just do the trick. With the right inspiration and advice, you can arrange different flowers and turn your house into a breath-taking scene. Over the years, flowers have been known to bring a sense of completeness and freshness in any setting, indoor or outdoor. Well, some people do crave having flowers in their homes but they just don’t know how to go about it. There are some easy and fascinating ways of decorating a house with flowers and make your house look glamorous. Here are some of those ways.

Put That Pot to Use

Clay pots will definitely come in handy when decorating your home with flowers or even plants. Clay pots are easily portable making them a very good option for holding flowers thus you can easily move your flowers from one corner of the house to the other. Another advantage clay pots have is that they can easily be customized into a color and a design that matches your flowers. Imagine the beautiful view of having white roses in a white clay pot with artistic designs. Such a combination will bring freshness and elegance to your room.

A Vase With Colored Water

Normally, people tend to have vases with clear water something that now seems like a cliché. To add an extra touch of beauty to your home, you can use colored water in your flower vases. This can be achieved by adding food dye chemicals into the water. These chemicals aren’t hazardous to your flowers in any way so you don’t have to worry about the health of your flowers. As a matter of fact, flowers such as white rose change their color to match that of the colored water. This is such a nice experiment that you should give a try.

Glass Jars With Marbles

Glass jars are one of the best, if not the best, alternatives for holding flowers. Just like clay pots, they are easily portable hence flower arrangement in your house becomes an easy task. Glass jars are crystal clear making it possible to add marbles, pebbles or even shells. These decorations combined with flowers form such an artistic view that brightens up the appearance in your house. However, it’s worth noting that, glass jars are very fragile thus they should be handled with utter care.

Time to Fill up the Empty Spaces

It could be a certain corner or even the floor, but for certain there will be a part of your house that needs to be filled. One of the best ways of making use of these empty spaces is the use of flowers. If you have an empty corner, you can erect simple shelves that can hold several jars filled with flowers. You can turn this corner into a lovely and inviting sanctuary. You can incorporate different kinds of flowers that blend well with each other. This for sure is a gorgeous way of decorating your house.

Using Bottles as Vases

There are various easy and cheap ways of decorating a house using flowers. Flower vases may be hard to get because of prices or maybe they aren’t readily available at a local store. Well, that shouldn’t hinder you from turning the look of your hand around. Water or wine bottles can easily be used to hold flowers. Bottles come in different size, color and shape making them very ideal. These bottles can then be placed on a shelf in a linear form where they can easily draw the attention of anyone entering your house. These bottles, however, should be handled with utmost care to avoid breakage.

Floating Flowers

Floating flowers are very elegant and ooze a lot of beauty in any home or office. Fill a shallow and clear container with water and then put floating flowers. This technique is very charming, just to say the least. You can use red or white petals and you can rest assured that the results will be more than elegant. You can put the container with flowers on the floor or on a table. If you have flowers that are either broken or wilting, you can cut their buds and place them in a shallow container or bowl. This will help maintain their fragrance and freshness for a longer time.

A Door With Flowers

You can get more creative and make your house door more interesting and appealing by putting up flowers on the door. You can choose to hang a single flower or a wreath. This makes your door look very attractive and it signifies that the owner of that house actually loves flowers. Additionally, it makes your door look detailed. The flowers don’t necessarily have to match with the color of the door.

Bedside Drawers

Bedside drawers normally don’t hold a lot of things other than lampshades hence there is enough space to put a jar of flowers. You can opt for floating flowers or red roses in a small jar. Flowers in a bedroom add freshness and make your bedroom look attractive. Flowers are very colorful hence when placed in any room they make your room look bright.

Create a Flower Chain

A string of flowers can be attached together and hang across the hallway. Floral chains change the appearance of any house and they bring out magical and lovely look in your house.

Flowers are very beautiful and there are so many ways of incorporating various flowers in your home and make your home look marvelous. Flowers don’t require too much maintenance but you should prune them from time to time in order to eliminate broken and wilted parts. Flowers, however, attract insects so as a precaution you shouldn’t leave your windows and doors open for such lengthy periods.