Your living room does not have to have a large floor area for it to look spacious. Frankly, when it comes to space, it is barely enough for most people irrespective of your room’s size. It doesn’t matter the reasons for you living in a small space, furthermore, no one can beat the intimacy and coziness of a small lounge. They have their charm when well organized.

But considering the many possessions you might have, it could be tricky coming up with something cozy. Instead, your small-sized lounge might look cramped and nothing close to restful or homely. As a result, there are some compromises that you will have to undoubtedly do in your remodeling efforts in order to create a more spacious look. The trick to achieving your dream space is actually easier than you think. The following are some tips that will help create a more spacious room:

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Optimize your space by investing in multifunctional furniture. Mainly look at the furniture you already have and see how you can use it to reduce clatter. For instance, an ottoman gives your space a sophisticated look, yet you can also buy the one with inbuilt storage unit. You can use it to store your books or kid’s toys. Buy a coffee table with shelves or side tables with drawers or sofas with pullout drawers. Additionally, you can use furniture that can be downsized, for example, that 6 by 6 bed could turn into a living room couch during the day.

Decorate With a Huge Mirror

Did you know that a mirror can make your space look almost twice as large as it is? Most people underestimate the power of a mirror in a living space. Ideally, a huge mirror works perfect but also, smaller mirrors arranged in salon-style can do the trick. Placing the mirror across from the window will create a better illusion of a bigger space. Find one with an amazing frame and you will have a masterpiece decoration too.

Get Suitable Seats

It is far much preferable to use sofas with arms either slim and sleek or totally armless sofas on small space. They will totally make your room look smaller. Sofas that are overly fanciful and bulky will make your room look smaller. As a result, it is advised to use simple rectangular or square seats. However, if simplicity is not in your vocabulary, you don’t have to totally give up on your sense of style. You can try one rectangular sofa that will act as the masterpiece furniture or have simple seats then get one beautiful armchair that will be the focal point.

Paint White

White paint, just like mirrors, creates a sense of openness and makes your living room look light and serene. White also enhances the simplicity of your space, therefore, reducing the cluttered look. Using the different shades of white does the trick perfectly. You can also pair it up with warming elements such as hardwood floor or a bold-colored throw blanket to bring life to your lounge.

Space Your Room Out

Frequently most people make one common mistake when it comes to a small-sized space. They shove the furniture against the wall. This does not guarantee a larger space, it actually enhances the claustrophobic feeling. Therefore, it is more advisable to leave breathing room around your furniture. This will gives a more spacious illusion. You can also get short pieces of furniture like a shorter coffee table or an open chair. This will increase the vertical space, therefore, making your room automatically look bigger.

Let There Be Light

Your room will definitely look bigger if it is more airy and brighter with natural light. You can achieve this by using reflective breezy linen. Drapes and heavy curtains tend to absorb light and weigh down your room, therefore get rid of them. If your room isn’t bringing in natural light, you can use attractive lighting fixtures to bring more light.

Choose a Light-Colored Theme

Dark-colored themes are more design-friendly and trendy but a no-go zone for a small-sized sitting room. Instead of giving you a sophisticated classy look like when used in large space, they will create an illusion of suffocation. As if the walls are closing in, on already what is a space-challenged lounge.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Getting your dream cozy living room comes with compromises that you must make any adjustments to your lifestyle. It commands that you get more organized, otherwise, you will have cramped up space. When it comes to a small-sized lounge, less is more holds true. Take a few hours of your day and get rid of the things that don’t serve the major purpose in your lounge, for instance, excess accessories or artificial flowers. Adopt a more minimalistic approach when it comes to decluttering your home.

Use Stripes

Adding stripes to your wall is a great trick. You can paint your wall using vertical stripes which will draw the eye upwards, therefore, creating an illusion of a larger space. Be sure to use paint that matches or blends perfectly with your furniture. Horizontal stripes also have the magic of creating an illusion of a wider space.

Invest in See-Through Furniture

You can create a very homey and intimate sitting room with see-through furniture. Basically, most of them are made of glass. For instance, you can get a glass coffee table or shelf. Clear furniture will not only give an open illusion to your space, which is key but also be a masterpiece accessory.

Get Wall Shelves

Hanging your shelf near the ceiling will automatically draw the eyes vertically creating a spacious illusion. It is a good storage space that doesn’t scream clutter. If you have pets and kids, you will understand how handy hanging shelves can get.

Small living rooms are beautiful and cozy if well done. You don’t have to move walls to come up with a beautiful space. Incorporate the tips listed above and watch yourself live your great dream in your small but very tasteful living space.