Have you ever thought for a moment if you can survive in a world without water? How long will it take you before you die? Well, according to the United Nations Water Agency it would take only nine years for 2/3 of the world population to be living in water stress condition. We need to save water for our future generations and also our planet.

What does water stress condition mean? It means that there will not be enough water for industrial, agriculture and domestic use. Is there any way we can reduce this?

At home, we use water in almost everything that we do. For example, how many times do you flush the toilet in a day as an individual? This is only by one person you can imagine in a household of ten people, what a waste! This is equivalent to the number of times we wash our hands after visiting the toilet. As much as it’s the most sanitary thing to do, I suggest you flash when it is necessary.

Shower Water Running

When you hit the shower whatever time of the day, so many people would go to get the towel or soap and just leave the water running. This also happens when you brush your teeth. Almost everyone is guilty of this practice. Hot water tends to take more pressure compared to cold water. So any minute after the fifth minute in the bathroom is a waste of this natural resource.

Laundry Washing

It’s that time of the week or month that you decide to do the laundry. This is done differently. Some people prefer using their hands to wash while others prefer the washing machine. Either way of this methods wastewater. You find some clothes need more attention than the others because of the materials used for the color of the cloth. Light-colored clothes would use many rinses compared to dark ones.

Home Car Washing

When you are too lazy to go to the carwash and feel like giving your car some “tender loving care”. This is a routine for any city dweller who owns an automobile. Trying to save one thing and waste the other. Money and you get into your comfortable pair of shorts. Get some soap and sponge, ready to give your car a cleanup. How much water goes to waste just by leaving the hose pipe on the ground or putting the pipe into a pail that keeps falling off? And you keep taking breaks to try and “save” the water with no success. The water can be saved by parking the car on the grass thus the water from the washing will nourish the grass.


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Dinner is served. Who will do the dishes? Anyone who did not participate in the food preparation, any volunteer or the help. The dishes are put in the sink and they get washed one after the other. In between washing the utensils a lot of water is wasted. We don’t realize that. A dishwasher saves water compared to hand wash. Alternatively while scrubbing and washing you can turn off the tap to save water.

Plant Irrigation

In order for plants to grow well, they need water. The whole process of supplying the plants with water is called irrigation. This is mainly done by farmers in places where there is water shortage or no water at all. Agriculture takes most of the water percentage in the world. The fountains and sprinklers also fall under this. Well kept lawns are pretty to look at but we need to save water. Make sure the water doesn’t go on the pavement while at it. The sprinklers should also be put on when needed and not every day.

Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pools are nice on a sunny day. It’s good to cool off and relax after a long week’s work.A pool normally takes a lot of water and this would be even more when the weather is too hot because the water gets to evaporate in the air. Water is wasted when it is splashed out. More water is wasted when the pool is flashed out monthly.

Leaking Places

Leaking taps and faucets equally contribute to water wastage. Do not ignore this small messes they come a long way. Get a plumber as soon as you notice these leakages in your household.

Children’s Fun

Kiddies fun also wastes water. Once a child gets on the horse they think that it is their toy. To prevent this you can let them play in the lawn as you water the lawn or have them play when washing the car. Plus it’s not that safe to let the kids play alone with water.It can be dangerous because they can slide and hurt themselves.

Hose Pipe On Driveways

Brooms sweep the best on driveways or walkways. Do not use a hosepipe to do this unless you have loosened the dust and when necessary. Saving water can be easy and effortless if we practice taking care of it. If we take care of the above-mentioned point every home user will be able to save water. Frequently check if the water is being wasted in your homestead and try to rectify. People believe that there we cannot run out water and it as pointless to take care of it. Saving water at home does not require any outlay.

Planting trees in the yard would reduce water usage because the trees will provide shade to the grass to lessen the need to water. Trees help to conserve water. Putting a layer of mulch around the trees and plants. The mulch helps you slow down the evaporation. Rainwater can be harvested and used to water the plants or do any other work around the household. This will save you a lot of money.  The best time to water the plants is in the morning or late evening. At this times there is no wind that will blow the sprinklers out of proportion

Does this make any sense? It will when you get that water bill that will be triple the amount you pay! Let’s not water take for granted.