In recent years, the energy cost in almost every part of the globe has been in a constant rise. It is becoming a headache to maintain the electrical devices in a home. That is why there are calls for going green everywhere you go. Well, one of the things to consider in your home in this course is the type of windows you have installed, their efficiency and ability to save energy. Today’s window technology enables us to do just that. Here are some of the window technologies that are cost-effective energy-wise.

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The most commonly known types of glazing that increase energy efficiency in a window are double and triple glazing. How one spaces and seals the window panes creates an insulated window unit that is advantageous in reducing the U-factor that is the windows ability to insulate and the solar heat gain coefficient which is the ability to control the solar heat. This decreases your heat and air conditioning costs. Initially, the switching cost from a single pane to double or triple pane window is quite expensive, but at the end all that will be recovered as you start spending less and less on your home energy bills.

Electrochromic Smart Glass

Electrochromic technology in our case will allow the glass to change color when there is an application of an electric current. In case there is a lot of light in the room because of direct sun rays, the glass will become dark preventing more light from passing through and if the room gets darker the window will become clear allowing light from outside to illuminate the room. The best feature of electrochromic glass is that you can operate it manually with a smartphone application or through your personal computer or you can just set it to be automatic. There are claims that the efficiency of this type of technology amounting to 23% savings on lighting, heating, electricity, ventilation and air conditioning. The electrochromic smart glass is very expensive to install well over a dozen times more expensive than the price of normal glass. This should not discourage you because in the near future the cost will reduce substantially according to View, the company behind this technology.

Insulated Windows

These windows use sensors and microprocessors to adjust their tinting on the basis of the weather outside. These factors include the availability of light from the sun and the time of the day. They are automatically adjusted to maintain constant lighting and comfort in the house. They are also designed to fit the consumers need and preference of mind. These type of windows are making entry to the market hence they are not readily available for now. They are also very expensive but there are promises to lower the cost once they establish in the market.

Gas Fills

The gases that are mostly used in this technology are mostly krypton and argon. These gases are used together with the double or triple glazing technique. Since these are inert gases, they are used in between the panes so as to increase the resistance of the heat flowing through them. By doing so, they maintain the temperature in the room making it easier to save on the usage of air conditioners and heaters. These gases have an added advantage. They sieve through the sun rays and block the radioactive gamma rays from entering the house. So if you go for these gases you end up having a double advantage for your money and stay healthy.

Low E-Coatings

These lo e- coatings are very tiny in most cases microscopic metallic coatings that are applied to both the interior and the exterior surfaces of the glass panes. When this is done, there is the maintenance of the air you have in the house whether warm or cool preventing heat loss to the outside and cold air getting in. from those who have had an experience in this, there are claims that the effectiveness of the coatings is over 50%compared to tinting and covering of the panes.

Other Insulation Methods

If the above should prove to be too expensive for you can just insulate all your windows. Your windows especially old ones as you have probably noted allow air to escape through them be it cold or warm. The single-paned models also do not retain heat all coolness either. This may be due to them cracking. This method of insulating the windows is cheaper but you can decide to go with covering the windows too. Covering windows on hot days, you keep your room warm and do not necessarily need to use an air conditioner. On cold days, do not cover the windows to allow natural sunlight which can help warm the room.

In this era, technological advances in the field of construction is the norm. Every now and then engineers come up with amazing designs that should be fitted with advanced windows to go with. With these new technology windows, there are three major factors they are supposed to uphold:

  1. VLT- Visible light Transmittance. This is the amount of visible light that passes through the glazing.
  2. SHGC- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This is the ability to control solar heat gain passing through the glazing. The higher the SHGC the higher heat gain will be and vice versa.
  • U-Factor- this is the ability to insulate and is measured at the rate at which heat is transferred.

Finding a window that is efficient with all these factors is very expensive. But after you have spent on the purchase and installation, the impact will be felt as time goes by as your electricity bills will lower significantly especially in areas where people depend on air conditioners and heaters. You will also be going green enjoying natural light and saving energy for those who need it more.