Things That Make A good Feng Shui Home

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As a homeowner who is aware of the importance of good feng shui, you might want to decorate your home with Feng shui cures and create good energy. There are simple feng shui guidelines to help you in transforming your house into this awesome living space with good feng shui energy and they are as follows:-

Front Door Energy Flow

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A home with good feng shui energy has to have a smooth, strong and clear energy flowing to its front door. On your front door, there shouldn’t be anything blocking the flow of energy to your front door.  If you have a tree, a recycling bin, old pots, shoes, a piece of furniture outside the front door, it is time to get them off and find another place to store them. Also, if your door is too old, it might be time to do some repairs or replace it altogether if you want good energy to be drawn into your home.

Use The Best Feng Shui Colors For Your Home

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Starting at the front door, your door should have a powerful feng shui color to draw in the energy.  The walls of your home, your furniture colors, carpet and all the other textiles and fabrics should have the right colors for that positive energy. Your kitchen and bedroom especially should have colors such as fresh white, vibrant red, soothing aqua blue and many more. Make sure your colors are happy, beautiful and vibrant for the best effect.

 A Strong Feng Shui Trinity

The main energy centers in the home are the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The quality of feng shui energy will always depend on the strength of that energy in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Make sure those three areas of your home have the best feng shui foundation because they will greatly determine the energy quality of your home.

Open Spaces For Free Chi Flow

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When you enter the home of a wealthy person, the first thing you will notice is an abundance of open space.  You will hardly see wealthy people’s home interiors with clutter all over and a lot of stuff, instead you will see plenty of space, breathing room and a lot of free flowing air.

Fresh, clear and free flowing energy is what defines a good feng shui home. There shouldn’t be any stagnant, old or blocked energy anywhere in the house. With the air all around us in constant motion and changing you should never stop even after you have created a great feng shui foundation. You will need to continuously keep the energy around your home fresh and flowing by ensuring that no stuck areas are created in your home to hold energy in place or prevent fresh energy from coming in.

Work on decluttering, clear your closets, attic, basement, garage and never allow clutter to accumulate because it is the main reason for block energy.  A clean spacious home with a lot of light combined with meaningful energy manifested by your thoughtful décor items is a great haven for good feng shui energy.

Plenty of Light

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Illuminated rooms in your home will have more energy and create balanced feng shui energy. A home that is too dark will have too much negative energy and this is why your windows need to have dressings that allow light in.  You can also use lamps and other lighting fixtures to add more light to areas of your home. Have lighting placements in areas of your home that need it. You can have floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights and ensure that your entrance is well lit.  You could put lights on either side of your entrance to ensure that more positive energy is drawn inside. Remember to replace any burned out or damaged lights within your home so as not to affect the flow of energy.

Plant Decoration

Adding nature to your home interior is a great way to add more quality to the feng shui energy in your home.  Consider adding some lush, verdant and happy plants in lovely looking pots as a great feng shui wealth magnet.

Presence of Water Flow

Image result for home interior fountains images

Fountains are a popular feng shui wealth cure and having one in your home will not only create that lovely look as a decorating piece, but it will also be a great feng shui energy magnet.  There are many fountains and they don’t have to be big. You can decide to have a bigger one outside your home or a medium sized one within your home.

Keep Exploring

For you to achieve a good feng shui house, begin little by little and avoid getting carried away or feeling overwhelmed after reading all feng shui material out there. You could talk to friends of yours who have managed to create good feng shui in their homes and get some pointers on how they began.

But the most important thing is trusting your senses and go at your own pace without feeling pressured. Start by changing the small things in your home. Get rid of all things you don’t like and make sure you love everything you have in your home whether it is a practical piece of furniture or a decoration to add glamour or elegance.

In the end, it is your house and even if you hire an interior designer who is an expert on feng shui home interiors, just make sure that you brainstorm with them in order to add personal touches to the decoration theme that you settle on. Feng shui designs are many and what your interior designer might love could be putting you off completely.

After understanding what good feng shui is, as a homeowner; work on making sure that there is a strong energy flow within your home.  Let good feng shui energy thrive in your home by simply having a few basic things right. Starting simple is the first step and the above pointers should get you started.

Home Cleaning Products That Should Never Be Mixed:

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Cleanliness is a virtue that most people are keen to uphold. A lot of chemicals have been made by man to further this endeavor, and thanks to modern technology, we now have access to the strongest and harshest disinfectants. Most of these chemicals wipe away dirt in just a single swipe of a towel. However, these strong chemicals come with their own disadvantages.

Some are corrosive and some are toxic. One may be tempted to mix different cleaning chemicals in their pursuit of getting rid of stubborn dirt. However, modern cleaning agents are vastly different in chemical nature and combining them may result in a catastrophe rather than birthing a good and strong cleaning solution.

Here are some home cleaning agents that you should never ever mix:

  1. Products containing Ammonia and those containing Bleach

Image result for Ammonia and bleach products images

These chemicals are dangerously reactive. Their reaction gives off Chloramine vapor as a byproduct. This gas is highly corrosive. It causes painful irritation of the eyes, irritation of nasal pathways and also the lungs. This makes it really painful to breathe after inhalation. That is at the very least. At worst, Ammonia and Bleach; will combine to form a highly explosive compound known as hydrazine, when Ammonia is present in excess amounts. There have been reports of deaths by an explosion due to this chemical exploding after homeowners mix ammonia and bleach. Hydrazine is also highly toxic to human organs such as the liver, can cause permanent skin burns and can damage human kidneys.

It would be wise to never consider such an idea. Always keep Ammonia and bleach far away from each other.


  1. Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

Related image

One might be tempted to combine these two cleaning agents to clean off stubborn stained surfaces. However, one should quickly rethink that, as rubbing alcohol and bleach combine to form Chloroform. This is a chemical that in earlier years was used in anesthesia, in the past century. However, Chloroform was quickly phased out as people came to learn its effects. Inhaling low amounts of this chemical leaves you dizzy nauseating, coupled with a splitting headache. Inhalation of high amounts of Chloroform is a sure way to die. It is actually still being used in laboratories, to kill off small animals so they can be dissected and studied.

  1. Vinegar and Bleach

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One might be surprised to learn that even daily tabletop kitchen products such as vinegar that we use on food might be deadly when combined with another daily product such as bleach.

These two give off Chlorine gas as a byproduct of their reaction. Chlorine gas is not friendly to human respiratory systems hence the work by government’s militia’s around the world to weaponize it as a biological weapon.

Chlorine gas corrodes and irritates nasal linings and pathways, making normal breathing a torture. You then die by suffocation while conscious since you can’t get enough air into your system, which I think is the worst way to die.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar.

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These two may appear harmless and really useful when apart, but when combined they produce a corrosive acid as a byproduct. The acid is Peracetic Acid. The problem with the formation of acids is that a small amount always turns to vapor which will then get into your system during inhalation.

This acid compounds will corrode the eyes, especially the cornea, causing unbearable irritation and pain. It may also cause painful skin burns and irritate nasal linings and the lungs. This will lead to painful breathing which is the worst torture.

  1. Vinegar and Baking soda

Related image

These two harmless compounds combine to form a salt. Vinegar is an acid, while baking soda is a base, they cancel out each other’s effects and you are left with a useless compound. More ineffective than the compounds you started with.I would recommend not mixing them as you end up wasting precious time and resources while achieving nothing.


  1. Drain Cleaners

Image result for drain cleaning products imagesRelated image

Chemicals used in drain cleaners are some of the strongest bases or acids you will ever find in consumer products. They have to be really strong since they are supposed to dissolve those pesky dirt balls that clog drains.

One may be tempted to mix different types of drain cleaners in a bid to achieve faster and better results. However, you should refrain from this since mixing different drain cleaners might cause a catastrophe. You might get much stronger solutions that will eat away even your metal drain pipes, leaving you at a loss.

Alternatively, the solutions might explode, given the strength they already have. The solutions are also corrosive so it would be wise to keep them away. Use them sparingly.

Mixing such strong compounds, into the drain might cause so much effervescence that the gases produced become too much to contain and end up blowing up the pipe.

Please avoid mixing drain cleaners.

  1. Sprays:

Related image

After cleaning up, one might decide to spruce up their home with nice sprays to eliminate foul smells. There are different types of sprays; fresheners, cleaning sprays, insect repellents – the key is not to mix them up.Insect repellents are flammable and should be used sparingly. Poisonous compounds might be created when we mix too many variants of sprays.

I would highly advise not to mix sprays in a home.

  1. Insecticides and pesticides.

Image result for insecticide and pesticide images

When it comes to keeping homes clean, we also should not forget that we use insecticides and pesticides to kill off disease-causing organisms.

However, one must never ever at any time, decide to mix different strains of these chemicals in an attempt to achieve faster results. Most insecticides are deadly, read the instructions that come with it really carefully.


Also, the pesticides should not be left for more than a day lying around, else they contaminate other home surfaces. Leftover packets should be disposed of carefully and far away from the home. If these chemicals happen to land on human food and it gets ingested, patients may experience convulsions, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headaches or even suffocation.


Be safe. Do not mix chemicals you are unaware of. Seek professional advice first.

Prevention is always many times better than getting cured.
Therefore use strong cleaning solutions safely.



Tips on how to clean glass furniture and mirrors in your home

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It is almost unfathomable to have a house without any glass surface and a mirror. They make your home look trendy in a sparkly and beautiful way. Glass furniture and mirrors are the oldest accessories in the book but can never lose their charm because they effortlessly have the power to transform your house into something heavenly. But this only happens if they are gleaming and well taken care of.

Glass and mirrors easily attract dirt, dust, and scratches. Well, that may not be the salient issue since almost every surface behaves similarly, cleaning it is the tricky part. Most people think they know how to clean these surfaces until they spend hours with spray bottles cleaning only to end up with lint and streaks. Thatby the way, catch the light perfectly which is unsightly and off-putting. You are in luck, for it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. There are ways that will ensure you get the surface that gleams as good as new. Here is how:

Check for stains

Image result for cleaning stain on glass table images

Just like in laundry, you will get better results if you deal with existing stains before you generally clean the glass or mirror. From top to bottom, scan for stains as you clean them out. The best way to do it is by using rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad then rubbing them off. Running alcohol works like charm on any stain on your surface, from coffee to salad stains. And try working fast to avoid more staining when the rubbing alcohol dries. If there is a waxy stain on the glass, simply mix two cups of water, a half cup of dish soap and a quarter cup of vinegar. Moreover, if you have a cloudy surface -especially on glass- use half a cup of rubbing alcohol, a quarter teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and two tablespoons of ammonia. Apart from stains, consider wiping the dust off to prevent moving it around the window as you clean.

Clean in a zigzag manner

Related image

Starting from top to bottom from the corner of your choice, work in a zigzag style. People refer to it in different names, but the bottom line for using this pattern is to ensure that no part of the surface is left unattended to. As you spray your mirror or glass furniture, if you are using soap, minimize on the suds. Going excess on the cleaner will not only give you a hard time cleaning it away but also leave streaky residue on the surface. This is not the only pattern you can use, you can also decide to go circular then horizontal and vertical. Though of all, the zigzag pattern has a better accuracy.

Use Vinegar

White or distilled vinegar is one of the  staple cleaning products in your home that can work wonders on your glass and mirrors as well as it does in your salad. Vinegar has the benefit of being our natural which goes a long way in preventing streak while cleaning. When you mix it up with other solutions such as water and dishwashing soap, it makes a magical solution. If you have run out of your normal glass cleaner or just want to confirm if the word is true, you will soon be among those who testify of the wonders the concoction does. You can also add rubbing alcohol to the mixture do help in drying and luster after cleaning. A tip: If your windows are extra dirty, directly spray with white vinegar and let it sit for a while.

Get A Microfiber Cloth

Woman Cleaning a Window

Using paper towels is the most common and accepted way to get the job done, but considering the number of paper towels you are going to roll out, there must be an alternative. Yes, there’s another way and that is using a microfiber cloth. It is the easiest and cheapest effective way to clean your glass and mirrors. Considering they are reusable for a long time. When you go back to the past when there wasn’t any chemical cleaning glass, microfiber cloths came in handy. All they did wash damp the cloth and get a streak and lint free shine on any mirror or glass. You might as well pick it up. It makes cleaning your surface so simple. The fascinating aspect of the cloths is their ability to remove and hold dirt. As you are at it, avoid too much force or abrasive things that may scratch the surface. Additionally, tiny scratches on your glass can be polished by using little white toothpaste.

Clean Edges With A Cotton Swabs

Most people leave out or don’t concentrate much on the edges. It might be probably because it’s pretty hard to get the dirt from the corner, or simply because who will notice it anyway? For whatever reason, there’s a simple way you can get the job done: by using cotton swabs or even a smooth toothbrush. It helps clean quick and with less effort on your part.

Buff the surface

Like some unwritten rule, no matter how thorough you were, there’ll be a streak or two. That is what buffing your surface takes care off. A microfiber cloth can do it, as well as a newspaper. Ensure they are dry and just buff over the glass. When cleaning, try to work fast in order to prevent too many streaks. If possible, wipe as you dry the cleaner. It also advisable to dry the outside of the window in one direction and then inside in another. This makes it easier to find and rid the streak.

When using water for cleaning your glass furniture, ensure it is distilled. Otherwise, tap water has dissolved minerals that cause the undesirable streak. As you have already figured out, residue and streak can be frustrating, so you do everything to avoid such. Well, the sun may prematurely dry the surface cause the effect you don’t want. Therefore, if you can, try cleaning the glass and mirror surfaces in the morning or during cloudy days. To save you the trouble. A tip: to give your mirror a nice luster, wipe with rubbing alcohol after cleaning.



Easy Ways To Organize Your Laundry Room

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Laundry rooms are such essential places for most modern homes. Often times they are mostly designated by various homeowners as storage places. Using the laundry room for storage is an ideal recipe for clutter collection if you are not careful. When there is lack of order, you will see piles of clothes dumped everywhere and detergent containers kept just about anywhere haphazardly. You should never allow clutter to dominate all over your laundry room because this will make your room look congested and disorganized.

There is a vast array of simplified and efficient ways of organizing your laundry room regardless of its size or even shape. In all honesty, a very organized room is pleasant to look at and very inviting as well. Here are some great tips to easily organize your laundry room and make the most of the limited space available.

Make use of all the space available.

Image result for laundry room space images

Laundry rooms are normally not that spacious thus space utilization becomes a challenge. There are washers, dryers,  shelves and other stuff in your laundry room that needs to be stored. Space utilization requires high levels of creativity for better results. Ensure that your shelves are properly organized as this in turns frees up more space for more equipment to be stored. You can also add more shelves to accommodate more things. Floor space is also crucial and how you manage it significantly determines how your room looks like. Avoid having a lot of things scattered on the floor especially detergents.

How organized are your detergents?

Image result for laundry room detergents images

A laundry room cannot be complete if there are no washing detergents. These detergents are very important in a laundry room since they play a major role in the washing of garments. Having many detergent bottles scattered all over the shelves and floors is never a good idea since it makes the room look cluttered and disorderly. There are many half empty and old detergents graciously occupying precious space on your shelves. You need to have these cleaning supplies sorted out. Get rid of any product that has already expired or any product that you don’t really need. Neatly organize all the products keeping in mind that the main aim of a proper organization is avoiding clutter and being able to find something when you need it.

Install a hanging rod.

Related image

A hanging rod will greatly come in handy and you can’t afford not to have one in your laundry room. You can have a rod running across your laundry room or at a certain area of your room. Designate this rod to hang wet clothes when they get out of the dryer or towels. This saves you the hassle of having to drape your clothes in just any room in your house.


Use of curtains.

Image result for laundry room curtain images

Not every laundry room has a door and this is where curtains play an essential role. If your laundry room is somewhere whereby your washer is easily visible then you can opt to have a curtain to separate space. There are people who love such kind of privacy and this tip works for them just greatly. However, it’s worth noting that curtains will only hide your washing equipment but won’t prevent noise distraction produced by a running washer or dryer.

Have somewhere to fold your clothes

Image result for folding table with clothes

After your clothes come out of the dryer they need to be folded rather than dumping them in a corner where they get wrinkled and also make your laundry room look messy. Creation of a folding workstation is the best idea especially for someone who does laundry so often. Have a piece of a counter mounted on the wall where you can fold your clothes as soon as they are done in the dryer. Having such a counter on the wall is also a way of making use of the limited available space in a laundry room. You can also have a counter that falls down then back up to save up more space.


Pedestal drawers is a great hack.

Image result for pedestal drawers images

Pedestal drawers have proven to be a very dependable and worthy hack. They are like normal drawers but they are fitted under washing machines and dryers. Interestingly, newer washing machine models have these pedestal drawers fitted under them. Washing machines are raised slightly higher ensuring you don’t have to bend downwards to put or remove clothes from the washing machine. Furthermore, these drawers have been sectioned into several compartments that can be used to store various cleaning products. When buying a new washing machine, it will be wise to ask if it features pedestal drawers and save yourself the trouble of finding space to store your detergents.


The space behind the laundry door.

Image result for space behind the laundry door images

When it comes to simple hacks of maximizing space, the space behind the door is normally overlooked by most people. They forget that they can store a number of things behind the door. One can have mini shelves mounted at the back door which can be used to hold a number of items including detergents and paper towels. You can also have hooks which can be used to hang clothes or laundry bags.


Make use of extra drawers.

If your laundry room happens to have several drawers then they will help you a great deal. In most cases all these drawers can’t be used to store detergents only, rather they can be turned into laundry baskets. You can turn these drawers into laundry basket drawers where you can heap dirty clothes and sheets. These drawers will help you sort your laundry in terms of color. Nevertheless, these laundry basket drawers are worth the while since they help you save floor space by avoiding the use of plastic laundry baskets.


Regardless of the many wallpapers you put up on your wall, your laundry room will never look attractive if it’s not properly organized. These tips are easy to implement as they won’t make you incur any cost. If your laundry room is neat and clean the same will be reflected in your laundry. A properly organized room speaks volumes about what kind of a person you are. There are several ways of organizing a laundry room and all of them are aimed at achieving the same result, make your laundry room, a neat and organized place




Tips For Cleaning The Leaves Of Your Houseplants.

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We all love having some fresh air around the house. Apart from opening windows to get it, it may be difficult to leave the windows open especially during winter. That is why most of us settle on  growing houseplants for that purpose aside from having them for deco. However, the air may not be that fresh if we do not thoroughly clean them or just don’t know how to go about the cleaning routine. Have a look at some guidelines below on how to ensure that your houseplants are always looking clean and healthy.

  1. Have time for your plants.

Pick a day that you are not that busy or easily distracted by events as a cleaning day just fully for your plants. As you dust your house, some of the dust fall on the leaves of your beautiful plant leaving them looking dusty. You can’t wipe away the whole plant at once as you go. It is best that you concentrated on each individual leaf to make sure that you have rid the entire plant of dust.

  1. Use a spritz bottle.

Image result for spritz bottle for cleaning plants images

When cleaning the leaves of your houseplants, it is advisable that you get one of those spritz bottles and fill it with plain warm water as it is a natural liquid. Have a clean dry towel and spray some of the water on the towel as you clean each and every leaf gently. This mostly applies to any size of leaves. Do not use force as the leaves are fragile. Make sure that you also clean at the bottom of the leaf and the stalk. After you are through with that, get another towel and wipe the flower pot as well. As you do this, check for any mold, plant pests and trim the plant as well.

  1. Get a paint brush.

Image result for paint brush images

You can also use a small paint brush as its bristles are a bit softer. Simply submerge the brush in warm water and run it through the leaves gently. This is the best and fastest way to use for smaller leaves compared to very large leaves as it can fit in between the very thin areas of the leaves that tend to store a lot of dust. An old toothbrush with soft bristles can work as well. This is effective for plants with bristly leaves.


  1. Use a damp cloth for large plants.

Image result for damp cloth images

The most effective means of removing dust from those very large leaves is the use of a damp cloth. Dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe the leaf as you are supporting the lower part of the leaf with your other hand. The use of warm water is crucial because cold water might start making the leaves look spotty as it shocks the roots of the plants and damages it. Stuff like the paper towel is not suitable as they can leave some patches on the leaves. As you clean your leaves, remove any dry leaf or one that has fallen on the soil as you check for any webs.

  1. Wash your plants with running water.

It is advised that you run water on your plants from time to time. Get a handheld shower and spray the leaves of the plant. Do not use a lot of force while doing so. Make sure to check and adjust the water temperature frequently to avoid cold or extremely hot water. After you are through with this step, let the plants air dry in the sun for a while to maintain its natural color and for healthy growth as well. This technique rids them of dust and insects.Avoid using water on cacti plants.

  1. Swish your plant in water.

For plants with many leaves, this idea will come in handy. Fill a bucket with warm water. You can put a little liquid soap if the leaves are very dusty. Take your plant and turn it upside down as you support the soil with your hand and gently swish it around the water. You can rinse it with plain water then air dry the plant in the sun. Dust doesn’t stand a chance in this method since you are sure that it will all come off and prevent the clogging of pores. Do this procedure more often on the plants in the kitchen area to get rid of grease that might fall on them during cooking.

  1. Blow dust away.

Image result for blower blowing dust images

Another method is to take your dusty plant outside, get a blower, adjust the force to the minimum then hold it a few inches away from the leaves and blow away the dust. This is way much better for cacti plants or thorny plants that may be difficult to handle with bare hands. Those that do not necessarily need water to clean as they survive better without water. This can be done frequently as these kinds of plants tend to attract dust faster than normal. Using a blower on flowery plants is not a good idea at all as it can blow them off the stalk.

  1. Do not use harmful chemicals on your leaves.

Who wouldn’t want their house plants looking all shiny and sleek? But the use of various plant harmful chemicals to make them look outstanding with their shine may cause harm to your flowers. Use of things like mayonnaise to shine leaves will also attract pests that will attack your plant. Place them where direct sunlight can reach around the house. The sun rays will leave your plants healthy and attain that natural glow.

As you go try some of these steps, make sure to survey your plant for any leftover fertilizer or anything foreign as suggested here just to make sure your plant is fully free of anything that may cause harm towards it and make it dry out and die. Frequent cleaning of the plant will also keep your home looking pleasant and alive.

Tips for creating a lovely entrance for your home

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You can never get a second chance to make a first impression. Which is a pity that more often than not, the entrance is overlooked as a key design area. When in fact, that space is one of the most important rooms—in style perspective–in your home because it influences how your home is perceived by passers-by, as well as approaching guests. If you want to spice up your home by making the exterior a better representation of your interior, then read on, you are in the right place. Starting off on the right foot sets the perfect vibe and pace. Why would you own a house and not show it off? The entryway is your chance to make one hell of a home design  statement and make your house stand out.

When we are talking about the entrance, there are some self-evident objectives that should be met—things like security, protection from weather, warm and inviting reception point. Yeah, it seems all complicated and daunting but if you get it right, it will be so worth it. You will wow anyone who looks at your house, which is every proud homeowner’s dream. Your entrance should be intriguing and set the tone of one’s feelings for what to come next as you walk to the house. Here are some tips that will get your guests’ faces light up in glee because of the charm and charisma your entrance sends.

Gorgeous lights

Related image

Illumination largely influences the atmosphere of your home. You can make your entryway more open and inviting by using lights. Therefore, according to your taste, you can pick a light fixture that makes a bold statement or something more subtle and subdued. For instance, if you only have one ceiling light at the center of your entryway, consider adding surface-mount lanterns. If you are upgrading your entryway, consider adding a transom window to your front door. A transom window is found directly over the top of the door making the exterior look taller and grander. Plus it’s a beautiful way of letting in natural light. If you want something calmer and relaxing for your guests, you can use dimmers for your lights.

Color scheme

Paint is the best way to tie your entrance area into your home. It perfectly evokes emotions and adds personality. Depending on you, you can define your entryway by painting it a color that coordinates with the rest of your space, but make it stand out a bit. Add some visual interest by going for Scandinavian flair. In fact, the design is gaining favor because it is clean, crisp and effortlessly comfortable for anyone. Painting the door will also do the trick but if you are not keen on a colored door, consider an accent wall for your entryway. Perhaps have one of the walls made of wood, and the rest painted white, it will bring so much warm and dimension.

Get an exquisite console table

Whether your space is large or tiny, you can get a beautifully detailed simple or contemporary table for your entrance that will create a warm and welcoming space. The best part about it is that the console table is not only beautiful but also functional. That is where you can place a vase of flowers or house keys. Where these tables are concerned though, less is more. Don’t overpower your space with busy and loud, instead, let it be peaceful and simple. If your walls are neutral, consider adding some life to it by painting an interesting color to your console table.

Add some natural aspect

Image result for plant at an entryway images

Natural will always command attention in the best way. Maybe it’s because we are all human and depend on what the environment offers to survive. I don’t know, it just has its charm. You can go the old school way and get a plant. They clear your air as well as they give life and warmth to your space. Or you can go for rocks and gems then find a beautiful vase or tray and add a tone of character to your hallway. You can also think outside the box, and get a painting or photo of inspiring natural locations. Bare bricks for your wall is a good idea for your hallway.


By now you know how much impact your entryway can do, so how about you go bold or go home? A bold pattern for your entryway floor will make your house beautiful and space ready to take on what your family throws at it. If you go for a dramatic floor, it is best for the walls to remain neutral. It is even better for a small space because of the visual impact the floor causes. Be sure to choose something that reflects on your family, whether a beautiful carpet or porcelain dazzling floor.

Use different texture

Related image

Using texture is one of the most effective ways you can create a cozy and inviting space. You don’t even have to break the bank, just bring the old and new, polished and rustic, and masculine and feminine, together to create a collected look. Using texture adds dimension and allows elements to play off of one another. Of course, your entryway is the last place you want chaos, therefore, make it simple. For instance, you can go for textured wallpaper but if you don’t want an expensive commitment, consider wall décor. Whether you go for art, photos or a wall décor, it is a great way to introduce texture to your hallway. Ensure to keep things slim and simple though.The texture is also added by using the various shade of the colors of your choice.

Personal touch

People like it when they walk into your home and feel insightful about your personality. They feel connected, which goes along to make them feel warm and welcomed. Adding elements such as a gallery to your console wall is a great idea. You can put up photos of your family, your achievements, and memorabilia from travels. It will immensely relax your guest by the story it tells, and it can act as a beginner subject on starting a conversation because chances are, they are going to have plenty to ask. If it’s your crush, it is wrapped.

Your entrance shouldn’t look boring, but it should grip and make the guest coming for the first time  feel curious to know the rest of the house. If you are selling then, you will definitely fetch a good price with a lovely entrance area.

Ways To Decorate Your Home With Flowers

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Just like colors, flowers have such a perfect way of adding glamour and beauty to any home. You can choose to have flowers outside or inside your house, either way, you can rest assured the appearance of your house won’t be the same. Either natural or artificial flower will just do the trick. With the right inspiration and advice, you can arrange different flowers and turn your house into a breath-taking scene. Over the years, flowers have been known to bring a sense of completeness and freshness in any setting, indoor or outdoor. Well, some people do crave having flowers in their homes but they just don’t know how to go about it. There are some easy and fascinating ways of decorating a house with flowers and make your house look glamorous. Here are some of those ways.

Put that pot to use.

Related image

Clay pots will definitely come in handy when decorating your home with flowers or even plants. Clay pots are easily portable making them a very good option for holding flowers thus you can easily move your flowers from one corner of the house to the other. Another advantage clay pots have is that they can easily be customized into a color and a design that matches your flowers. Imagine the beautiful view of having white roses in a white clay pot with artistic designs. Such a combination will bring freshness and elegance to your room.


A vase with colored water.

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Normally, people tend to have vases with clear water something that now seems like a cliché. To add an extra touch of beauty to your home, you can use colored water in your flower vases. This can be achieved by adding food dye chemicals into the water. These chemicals aren’t hazardous to your flowers in any way so you don’t have to worry about the health of your flowers. As a matter of fact, flowers such as white rose change their color to match that of the colored water. This is such a nice experiment that you should give a try.


Glass jars with marbles.

Image result for glass jars with flowers and marbles images

Glass jars are one of the best, if not the best, alternatives for holding flowers. Just like clay pots, they are easily portable hence flower arrangement in your house becomes an easy task. Glass jars are crystal clear making it possible to add marbles, pebbles or even shells. These decorations combined with flowers form such an artistic view that brightens up the appearance in your house. However, it’s worth noting that, glass jars are very fragile thus they should be handled with utter care.

Time to fill up the empty spaces.

It could be a certain corner or even the floor, but for certain there will be a part of your house that needs to be filled. One of the best ways of making use of these empty spaces is the use of flowers. If you have an empty corner, you can erect simple shelves that can hold several jars filled with flowers. You can turn this corner into a lovely and inviting sanctuary. You can incorporate different kinds of flowers that blend well with each other. This for sure is a gorgeous way of decorating your house.

Using bottles as vases.

Image result for bottle flower vases images

There are various easy and cheap ways of decorating a house using flowers. Flower vases may be hard to get because of prices or maybe they aren’t readily available at a local store. Well, that shouldn’t hinder you from turning the look of your hand around. Water or wine bottles can easily be used to hold flowers. Bottles come in different size, color and shape making them very ideal. These bottles can then be placed on a shelf in a linear form where they can easily draw the attention of anyone entering your house. These bottles, however, should be handled with utmost care to avoid breakage.

Floating flowers.


Floating flowers are very elegant and ooze a lot of beauty in any home or office. Fill a shallow and clear container with water and then put floating flowers. This technique is very charming, just to say the least. You can use red or white petals and you can rest assured that the results will be more than elegant. You can put the container with flowers on the floor or on a table. If you have flowers that are either broken or wilting, you can cut their buds and place them in a shallow container or bowl. This will help maintain their fragrance and freshness for a longer time.


A door with flowers.

You can get more creative and make your house door more interesting and appealing by putting up flowers on the door. You can choose to hang a single flower or a wreath. This makes your door look very attractive and it signifies that the owner of that house actually loves flowers. Additionally, it makes your door look detailed. The flowers don’t necessarily have to match with the color of the door.

Bedside drawers.

Bedside drawers normally don’t hold a lot of things other than lampshades hence there is enough space to put a jar of flowers. You can opt for floating flowers or red roses in a small jar. Flowers in a bedroom add freshness and make your bedroom look attractive. Flowers are very colorful hence when placed in any room they make your room look bright.

Create a flower chain.

Image result for home flower chain images

A string of flowers can be attached together and hang across the hallway. Floral chains change the appearance of any house and they bring out magical and lovely look in your house.


Flowers are very beautiful and there are so many ways of incorporating various flowers in your home and make your home look marvelous. Flowers don’t require too much maintenance but you should prune them from time to time in order to eliminate broken and wilted parts. Flowers, however, attract insects so as a precaution you shouldn’t leave your windows and doors open for such lengthy periods.



8 Tips For Cleaning Your Pillow

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While an expensive bed is a great investment and a good step to ensuring you have a great night sleep, without a pillow it’s incomplete. It actually surprises me how an impressive amount of people overlook the benefits of a good pillow. You never know, the lack of a good pillow (among other reasons of course), might be the cause of your insomnia– sounds farfetched but it’s true. But if you are reading this, albeit you’ve already shopped for one and now the washing is the issue.

This being a free-judgment zone, I’ll admit that washing pillows was not a thing I was keen on as long as the dirt is not showing. Who washes pillows? Come on, for me it was an annual event, which I could just get new ones. As long as I dutifully launder my pillowcases, I’m more than set for life. That is what I previously thought until I knew the consequences of a filthy one. The grossness of dead skin and dust mites aside, there are legitimate health ramifications as well.

Studies show that troubled sleepers (can be caused by your dirty pillow) are 6 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and the dreaded flu too. Did you know that your pillow doubles in weight after a period of time because of dirt accumulation? Oh boy….. But at least you have the question answered. Unless you are filthy rich, it is not exactly a financially sound decision to buy new pillows after every week. Here are tips that have been used and tested to clean your pillows.

Laundering instructions

Image result for laundering pillow images


Frankly, one in ten people starts by checking the label for any laundering instructions as long as they have an idea of what the fabric might be. While most of us have gotten away with this, it is essential that you read it and follow the instructions. Cloth manufacturers are required by the law to have fabric care label attached to each cloth. Care labels have the information that will help you take care of your pillow in the best way possible. Most down pillows can be tossed in the washing machine while some only have to be dry-cleaned.

Using the washer

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Good news! You can actually use the washer for your pillows. It is recommended you wash two at a time to keep the washer balanced. You can also use either the top- or front- loading machine as long as it doesn’t have an agitator (the large swaddle found in the middle of the machine, designed to rotates water and clothes). To avoid damage, if you only have a top launder with an agitator, then place the pillow vertical. Additionally, if you don’t have specific instructions, you can use warm water and gentle cycle.

The pillow filers are determiners of whether machine wash is suitable or not. Feather is machine friendly filler as long as there are no tears in the pillow cover. It is critical to use a small amount of detergent, and mild liquid is preferred to powder for easier rinsing. With foam fillers, it is unfortunate that a machine can’t be used. To remove dust from foam pillows, vacuum with a dialed down the suction level if possible for both sides with the upholstery tool. Another option is to tumble the pillow in the dryer set at an air-only cycle for around 15 minutes.

In drying

Image result for drying pillows images

Dry according to the care label on the pillow. If you get the pillows for drying, place them with a few tennis balls which will help in the fluffing process while also preventing the down from clumping and drying unevenly. You can also consider taking them out periodically and fluff by hand, using your fingers to break up any clumps. As much as using the tennis ball will reduce their dying period, pillows will definitely take longer to dry than another load of clothes. Therefore, if you smell a musty smell, set them in the sun for a while. In feather pillows, drying is the most time-consuming part because the feathers must be completely dry or they’ll clump together, mildew or fall apart. Therefore ensure to be patient enough and use low heat on them to prevent damage. Just a tip: fluff down your pillows in the dryer between washings for 10 minutes. A short time in the dryer prevents moisture from building up in the down so they remain fresher and require less frequent washing.

Spot clean

Image result for white pillows images

Whether you have seen the ‘spot clean only’ label on the care label of the pillow, or you are not up for washing the entire pillow, spot cleaning works. A ‘spot cleaning’ label means you can only clean where there is visible stain by hand without subjecting it a washing machine, wet cleaning, dry cleaning or/and any restoration process. It important to take extra care if you have a spot cleaning pillow like foam pillows. Ensure that it is not heavily soiled by having pillowcases plus ensuring your hair is clean.

Use vodka

Vodka is not just for cocktails anymore, it is a versatile product with potent cleaning powers. The grain-based liquor can perform many of the same tasks as vinegar but without any odor.  It is actually a quick-drying sanitizer. Add vodka to a spray bottle and spritz on your pillow and let them dry. You won’t be washing the pillow every week when doing the sheets, therefore, use vodka to freshen them up.  Add a ½ mixture of vodka and water to a spray bottle and spritz on your pillow and let them dry. You can also add up 30 to 40 drops of lavender essential oils for nice fragrance.

Wash pillowcase

Image result for washing pillow cases images

While we are happy to fork out hundreds on swanky bed linen, all too often the humble pillow draws a short straw. Regardless of the pillow you use, you should get a pillow protector or case and wash it weekly. They help keep your pillow clean for longer and prevent heavy soiling.

The type of pillow you use totally depends on you. While good quality pillows help in having a good night sleep, you should always keep them clean to prevent allergies and other distresses caused by a dirty pillow.


10 cleaning problems you can solve with baking soda

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Baking soda, aka sodium bicarbonate, is popularly known and used for its cooking purposes. Apart from that though, it would blow your mind to know how much work a simple bag of baking soda can do. It is such a versatile product that comes through in all sorts of cleaning emergencies around your home. Its prowess ranges from cleaning, to personal hygiene, to cooking, and even medicine. Definitely, there are infinite products on the market that will get the job done, yet baking soda is the healthier option and just as effective, if not better.  We might also, as well show kindness to aquatic life because at the rate at which we are draining our cleaning products down the drain and into water bodies, they are soon going to be extinct. Besides, you will also be protecting yourself from an array of chemicals from harsh cleaning products.

Whether you are cutting on cost, being adventurous or preserving the environment, you are in the right place. We are going to share ways in which you can use baking soda to solve your cleaning problems, in which in no time, you will be replacing those bottles with soda ash. You totally have nothing to lose; in fact, you never know when the information may be helpful. Here are some great ways you can use sodium bicarbonate.

Rid stains off your wall

Image result for washing stained walls images

Washing off stains from walls and floors do not even come close to top 10 chores you enjoy doing (if there are any), but very critical for the general view of your home. Therefore, with just an addition of water, nearly every dirty spot can benefit from a baking soda treatment. With kids around, it is almost inevitable to have stainless walls. And when they showcase their artwork on your wall, you are torn between being proud or crying yourself to sleep because guess who’s going to do the cleaning? But with a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and water, you can get rid of crayon or scuff marks.

Cleaning the grout

Image result for cleaning grout images

What is more annoying than having a clean floor but with grouts that have lost their color due to stain? They just ruin the whole look. Although many homeowners notice, most of them don’t know what they might do to get them looking great again. You don’t have to break the bank in renovations, just take your baking soda and sprinkle it on the grout line. Then sprinkle some water and let it sit for a while. Come back and you will need minimal scrubbing to get the cleanest grout on the block.

Unclogging the sink

Image result for unclogging the sink images

We’ve all been there at some point; clogged sink can be such a pain and be impressively inconvenient. We won’t even talk about how smelly it gets. Therefore, it is only reasonable when you want it fixed immediately (or maybe it’s only me. I can’t seem to have the patience to wait for the plumber). The secret is in mixing baking soda with vinegar and oh boy, it will cut through smoothly. You also know what they say; prevention is better than cure, therefore, instead of dealing with a clog, you can clean the sink’s drain frequently. This will also rid of lingering odor. Simply add a cup of baking soda and let it sit for an hour. Next, pour in two cups of boil vinegar; you will have a clean drain with very minimum effort.

Put out grease fire

Image result for greasefire images

The first rule about putting out a grease fire is to never use water, can’t help thinking where that leaves us. Regardless, I looked for ways I can deal with the emergency if it occurs. You wouldn’t want to try guessing the guy I found for the job? When baking soda is heated, it gives off carbon dioxide, which helps to smother the flames. Sure, you will need quite an amount but baking soda is great. It is most efficient in minor grease or electrical kitchen.  Make sure to turn off the source if you can then, throw a handful of baking soda at the base of the fire.


Image result for laundry with baking soda images

It doesn’t mean you give up on the laundry detergent that is working for you. You can use it to give a boost to your laundry detergent to make it work harder. A better pH balance in washing gets clothes cleaner. You can as well use it separately because it brightens and deodorizes clothing. If you are a workout or sports person, you know how gross your gear and equipment can get. A mixture of baking soda and warm water will help you big time.

Removing mildew from the bathroom

Using a clean damp sponge, apply some baking soda and scrub your tub and tiles. They will be gleaming in no time.

Eliminate garbage bin odor

Sometimes there’s very little we can do about the trash in our home, but by putting some baking soda in the bottom of the bin to reduce the trash stink by half.

Cleaning greasy grill and oven

When summer is around the corner, we can already smell barbeque. While dad can offer to grill the chicken, you will be the one doing the cleaning. So you need all the help you can get, therefore, combat that grime by sprinkling some baking soda on your grill-cleaning brush and then scrub. The same applies to your oven, which might be less gross.

Cleaning the microwave

Image result for cleaning the microwave images

No one would like an irritating odor wafting from their microwave. Whereas, you wouldn’t also want to be overwhelming when washing and leaving it smelling like some bleach you used. Simply takes a mixture of water and vinegar, place it in a bowl. Take the bowl, place it in the microwave wave and set on for 30 seconds. After that, put dab some clean dump sponge in baking soda and wipe through your appliance. After rinsing well with water, it will pristine clean.

Removing tea and coffee stains

Image result for coffee and tea stains images

Having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a day well began. But things become embarrassing when you have guests and offer them coffee on stained mugs. It might not be a great sin, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Instead of buying a new set, wash them with ¼ cup of baking soda and a quart of warm water. If the stain is stubborn, try soaking overnight with baking soda and a detergent.

Albeit you can now buy more boxes of baking soda and put it into more use.

Common Dishwashing Mistakes That You Are Making.

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Dishwashers were invented to make our work easier and not going through all that hustle of having to clean everything within a limited time. However, there are very many mistakes that we do as we are using it which probably do not come with the manual. Most homeowners are very ignorant of dishwashing practices that most of the time they make cringe-worthy mistakes that end up causing long-term effects health wise, or on the dishwashing functionality.  Here are a few pointers on the mistakes that we probably do unknowingly.

  1. Everything In The Dishwasher

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Packing up everything in the dishwasher just to make use of every inch of space doesn’t work. Some of the dishes might not get cleaned as the dishwashing soap might not reach them. Put a reasonable number of dishes to ensure that all your utensils are perfectly cleaned. It is also not a good idea to put lesser items in a dishwasher as this may cause breakage when the dishes are moving around in there.

  1. Do not thoroughly clean your greasy dishes.

Image result for handwashing dishes images

Avoid cleaning the grease off from your bowls completely. This also includes scrubbing them. Leave some of the work for the dishwasher. After all, what is the dishwasher for? However, if you feel hand-washing them is better especially if they have stubborn grease stains, then by all means do it.

  1. Clean your dishwasher.

Image result for cleaning the dishwasher images

Make sure you clean your dishwasher from time to time to avoid coating the dishwasher with dirt from your dishes. You wouldn’t expect a dirty dishwasher to clean your utensils. The best method of cleaning it is to use vinegar and baking soda. You can also go to the stores for advice on what else to use. This will also prevent bad odor in there.

  1. Keep iron pans away from the dishwasher.

Related image

The best way to handle iron pans is by hand washing them. It is not a good idea to wash them in a dishwasher as this may shorten their lifespan by making them seem faded. This also applies to non-stick pans with carbon coating which can be easily scraped off after a while. Do not also use very harsh liquid soap when cleaning them. If they are too greasy, you can use lemon and a little bit of soap with warm water for better results.

  1. Pre-wash.

Make it a habit to pre-wash the plates or spoons that have that stubborn food stain before placing them in the dishwasher. This will ensure thorough cleaning is done in the dishwasher. As earlier stated, do not entirely clean your plates. Just pass them through water and a soft cloth.

  1. Avoid putting light plastics in the washer.

Image result for plastic plates images

Keep plastics away from the dishwasher especially the very light ones as the heat in the dryer might melt the plastic and damage your machine. Hand wash your plastics and dry them completely before storing them. If you could completely try and avoid them, it would be a very good idea health wise. Remember when plastic melts it lets off some toxins which might not be healthy for you especially if you are using the plastic for food.

  1. Sort out your dishes.

Just as you sort out your clothes before putting them in the dry cleaner, do the same for your dishes too. Putting in your dishes without any sort of order will only result to chaos cleaning which might not turn out clean dishes. Hand-wash the bigger dishes first. Place the smaller dishes at the center and the bigger dishes at the back to avoid blocking the smaller dishes from being reached. This way the cleaning process will go a lot smoother and your dishes will be effectively cleaned.


  1. Avoid putting wooden dishes.

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For your wooden utensils to have a longer life, it is better that you avoid having them in the dishwasher as the heat will cause them to have cracks. Wash these by hand and air dry them. It is important that they remain water-free and dry for them to last longer.

  1. Hand-wash your cutlery.

Image result for cutlery images

Knives and forks may be the cause of damage to your sensitive plates. Keep them off of your dishwasher and have them cleaned manually. The dishwashing liquid can also make your steel items appear faded. Dry the cutlery well before storing it because you definitely don’t want a case of rusted knives and forks.

  1. Use a rinse agent.

It is highly recommended that you use a rinse agent together with dishwashing liquid soap just to ensure that you leave no soapy spots on the dishes afterward. Soapy spots are definitely not a food end result and your dishes will not really be clean.

  1. Check the water temperature.

Not only do you want your dishes clean but you want them sanitized. Ensure that you have the correct water temperature. Check the settings on the water heater. Do not put very high or low temperatures. Consider the utensils material, whether its ceramic, glass, plastics or melamine because each of them reacts differently to water of different temperatures.

With the above ideas, it may seem as if using the dishwasher is rocket science but on the contrary, it is the best way to clean your dishes as it saves water and a lot of time and energy. Get to know how it works before taking it home and have it checked once in a while to make sure it is still effective. If you do not have any idea on how to clean it, you could always go to the store and get some ideas on how to go about it.