The debate on which is better between steam cleaning and traditional mopping still carries on homeowners are yet to decide on the best floor cleaning methods. They are both used to achieve the same results and that is cleaning. They are both so different but still the same in some aspect and they both have their pros and cons. Basically; steam cleaning uses electric energy while traditional mopping just requires physical energy. The debate about which is better off the two will continue since people have different preferences at the end of the day. Here is an unbiased review of both methods and from this review, you will able to determine which is better.

Traditional Mopping

Mopping essentially requires a mop which is a simple tool that can be found in any household. A mop has a very high-water absorbance capacity and that’s why it’s still popular when it comes to washing floor. A bucket, mop, detergent, and water are what is required when washing a floor. Mopping can be tiring and time-consuming largely depending on the floor area. A mop is dipped into a bucket filled with water and detergent, then the mop is wrung out in sieve section in the bucket and then used to wet the floor. Wringing out the mop every time is rather a time consuming and monotonous. To add on that, you have to wait for the floor to completely dry before walking over it thus, making mopping more time-consuming.

Mops are very cheap compared to steam cleaners. Modern mops have different sizes and shapes, different types of mops include cut-end mops and looped yarn mops. Cut-end mops get deteriorated fast because they cut ends start fraying and get left on the floor. Looped yarn mops have a longer lifespan since they don’t get frayed.

Some key benefits of using traditional mop include and not limited to; traditional mopping is affordable. Cleaning using a traditional mop is a nice workout plan. Serious session of floor mopping can help you burn some calories. Some people really do enjoy the fresh scent left behind after cleaning. The fresh scent, however, depends on the detergents used. Nevertheless, mops are able to absorb liquid which is ideal especially when paper towels can’t do the trick.

Traditional mopping is such a satisfactory way of cleaning a floor however its inability to reach high temperatures makes it less effective and efficient. High temperatures are ideal to kill germs and bacteria that linger around on the floor.

Process of Using a Traditional Mop

  1. Mix water and detergent in a bucket.
  2. Swirling the mop in water.
  3. Scrubbing the floor.
  4. Rinsing the mop.
  5. Wring the mop out.
  6. Empty the bucket.
  7. Rinsing the mop and put it away together with the detergents.

Process 2 to 3 are repeated severally for a large floor area.

Steam Cleaning

Since they were invented, steam cleaners have continued proving how reliable they are. They were designed to reduce the hassle of cleaning brought about by traditional mopping hence making cleaning less time-consuming. Steam cleaner uses only electric energy and there’s no monotonous wringing out.

Steam obtains very high temperature thus being able to kill almost 100% of germs and bacteria that exist on the floor surface making floor safer for children. Steam cleaners save you added expenses of having to purchase detergent or even a bucket making steam cleaners relatively economically friendly. Nevertheless, steam cleaners are way quicker than traditional mops and they barely leave any water behind hence the floor dries up really quickly. Steam cleaners are also able to remove hard stains on the floor thus saving you the effort of having to thoroughly scrub the floor to get stains from the floor.

The biggest disadvantage has to be the cost. Steam cleaners are expensive than traditional mops however a steam cleaner can be used to clean all types of floors. Steam cleaners are undoubtedly effective and efficient as compared to traditional mops.

Steam cleaners, however, don’t leave the cleaner with that satisfactory feeling and experience as compared to traditional mopping.

The Process of Using a Steam Cleaner

  1. Fill the water reservoir.
  2. Attach the mop pad.
  3. Plug into a socket.
  4. Gently push the mop on the floor.
  5. Unplug the mop.
  6. Put the mop away.

Despite modern innovations of mops, the original rope mop still remains favorite for most people. For most people, they feel there is a deep sense of satisfaction when you dip a mop in water and push it around until the floor sparkles. For them, they feel they have done a very pleasing work regardless of the physical energy they have to put.

If you are super excited by the scent of a freshly mopped floor then the traditional mop would be your best bet.

Steam mop has made washing the floor much easier and less time-consuming. A steam cleaner is an all-inclusive tool that just needs to be filled with water and plugged and then you are ready to make your floor clean. If you are used to traditional mopping, a steam cleaner will make you feel like you haven’t really done a good job since you are likely not to experience any physical exertion.

When it comes to traditional mopping, you have to put some factors into consideration. There is an added cost of detergent, bucket, maybe a brush and more time. More time is consumed depending on the area to be covered. With steam cleaners, the only cost incurred is the initial fee for purchasing the tool. From there on, it’s only a matter of filing the tool with water and monitoring the cost of electricity used.

The debate about which is the best between steam cleaners and traditional mopping boils down to the benefits offered by those two. In this review, the advantages and disadvantages of both have been laid out and steam it’s really up to you to choose the one which works best for you. Some people do employ both techniques. So, which is best? That is for you the homeowner to figure out depending on the needs of your home.