Your home is very important to you because this is where you re-energize yourself every night and morning before you face a new day. Take time to create a clean home that supports your good health and those of your loved ones, proper rest and your relationship. You can do this by creating good feng shui in your home interior. Feng shui decorating allows your home to exude this positive energy.  Most homeowners have all the good intentions of creating good feng shui, but oftentimes they end up placing the right feng shui items in the wrong manner or places.

Some common feng shui decorating mistakes that most homeowners make are as follows:

1. Using Too Many Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most powerful feng shui cure and when you use them well, you will have the best effect which is more light, more space, more clarity and that much-needed freshness of the water feng shui element in your home. However, when incorrectly used mirrors can create this unstable and chaotic energy that is never calm and keeps bouncing back and forth. You definitely don’t need that kind of energy, which is why you need to decorate your home with mirrors in moderation.

2. Filling Your Home With Work Objects

Your home is supposed to be a home, not the workplace. This is where you should retire at the end of every day, unwind peacefully and show love to your loved ones. This means that tablets, laptops, desktop computers and any other works equipment should not be in areas where you can see them frequently. In case you are working from home, make sure you seclude an area in your home as your work area and put all your work tools there. When you look around in your home, it shouldn’t remind you of work but of a place where you can be with your family and relax from a busy day.

3. Adopting The Asian Look Establishment

The misconception that good feng shui is decorating with Asian looking items such as statues of emperors or Asian soldiers, dragon turtles,  wallpaper with Asian characters printed on and so on.  You don’t need to change your usual decorating style in order to create good feng shui in your home. There is no need for mandarin ducks, red tassels and so on in your home unless you honestly love their look and feel in your living space.

Remember that a great feng shui home is the one with a great design that expresses your own unique style and taste instead of a design borrowed from stereotypes. Don’t use the exotic items without knowing their meaning or their purpose because that could be your greatest feng shui decorating mistake.

A good feng shui home is a well-decorated home that expresses your own style and taste instead of following a set of stereotypes. Decorating with exotic looking items without knowing what they are for (or even not liking them!) is one of the most common mistakes people make when delving into feng shui.

4. A Mirror Facing Your Front Door

It is important to make a statement in the entryway to your home. Most homeowners will use a beautiful and stunningly framed mirror to make that great impression at the entry area.  However, some homeowners will make the mistake of placing the mirror opposite the front door.  This is a great feng shui decorating mistake because energy is absorbed through the front door by the house and when you place a mirror facing it, you force all the good energy coming in through the front door away through the mirror. Use mirrors for interior decorating but not at the front door area.

5. Using Feng Shui Cures That You Dislike

If you really want good feng shui in your home, then decorating with items that you don’t love, is the worst mistake you can make. If you don’t like red tassels, mirrors or dragons of any sort, don’t use them in the decoration of your home. Even if you have heard that such an item will promote love or wealth, don’t endure it presence because good feng shui requires that you truly love every decorating piece that you use in your home.

6. Having Different Flooring For Each Room In Your Home

Flooring is an important part of your house because it represents the foundation. A sense of solid continuity is important to maintain that strength and continuity. You might think that having different flooring throughout the home could be interesting and even attractive since it breaks the monotony. However, when it comes to feng shui decorating doing so is a feng shui mistake. However, for busy areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, it’s okay to have different flooring to meet the needs of those areas but for the rest of the rooms in the house, uniform flooring is recommended for good feng shui.

7. Having A TV In The Bedroom

It doesn’t matter if your TV is sleek, beautiful and the latest model. A TV in the bedroom equals bad feng shui. A TV in most cases will influence your well-being in a negative way. Leave the TV in the living room and allow yourself to freely unwind and rest in the bedroom. If you have a spouse and you share that bedroom, all the more reason to keep the TV out if you want the good feng shui to energize your romantic activities.

8. A lot Of Indoor House Plants

It could be floral wallpaper or a dying rose in the corner area of your dresser.  Too many indoor plants is not a good idea especially if you place them in your bedroom. Plants are known as energy sappers and they could drain your home of good energy and if you place them in the bedroom, they could kill your love life. Too many plants in the home are bad feng shui and if you love plants, you can always put them outdoors and decorate the porch area.

The Bottom Line

Feng shui decorating is a wonderful thing when done correctly. You always have a choice, either to go feng shui all the way with your decoration or simply create your own unique look by following all the feng shui rules to avoid mistakes.