House chores help us to stay on top of clutter and as a result, have an organized home. But if the thought of cleaning doesn’t thrill you, don’t worry, you are neither weird nor alone. Not many people look forward to doing house chores so many choose to hire a cleaning service. Although having so many other things we rather do, we can’t live in filth. Even though everyone wants a sparkling home, getting there can be quite a chore by itself. Therefore, what a better way to get back at these responsibilities than shaming the ultimately boring ones? While you might totally not be fun, surely, there are some chores that are quite exciting and others are just playing at a whole new level. No matter how much you try loving them, it just doesn’t get there. And we are going to shame them for making us miserable. I know you are loving me right now, I’m loving me too. I’ve waited too long for this. Let’s get right into it!


I know I shouldn’t be complaining about vacuuming in the first place. People back then had to get on their hands and knees to clean the floor, but I don’t find the process exciting. Especially moving things around. It even gets worse if you have kids because they just come with clutter as a bonus. It is not fun trying to shift stuff so that you may clean underneath. Plus I have to do it daily because of my kids’ welfare and I must retrieve a toy or two daily beneath the furniture.

Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning windows can be one of those dreary thankless chores. I know we have all been there once. Where you spend an impressive two hours cleaning your windows, only to get back in the house and all you see is the streak. Ugh! The level of disappointment that comes with the sight just makes cleaning windows so boring. First experiences are very key to establishing the feeling you develop towards a task. When I first cleaned my windows, I kept on repeating but all I got is streak after streak (probably because I was doing the same thing expecting different results. Someone once called that insanity). All I needed was that first experience and I couldn’t look forward to washing them again. Gradually, I realized there’s something I was definitely doing wrong. Therefore I found ways to do it better. But as much as they get clean nowadays, they don’t make it to my list of fun chores. Just a tip, it will hugely help to choose a dry, cloudy day to clean your windows than when it’s blazing hot.


This gets personal. I don’t know what it is about ironing, but I find it so boring. Yet I cannot for the life of me bring myself to wear anything wrinkled. How about that for irony? Doing laundry is not such a big deal for me but ironing does me in every time. In fact, I can’t recall how many times I have talked myself into wearing jeans just because I didn’t need to iron them. Whenever I’m ironing, I start thinking about the meaning of life and how irrelevant ironing should be. It just does things to me and I find great satisfaction when the chore is done. The brilliant I looked for ways to make it easier and since I’m feeling generous, ill share a tip. The best way to avoid spending hours ironing is to do it immediately after drying. Also, don’t let it over dry. Moreover, investing in a good iron reduces your workload by half.

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Some people can’t wait to clean their fridge but I dread the process. Seriously, I just didn’t see why someone would clean their fridge on a weekly basis. But I got my answer when a foul smell wafted from my fridge the other day. You are free to judge. Well, it might sound like a no-brainer but I’m quite poor at remembering when and what remained. Therefore, I just had to go throw all the packages and see where the smell was coming from. That gave me an opportunity to clean my fridge and it left me feeling great. Though don’t get things twisted, I still dread doing it. Now I’ve written a reminder and placed it in the fridge to clean it out again next month.


It is this task that makes grown men weep, not that it is hard but the uncertainty in it is overwhelming. Have you ever been in a position where you seriously know you need to cut on some of your possessions but don’t know where to begin? It is depressing. Personally, I can designate a day just to declutter, only by the end of the task I realize there’s no significant change I have made. I don’t consider wastage of my time fun. Regardless, I start on smart ways of decluttering and it is totally working. I made a decision one week ago, to give or throw away one thing every day. I like where I’m headed. I’ve also realized decluttering isn’t always about throwing stuff away, sometimes it just means to sort through things that you actually want to keep. That, for me, makes decluttering much easier.

Cleaning the Toilet

With kids in the house, needless to say, the toilet is sometimes gross. I never thought I’d grow up, get married then start spending my time calling my kids to confirm whose poo is in the bowl. And kids are sometimes little devils, they will all come, make a face and answer,’ seriously mom, that’s not mine.’ Sometimes I could just return them wherever they came from. Unlike laundry, I usually wash my toilets every day because they are very germy and heaven knows I can’t handle them if they get any grosser.

The Bottom Line

Just for feeling generous, we also had: pairing socks, cleaning the oven, emptying the bin and most importantly, being an adult. Boring chores should be done all the same because if neglected your home will be anything but clean and livable.