Sometimes life is so overwhelming that the thought of cleaning in itself is exhausting. And with the gift of kids and pets around, cleaning might not seem to work for you. There are people looking up to you and expect you to deliver, the responsibilities become all more demanding if you have a full-time job. Let’s face it, most of us put away cleaning more often than it’s healthy. And if you are reading this and wondering how someone could sleep while dirty dishes are in the sink or your house is always ready for guest more often than not, then this might not be for you. If you are not so thrilled at the thought of cleaning and you would rather do something else than continue reading.

You are not alone in sleeping like a baby totally unaware of the mess in your sitting room, but want to cry when you step into that messy space the next morning. We as humans are pre-wired to have organization in our life. As much as you keep pushing cleaning away, there are things you can’t run from. For instance a stench of decomposed leftovers wafting from your microwave. Or a pile of dirty dishes piled on your counter and sink. No one wants to live in such. By now you already know how a dirty house can be depressing and worse still, is when you have tried changing your housekeeping routines but it magically gets back to its disastrous state. If you have ever literally cried tears of pain because you don’t get it, you have found your way home. We get it. These are some of the things you can do to have an organized home while keeping your sanity.

Analyze Your Situation

Before starting with the routines and to-do list, you ought to look into your situation. Most working mothers try to take the bull by the horn by filling themselves up with what other people do right. Forgetting that every family is different, and so are the challenges. Therefore, if you are to begin the journey of managing your home better, you need to analyze your activities and pinpoint the ones that challenge you the most. This is because it is in your best interest to come up with a plan that suits you best.

Plan Your Meals

Preparing dinner is one of those house chores that should not be an issue but in reality, it can get seriously stressful. If you are struggling with what your family is going to eat every dinner time, then this is your lucky day. I’ll tell you of a solution that works for me and other moms using it. During the weekend, plan the menu for the coming week and stock up on the grocery and all things needed. This will spare you a chunk of trouble and time spent on the uncertainty of what to have for supper after a long day of work. Meal planning also helps in consuming less of packaged and fast-food. It is so easy, to order food if you had no idea what you’ll have for supper.

Prepare For The Next Day

Some people can manage to start out in the morning, but if you have kids around, you don’t want to gamble. Things happen and you wake up late, you have to prepare your kids for school then you realize their shoes are not yet brushed. You missed on the homework sheet, and frustratingly, your car keys get lost in all the confusion. That is not a way to start a good day. You can easily solve that by preparing for the day the previous night. Layout the clothes for the next day, for your family. Pack your children’s backpack and ensure their homework is done. If possible, wake up one hour earlier than your kids to find the time to prepare yourself.

Managing Household Chores

It is extremely difficult to have a spotless home with kids and a full-time job. Yet you can surely achieve some organization and sanity. To have an easy time all through, get rid of clutter. If you barely have time to clean your house, the less is more principle is applicable to you. While you are at it, as much as you would prefer doing the cleaning yourself, some help will come in handy. Unlike what we mostly assume, kids are very smart. They get things and are enthusiastic about helping out. Train them at an early age in doing light chores like setting the table for dinner. Or something they love like feeding the pets or putting away their toys. This does not rule out your spouse, he also, can help out. He can help the kids with the homework as you cook. For a thorough cleaning, you can hire cleaning help at least ones a month.

Make Room For Romance

If you are not careful, your spouse and you can jungle between activities and totally forget about each other. With the high cost of city life skyrocketing by day, it is not surprising many marriages are falling apart. More and more couples are becoming strangers to each other. Don’t let the struggle of your everyday routine snuff out the romance of your life. Therefore, be intentional about it. Plan with your partner in advance and make babysitting arrangements. You both need the break.

Set a Time to Recharge and Reward Yourself

The carefree days are long gone, and you can barely have fun the same way you used to while single. However, there are infinite ways you can reward yourself for literally moving mountains. Ensure you enjoy yourself whenever possible. Meet up with your friends and play cards as you make fun of the hell your kids put you through. You might even get back home counting your blessings for your ‘disastrous’ kids who are literally saints compared to your friends’.

As you are managing your home, be sure to take good care of yourself. Remember not to be too hard on yourself. We all start from somewhere.