It goes without saying that life with kids is complicated regardless of how much you love them. Kids know how to make your home untidy despite the many hours you spent to clean your house. They scatter toys and clothes just about everywhere. Sometimes it’s even hard tracing some of their clothes and toys since they are scattered all over. For any parent, it becomes easy losing it and going crazy because of the mess that is created by children. However, living a minimalist lifestyle with kids around, which seems pretty impossible, is actually achievable and possible. All it takes is an easy organization and minimizing the pressure you put on yourself. There are various tips that can help you easily organize your home without necessarily being stressed out by the presence of your kids.

Identify What’s Important

Well, kids do have a number of toys but they don’t necessarily play with all of them. You will be surprised that there are some toys that they don’t even play with at all. These means that those toys they don’t get to play with only add more clutter to your house and also their rooms. As a parent, you are able to identify which toys they love the most and which toys they always play with. The rest of the toys should be regarded as clutter and should be put in a box and safely stored away or disposed of completely.

Create Playtime

Kids love playing a lot, it’s their nature to be this playful. Just imagine how much mess they can cause when allowed to play a whole day. As a parent, you will feel frustrated and disappointed with the mess they have created. It’s then advisable to establish a routine timetable that shows the stipulated time for them to play. There are various activities that they can do such as sleeping, reading or even watching TV. In as much as playing is healthy for kids, establishing different times for playing helps them give attention to various things. You also need to bond with your kids so, regulating their playtime means this and other activities get accomplished.

Return Items Where You Found Them

This is a concept that has become hard to fully implement not only amongst kids but also amongst adults. For instance, many are the times one takes a book from a shelf and fails to return it after finishing using it. This habit largely contributes to clutter piling up anywhere. The person who gets to do a lot of work is the one who has to trace all displaced items and place them where they should be. This is a lot of work to do and can easily make you go crazy, but to avoid this, emphasize to your kids the importance of putting back things where they should be. This a brilliant idea that ensures optimal organization in your house.

Fewer Toys, The Better

Kids with toys are like water and milk, very inseparable. When you go with a kid to a supermarket for shopping be sure they will see some toys and they will demand it regardless of whether you had budgeted for it or not. The more toys they have the more work you have as a parent. You can’t deny them toys neither can you cave into their demands always. As a parent, you should regulate how often you buy them new toys. Perhaps you can let them outgrow their current toys before buying them new ones. The lesser the toys, the lesser the work of organizing their toys after every playtime.

Take Your Time

It’s worth noting that preparation will save you a lot of hassles especially if you have more than one kid. It’s advisable to prepare the following day’s activities in advance. For instance, in the evening you can pack your kid’s books and prepare the clothes they will wear the following day as they go to school. If your kids haven’t started school yet, you should plan in the evening the activities they should undertake the following day. These preparations will help you not to forget anything behind thus saving you from an unnecessary headache.

They Will Still Mess

Regardless of how clean you maintain your house, at one point the kids will still mess up. Remember you can’t completely deny kids playtime. If they will still mess up then let them mess up. During their playtime. Confine them in a play area, it may be a playroom or their bedroom, then allow them to mess up. After they are done playing, instruct them to collect every piece of toy and place them in their respective containers. Remember, for good organization, toys should be arranged in different sizes and stored separately. Allowing them to mess and then letting them clean up their own mess is a practice that will bear you excellent fruits.

Do a Purge After Birthdays

Christmas and birthdays are two important events in a kid’s life because they get more and more toys. A massive purge during these two events will avoid the creation of more mess. Imagine the mess they would create by adding more toys to the collection of toys they have already. Take your time and go through the toys they have and ask them to remove the toys they feel they don’t need. You can decide to throw these toys away or donate them.

The Bottom Line

Kids need regulations on how they go about their lives. Setting regulations for them will mean that you will have an easier time for yourself. For instance, you can forbid them from eating in their rooms or still forbid them from playing outside their playrooms. While at it, ensure you insist on the importance of adhering to these rules because at the end of the day you are the one who has to deal with the mess they create. Living a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to be that hard at all, an effort is all that’s required.