When you are cleaning your home, you want to do it as quick as possible and in the most effective way. You can’t spend a whole day cleaning a house unless that is what you do for a living. You probably want to finish that then do other chores and maybe afterward, run errands in town.

For those who are stay-at-home moms, you will also need to attend to the baby in the house or the ones that will be home from school soon. This is why you will need to save time when cleaning your house and the following time-saving cleaning tips outlined below will be useful in helping you do so.

  1. Rid The House Of Clutter Before You Begin

Before you begin cleaning, walk into every room and access the situation, so that you can make a plan on where to begin first. But before then you will first need to get rid of the clutter because clearing clutter and cleaning at the same time will slow you down.

You could also avoid clutter in the first place by assigning every family member their own personal space where they could store their personal items for daily use and where to store the things they don’t need. Make use of small baskets, tote bags and cubbies to keep things in place. With the house clutter free, cleaning will go on a lot quicker and efficiently.

  1. Get The Right Cleaning Supplies

Having the right tools and supplies for cleaning your home will make all the difference. Most cleaning tools make the job easier and will take a shorter time. If your home is big, you will need effective vacuum machines, extendable squeegees, quality cleaning agents and applicators for you to achieve great results.

Avoid harsh chemicals that could give you allergic reactions and slow you down, instead opt for the best green cleaning products which are not only safe but they are also effective. You could even make an inventory of what you have at home and what you will need in order to increase efficiency and save you time. By the time you are set to go, ensure you have all the right cleaning supplies for that sparkle and shine effect for your home.

  1. Clean As You Go

This is one method that has been tried and worked effectively for many homeowners; it is actually the secret to a clean and orderly home always. You don’t have to wait for that cleaning day for you to clean your house especially for areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. When you are cooking spills will always occur on the stovetop, countertops and the floor area. You can save yourself a lot of time cleaning by simply cleaning the spills as they happen.

Wipe the surfaces as you go and place everything where it should be from the bowls that you have used and cleaned over the sink to the soup ladles which should be hanging in their place looking all clean and ready for the next serving.

The same should be done when you go to the bathroom. Wipe away the soap scum or the toothpaste from your bathroom sink every day after use. To help you do this effectively, keep the basic cleaning supplies in all the crucial areas throughout your home in order to help you remember to clean up after your messes. Waiting until cleaning day in order to clean is not wise because it will take you more time to clean a dirtier place than it will a fairly clean one.

  1. Start With The Difficult Areas

After you finish cleaning the hard areas of the house like the windows, bathrooms, ceilings, walls and are now done with the hard part, dusting the furniture should be the last thing you do. First, remove all small items from shelves and table tops then polish the wood surfaces with the oil or wax that you have.

Wipe lighting fixtures and for those that have shades, remove the shades and set them aside for vacuuming. Everything that is removable, just make sure you wipe it well before returning it to its place which should be wiped also before you place the wiped item.

  1. Shut Off Your Phone

Distractions might make you finish cleaning a couple of hours later than you should. In this age of the internet, it can be tempting to clean as you check out your messages and the posts from your online friends on phone. You might also receive calls from your family member or friend who wants to chat for a while. That too, will eat up your precious cleaning time.

If you want to get the house cleaning job done quickly, shut off your phone or put it in vibration mode. Unless you are expecting an important call, your phone shouldn’t even be in your pocket. A few minutes of ignoring your phone will not stop the world and you can always call whoever is calling you back once you are done with the cleaning. As you shut off your phone, you could turn the TV off too and if you really need some motivation, get some great cleaning music playing and ensure that it doesn’t tempt you to dance, but spurs you on to keep cleaning.

  1. Stick To Your Plan

For you to consistently maintain a clean house, you will need some level of organization. Establish a weekly thorough cleaning schedule and then clean little by little every day. This way you will spend less time cleaning because the house will not be too dirty.

Also before cleaning, create a plan on how you are going to clean and stick to it. If you are going, to begin with the bathrooms first do so before getting to the bedrooms and living room.

A neglected house is usually hectic to clean the first time, but when it has been kept up, the dusty corners will be less hectic to clean. Schedule a thorough cleaning day every week and then you will find your house not so difficult to clean when you set out to give it a scrub.

Not many homeowners love getting down on their hands and knees to clean, but the home has to stay clean and there is no other way. If you have to do it yourself, consider the above tips in order to save time on cleaning your house.