We all love our homes colorful and sometimes we want to show off to our friends just how lovely they are. A home without a wall hanging would probably look so plain and that is why every home needs a few pieces on the wall just to showcase our artistic taste or even explain our life’s background. Sometimes though, as you are planning to put up a wall hanging, you may not be sure of where to start, how to put them and where to put them up. Well, don’t worry, we are here to help. Find some ideas below that you can put in practice to achieve that nice outcome on your wall.

1. Consider the Color of Your Wall

Before buying a painting, it is best to consider the color of your wall before putting it up. Make sure the colors both of the wall and painting blend with each other. This is because you may put up a hanging that will be consumed by the wall color due to the color clashing. Make sure the colors work well together as they can complement or drown your hanging.

2. Create a Story to Tell

You don’t have to get a specific way of arranging your art or follow any kind of arrangement order. You can as well try and mix everything together. For instance, you can mix drawings and wall clocks together. Your photos can be part of it or even your art project if you are in art school. Just be sure to place the biggest piece in the middle of others and leave a bit of space in between each other like two inches or so. You could also try placing your art on the floor just for you to imagine how they will appear after hanging them up.

3. Check Your Level of Hanging

We believe that when hanging something on the wall, you want someone else to see it as well. It is advisable that you hang them at an eye level. You don’t want to strain every time you want to look at them. In the case that you want to hang your family photos up the stair wall, make sure that they are placed in a way that you won’t have to tilt your head way up just to see them. Place them a bit higher as you go up the staircase so that with each step you take, you see a painting on your eye level. Hanging them in a straight line may not be a good idea for this scenario.

4. Know What Fits Where

Some wall arts will not really fit in any room. Take the kitchen, for instance, a portrait of you in there will not really be that of a good idea. You need something that will inspire you as you are making your meal. A photo or painting of a basket of fruits will be the best in that room. Be cautious though, not to hang it near a flame as it may turn out to be the cause of a fire outbreak.

5. Think of Shelving Your Art

You don’t always have to hang everything on your walls. You can have those floating shelves and place your art there. You may want to try arranging your shelves in a descending interlocking manner or you can even choose to do some corner shelves just to create some kind of gallery in one corner of your home. This idea will save you the agony of having to drill so many holes on the wall just for the sake of art.

6. Framing

Don’t ignore the framing of your hanging as you put them up. Whether you decide to have a mixture of vintage and modern frames or even go with one type, your framing contributes to the outlook of your art. Do not hold back from trying different kinds of frames on the different artwork. Explore as much as you can and have fun in the process. It’s not that of a serious ordeal anyway. Do not, however, get a very wide frame for a relatively smaller photo. Balance the two.

7. Check The Space on Your Wall

It would seem a bit off when you hang a wider photo that extends the boundaries of your wall. Get a smaller or thinner painting for the less wide wall in your home. Your art should be within the same shape and space of the wall. Don’t also shy off from putting up a very big painting on a big enough wall. It will have that nice, dominating look that everyone will always love to see. Just make sure you use your wall space wisely.

8. Let Your Kids Have Their Gallery Too

If your kids love drawing or just hanging something on the wall, seclude a space for them to hang their memories on the wall. This will inspire them and make them feel part of the home. Most kids love lighting as art. You could get something like a galaxy kind of lighting and put it up their bedroom ceiling. Glowing in the dark butterflies or apple-shaped lights, or whatever shapes they may like will also be a good idea for your girl’s room. Your kids will always want to go and have a look every time they are in their room.

9. Choose to Place Your Art in a Straight Line

You may not really like the idea of hanging your art everywhere. If you are that kind of a person, go on OCD mode and align them in a straight line. Before hanging them, you can first of all draw a faint straight line just to act as a guide to ensure that they are perfectly aligned. In this case, getting different sizes or shapes of painting will not fully achieve the look that you wish to have. The vertical or horizontal arrangement will be perfect too.

The Bottom Line

After reading the above, giving more thought to how and where you will hang your wall art is advisable. For your wall art to have the expected impact, carefully think about where to hang it and after you get the location right, everything else will fall into place.